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Hearts of the Past and Present


So much happened in the same second, but I watched it like it was being played to me in slow motion.

We struck the tree sidewards on. The car slipped down a slight hill and crashed into the tree trunk, exactly onto Daryl's side.

Both Daryl's head and shoulder smashed into his door. The door's window smashed and the tiny pieces shattered hitting both Daryl and Michonne.

Michonne violently swung to the side but her seatbelt locked her in place, if she didn't have it on she would have flew into Daryl and the tree, head and shoulder first.

I slammed into Pete who cried out in pain when he hit off his car door and also Hayden slammed into me. I was sandwiched between the two.

It was scarily quiet for a minute or so. People were scared to move at first, they were scared to see and feel the extent of their injuries.

Hayden moved first, he slowly pulled back and shuffled away from me. He winced as he did so. I watched him keep his arms stiffly by his sides, he was injured somewhere.

Michonne had her hands pressed to her face, she was conscious but shaken.

"Fuck," Pete hissed.

I blinked a couple of times for my eyes to readjust.

"My shoulder," he said.

The car's bonnet was bent out of shape, causing it to be open and it was releasing an alarming amount of smoke. Broken glass coated the front two seats. I looked to Daryl, he wasn't moving and his arm laid limp by his side. My heart plummeted.

"Is everyone okay?" Hayden asked.

I leaned forward and my head spun. I held the back of Daryl's chair and pulled myself through and round to get a look at him.

"Daryl?!" I shrieked in terror.

His eyes were closed. His mouth was open. His face was white, apparent from the trail of red than ran down the side of his head.

"Daryl!" I screamed again.

My hands frantically moved around him, not knowing what to do. I rested a hand on his shoulder, I wanted to so badly shake him to wake him up but I had no idea what could be broken, and shaking would only make it worse.

"Daryl, wake up! Please wake up baby, please!" I begged.

In the same moment, his nose began to bleed too, it dripped down into his mouth.

"Oh my god, oh my god." I panicked.

I fumbled around in my pocket and pulled out a handkerchief. I wiped up the pouring blood and stopping it from going into his mouth.

"Fuck, guys.." Hayden said.

I turned around and saw that Hayden was staring out down the road. I followed his eye line and saw that there were walkers heading towards us. Clearly the crash was more interesting than the hospital's fire alarm.

"Who's hurt?" Pete asked quickly, he was in captain mission mode.

"My collarbone's fucked." Hayden said, that's why he was sat so awkwardly.

"And I've hurt my shoulder," Pete painfully looked to Michonne, but it wasn't physical pain.

"I've got it." She jumped out of the car without a second to deliberate and ran towards them with sword at the ready.

"Is he dead? Pete! Is he dead?" I asked frantically as I cleaned Daryl up.

Pete wasn't a doctor, he wasn't a first aider but he was sure to have more knowledge than me, and a more level and calm head on his shoulders.

Hayden climbed out of the car and went round to the bonnet and lifted it up. More smoke flew out. Things weren't looking good.

Pete clambered out of the other side, "Two fingers to his neck, check his pulse."

I did as I was told and I felt a weak pulse, "Got it."

Pete was now in the seat next to me, he doubled checked the pulse on his wrist. "Okay, he seems stable. He's just uncon-"

"Pete!" Michonne screamed.

With no hesitation, Pete ran out of the car and was at Michonne's aid.

She was pinned to the snowy floor with her sword two meters away from her. She held the walker away at arms length but more were closing in.

Pete ran as fast as he could in the snow and grabbed his gun. He booted the walker in its side, off of Michonne, and shot it in the top of its head. Michonne scrambled to her feet and retrieved her sword.

The pair of them annihilated the oncoming walkers.

"Hayden how is the engine?" I shouted. "We need to get Daryl to Hershel!!"

His nose bleed wouldn't stop, his head wound was bleeding strongly too.

"The pipes broken! I need something the hold it together!" He replied.

"Check the boot!" I suggested. "Since when were you a mechanic?" I asked as I pinched the bridge of Daryl's nose.

"Since the current one was unavailable."

Oh, the fucking irony.

I carefully turned Daryl's head to the side so I could get a better look at his head injury. I gasped.

There were pieces of glass, big and small, stuck in the side of his head.

My fingers creeped up the side of his face. It looked so painful, and if I removed them the pain would stop. Wouldn't it?

I was so close to pulling them out but there was a tiny voice in the back of my mind telling me not to and it would only make it bleed more. Instead I held my hands to his face.

"Daryl, please stay with me. Can you hear me Daryl?" There was no calmness in me anymore, I was in a complete state. "Please don't go anywhere Daryl, we're going to get you home, to Hershel. He'll make you okay again."

I planted a tearful kiss to his forehead and let go of his face. I brushed the glass off of him and re-folded my handkerchief to mop up the blood.

