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My Guardian

My Guardian: Chapter Nine

Hey Everyone!

As always, thank you to everyone who is reading and following this story ... I appreciate it.

And, a Special Thank you to IWillEatYourFace and alice_weekes for commenting on the last chapter - you seriously rock! I love you both!

btw ... for those of you that have read Maggie's Nightmare, you will recognize pieces of the content as a flashback from Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Nine. I have since re-worked the scene so that you get both Daryl and Beth's POV this time ... totally changes it adding her perspective :))

And, since everyone has been leaving such wonderful comments and reviews, I decided not to wait to post this chapter or to split this chapter up ... I just made it one super long one! I hope you all enjoy it!

Now back to our story ...


Daryl's POV –

"Hey, Daryl! Brought ya your coffee."

Beth smiled and walked briskly over to me from across the yard. The moon was out, and I could see she was smilin'.

"Damn, if I didn't love that smile of hers.
Gets me every time," I thought to myself.

She was bundled in a blanket that she had wrapped around her shoulders, and had and a cup of steaming coffee in her hands.

"Thanks, Beth. Appreciate that …"

"Anything to help. I know you can use it during these long night shifts." She handed me the mug.

"Careful! It's hot." She added.

"Ah! Sure is." I jokingly replied; giving her a sly smile as I started to laugh.


"What? What? I was just kiddin' …"

She started to laugh with me; relieved she hadn't scalded me with her cup of coffee.

"Geez … ya scared me …"

"Sorry bout that." I paused and held the mug up. "Thanks, Beth. Really hits the spot."

She didn't have to bring me and the others coffee every night, but I thought it was awful sweet of her to do so. I'd come to really look forward to her visits too. Seemed like I'd seen her damn near every night I had watch these last couple of weeks. And, I usually liked to be on my own, but to be honest … I really liked her company. I felt like I could really talk to her bout stuff, which I wasn't always so inclined to do with most other people. And, we could not talk. I liked that about her … she was very peaceful and there was somethin' to be admired bout that.

We stood in silence for a while, just looking out over the yard. Even though all we had was the moonlight, I could see there were some walkers trolling around the front fencing.

I grunted and shook my head. "Damn things never sleep!"

"Well, the guard watch really isn't all for them … now is it?" Beth hinted; referring to The Governor.

"Can't be too careful these days, I guess." I paused to drink my coffee, and tried my best to change the subject.

"This is real good Beth … real good."

I drank my coffee and lost myself in thought for a moment.

It wasn't just for the walkers. Me, Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Hershel and the rest of the group had all decided it was best to keep guard at all hours, and to make sure at least one member of our original group from the prison was on guard at any one time. With the Governor still out there somewhere, we knew we couldn't be too careful.

Beth nodded. She looked out over the yard and finally chimed in, "You think he'll come back?"

"Nah, I don't think so …"

I could see her eyes squint and her mouth crook to the side. She was troubled by that reality. She really hadn't been the same since everything had happened with The Governor. With everything that had happened with Maggie, Glenn and the massacre; I could tell Beth felt uneasy bout the whole thing. I wanted to make her feel better, if I could. It was real important to me that Beth felt safe here. I knew I'd always look out after her; she had nothin' to worry bout.

"An, even if he does … we're ready for him. No need to worry bout that, Beth. Ya hear?"

I did my best to ease her fears, but I could tell … she wasn't completely convinced. She had a vacant look in her eyes, which let me know she was chewing on somethin' heavy.

"I think he's gonna come back. Just don't know when, or what he's gonna do …

… But, he'll be back."

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo

Several hours passed and, thankfully, there wasn't much more going on than those few walkers at the fence. A couple of walkers Tyrese had already dispatched of by sticking a pole through the fence; the rest wandered around the perimeter.

"See that Beth? Just aim for an eye; hard to miss the brain if you do that."

I liked to give her and the others advice whenever I could. Of course, I planned on outlasting every one of these damn walkers. But, I knew that there might come a time when I might not always be around, so I figured I'd pass down any tips I had while I could.

But, as usual, Beth seemed to have other things on her mind tonight …

Beth toed the ground with her boot; brushing dirt back and forth. I couldn't help but notice her listlessness.

"Ya alright?"

I was concerned by the distance I saw in her eyes. I leaned over and bumped my shoulder into hers, trying to nudge her out of her funk.

