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My Guardian


In a world where hope is hard to come by, Daryl Dixon finds his light at the end of the tunnel in Beth Greene. This story is for all Bethyl and Deth Shippers, who are fans of the pairing of Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene.

As Daryl rises to the occasion and becomes a leader at the prison, his connection with Beth grows from friends to something much more. It captures the naive innocence of Beth who is now coming into her own as a woman finally, and our favorite crossbow carrying redneck, Daryl Dixon; who will finally learn what it means to be in love. To need somebody wholly and completely with all your body and soul.

Because "Once Daryl Dixon falls in love ... it is forever" ~ Norman Reedus

Note: “My Guardian” is the companion fanfic to "Maggie's Nightmare," which is a much darker and twisted story that catches up with the group at the prison about 9 months after the attack on the prison. Includes Glenn, Maggie, The Governor, Daryl, Beth and a few OC's. So, you can all expect that Daryl and Beth will have obstacles and struggle to be together in a world where The Governor is completely demented and ready to exact his revenge on our favorite characters of TWD.



1- Daryl Dixon

1- Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon is 38 years old, one of the leaders of his survivors group, and the future love interest of Beth Greene.

2- Beth Greene

2- Beth Greene

Beth is 18 years old and the sister of Maggie Greene and future love interest of Daryl Dixon.

3- Maggie Greene

3- Maggie Greene

Maggie is 23 years old and the wife off Glenn Rhee.

4- Glenn Rhee

4- Glenn Rhee

Glenn is 25 years old and the husband of Maggie Greene.

5- The Governor

5- The Governor

45 years old, former "Governor" of Woodbury and current leader of a large group of men currently residing at Fort Benning.

6- Nick Foster

6- Nick Foster

Nick is 25 years old, and Mike's older brother. He is a former member of the US Army that was stationed at Fort Benning.

7- Mike Foster

7- Mike Foster

Mike is 23 years old and Nick's younger brother. He is also a former member of the US Army stationed at Fort Benning.


  1. My Guardian: Chapter One

    The residents of Woodbury arrive at the prison ...

  2. My Guardian: Chapter Two

    The residents of the prison get new housing assignments, and Daryl and Beth share some quality time with little Asskicker.

  3. My Guardian: Chapter Three

    Daryl moves, the boys have night guard duty the nexy couple of days and Maggie's not doing so well ... Beth definitely has a lot on her mind today and one of those things is a Mr. Daryl Dixon ;-P

  4. My Guardian: Chapter Four

    Beth's first visit with Daryl during his night shift on guard duty at the prison.

  5. My Guardian: Chapter Five - Part One

    Daryl doesn't like some of the new guys from Woodbury ...

  6. My Guardian: Chapter Five - Part Two

    Daryl and Glenn go out on a supply run and get into some trouble ...

  7. My Guardian: Chapter Six

    Daryl gets back from the supply run and doesn't like what he finds when he returns. And, we get to know Nick Foster a little better ...

  8. My Guardian: Chapter Seven

    People start to talk about what may or may not be going on with Daryl and Beth. Plus, Maggie has a run in with Nick that ends up having very unexpected and happy results ...

  9. My Guardian: Chapter Eight

    Carol has a heart to heart with Beth, which causes her to make some bolder moves with Daryl.

  10. My Guardian: Chapter Nine

    The moment we've all been waiting for ... Daryl and Beth kiss for the first time :))

  11. My Guardian: Chapter Ten

    Daryl is stubborn and breaks things off with Beth, but thankfully Carol is there to talk some sense into him. Hopefully, Carol's advice will help him gain some real perspective on his feelings for Beth and stop jerking this poor girl around ;))

  12. My Guardian: Chapter Eleven

    Daryl finally realizes his feelings for Beth. However, when he goes to tell her, he discovers that there is something terribly wrong going on at the prison ...

  13. My Guardian: Chapter Twelve

    As Beth continues to get sicker, she starts asking for Daryl. Meanwhile, Daryl is still out on the supply run with Glenn. The boys head to the vet school and run into some trouble ...

  14. My Guardian: Chapter Thirteen

    Daryl gets back to the prison and finally tells Beth how he feels ... the moment we've all been waiting for :))

  15. My Guardian Update

    Happy Holidays and Status

  16. My Guardian: Chapter Fourteen

    Hershel walks in on Daryl and Beth in bed. Beth and Daryl discuss what their plans are for telling the group about their relationship.

  17. My Guardian: Chapter Fifteen - Part One

    Beth & Daryl share some tender moments. Beth visits with Rick, Judy and Carol.

