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Hearts of the Past and Present


No no no. This was bad, this was really bad and awkward and awful. Pete has got the totally wrong idea.

Hayden was stuttering, his mouth wasn't forming any actual words. I, on the other hand, was even worse; I was completely silent, frozen in fear, but with my mouth wide open ready to scream and run for the hills which are probably more safe right now.

"Well?" Pete pushed for an answer as he pulled back the gate which separated us.

I felt a lot more at risk of being grabbed or shaken, maybe even hit, you know, knock some sense into me. Hayden turned and saw in my eyes how scared I truly was.

"Yes." He said. "Lily is pregnant."

"Oh Lily." Pete sighed. "I never thought I'd see the day."

He didn't seem too angry or too sad, upset or disappointed. Pete was well composed.

I stepped out of my body for a moment. Pete has came into the corridor seeing Hayden and I in such close quarters with my hand on my stomach. He was a big fan of Hayden, he thought he was a great, sensible and clever young boy. Pete has always favoured him over Daryl since Daryl was partly to blame for me going insane and Hayden has saved my life, twice.

I can understand how my uncle has misunderstood and jumped so quickly to a conclusion including Hayden and I.

"You're going to stand by her aren't you Hayden?" Pete asked, sounding very stern, so much so that it sounded more like an order.

"Yes sir, but -" Hayden began but was soon interrupted.

"Now that's what I want to hear." Pete said with a smile on his face. "I can't be having my niece do such a thing all alone. This is gonna be tough."

I gulped, this really was.

"Pete, no listen!" Hayden urged, we were getting desperate now.

I grabbed his wrist to stop Hayden from saying anymore, I had to tell Pete that he has misunderstood the situation.

"Pete, please." I stepped forward nervously. "You've gotten this all wrong."

My voice was shaky. "Yes I am pregnant, but not with Hayden.."

The smile had long gone from Pete's face, it now displayed angry realisation. I noticed his hands ball up into fists by his side.

"Are you telling me that that is Daryl's baby?!" He asked and rudely pointed to my stomach with his stubby index finger.

Pete was now furious with me.

A tear slowly trickled over my cheek as I nodded.

"God Lily, you are so stupid!" He shouted in my face. "Stupid, stupid little girl. How could you let him knock you up, in this kind of world especially?!"

"Little girl?" I repeated. Still reeling from the change of emotion.

"Yes. Little girl. You are young, naive and just damn stupid for getting pregnant!"

"Yeah because contraception is so available these days!" I said sarcastically.

"Don't you dare get cheeky with me Lily, I am so mad with you right now." Pete warned. "I thought you were bright enough to not get yourself into this mess."

"You weren't saying this was a mess 30 seconds ago when you thought it was Hayden's! You asked if he was going to support me, you haven't asked if Daryl is going to support me." I pointed out.

"Hayden is a respectable young man, he is capable." Pete said calmly.

"And Daryl isn't?"


"WHY?" I demanded.

"Because he's a-"

"Say it, I fucking dare you!" I shouted.

Michonne suddenly appeared at Pete's side, "What the hell is going on?"

"My only niece is carrying a Redneck's child!" Pete shouted.

"You fucking prick!" I screamed and jumped forward, Hayden
grabbed me by the waist to hold me back. "How dare you say that, AGAIN!"

We were going in circles, Pete, Daryl and I. Daryl didn't particularly like Pete but at least he respected him.

Pete turned his back on me and began to pace in the living cell.

Maggie and Glen were up on their feet anxiously. Hershel had his crutches in his hands at the ready to intervene when things got too much. Beth had hold of a crying Judith while Carl awkwardly made a bottle for her.

"It's the truth Lily, god, you deserve so much better than him. He is nothing." Pete said.

"I can't believe these words are actually leaving your mouth. You know what he means to me, and I am ecstatic to be having his baby! Why can't you be happy for me?!" I shouted, still be restrained by Hayden, he didn't trust my temper and frankly, neither did I.

"No niece of mine is having a redneck."

"Fuck you Pete!" I screamed.

Michonne pushed Pete back and warned him off, telling him to calm down in his ear.

Maggie jumped up in front of me, "Lily calm down, this ain't no good for the baby."

I couldn't take in what Maggie was saying and act upon it, I was absolutely livid.

Pete still had these awful, degrading and prejudice thoughts towards Daryl. It knocked me sick.

"Daryl and I are having a baby whether you like it or not." I called to Pete from across the room.

"Well I don't like it!" He shouted.

"Well I don't give a fuck!" I shouted back.

"Don't speak to me like that Lily, I am your guardian. Your only family." Excluding Beth for the good of Hershel.

"You are not. I am 21, I don't need to be babied or looked after, especially by someone like you! And you call yourself my family?" I scoffed. "No family member of mine would verbally attack me by calling me stupid, naive when I need them to back me and give me support!"

Anger tears had finally made an appearance.

Pete's opinion did mean a lot to me, not quite everything but it meant a great deal. I would like my uncle to accept this baby and it's daddy, as well as my relationship. This just makes things 100 times harder.

Daryl lazily wandered out of his cell and into a battle, "What's with all the shouting?" He asked as he rubbed his eyes.

His hair was sticking up in every direction, his shirt was buttoned incorrectly leaving a gaping hole at the top exposing his chest, clearly Daryl had been disturbed from a deep sleep.

"Daryl," I squeaked from Hayden's grasp.

"You!" Pete exclaimed.