Beth crossed her arms and looked up slowly; gradually meeting my eyes.

"You ever wonder … you know … what the future is going to look like for us?"

My eyebrows furrowed. I wasn't used to answering these types of questions … cause I didn't really have know the answers. But, I did my best to try and reassure Beth. I know that's what she was lookin' for.

"I try not to think about that. Jus focused on the day to day, really. Survival, an all that." I paused.

"Why? Whatcha you worried bout?"

"I just worry sometimes … that this is it. That this is all life is ever going to look like. Surviving day to day, in constant fear of the living … and the dead. Wonderin' if we're going to all make it to tomorrow. It's exhausting …

… And, it worries me."

"You don't have to worry, Beth. You know you're safe here."

Beth's tone turned a bit melancholy. "Yeah, I know I'm safe … for right now. But, what kind of future do I have to look forward to?"

"She was always the optimistic one. Always with a smile on her face. Damn! I hate to see her so upset," I thought to myself.

"What kind of future did ya want?" I questioned her.

"Well … it might sound stupid now … given that the world is the way it is …"

"Yeah … what?" I smiled and encouraged her to continue.

"Well … I had always wanted to go to college, get married, have a family … all that kinda stuff."

"You can still have that, Beth." I paused and look deep into her eyes. "You can have all of that."

Beth felt a little irritated at my answer; I could tell by the way she was biting her lip. She only bit her lip when she was angry and was physically keeping herself from sayin' something.

And then she let it out …

"Really? An how's that gonna happen?" She paused.

I could tell she was getting upset and holdin' back tears now.

She choked on each of the words as she tried to get them out.

"College?! Marriage?! Kids?! In what universe, Daryl?"

I hadn't realized she was so worried bout all that stuff. I hadn't really worried bout that stuff.
Didn't have time to worry bout nothin' these days it seems. But, Beth … she'd been holdin' this in for a while now … I could tell.

"Don't pretend like ya don't know what I'm talkin' bout either." She looked at me with sadness and frustration in her eyes, putting both her hands on her hips.

All I could do was just look back at Beth – I was a bit stunned. My eyes widened; my lips parted, leaving my mouth agape. She kind of bit my head off and I really didn't know what to say, so I set my coffee down and just braced myself and waited to hear what she had to say next.

"Seriously, Daryl …you say I'm gonna have all those things … how? Where am I gonna meet someone? Here at the prison? On a supply run? How's that gonna work out?"

"Listen, Beth. I didn't say I had all the answers, jus that you could have that one day …"

I didn't know where the next words that came out of my mouth came from, but all I knew was that I could feel myself gettin' all fired up. My stomach started to turn in knots. My face flushed with heat.

… Hell, that's what we all want!"

"Damn! Where'd that come from?" I thought to myself.

Funny thing was Beth actually seemed to calm down.

"Really? You feel those things too?" She whispered quietly.

She had wanted a real answer for her real concerns, and I guess she felt better knowing that I knew exactly what she was feeling.

Beth took a few steps closer to me, shuffling her feet as she walked. She uncrossed her arms and started to fiddle with the tips of her hair, spinning them in between her forefinger and thumb.

"I'm sorry, Daryl. I guess … I guess I'm just worried I'll end up alone, ya know? All this stuff with the Governor. Him taking Maggie and Glenn. I just feel like there is a real possibility I will end up completely alone in all this. And, if that's the case …

… Then, what the hell am I fighting for everyday?"

I could see the tears well up in her eyes. She was frustrated and mourned the loss of the life that could have been. She'd always been so positive, I had no idea all of this was goin' on under the surface. I suppose The Governor, the added pressure of takin' care of little Asskicker, and all this death … guess it had started to finally take its toll on her. Damn, shame too. I wanted to reassure her and let her know she wasn't alone.

Hell! I'd never leave her alone in all this. But, I did know how she felt. I sometimes, even if just for a second, let myself wonder about the future. I didn't like to do it, cause it just made me upset. But, I found myself doin' it more and more lately. Especially, with all the time I'd been spendin' with Beth. Made me think about all kinds of things I never thought I'd be thinkin' bout …

"I feel that way too sometimes … I wonder if I'll jus end up alone. I mean, Hell – I am alone. My brother's dead and I ain't got no family left."

Beth turned to me, "But we're your family now. You know that, right? We're all family. You're not "alone", Daryl. None of us are, I guess."

