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Hearts of the Past and Present

20 Questions

In these arms are where I belong, they are so warm, safe and strong. They protected me, but now wasn't the right time.

I couldn't believe that Daryl and I had just had sex in the middle of the forest, where a walker or a few could attack at any moment. I always had the rule of never doing it outside, but these days the locations are limited. Plus, I guess we never know what could happen next, so we have to take every opportunity of happiness. And Daryl gave me happiness.. At times.

Yes, it was cold, we are outside, the ground isn't exactly a thick quilted mattress but that was the best I had ever had, because it meant something and it was very special to me.

Daryl coming after me into the forest showed he cared, that he loved me and that he wasn't giving up. Therefore I won't either.

I love Daryl dearly, but this can't work in this environment. Time would tell if we could be together again, together properly, together rightly.

Daryl's large chest still rose and fell quickly, his hot breath on my neck. My fringe was sticking to my forehead as the pair of us had worked up quite a sweat.

The contrast of our hot bodies and cold air caused a mist when we exhaled. As a child you'd pretend you were a dragon or smoking a cigarette.

I sighed into Daryl's shoulder and sat back, I brushed the hair sticking to his forehead back. He smiled at my action and, beside him, he picked another yellow and blue flower.

Delicately, Daryl placed it behind my ear.

"That was nice," I said as I made sure the flower was in place.

"Nice?" He questioned.

"Okay, that was amazing." I said and kissed him on the forehead.

I stood up from Daryl's lap and fastened my jeans up. I picked up my coat which was damp from the grass and pulled on my back pack.

"Where ya going in such a rush?" Daryl asked.

"Back to the prison," I replied.

Daryl got to his feet, readjusting his clothes and buttoning up his shirt again.

"Stay out here with me, hunt with me." He smiled and gestured to his crossbow, "I know ya've always wanted to come out huntin' with me, I think it's time to teach ya the ways of the woods."

I paused and stared at him, "Come on, it might even be fun." He encouraged.

Daryl was buying time with me now, he knew how lucky he was for me to be even speaking to him, never mind to have fucked him in the forest. Daryl was and would do anything to keep me talking and being sweet with him.

"No, I don't think that's a good idea." I chewed on my lip. This was going to hurt the both of us.

"Ya won't scare off any game, well maybe a bit but not too much." The smile was still dominating his face. "Imma talented hunter, I'll still be able to catch somethin'."

"No Daryl, I'm better off not." I sounded like a coward.

"Why?" It was like the smile had been wiped clean of his face once he had noticed my sudden change of heart. His eyebrows rose in question.

"You stay out here to hunt, I'll go back to the prison. I think it's best if we stay away from each other for now, while she is here at least." I said as I held onto each backpack strap tightly.

Daryl was gobsmacked, "Stay away from each other, are you kidding me? You've just thrown yourself at me!"

"I k-know, it's just that-"

"So you shag me then leave? Wow, that's classy that Lily. Real nice." Daryl was clearly angry and upset, and he had every right to be. "That was a prime example for used and abused."

"No Daryl it's not like that!!"

"Fucked and chucked!" He shouted over me causing me to cower.

I couldn't find any anger to shout that he could hear me and the message would get through. "You know, deep down, that you and I cannot work with your ex girlfriend around in these circumstances." I said practically delicately.

Feelings and memories suddenly hit me like a tonne of bricks. "She nearly killed me!"

Daryl winced and I took a deep breath, "Just then, that was a nice way to say good bye."

"Good bye?" Daryl repeated. "I don't want there to be a goodbye."

"Me either," I admitted. "Then why are you saying it?!"

"I'm not sure yet, I just know I need my time and space." I gnawed on my bottom lip nervously.

"Did that mean more than a goodbye to you?" He asked in a quiet voice.

"It did," I answered honestly, "It meant the world to me. It made me realise that I can't and won't give up on you Daryl."

Daryl stepped forward and held both of my hands in his. "We can be together Lily, now, right now. We could, if we tried."

I shook my head, "We can't. She owned your heart in the past, and I own yours in the present. It'll be crazy, awkward and dangerous. Bella is a unpredictable, hormonal and lonely, plus you guys have history; there's a high chance she'll try it on with you. And if were with you, it would only make a mess. I'm just safeguarding for the future. I'm being responsible."

Daryl looked to the ground and clenched his teeth. "It doesn't have to be this way."

"I think it does." I said. I stepped forward and placed my hand on Daryl's cheek. "Friends for now, but time, time will change us."

"Ya messing with my head Lily."

"You've messed with my heart." I said and dropped my hand from Daryl's face. "From now on we'll be civil, we'll be friends.. For the sake of the group."

Daryl was looking at the groves we had made in the grass and not at me, "For the sake of the group." He repeated.

"I'll see you later then okay?" I said and turned to the direction of the prison.