  18. My Guardian: Chapter Fifteen - Part Two

    Daryl attends a meeting with The Council and Glenn, Tyrese and Sasha volunteer to go with him. Daryl talks to Carol to see what she knows, and Daryl and Beth have some serious adult alone time ...

  19. My Guardian: Chapter Sixteen-Part One

    Daryl gets ready and leaves for a supply run, while Beth is left at the prison where she gets a visit from Nick.

  20. My Guardian: Chapter Sixteen-Part Two

    Nick continues to agressively pursue Beth ,and Daryl finally returns to the prison and finds out ... he's fuckin' pissed!

  21. Chapter Seventeen-Part One

    Lemony chapter - Daryl helps Beth out; she's been feelin' a bit tense lately. Ahh ... Daryl give's Beth her first orgasm XD

  22. My Guardian: Chapter Seventeen-Part Two

    Daryl comes to Beth's rescue. Daryl finds Nick and finally has a chance to have that "little talk" with him that he's been meanin' to have ...

  23. My Guardian: Chapter Eighteen - Part One

    Beth finds out about the fight between Nick and Daryl, and has an interesting conversation with her sister Maggie.

  24. My Guardian: Chapter Eighteen - Part Two

    Beth visits Daryl who's back on night watch duty and they have a very important conversation about taking their relationship to the next level. They share some new intimate moments as well ... they're gettin' so close! LOL

  25. My Guardian: Chapter Nineteen

    Daryl and Beth finally make love ... woo hoo!!

  26. My Guardian: Chapter Twenty

    The Council holds a very important meeting where they discuss Nick's future at the prison and Rick makes a big announcement the directly affects Daryl & Beth's new relationship!

  27. My Guardian: Chapter Twenty-One: Part One

    Rick tells Beth about being relieved of "babysitting' duty, she's got nights off. Maggie warns her sister about the dangers of being out on the road.And, Daryl makes a midnight visit to Beth's room the night before they leave on a supply run.

  28. My Guardian: Chapter Twenty-One: Part Two

    Daryl and Beth have some alone time in her cell before heading out on Beth's first supply run. Beth runs into someone before leaving and finds that she's going to have a lot on her mind during this supply run ...

  29. My Guardian: Chapter Twenty-Two

    Daryl takes Beth on their first supply run alone. The run starts off and seems to be an easy one for the two lovebirds; however, a mangy one-eyed dog shows up and threatens to ruin everything ...

  30. My Guardian: Chapter Twenty-Three

    Daryl & Beth spend the night somewhere special and young Beth has her first drink - and its a little fancier than moonshine in a busted Cabin in the woods and its A LOT sexier :-D lolz


Ok, now that I'm awake reading it, I can actually commemt properly haha!!
1- I didn't read Maggies nightmare yet but I dont think Beth is pregnant, a bit early into their romance to announce that! But then again it can easily happen lol but I dont think she is!
2-i like the mansion idea, a chance for them to let themselves fo without fear of being caught, and drinking together let them let their guard down with each other which I loved!
3- I like your version of "I never", I like that you said Daryl had a threesome, some people have it in their heads that Daryl is a saint, forgetting about his past! He may not be proud of it but Merle was his brother!! So I think it's totally believable that he did!
4- yes hooray for lemons!! :D I like that you went for a more lustful scene, especially when drunk it happens and its awesome!!
keep up the good work, roll on next chapter!! Xx

Spykes_Dixon Spykes_Dixon

@My Dead Dahlia
I agree with all of your reasoning behind it. I liked it, I thought it fit. Particularly, that he was not necessarily proud of it. As other men would be. As Norman Reedus had said, "Daryl is more Alanon than AA. He doesn't like where he came from".

bbhlvr64 bbhlvr64

I was soooooooooooo happy when I checked my email and I saw you had uploaded!! :DDDDD
If Beth is pregnant it would be soooo sad. I mean, it's the end of the world, chances of surviving are little... Anyways she's with Daryl <3 the last man standing hehehe

Upload soon, please!! This is the best Daryl fic ever!!!

lana lana

EEEEEEeeeeee...new chapter ...It was like Christmas when I saw "alert" ...I havent read it yet I'm still riding the high of excitement that there is a new chapter : )

Thanks so much for taking time out to do this, you truly do put a lot of thought behind your stories and it shows and you make me more of a fan after every chapter. Keep up the fantastic work!!!

Can't wait to read : )

GoBethyl! GoBethyl!