"Ya know exactly what I mean …

… I mean like a real family. You got your Dad, Maggie and I guess Glenn now, right?"

She smiled "Right."

"But, I ain't got any of that. So, I do understand how ya feel. Not knowing what your place in the world is; who you belong to."

"You still miss Merle, don't you?" Beth asked quietly.

"Course I do! What kinda question is that?" As I answered her, I felt a sharp pain in my heart; a physical pain in my chest.

"Just askin' … I didn't mean anythin' by it." She quickly added.

"Course I miss him. He was my brother. Killin' him was the hardest thing I ever did …
… worse than anything I ever experienced in my life … and that's sayin' a lot!"

I turned and faced away from her; feeling the lump in my throat and feeling my face flush with blood from the emotions. The tears were on their way, and I didn't want Beth to see me cry.

"Better get back to my watch, ya better head on in, Beth."

I tried to brush her off, and get off the topic but it was too late. She didn't leave and as we just stood there in silence, I began to feel overwhelmed.

The hell?

I reached for my face and could feel the tears that had spilled out of my eyes and had started to roll down my cheeks.

"What? You alright, Daryl?"

Beth reached out to and grabbed my arm; trying to pull me towards her. I pulled away defensively. I quickly tried to wipe the tears away and hide them from Beth. I just didn't want her to see me like this.

"I'm supposed to be making her feel better and here I'm doin' all the cryin'," I thought to myself.

But, I couldn't hide them from her. She grabbed my arm again, and pulled me towards her; she stood right in front of me. And, in the moon light she cupped my face and reached up and wiped one of the tears from my face with her thumb.

She looked at me for awhile before she said a thing. Wiping the tears as the fell. I wanted to hide, but I found that I just couldn't look away from her beautiful face.

And, all I could think about was the last couple of weeks with Beth. We'd spent a lot of time together, and we'd shared a lot, you could say. I had started to look at her differently. She wasn't a scared little girl anymore; she was a woman. Takin' care of a baby – ain't anything more grown up you can possibly do. I was always amazed at how she took on the job of raisin' Little Asskicker. No one had to ask or say a thing. She just stepped in and did it. She would tell me things like, "We all have jobs to do." But, I knew that was bullshit. She wasn't just some babysitter. She was bein' this little girl's mom – and a good one at that.

But, how'd we get here tonight? I'm blubberin' like some fool and she's got herself in a tizzy bout what kinda future she's got to look forward to.

"Some pair we make," I thought to myself.

But, I guess we both were both really hurtin' tonight. She'd never really talked to me so directly about her fears and she sure as hell had never seen me like this; I had made damn sure no one ever did.

But, not tonight … not here with Beth. I couldn't hide my heart from her anymore; no matter how hard I tried.


Beth's POV -

"It's okay to cry, ya know?" I looked up at Daryl, my eyes were wide and I could feel them instantly start to fill with tears.

"Yeah, I know. Jus not used to all that emotional shit." Daryl wiped his eyes with his sleeve.

"Well, we all need a good cry now and again. I think we've earned it." I smiled.

I had always thought it was so amazing that Daryl had always tried to be so strong for everyone. But, I had always known he was a sensitive guy underneath it all. And, there he was … Daryl Dixon, with tears in his eyes; overcome by the reality of this life we were livin' and what the future may or may not hold for us.

"Overwhelmed - just like me." I thought to myself.

And, I felt honored that he showed me this part of himself, even if it was just for a moment.
I wiped the tears from my own face and smiled, "Promise I won't tell anyone … wouldn't wanna blow your cover."

"Thanks, Beth."

Daryl smiled and laughed; grabbing me around my arms and bringing me in for a hug. I instantly wrapped my arms around his waist, nuzzling my head into his chest.

I tried to push the thoughts of The Governor, the walkers, Merle and everything else out of my head, as we stood there in the quiet of the night; holding onto to each other.

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooo

I loved the feel of Daryl's arms wrapped around me; I felt so safe in that moment. But, I also felt somethin' else … somethin' I'd been holdin' back from Daryl these past few weeks …

I wanted more from him; I really couldn't deny it anymore. The harder I tried; the more I felt it. And, from what I could feel in his embrace … I thought he must feel it too.

I broke the silence; looking up at Daryl, not breaking our embrace.


"Yeah?" He looked so concerned.

