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Hearts of the Past and Present


I brought Daryl back to bed in the first aid cell, he was practically falling asleep outside, he had done way too much today. The accident was just under 48 hours ago, he shouldn't be on his feet at all.

We returned to the living cells to find Michonne and Beth cooking up dinner. I was now supporting the majority of Daryl's weight as we walked through to the bed block.

I opened the gate and pulled back the curtain to unveil Hershel sat on the stool in the cell. "Now I wondered where you had got to, didn't I give you strict orders to stay in bed?" Hershel asked.

"Sorry Doc," Daryl yawned. "I just wanted some fresh air." He lied.

"It's okay Daryl," I said as I sat him down. "Hershel knows about the baby."

"You do?" He asked.

"I sure do," Hershel smiled, "Congratulations you two."

It felt strange to have something like that said to you, I smiled back awkwardly.

"Who else knows?" Daryl asked curiously although his eyes were barely open.

Hershel fiddled with the morphine, Daryl stretched out his arm for him and Hershel inserted the drip.

"Hershel, Maggie, Glen." I listed.

"Is that why Glen was acting weird earlier?" Daryl asked.

"Yeah," I laughed. "I'm going to tell everyone in pairs or individually tonight."

Daryl tried to sit up, "I'll do it with ya if ya want."

"No, no." I laid him back down, "You've done enough today, you just sleep okay. I'll come see you later."

I kissed him once on the lips and exited the cell.

"Is your head not hurting you Daryl?" Hershel asked confused.

"It's absolutely killing me Hersh." Daryl replied and I could hear the pain in his voice.

He had went the full day without any morphine, he had done too much too soon but he couldn't have done nothing all day because he would have drove himself, and I, crazy.

Now who do I break the news to first?

I came back into the living cell to see everyone welcoming back Maggie and Glen and waving off Rick and Olly to the tower.

Remaining around the tables tucking in to dinner were Pete, Michonne, Carl, Hayden and Beth with Judith. I stood with Glen and Maggie at the kitchen stand to plate up so food.

"So?" Maggie whispered. "How did he take it?" She asked.

"Good, kinda. It was a roller coaster of emotions." I explained.

"So is it just us, Daryl and Hershel that know?" Glen double checked.

"Yeah, I'm going to tell Beth and Carl after dinner, I'll take some up to Rick and Olly and tell them then. Then it just leaves Hayden, Michonne and Pete." I bit my lip at the thought of telling Pete.

"Tell Pete and Michonne together," Glen suggested. "She's good to with him, she'll keep him calm."

"Shit, do you think he'll freak out?" I asked.

Of course he will.

"Remember when you two got together again, when Pete called him a redneck?" Maggie asked, I nodded. It was a bad day for the both of us. "Well just imagine, instead of telling your uncle that you love 'that redneck' imagine you are telling him you are carrying 'that redneck's' baby."

Maggie reminded me of the awful day I screamed in Pete's face, I pushed him to hit me, I told him how he fucked his life up and how he could protect our family, I said all those horrible and nasty things in Daryl's defence. Imagine what I would say or even do to him if Pete had a bad word to say about Daryl this time round.

I know he doesn't approve of us, and that means nothing to me, but he needs to accept us and accept this baby. Pete is my only family left, i want his support, in fact I need his support. He doesn't have to like Daryl, he doesn't have to like us being together, but he needs to accept that we are a couple and that we were going to be a family. I was more scared of telling Pete than I was Daryl.

I ate my dinner quietly but quickly, there wasn't a single bite left on my plate. I hardly spoke while at the table, I was too caught up in what Pete had to say about my situation, I would definitely leave him last.

Everyone finished and left their plates for Carl and Beth to clean, it was their turn but I joined them anyway. This was probably my only opportunity so I took it.

I checked over my shoulder first before proceeding. Pete and Michonne were in a deep discussion at the back of the room, Hayden was being treated by Hershel who had appeared and Maggie and Glen were sat nearby with Judith, not that it mattered since they already knew.

"Guys, I have some news." I began. "But keep quiet, only Maggie, Glen, Hershel and Of course Daryl know."

"What?" Beth's eyes widened in anticipation.

A smile spread wide across my face, "I'm pregnant."

"Oh my goodness!!" Beth whispered excitedly.

Carl seemed shocked, "Daryl's?" He asked.

"Yeah," I nodded. "He's happy about it too."

"Oh wow Lily!" Beth exclaimed a little too loudly.

"Shhhh." I hushed and laughed.

Beth seemed genuinely pleased for me and Daryl, where as Carl seemed upset or worried. He had tipped his dad's sherif hat over his eyes so I couldn't read his expression.

Before anyone else could steal me of my opportunity, I brought up Rick and Olly their supper and some more jackets for the night.

I left the prison and entered the dark and starry night, before I entered the door to the tower to head up the stairs, Carl called me.