Beth quickly gave Judith to Carl and sent them both down to Bella's room. Hershel jumped up onto his crutches, Maggie grabbed Glen's wrist and squeezed and Hayden held me tighter and I attempted to pull away and throw myself between the pair.

"No!" I shouted.

Pete launched himself across the room and at Daryl, by doing so he aggressively barged past Michonne. Having just woke up from a strong slumber, Daryl could not have anticipated Pete's move or even defend himself.

Pete had Daryl by the neck and he slammed him against the nearest wall.

"How dare you touch my niece!" Pete spat, "How dare you do this to her?"

Daryl was looking confused as he gasped for breath but he quickly switched on.

"Get. Your hands. Off me." Daryl managed to say menacingly with Pete's large rough hand around his neck.

Because of Daryl's tone, Pete only squeezed tighter.

He was bright red in the face now, and my shouts and screams for Pete to stop weren't working.

Daryl quickly hit away Pete's hand at his neck then took advantage of his position to kick Pete in the stomach.

"No, stop it! No!" I shouted.

Pete, not taking any time to recover, straightened up and sprang at Daryl, this time Daryl was ready and expecting a violent approach.

Before the men could collide again, other members of the group leaped in. Hayden left my side and was holding back Pete, helping Glen, within a flash.

Replacing Hayden was Beth, to make sure I didn't get in the mix, she solidly held my wrist down by my side as well as comfortingly stroking my arm as I cried helplessly.

Hershel stood at the side lines angrily, watching the scene unravel.

Michonne had both hands on Daryl's chest, forcing him back and Maggie stood in between the pair with her arms extended to each of them.

"You need to stop this now!" Maggie shouted at the men. "You are the two most important men in Lily's life and look at what you have done to her."

"I haven't done this to-" Pete shouted, still extremely mad but was interrupted by someone with a louder voice.

"Just look at her!" Maggie screamed.

Daryl looked at me and pain filled his eyes when he saw how upset I was, Pete turned to look too but less willingly but even more pain filled.

"How can you do this to her? The pair of you, fighting each other, when she is most likely scared and in need of support from loved ones. What a way to show you're here for her by attacking one another. What bastards!" Maggie was too angry to continue, she dropped her arms and stormed off outside, Glen was quickly to follow.

Hershel stepped into Maggie's previous position, "You two need to sort your differences out now, sooner rather than later for the sake of the baby's and Lily's health." He was very stern.

"A man?" Hershel said as he looked Pete up and down, "What type of man turns on his family when things get difficult?"

His last words before he hobbled down to Bella's room were not only connect to the present incident but the one in the past which created Beth.

Pete pushed Hayden's hands off of himself and stormed off into the corridor which led to the outsides.

Michonne, now knowing Daryl was calm removed her own hands instead of them being forced and followed Pete with a highly pissed off expression.

Beth's grip on my wrist loosened and I took the action as a signal for me to attend to Daryl, tearfully I ran to him.

I jumped into his ready arms and wrapped my own around his neck, not too tightly.

"I'm so sorry Daryl," I cried into him and then began to kiss his red neck.

"Naw, it's not your fault. It's mine, bad timing is all." He tried to lighten the mood as he patted the back of my head.

I liked to think that I was a person who rarely cried, or at least not easily but right now I couldn't stop crying, in fact a perfect description would be that I couldn't stop sobbing.

Daryl led me up to my own cell and pulled me onto his knee in my bed.

I knew my crying made him uncomfortable, usually any form of emotion could put Daryl on edge but he was comforting me well by holding me tight while I tried to calm down. My sobs had left a damp patch on his shirt.

"I can't believe he just did that to you," I managed, "He knows damn well that you are injured and he does that anyway. Plus he is a grown man for fuck sake, he should not be acting like that!"

"Shhh, Lily no. I don't care what Pete did to me, I wanna know what he said to upset you. I've never seen you like this." He said.

I sat up properly and rubbed my eyes, "Sorry, and it's just he called me stupid, naive, a little girl, all because I'm pregnant. I'm 21, my mother had me when she was 22! Ugh. I hate him so much sometimes."

Daryl pulled me in for a hug again, whenever his large arms embraceme I feel safe and warm, like you feel about your home. Daryl was my home.

"You can't hate him, you don't hate him." He told me and he was right, I didn't actually hate Pete.

I corrected myself, "I hate him for what he did to you."

Daryl sighed, "Okay, that's a fair point but be easy on him, he's your family, even if he is a lousy family member, still.. It's better than nothing." He said then kissed the top of my head.

"I don't have nothing," I replied.

"Oh shit yeah, you have Beth. I keep forgettin'."

"No, I mean.. I have you." I said and looked up to him.

"And I ain't going no where." Daryl replied in his rough and ragged voice before finally kissing me on the lips.

Daryl easily picked me up with an arm under my head and the other under my legs to lay me on the bed properly, he climbed in too and pulled the bed cover over ours heads.

"I hate seein' ya cry Lily, that's enough now." He said as he snaked his hands around my waist. "It won't be good for the baby."

It was the first time Daryl had acknowledge our baby or said anything like that, it caused my heart to accelerate.

"Okay," I whisper and kissed him still having tear streaked cheeks.


Do you think Pete and Daryl will ever see eye to eye? Will Pete accept the fact that Lily is carrying Daryl's baby?



Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Love it, Lily and Bella bonded how sweet anyhoo great chapter can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)

MoMo_chan92 MoMo_chan92

thank you! :D

walkingrosie walkingrosie

Hahaha thank you so much!!! X

walkingrosie walkingrosie