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Hearts of the Past and Present

The Hosptial

"The nearest hospital is miles away," Hayden said.

"I know," Pete replied, "But we don't know when we'll get another chance to go out."

"The snow is gonna make this difficult," Daryl said.

"It's the ice that'll be dangerous." I added.

"That's why we've got the jeep out, hopefully it'll lower the chances of an accident." Michonne said.

"You guys got everything?" Rick asked Pete.

"Yeah, the car's packed." He replied.

"Everyone got their gear?" The group nodded.

"Let's go then." Pete hopped into the driver's seat and Michonne jumped into the passenger seat.

Great, I have to sit in the back with Daryl and Hayden. That would be awkward, even more so if Daryl and Hayden we next to one another.

I sacrificed myself and sat in the middle for the guys' sake.

Daryl got in one side and closed the door, I followed Hayden round the other side and he opened the door for me. Either he was being a gentleman or he really didn't want to sit next to Daryl. Hayden squeezed in beside and closed his door.

Rick patted the bonnet of the jeep and we drove to the gates which Glen and Carl had opened for us. The jeep rolled easily down the clear path but as soon as we exited the prison fences, the jeep was a lot harder to control.

"We'll have to take the roads slow," Pete said.

I awkwardly sat in between Daryl and Hayden with my hands on my lap. The tension was building, no one was speaking. Hayden acknowledged the awkwardness and elbowed me in the ribs, I rolled my eyes and he laughed quietly.

"If only the radio worked," Michonne said as she looked into the wind mirror to the three of us in the back.

It was a long, slow drive. Once my mind began to wander, I couldn't feel the awkwardness and the same for Hayden and Daryl, both of them just stared out of the window.

I watched the snowy roads approach us as we drove along. Life around us looked like it had been paused, there was no movement from anything but the car.

The snow was an untouched sheet, no footprints, no animal paws. It was peaceful yet creepy.

"Are we there yet?" I asked with a cheeky grin.

Daryl turned from his window, "Don't you be starting with that." He said mirroring my expression and mocking tone.

"This next right, we'll be able to see the hospital." Pete said almost cheerfully.

Hayden's tone contrasted it, "And what state it is in."

* * *

I feared the worst at the hospital. It's were most of the damage from walkers happened in the beginning, everyone that got sick when to the hospital. Everyone that got sick and died became a walker. The hospital wasn't going to be pretty.

There were many cars abandoned in the hospital car park. Some had crashed head on into each other, some had smashed into signs and lamp posts. I'm guessing when the walkers emerged from the hospital, the panic kicked in and everyone tried to escape.

We drove past a car with its front window missing. The whole of the inside of the car was full of snow, everything inside was frozen. There were icicles hanging from the ribs of a decaying body.

In the back seat of the same car was a bumper seat for a child. There was a small dead body strapped in the seat, still holding onto a cuddly toy bunny.

In response I held my had over my mouth. "I think I'm gonna be sick," I exclaimed and climbed over Daryl.

He quickly pulled the handle and swung the car door open. I leaped out and threw up beside an abandoned car. Daryl followed me instantly out of the car, his crossbow was off his back and in his hands, he scanned the area for any walkers.

I held one hand against the car to keep me up, the other I used to wipe my mouth. Pete had also gotten out of the car, he handed me a bottle of water to rinse my mouth out with.

The temperature of the water was nearly freezing, it hurt my teeth as I gargled it around my mouth. "Thanks," I said a little breathlessly and handed him back the bottle.

"Can you get back in the car yet? I think we should park closer." Pete asked.

I nodded and shakily straightened up. Pete got back in the front seat and Daryl followed behind me, making sure I didn't faint. I reluctantly climbed back into the car.

"What was that over?" Hayden asked.

Daryl climbed in a shut the door, Pete began to drive again.

"I don't know really, I felt pretty sick earlier then the car.. With the baby in."

I closed my eyes and rested my by my knees to stop myself from feeling so ill and to stop me from seeing any more frozen dead children.

I found myself with a large warm hand stroking my back, and it was Daryl's. I recognised his touch, the shivers it sent up my spine. The hands were too big to be Hayden's and they wouldn't have the same effect.

When he stopped stroking my back, the little sense of loneliness I had been feeling over the past three months hit me like a tonne of bricks. I'd usually get the feeling in short bursts, just a passing thought or a sudden change of mood that didn't last for long. But because this was the first Daryl had given my affection in so long, made me realise exactly how much I missed the touch of a person.