"Lily," he shouted and jogged up to me.

"Yeah?" I got a better look at his face now his hat was off, the glare of the moonlight highlighted his face and I saw his red eyes.

"I don't want you to be pregnant." He said, his voice confirmed that he had been crying.

I placed the plates and coats on the floor. "Why Carl?" I asked.

"I lost my mom that way." He sobbed.

"Oh Carl," I said and pulled him in for a hug.

"I don't want to loose you as well."

Carl and I had came a long way since the return to the prison, I know I pinned him to the ground and called him the C word but we really had gotten to a point where I could consider him as my annoying little brother. I made him laugh and he did me.

"You won't loose me." I said, "We've got equipment now, and Hershel, he knows what he is doing. I'm so sorry Carl, I didn't think about that, I should have told you another way and in another place."

"What's going on?"

I turned around and Rick was leaving the tower.

I kept my arm around Carl's shoulder, "Urm, just Carl got a bit upset. That's all."

"Over what?" Rick asked with eyebrows raised.

"Over what I told him, I completely forgot about his mom and how she died, I shouldn't have told him without you there or without Daryl.. He just got upset that's all." I explained, I don't know why but I couldn't say the words to Rick that I was pregnant.

"Are you.. Pregnant?" He asked.

I bit my lip and nodded. "How do ya feel about it?"

"We feel good." I spoke for both Daryl and I.

"How many months are ya?" Carl asked.

"3, 6 to go." I said.

"Well that's great," Rick said although he wasn't entirely convincing.

I looked at him questionably and he stepped forward to give me a hug, one arm around me and one around Carl.

"Could you do me a favour?" I asked.


"Could you tell Olly? And tell him not to tell Hayden. I haven't told him yet, but I am going to."

"Sure thing." He half smiled.

"Thanks," I said then picked up the food and jackets to give to Rick and returned to the prison, leaving Carl with his father.

Rick, just like his son, didn't seem to pleased with hearing me being pregnant but that is completely understandable as it beings back memories of his wife and the fear.

I don't think the group can bear to loose anyone else, and that's why they can be so negative to my news. I know I have said that I won't, but I know my chances and the possibility of my dying are high in this world. But I will fight, I'll fight co the end.

I was debating with myself as to who I should speak to next, Hayden or Pete. Who would take it worse?

Hayden could be upset, Pete would be upset and most likely angry. I can wait and put off being shouted at.

My timing was great tonight, I walked back in to the living cell just as Hershel was finishing with Hayden, I hurried over.

"Hey Hayden, do you mind if I had a word with you? I need to talk to a friend." I smiled remembering us pinky promising that we are friends.

"Yeah, course." He got up from the table, almost too quickly, he winced at his collar bone.

I led him into the corridor which was dimly lit by light only from the living cell. I leaned against the wall, this was going to be difficult.

"You are okay with Daryl and I right?" I asked.

"Yeah I'm fine, we've discussed this Lily. I understand now. And I'm totally happy for you guys." He said, and he was being truthful.

"Happy?" I repeated.

"Yes. Now what's this about?" Hayden asked, now a little worried. "The pair of you are okay right?"

"Yes we are good," I didn't sound like myself, and of course, Hayden noticed this.

He raised his eye brow.

"I really don't know how else to tell you this Hayden, but I'm pregnant." I said then bit my bottom lip.

"Wow," he said, shocked. "I'm guessing this wasn't planned?"


"How many weeks gone are you?" Hayden asked.

"About 12, 12 and a half." I answered.

"Happy?" He said again.

"Yeah," I smiled. "Are you happy?"

Happy had turned into a confirmation, it had turned into the word okay.

"I'm happy if you are." He returned my smile and held his arms out for a friendly hug.

I sighed with relief, this really could have gone either way.

I stepped back, "I've kept the worst till last." I said.

"Pete?" Hayden guessed.

I laughed, "Yep!"

"God, are you worried?" He asked.

"I was, not so much now you're okay with it. At least now I have one person I care about accepting this." I said and place a hand on my stomach.

Hayden knew how much he meant to me. In those few months we spent together, he had really earned a special place in my heart, and I in his just not the same way.

The hallway suddenly when dark, the light from the living cell had been blocked.


It was Pete's voice.

I quickly looked to the gate, he was stood behind the bars looking at us. He looked at Hayden, then to me, then to my hand which was still placed on my maternal curve.

"A-are, are - are you pregnant?" He stuttered.

I was absolutely petrified. So much so that I had frozen. My mouth had gone dry, my mind blank, my nerves had deadened. I couldn't answer my uncle.

"Are you two having a baby?" Pete asked.

"WHAT?!" Hayden and I shouted in unison.


Expect the next chapter to be explosive!


Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Love it, Lily and Bella bonded how sweet anyhoo great chapter can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)

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thank you! :D

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