God, I love how protective he is of me.

But, in that moment … I suddenly felt doubt. Doubt that maybe Daryl didn't feel the same way about me; maybe he didn't want what I wanted.

I could feel the smile leave my face; instinctively I started to back away from him; out of his embrace. I wanted to know how he felt about things … about the future … about me. I needed to know.

"You think I'll ever have a family? I've been thinking about it a lot lately."

He closed his mouth tight and winced; I could tell he was a little uncomfortable with the topic; the one he had tried to run from earlier.

I knew it was for a good reason; it was a hard question to answer. And, I knew that things were complicated now days. But, I wanted to know how he felt.

"What d'ya mean? I thought you said we are all family now. What're you worried bout anyways, you got your family here."

"I mean … a family of my own, Daryl. Not just Maggie and my Dad."

He did his best to try and reassure me.

"Well, sure … of course ya will, Beth … you'd make a great mother."

I wiped the remaining tears from my cheeks and Daryl continued.

"I mean, if anyone should have a family and be a mother - it would be you. I've seen ya with little Asskicker. You definitely have a way with that the baby. Hell, you're great with all the kids here. Makin' a prison feel like a home to these kids … it's a hard thing to do. But, I see you doin' it everyday … I see all the things ya do."

He paused and smiled. "Of course, you'll be a mother, Beth. Don't ya worry bout that. It'll happen for ya."

And, I thought about it; and I knew I'd make a great mom. I just didn't see how that was ever going to happen. This was the reality I'd been wrestling with and I just could not see the forest through the trees.

And, did Daryl see it? Did he see a future with kids? He didn't say nothin' bout that. Guess he doesn't see that with me.

The thought that Daryl didn't seem to imply that he saw any of that with me … well, it made me real upset.

"How the hell is that ever going to happen, Daryl?" I asked him calmly. "I mean, really?"

I looked up at him longingly.

I wanted him to know how I felt … that I had questions. Questions about my future. But, more than anything … I had questions about my future with him.

Why couldn't he just see that?

But, then I could see the recognition register on his face; he knew what I was talkin' about … but he just didn't address it!

"Well, I don't know how …" He paused. "I jus know it'll happen for you. You'd be a great mother."

I waned to hear him say it ...

I wanted him to say what I know we were both feelin'. I just didn't know how to get him to. I knew I had to say somethin' to shake him up a bit …

"How about a wife? Would I be a great wife?" I looked on eagerly.

"How the hell am I supposed to know somethin' like that?"

He tried to deflect the answer, which kinda irritated me.

"The hell, Daryl?" I pushed him in his shoulder gently. "That wasn't a joke. I was being serious!"

"No, I know you were. Its jus relationships are complicated and I'm definitely not the person to ask about whose got a good relationship, who's a good wife or who's a good husband."

He paused then smiled. "Well, look at Maggie and Glenn … they're married now, right? They seem to be happy. I think they are good to each other and treat each other right. Guess they'd be a good example for ya."

"I think I can be a good wife … I was just asking you if you thought I would be a good wife."

"Christ sake, Beth. I guess … I mean, yeah … I think you'll be a great wife."

I smiled and started to twirl my hair around my fingers again. I felt like a school girl; butterflies raced through my stomach. I felt we were finally gettin' somewhere.

"You think so?"

Then, he added to his previous statement. "I do … someday, of course."

"Someday, huh?" I gave him a tight lipped smile and then I continued; I hoped he would get what I was inferring to.

He could be so hardheaded sometimes!

"Ya know, Daryl? It's hard to think about that, when life can feel so short sometimes and people can be taken away at any time."

I continued, but I made sure that he knew by the tone of my voice that I was being completely honest and completely serious. And, I wanted some completely honest and completely serious responses from him.

"I might die tomorrow, Daryl. There's no guarantee with anythin' these days …"

I could tell this conversation was makin' him a bit nervous now. He started to chew the skin around his fingernails … tell tale sign that Daryl was literally 'chewing' on somethin'.

"I'm sure you'll find that someone, Beth. Ya know, someone who just sweeps ya off yer feet."

He looked down at the ground and ran his hand through his hair.

"You're a beautiful girl; I am sure you'll end up with someone great. I mean, you definitely deserve someone great."

