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Hearts of the Past and Present


Things are a lot different now. The season has changed, the prison has changed, the group has changed and I have certainly changed.

We're in the middle of winter, to be exact we are currently in the middle of a blizzard.

Outside is white; every inch of nature has been covered, the green I loved so much had been hidden by a blanket of snow.

White is pure, innocent, bright, it's a lovely colour but snow is cold, wet and causes so many problems. In the old world, winter was my favourite season.

No matter what my age, every snow fall I'd pull on my Wellington boots, grab my sledge from the garage and race to the top of the biggest hill with my friends.

Back then, snow was fun. Now, snow is just a pain. It lowers the chances of survival and heightens the chances of accidents.

Within the week of Daryl and I becoming 'just friends', Rick made some big plans for the prison. Pete, Rick, Daryl, Hayden and Olly worked hard on building a stable/barn type facility for us to keep animals in. Hopefully, this would set up a reliable food source for the winter. Rick had planned ahead for us.

It was a very strange run when Rick sent a few of us out to collect gardening equipment. We grabbed shovels, pitch forks, spades, plant pots and watering cans as well as seed packets such as corn, peas and tomatoes.

The run was well worth it in the end as we managed to create a portable vegetable patch. When the weather got too rough for the plants to grow outside, we moved them indoors. Now we have our own indoor green house inside the prison. Glen, Olly, Carl and I cleaned out a tomb for it.

Working on and in the 'barn' is pretty tough. It constantly had to be cleaned out, repairs are often, hay needs to be restocked daily and the worst part is when we have to kill an animal for food.

Daryl usually brought home the wild turkey to breed but for bigger animals like the pigs and even a cow, it took a group of us to herd them the right way and watch our back.

So far things have been running smoothly, it's mainly because of Hershel's knowledge and experience as well as Farmer Rick's determination. His face was a picture when I first called him that.

The group has surprisingly changed for the better, I think, with the two new additions of Hayden and Olly. They've been working hard, especially on the barn. The pair of them have brought the group together and filled the hole that occurred after the Governor and Carol.

At first, there was tension between Daryl and the Jones brothers, but mainly it was embarrassment on Daryl's part. Hayden seems to be over what went down in the woods, but Olly's holding a grudge. Thankfully, he never acts upon it. He wouldn't do anything that would risk his or his brother's place here.

I'll always remember the one day we had a little set back. Nothing life threatening, just relationship tension. Daryl, Hayden and I worked on the barn. I thought it was good, we were all getting along and working nicely, that things could be normal. It was going great until Hayden picked up a plank of wool and saw the opportunity to hit me on the arse with it when I was bent over.

Daryl's face dropped when I laughed it off and playfully punched him on the arm, how else could I have reacted? Daryl threw his hammer to the floor and returned to the prison. I didn't see him till the next day and he didn't mention it again.

Bella has been.. surprisingly easy to live with. She doesn't do much therefore she can't do much to annoy me. All she does is eat, sleep, wash up, tidy up, shower. There's no hassle or grief from her, in fact she can be pretty polite. This doesn't mean I like her, I still hate her for what she did to me and how she killed Carol but she has taken the easy way of living under the same roof as me.

Bella has a huge baby bump, she thinks she is 7 months but by the size of her I reckon it could be any day now. She started off wearing our spare clothes, stuff we had grabbed but were too big, those extra large t shirts nearly fitted her perfectly.

She would have regular 'check ups' with Hershel but they were more like counciling or therapy sessions. Hershel the vet would ask her how she is feeling baby wise and how she is feeling mentally. Of course, a pregnancy wouldn't be easy in these circumstances but a pregnancy with these conditions and the fact that she has no one is very difficult. I wouldn't like to be in her situation.

There were lots of runs in the run up to winter, therefore lots of risks but we managed to stock up; we needed to otherwise we wouldn't survive. We haven't left the prison fences in weeks and there hasn't been much of a build up of walkers, just a few every few days.

Sometimes, life felt normal again just that it was filled with different people. The group actually played out in the snow and experienced fun. It was beautiful to see Carl and Rick introduce Judith to snow, she was wrapped up tight in a baby grow an over the top was a small t shirt, a pair of trousers, a coat, she had a tiny knitted hat and mittens. She looked toasty warm.

It was really uplifting for the group to see Judith experience snow for the first time, she loved it as well giggling at every snowflake that floated into her Daddy's hair.

The scene was so sweet and fun, it made certain members of the group get a bit cheeky. That certain member was myself.

I secretly rolled a snowball, and when he was least suspecting it, I launched it at Hayden hitting the back of his head. Once it hit my target, it smashed causing all the snow to fall down his collar and onto his back.