I held tightly the straps of the backpack and carefully watched my footing over the messy forest floor.

Things would be okay right? Like before, just less - you know, touchy feely and loved up.

As I passed a large oak tree, it's bark splintered off; a sharp piece scratching my cheek.

I gasped and failed to protect my face with my forearm. I looked up to find a familiar weapon.

It was an arrow.

Daryl had shot an arrow into the trunk of the tree I was beside.

I instantly held my palm to my cheek, "What the fuck Daryl?!" I shouted.

I pulled my hand back to see red on my fingertips.

Daryl looked pretty red in the face, he was furious and the anger was obvious in his eyes.

"No! I'm not letting you throw this away!" His voice had an edge, an edge of insanity.

Daryl advanced a few paces, in a sudden jolt of fear, I yanked the arrow out of the tree and pointed the sharp end at Daryl.

I fiddled in the back pocket of my jeans for my knife, as I did so I hurried backwards. I stumbled over a large branch and landed on the backpack on my back. The flower flew from behind my ear. I held the arrow up still.

Daryl froze when I tripped. He saw the panic and fear in me and realised what he must have looked like and what I thought he was doing.

I stared at him wide eyed.

His voice contrasted the last time he spoke, it was soft and partly offended. "I wasn't going to hurt you Lily,"

I scrambled to my feet, "How was I suppose to know that with that look upon your face." I spat and threw the arrow at his feet before running back to the prison.

"Lily wait! Come back!" Daryl shouted but there was no noise to indicate that he was following me this time.


Glen opened the gates for me, "What happened to your face?" He asked and he dragged the fence back.

"Um, I fell." I lied pathetically.

I rolled my eyes at myself, I could do a better job than that.

Maggie doubtfully raised her eyebrows. I hadn't convinced her.

"Did you get into some trouble with walkers?" Glen asked concerned and scanned me for any wounds.

"Naw." I said sounding like Daryl. I re-composed myself with a cough to clear my throat. "I was just being clumsy."

Glen took a closer look at my cheek, "Should probably get Hershel to take a look at it, clean it up some."

"Yeah, good idea." I nodded and hurried off hoping to get rid of Glen and Maggie. I really didn't want to tell then what just happened.

"I'll come with ya," Maggie said and jogged lightly to keep up.


We entered the prison, and Maggie lowered her voice so it didn't echo as much.

"So are you going to tell me what really happened?" She asked.

There was no avoiding it, I had to come clean to Maggie. Besides, she was the only person I could confine in right now.

"Daryl." I said simply and headed to the first aid box to sort myself.

"He did that to you?!" Maggie gasped.

"No no," I began to explain, "Well he didn't do it directly. He shot an arrow at a tree I was stood next to and a piece of bark broke off and cut my face. Okay?"

Maggie's eyebrows were knitted together and her lips were pressed into a thin line. After a moment or so, she took the box I was struggling to open and opened the lid with one click.

"Why did he do that?" She asked. "What did you do to spur him on?"

"Why do you think I spurred him on?" I asked, I winced as I dabbed an alcohol soaked piece of wool onto my face.

"Whenever Daryl gets emotional, it's over you, Carol, Judith. But mainly you."

"Hmm," I considered it, and Maggie was right.

"So go on," she pushed.

"He got angry."


"I pissed him off,"


"Jesus Maggie," I half heartedly laughed, "It's like 20 questions."

She knew I was avoiding the question, she waited a few moments but with an impatient look upon her face.

I sighed in defeat.

"I shagged him and then said let's just be friends." Saying it out loud made me realise how cold I was, I looked down into the first aid box in shame.

"Oh Lily," Maggie said with a mixture of disappointment and sympathy in her voice. "Did you really think he'd take that well?"

"Well obviously not, but I didn't expect him to lash out like he did." I chewed my bottom lip, "I'm worried about him, I think he might be going a bit crazy."

"You're the one doing it to him," Maggie took the plaster from my hand and stuck it on my cheek for me. "You're making him crazy with love." She said and smoothed over the band aid.

"Do you think we'll be able to act normal and be friends for now? Just up until Bella leaves?" I asked.

"Possibly." Maggie replied. "But Lily, Bella isn't going to have that baby then take off with a new born out into the woods with walkers. This new friendship might have to stretch a lot longer than you thought it would."


It's been six days since an update, sorry, but here you go. I intended to do a 3 month time jump for the next chapter, the prison with have a few changes! And this will give the chance toff my story to move on and grow, for the better! Can't wait to get into writing the next few chapters. Big ideas! Xx


Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Love it, Lily and Bella bonded how sweet anyhoo great chapter can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)

MoMo_chan92 MoMo_chan92

thank you! :D

walkingrosie walkingrosie

Hahaha thank you so much!!! X

walkingrosie walkingrosie