Hi @TeamBethyl

Thanks so much for reading and for commenting ... I really appreciate it :)

Yes, this chapter was certainly steamy. I have some readers that like it when it is more awkward and romantic – like two virgins exploring each other. And, then I’ve had a bunch of readers that have asked for me to spice it up a bit. So, that’s how this chapter was born. So, that all being said - It was definitely occ for Daryl to have had a threesome and I'd love to share with you my reasoning for putting it in the back story that I’ve added to his character ; )

Norman Reedus/Daryl Dixon on sex …

I know Norman has mentioned he plays Daryl like a virgin, so sex would be awkward for him. He wouldn’t be the aggressor; he wouldn’t know what to do or what to say. He’s also mentioned something like that Daryl is more likely to prematurely ejaculate, cry about it and then deny it ever happened.

Although he’s playing him like a virgin, we can assume that Daryl Dixon is not a 38+ year old virgin (even though he's 46 in real life). Either way, he's older and we can assume he actually has had sex before. We can assume he’s probably never been in love, never made love and when he did have sex it would have been drunk and/or possibly on drugs.

In “Still” he talked about how he followed Merle around, he was nothing; he was nobody. Merle was charismatic, we know he not only used but presumably sold drugs (meth), and they spent many days drunk all day (In episode “Us,” he tells Joe “I haven’t been lit at dawn since before everything fell apart”), so we also know that Daryl and Merle spent many mornings/days/nights drunk as a skunk – probably making all kinds of bad decisions. (Also, in the episode "Still" we learn about one such bad decision that almost got Daryl shot and killed because Merle got into a fight with a meth junkie, Daryl jumped in and beat the shot out of the guy and the guy had a gun and almost killed him. Just another day for the Dixon brothers pre-apocalypse). There’s a lot I took from some of these moments to get a sense of what life was like for Daryl with Merle, with the drugs, with the alcohol, and with women.

So, I imagine that Merle definitely didn’t have any trouble getting women into bed with him. We know that he participated in relatively risky sex (In episode “Bloodletting” Daryl had a bunch of Merle’s old antibiotics that he gave to T-Dog for his rising fever and infection. Daryl mentions that they were left over because Merle “got the clap on occasion.”) So, Merle got around. And, I’m guessing that Merle was behind any women coming back to the house with the Dixon brothers and Daryl probably got whichever one Merle wasn’t having sex with. So, Daryl had sex, it was just most likely drunken sex with some (shall I call them, skanks?) from the bar or from wherever else Merle picked up his women.

So, how’d I go from Daryl having drunken sex with one woman to two? Pretty easily ;) If Merle was doing drugs/selling drugs, this often comes with “hanger-ons” … chicks that will hang out and "party" with the drug dealer. Some of these women will definitely have sex with them in exchange for drugs, etc. So, I just imagined that Merle & Daryl had a bit of a redneck, white trash, drug dealer type set up for their home and instead of it being a skank from the bar – perhaps that night it junkie chicks hanging out at their house. And, if there was a group of gals at the house … it goes from one skank in the bed to two.

Or, I imagine Merle being drunk or high and asking the women to both have sex with Daryl. If they’re junkies ... they’d have sex with whoever wherever if it meant them getting what they wanted from their dealer (Merle). In this imaginary scenario of mine, Daryl would have never been the instigator for a threesome … it would have always been due to Merle’s involvement – someway, somehow. Whether it was drugs or liquor, Merle had a lot of influence over Daryl and if he wanted to “show his little brother a good time” … Daryl would have followed along and done it.

Daryl acting like a man, when it comes to sex …
Also, Norman is playing him like a virgin (although he’s obviously not); however, we also know that Daryl is a man that used to drink, do drugs, hang out with neo-nazis/white supremacists, etc. Daryl wasn’t an angel and he was a follower. Norman also said this at SD Comic Con 2013 referring to if Daryl is ever going to have sex: "And if we're gonna do it, I hope someone is biting the back of someone's neck.” So, I think in general, if he actually does get into any relationship on the show and him and Beth (or whoever he has sex with) that at first it will be awkward, it will have more of an innocent or immature feel, but eventually Daryl would be a man about the whole thing ;)

So, anyways, short story long, but I wanted to at least let you know where it came from, so hopefully it makes more sense in the context of this story ;) And, when it comes right down to it, I thought it would be fun for Beth to get a little jealous. Past sexual partners or experiences can be a really touchy subject for couples and since Beth doesn't have any - I gave some to Daryl so that Beth could experience some of the jealousy (on a much smaller scale) that Daryl's been experiencing with Nick's constant attention on Beth back at the prison.

By the way, I just wanted to say that I love it when people have questions about things, and I love being able to shed light as to why I put something into the story the way I did because I do spend a lot of time planning this out, so thank you for bringing it up!! I hope it explained Daryl’s out-of-character threesome from his past :-P

Thanks again for commenting and for the question! If you ever have any other questions or things you'd like explained, please let me know :))


My Dead Dahlia My Dead Dahlia