"Is this punishment for what I have done?" I asked, "Is this one of the bad things that deserves to happen to me? Because that's not right!" I shouted angrily at no one. "Bad things need to happen to me, not Daryl. He doesn't deserve this! And I do! Karma, karma has got it wrong. Hurt me! Hurt me not him!"

The car boot was slammed shut and it made me jump.

"Woah, woah, woah." Hayden was suddenly in the car.

"Shhhh, Lily. Don't be talking like that!" He managed to lift his arms up so far that he could hold my shoulders in place. I could detect a small amount of pain in his face.

"Concentrate on keeping Daryl's airways clear, positive thoughts, be strong for Daryl. He'll be okay, okay?"

I trusted him, "Okay."

I wiped away my tears then returned to wiping up the blood and Hayden returned to fixing the car. I moved in closer to Daryl, my lips inches away from his ear.

"I'm so sorry for what I've done." I whispered and slipped my hand into his cold one. "I'm sorry and I love you."

Daryl's hand twitched and I jumped back but there was no sign of movement, or even life, from him. He was still scarily white, cold, limp and bloody.

Had I just imagined that? Am I just hoping he wakes so much that my mind made that up?

I kept his hand in mine to see if he did move again to confirm he was okay and that I wasn't feeling things. His nose bleed had nearly came to a finish, there was just a slight dribble going down his lip and chin. I cleaned it up occasionally.

When I was mopping him up, I was brushing his hair back. He needed another hair cut, badly. I brushed it back off of his face, and I was very gentle around his wound.

I felt so helpless seeing him like this and not knowing what to do or having anything that would benefit his condition. All I had was hope and positive thinking, but what use was that these days?

Pete and Michonne were satisfied as to how far away the next few walkers were, when they got too close to comfort they'd run out again and finish them off.

"How's he doing?" Pete asked lowering his head down into the car.

"I don't know!" I cried, the helplessness grew stronger.

"No movement? Noises?" He asked hopefully.


I couldn't be sure of the twitch, anyway it might have just been a simple twitch; a last act of his nerves...

No! I banished that thought from my mind, how could I have thought such a thing?

Pete pressed his lips into a firm line, he was worried and concerned. Things weren't looking too good in his eyes.

"Can the car be fixed?" I asked, there was little to no emotion in my voice.

I felt like I was in a trance, like when a drug addict hadn't had a hit in a while. My drug was Daryl, and he wasn't there the fill me. I was empty inside.

"Yeah," Hayden replied. "Pete, get in and try the engine."

He did so. Pete turned the key and the car weakly came to life. It wasn't great but it was a start. We could attempt to get out of here and get Daryl some help.

Michonne and Hayden jumped in the back, I stayed hovered between the two front seats.

"Lily hold Daryl's head still while I drive the car back onto the road," Pete ordered.

I held both sides of his head, being very careful on the side where the glass was. Pete turned the wheels as far as they could go and revved the engine, it was sounding okay.

I carefully held Daryl's head in place as Pete drove up the slight hill off and away from the tree. The side of the jeep scrapped off the tree trunk but we made it out of the edge of the woods.

"Keep checking his pulse," Pete looked over to a pale faced Daryl.

"You keep you eyes on the road," I replied.

Pete nodded, "Will do Miss,"

It was strange to be driving away from a hospital with a injured person in my hands.

Each second that passed made my heart ache, this was one last minute to spend with Daryl. I felt as time went on, the chances of Daryl waking for slimmer.

The familiar surrounds of the forest on the outskirts of the prison couldn't come quick enough.

"Hold on Daryl, we're home." I said.

Pete honked the horn as we approached the gates, Carl and Glen yanked them open.

Michonne rolled her window down and spoke to Glen in a low voice, "Tell Hershel to prepare the first aid cell."

Glen nodded and didn't ask another word, he bent down to Carl and repeated Michonne's words. Carl ran off like a shot up to the prison.

I couldn't relax yet.

I pressed my two fingers to Daryl's wrist.. puzzled, I then pressed them both to his neck. I could feel his pulse but it was very faint.

"Pete, his pulse is weak!" I said urgently.

"We're nearly there," he replied as we entered the second gate.

Rick and Carl re-emerged from the prison. As soon as the engine cut off, Pete and Michonne were out of the car and at Daryl's side.

"What happened?" Rick called as he ran down the steps.

"Skidded over some ice, smashed into a tree." Pete explained.

I pulled my hand back from the side of Daryl's face and my palm was soaked red. Daryl's ear was bleeding heavily.

"Oh my god!!" I exclaimed.

Rick yanked the crushed car door open with help from Pete. Pete took Daryl from under the arms and Rick grabbed his feet.

"Careful!" I shouted, "We don't know his injuries!"

Glen helped carry one side of Daryl and Hayden did the other. It wasn't a gurney but it was all we had.

I followed the trail of blood into the prison.


Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Love it, Lily and Bella bonded how sweet anyhoo great chapter can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)

MoMo_chan92 MoMo_chan92

thank you! :D

walkingrosie walkingrosie

Hahaha thank you so much!!! X

walkingrosie walkingrosie