Glen saw the opportunity, he grabbed Maggie by the waist and threw her into the snow. When Glen took her hand to pull her up, with the same amount of force, Maggie pulled Glen into the snow with her.

My snowball had started a war, Olly was the next on to roll a snowball and he threw it at Beth's shoulder. Pete, with two hands, threw snow from the ground at Carl, it was like a tsunami of snow covering Carl from head to toe.

I was being pelted by them from all different directions but it didn't hurt and I didn't mind getting wet and cold, this was fun.

I watched Michonne, who was currently missing out on the action, she slowly bent down, grabbed some snow, shaped it into a ball and as if it were in slow motion she threw it at the remaining surviour that wasn't taking part; Daryl. She aimed perfectly and hit him on the cheek.

It took Daryl by surprise, he jumped back and shouted 'Hey!' Before he quickly knelt to the ground to roll one himself and get revenge.

We haven't had a day like that since, the novelty of the snow soon runs out when things become difficult. We need to go on a run, we need to stock up on more close, food for the animals so we have food and also we should start gathering equipment for Bella's birth.

This blizzard has raged for three whole days, today would have been the fourth but to my surprise it wasn't snowing anymore. I guess the blizzard had blew over.

The prison was pretty cold on a morning, as usual, I reluctantly rolled out of bed and pulled on my jeans, two pairs of socks, big boots, a top, a jumper and a hat.

I skipped down the stairs, Hershel was sat with Bella and on the other side of the room was Beth and Maggie. Michonne was hovering between the two.

"What's happening today boss?" I asked as I stood beside Rick.

Without much thought to the action, I stroked the soft tuft of hair Judith had. It was dark brown, apparently like her mother's.

Rick smiled at my affection towards his daughter, "Well, the snow has stopped for now and the sky is lookin' pretty clear. I've got the boys shovelling the drive and starting up the cars. I was thinking some could go on a run, we need a few things." Rick said as he fed a bottle to Judith. "Better to do it now that he locked in by 10 feet of snow."

"Who's on the job?" Michonne asked as she popped a piece of granola into her mouth.

"You two, Pete, Hayden and Daryl. Pete knows the plan and where you are headin'. Hershel's writing up a list now." Rick replied.

I wandered over to Hershel, as I peered over his shoulder he put the pen down, "Done," he announced.

He handed me the list and I read the following; gas and air, pain killers, complicated names of medication, anti-septic sprays, baby clothes, more baby food, a crib, medical utensils.

I rolled my eyes and held up the list, "I guess we're off to the hospital. I wonder who this run is for," I said sarcastically.

"We need to be ready Lily," Rick probably assumed I'd have this attitude. I didn't particularly like risking my life for someone who wanted to end it. But, you gotta do what you gotta do. For the good of the baby.

"Anything else your majesty?" I asked Bella.

She kept quiet, staring at me wordlessly.

Hershel answered, "Sheets, covers, any layers or clothes you come across. Beth's lips were blue this morning."

I nodded, "I'll see what I can do Hersh,"

I picked up my coat from the back of a chair and swung it onto my shoulders. I walked down the passage way that led outside, I had to barge the door with my shoulder as it was frozen shut.

The men had got a good start on the clearing the path, they were half way down to the second and last gate. Sat in the car with the engine running was my uncle Pete.

"Well look at you!" I laughed as I got into the seat beside him.

"I'm getting old you know, I can't be doing with this shovelling! It'll do my back in."

"Okay," I laughed again, "I'll let you off."

"You okay with going on this run?" Pete asked.

"Yeah, course. I don't mind doing this sort of stuff." I shrugged, "You see before this group, I was with another but they were more of a family. And this great guy, he taught me all I know when it comes to zombie slaying."

Pete laughed and pulled me in, he kissed into my hair.

Off down the road, Olly stood his shovel up in the snow and wiped his forehead.

"I think I better go help them finish up, Olly looks knackered already." I said.

"Yeah, he's a hard worker that one. A little troubled right now, but he means well."

I walked down and joined the guys, immediately Carl swapped his shovel for a break and I got to work.

Daryl, Glen, Hayden, Olly and I finished shifting the snow not like before Pete beeped the horn of the jeep, Michonne had already jumped inside.

It's time to go.


This chapter is kind of a summary of the last three months and hat situation the survivors are in at the moment. Shat do you think will happen on the run? You'll NEVER guess! Xx


Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Love it, Lily and Bella bonded how sweet anyhoo great chapter can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)

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thank you! :D

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Hahaha thank you so much!!! X

walkingrosie walkingrosie