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Hearts of the Past and Present

7 Better Days

It's been 7 days since my pregnancy breakdown and I'm feeling better. Everything is going rather well actually.

Hershel is very pleased with Daryl's recover after staying a full 7 days in bed. The cuts on his face have nearly completely disappeared, the wound on his arm is doing well and his headaches aren't as painful or as frequent. He is now allowed out and bed and can return to helping the group.

Hayden and Olly haven't argued since the time Daryl and I stopped them from commencing in a physical fight, they soon calmed down and discussed their issues maturely, something Olly really needs to learn to do, but who can blame him he is young. I still get the feeling that something is there between him and Bella, so does Hayden, if there truly is they are keeping it under wraps well.

Bella and the twins are doing great. Leo and Avril are brought into the living cell on a day time, every coos over them, after all they are gorgeous. The pair are a bit too much for Bella to deal with alone, so different members of the group chip in to help whenever they can although you can usually find it's Beth or Olly changing a nappy or feeding one of them. Bella isn't as isolated by the group any more, she has really stepped up. When the twins are sleeping she does practical jobs such as feeding the animals in the barn, picking ripe fruit and vegetables from the greenhouse, she helps with the water. Bella does as much as she can since she can't do either a day time or a night watch.

We still rotate our watches to keep an eye out for anyone or any people, we aren't no closer to finding out who or what cut the fence. Every other day this week, Rick has took a group of us deeper into the prison in hope of finding whoever got inside. We've looked almost every where and there's no evidence of anything strange. There has been no sign of an intruder since the breaking of the fence.

Michonne and I seem to have this silent friendship, we are good in one another's company even though we may not say much to one another. I usually find myself on a watch shift with her, but sometimes it's her and Pete who have recently gotten close. I guess talking about Odell and Perrie to someone really did help her move on, she needed to. I hope she is a happier person now it isn't haunting her every thought.

I still haven't forgiven Pete for what he said or did to Daryl. He hasn't even given me a proper apology. He strangled my boyfriend for god sake, both Daryl and I deserve one! Michonne was right when saying that Pete and I were similar, we we're both very stubborn and can be very opinionated. Things were exactly awkward between us but it wasn't what it was before our fight.

I saw Rick take Pete out for a word one night, I followed them out and listened to them from behind a water barrel. Rick was furious with the way Pete spoke about Daryl, and I heard Rick explain the respect and trust he has for Daryl. I'm sure those words would do a hell of a lot of good for Daryl's confidence. Rick spoke so highly of both Daryl and myself, saying how brave and mature I am, hoping that Pete would ease up and realise that what we have is something serious. Rick said he never thought he'd see the day that Daryl fell in love.

Their conversation did improve things, Pete made advances to apologise but it wasn't quite up to my standards. I don't count, "um yeah, about before, I was pretty mad." with more added stuttering and fillers as a appropriate apology. Pete was too proud for his own good.


"You're getting better at guitar Carl," I smiled before taking a gulp of water.

"Yeah, I can actually stand to be around ya when you're playing." Daryl joked as he bounced Judith on his knee.

"Thanks!" Carl exclaimed with a huge grin.

He looked odd with a guitar on his lap and a sheriff hat on his head, it wasn't the usual style but it worked. Judith was giggling non stop when Carl played, at the end of whatever he could play she would get all excited and clap.

There was only the four of us in the living cell when Judith clapped for the first time, look on our faces was memorable. Especially Daryl's. He looked like a proud father, I couldn't wait.

I heard the door creak and Maggie entered.

"Hey Maggie," Carl called, "Judith just clapped!"

She rushed over and bent down to Judith's height, Judy grabbed her extended finger.

"You're such a clever girl!" She cooed.

"How's it going out there?" Daryl asked.

"It's good, hardly any walkers. It's a nice day too." Maggie replied, "I was thinking about taking Steele and Jenna out for a walk. Fancy it Lily?"

"I can't believe Michonne has named those damn horses," Daryl scoffed.

"Hey," I punched him on the shoulder, "It's cute and yeah, I'll have a go."

"Come on then," Maggie smiled with excitement, she loved the horses we kept.

"I'll see you in a bit," I walked over to the table Daryl was sat at and kissed his cheek before leaning down to kiss Judith on her head; her hair was long now and so soft.

"Be careful," He called as Maggie and I left for the barn.

"Bye Lily, love you Lily!" Carl teased in a sarcastic mocking tone. "Ow!" he then shouted, I'm guessing Carl received a punch from Daryl.


I was pretty nervous sat on this horse, I was the complete opposite of Maggie; she looked so comfortable as she bounced along naturally with the rhythmic steps of the horse, it was so pain free to her where as my bum was taking a pounding from the trotting horse.

I gritted my teeth and held on, for dear life, on to the horse's thick, warm neck.

"Just relax." Maggie laughed at my uneasy, awkwardness riding this horse bareback.

My horse, Jenna, cheerfully trotted behind Steele, who was Michonne's secret favourite. Apparently Steele was a lot harder to ride and control because he was so strong and always full of energy; I was thankful that Maggie chose the more untameable and challenging horse, after all this was only my third time riding a horse.

At a suitable and steady pace, Maggie and I went along the fence letting the horses stretch their legs on the surprisingly sunny day. This also gave us the opportunity to talk privately.

"You feeling better after last week?" Maggie asked.

I shrugged, "Kinda. It's just been.. strange. Like the fear of it all is still there but I just don't think about it much, or when I do I don't let it show."

"I know what you mean," She replied, it was a few minutes before Maggie spoke again. "You can do it you know, raise a family in here. I want to, eventually, but Glen.."

"You can't blame him for not wanting to, I can't imagine him without you. It's too risky." I said.