"This will do." Pete said and pulled the hand break.

The five of us climbed out of the jeep, I was still a little shaky and my forehead had a sheet of sweat upon it.

"You don't look good Lil," Pete said, concerned.

"I just need some fresh air," I replied and rested my hands on my knees as I bent over and took keep breaths.

"Yo, look at these guys." Daryl said and pointed to open gate.

There were snow covered walkers frozen still, you could hear their growls as they released we were there but they struggled to move.

"Might as well take them out," Michonne said like it was no big deal.

Each one of us pulled out of knives, a sword in Michonne's case and a crossbow in Daryl's. We approached them and their groans became a lot louder and desperate but their movements were limited, their joints had frozen.

An arrow to the forehead and a slice at the neck took down the first two closest walkers. Their dark blood leaked out and stained the white snow, it didn't look so pure any more.

We walked towards the next few, they were almost behind the hospital through the back fence. We all turned the corner and were taken a back.

I keeled over once again to throw up, Michonne held her hand over her mouth and turned around. Hayden's face crinkled up in disgust.

Daryl quickly shot an arrow in the head of each moaning and groaning walker and then retrieved his ammo while holding his nose.

"My god," Pete exclaimed.

"This must have been what Rick saw when he came out of the hospital," Michonne said.

There was row next to row next to row of bloodstained body bags. Each body wrapped up had an extra, securing layer of frost.

These parts weren't hit that bad by the snow, and the snow it did receive was shielded off by the hospital building. Here on this side, you could actually see the tarmac, the frosty tarmac.

This scene was shocking and horrific for my eyes and I'm in the know, I couldn't begin to imagine how Rick felt when he wandered out of the hospital, still in his hospital gown, and through the bodies.

I've heard all about Rick's tale, everything he went through to find his family and everything the group has over come because of him.

"Come on, let's get this over with." Daryl said as he reloaded.

"Away Lily," Hayden said as he towed me by my elbow, I was lagging behind.

I looked up to the building; the windows were blackened out, boarded up or smashed to pieces, entrances were locked or blocked.

"Looks like we're going to have to break in," Hayden sighed.

"Don't just stand their looking pretty then, get to work." Daryl replied, and pulled off a plank of nailed on wood with ease.

As we pulled and hacked at the wood, not one walker came to greet us and we weren't exactly being quiet.

Finally we reduced the wooden barrier to nothing but splinters and nails, and without a pause or a moment to catch our breath, Pete booted the door open. It opened with such speed that it hit off the wall beside it and smashed the window; the glass, looking like fragments of diamonds, sprinkled the floor.

"Ya'll know what we're after so stay close, don't break off from the group unless your life is on the line. If things get bad, go straight back to the car. Our lives are more important here," Pete said.

"Agreed," Daryl said strongly and clicked his crossbow.

"Knives only, for now." Pete said and nodded towards the gun in Hayden's pocket, his hand twitched eagerly near it. "Now let's go."

I didn't like hospitals on a normal, good day. They were very depressing. The walls held stories of pain, illness, battles, suffering and death, but now, that's what the air, past and future held.

This hospital was no different to any I had been in before, but here the death was amplified; blood splatters, live wires, smashed test tubes, piles of loose, free pills, and sheets and sheets of paper.

The corridor was a mess, a faint portray of the chaos that occurred.

We edged down the hallway, crouched low in a natural defence stance. Daryl checked each door way and corner before we passed. We turned right and stopped. At the end of the corridor was a flickering light, under the florescents was a wheelchair, the back of it was facing us.

There was something or someone sat in the chair, hunched over.

Daryl signalled us to approach the chair, and with careful footsteps we walked towards it. As we got closer, a stench got stronger, the sound of flies buzzing around for louder.

Daryl slowly reached out and grabbed the handle of the chair. He spun it round for us to see another image that made my stomach churn, but there was nothing left inside me to throw up. In the chair sat a rotting corpse, it's stomach bag had been ripped open, it's insides splashed all over the floor. The intestines were infested with maggots, wriggling around in the blackening flesh.

"Jesus," Daryl said in disgust and pushed the chair to one side.

"Now that is disgusting," Michonne said as she readjusted her sword strap.

We all stepped over or around the mess on the floor and came towards a stairway.

Hayden pointed to the sign, "Maternity, level 2." He read out.


I'm excited to write the next chapter, what do you think will happen in level 2?x


Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

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Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

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