"You're risking it right now," Maggie replied quickly, she looked hard at my stomach. Was that envy?

"Not out of choice." I shot back.

It went quiet for a while after that. I dont want to bring it up again to talk about it all but I knew Maggie had a lot to say on the topic so I decided that it would be best to just stay quiet.

The sounds of nature filled my ears; the clip clop of hooves, the squelching of mud under horse foot, an excitable neigh, spring like tweets from birds. It was nice, it was peaceful.

I caught something move out of the corner of my eye. It was something large, but quick, it was an unnatural movement of the natural that surrounded us. Nothing moved like that in the long green grass any more.

My head snapped to the right instantly, my eyes scanned the greenery for something suspicious or out of place.

"Hey, did you see that?" I asked Maggie.

"See what?" She was oblivious, the sound of my voice had called her out of her day dream.

"Doesn't matter." I replied then uneasily chewed my lip.

We continued on our trek, eventually completing the full perimeter of the prison and we were back at the front gates. It felt cruel to take the horses back to the barn when it was such a nice day so we decided to take them on one more tour. I was beginning to feel more confident on Jenna.

A trio of walkers emerged from the dark greens of the forest, they were intrigued by the horses.

"Easy, easy." Maggie said as she patted the neck of Steele.

Jenna, my horse, started to get anxious. I copied Maggie's action in an attempt to sooth her when suddenly a shot ran through the air.

It was a loud bang, it was a bullet being released from a gun, it made me gun as it was so unexpected. A walker dropped to the floor, the bullet had pierced it's skull.

This was too much for the already nervous Jenna to handle. She rose up and fled from the gates, galloping away from the remaining two walkers.

Fearing that I would fall of this horse while it ran at full speed, I grabbed at Jenna's mane to keep me sat on her back. My horse cried out in pain, she released an ear piercing neigh.

"Lily no!" Maggie shouted.

I was thrown, head first, over the top of Jenna. I landed hard on my front, I attempted to save myself from the fall with my arms extended but they slipped from under me in the thick mud. My torso took the blow, then my head as I banged the ground, mud covered the whole front side of my body. All of the oxygen was knocked out of my system. Before I could feel any pain from my injuries I turned my head to the side so I didn't gasp and inhale in mud.

Jenna, still in a panic, kept running, she jumped over me saving me from getting trampled to death by a horse.

"Lily!" I heard a number of people call.

I stayed laying flat on my front as I tried hard to catch my breath, I felt like I had taken a punch in the chest from a professional boxer. I made strange noises as I sucked in a breath; sucking in so quickly and hard that it felt like my throat was close to closing up.

I was damp, cold and muddy; dizzy and shocked. There was a light buzzing in my head, I lifted it up slowly and saw the group running from their posts and previous positions.

Maggie ran over and threw herself to her knees beside my head, "Lily are you okay?!" She rolled me on to my back.

There was a rip of pain in my stomach area, I shrieked like how a cat would when it's tail has been stood on. I lifted my knees up, they would have went to my chest but I couldn't move them any further from the pain, my neck was craned out and up wards in the mud as my face contorted with displeasure.

"Who's there?" Rick roared.

"Oh my god Lily, what hurts? We need to get you to my dad!" Maggie said quickly.

My hands went up and over my stomach, they were uncontrollably shaking as they hovered above the source of excruciating pain.

"Baby.." Maggie whispered.

Hayden was suddenly above me, his head blocking out the sunlight. "Maggie, run up go the bench tell Hershel and Beth that Lily's hurt and tell Daryl and Carl to get outside now." He ordered.

Maggie didn't question him, he sprang across the field as fast as she could go. Hayden crouched down and slid an arm under my back and the other under my legs so he could carry me bridal style back up to the prison. Because Maggie rolled me over onto my back, I was covered head to toe on mud, now Hayden's chest and arms were covered too.

I screamed as he picked me up and held me to his chest. I grabbed at his shirt, surely scratching away some skin underneath as I do so as well as leaving a muddy hand print.

"I got you Lily, you'll be okay." He told me as he began to run.

"Show yourself!" Pete shouted.

What was going on? Who shot the walker? Who is there?!

Hayden's speed picked up when he heard the calling of Rick and Pete to whoever was in the forest. Throughout the whole journey to the prison I had my teeth clenched tight, my hand pulling at Hayden's top and my eyes were squeezed shut.

This was pain I had never felt before, I imagined that this was what a broken heart felt like only lower down. What had happened to me? What was the problem? I'm scared.

I heard to door burst open then smack off the concrete wall and then the crunch of pebbles underfoot. It was more than one of pair feet running.

"Lily!" Daryl shouted.

"You can't do this now Daryl," Hayden said as I felt a pair of hands on my face, Daryl used his thumbs to wipe the mud from around my eyes.

"Someone's here, you need to be with Rick and Pete and everyone NOW."

"Come on Daryl!" Carl shouted from a little way away. "I can see TWO people on the outside!!"

Daryl released a frustated grunt then ran off to this others, I'm presuming with his crossbow on hand, to see who was there and to protect the prison.

Hayden stepped inside, "Hershel," he called.

"In here!" Beth shouted.

I continued to moan in pain, even when I was laid straight on a bed the pain didn't subside. I held my hands over my stomach, now grabbing at my own mud soaked shirt.

Hershel spoke, and I'm glad my eyes seemed permently close because I did not want to see his face as he did so. "I think it's the baby."


Baby danger. Eeeek.


Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Girl, its been like 4 months since u last updated.

ElyseStyle ElyseStyle

Love it, Lily and Bella bonded how sweet anyhoo great chapter can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)

MoMo_chan92 MoMo_chan92

thank you! :D

walkingrosie walkingrosie

Hahaha thank you so much!!! X

walkingrosie walkingrosie