I could tell he wasn't just sayin' that to make me feel better; he was tellin' the truth. He thought I deserved the best, but what he hadn't yet seemed to realize is that I thought he was the best. He was the best man I've ever met. I couldn't imagine anyone more perfect.

I wanted him to know how I felt. That I thought he was perfect. Hell, I'd basically told him that before. He just could never except that he had become something extraordinary … in all of this chaos, in all of this death and destruction … he had emerged as a man to be admired; a man to be loved; a man that I was beginning to realize more and more everyday … that I loved.

But, I knew he probably thought I was young; inexperienced; innocent. I'd heard all of these words that people used to describe me before.

And, although he'd never admit … I kne that Carol was right … Daryl was just as inexperienced when it came to the opposite sex. Well … maybe not quite as inexperienced … But, inexperienced for his age, that's for sure. So, he was innocent too. And, I knew that. I could see it in how he talked and how he looked at me. I could feel it when he would come close to touching me, or the few times he'd held me.

He thought I was inexperienced. But, I wanted to see just how experienced he was for myself …

"I don't know, Daryl. Ya know … I've only ever kissed a boy?"

My eyes wandered to the ground, as I continued to tell him about my experiences – or lack thereof.

I kept my eyes on the ground, as I did feel a bit embarrassed to actually talk about these things out loud.

"I'm still a virgin, for Christ's sake! So much for savin' myself for marriage … how stupid was that!" I grumbled at the absurdity of it.

I crossed my arms and then looked up at Daryl … waiting for his response.

I could tell the question had made him a bit uncomfortable. But, I didn't care … I wanted to hear what he thought about sex … and, what he thought about me being a virgin.

"I don't think it was stupid for you to wait. Not at all. When you find your guy, you'll realize it wasn't stupid at all. It's supposed to be special … but, I don't gotta tell ya that."

"I guess." I paused. "I just wish I had at least kissed a few more boys. That wouldn't have been so bad." I gave him a mischievous smile.

I teased him a bit. I wanted to get a rise out of him. Get him to say somethin'. Do somethin' already!

"Yeah." Daryl tugged at the neckline of his shirt. He looked flustered. "I suppose. Kissin' would've been alright. I mean … it's a lot of fun." He smiled slyly, and ran his hand through my hair.

God, I love it when he does that ... sends chills down my spine ...

He continued. "Would've been alright if you had kissed a few more guys before all this, I guess."

In the moonlight, I could see his face flush. All this talk was gettin' to him just as much as it was gettin' to me.

I wondered to myself, "All this talk about sex. I wondered when the last time Daryl had sex. I wondered if he missed it. If he was "sexually frustrated," as they say." I know I missed kissin' … he had to miss sex, right?

I giggle a little as I continued. "Yeah, shoulda woulda coulda, right?"

Then, for some reason, I could feel the heat and excitement from all this talk - suddenly turn. Suddenly, I was faced with the possibility that I would never feel another pair of lips on mine. No ones. And, at this rate, I'd certainly never feel Daryl's lips on mine. I was just too sad …

"But, maybe that time has come and gone for me ..."

And, then I thought about all of the other things I wouldn't feel or experience.

"There won't be any dates or prom …hell, there aren't even any match.com meet-ups or nothin' like that in my future."

I looked up at Daryl to see his face, to see his reactions to my comments. And, I could see that Daryl had a small smile on his face and he was rubbing his chin – he had obviously found my comment amusing.

I just looked back at Daryl, exhaled deeply and then found myself starting to laugh a little – the thought of me on match.com even made me smile a little.

Then, I finished with the point that I had wanted to make.

"My future … just killing walkers and takin' care of other people's kids. Taking care of the important people in other people's lives."

"Hey, Bethy …?"

Oh, God ... I really loved it when he called me that. It was so breathy the way he said it. It just slid off his lips. He had me in palm of his hands and didn't even know it!

He looked down at the ground, as he continued. "I didn't mean to upset ya."

Then he walked over to me and he put his arms around me; giving me a big bear hug. I felt enveloped by him. He pressed his body close to mine and I couldn't help but burrow my face into his chest. And, I could feel the heat from his chest on my face as it warmed my cheek.

The feel of him.

The feel of his body so close, it felt so good. So at peace.

I wish I could stay here forever in his arms. Nothin' in the world seems wrong, when I'm in his arms.

I could feel the tears start; I just couldn't help it. Daryl made me feel so good, so safe … but, I knew it would end soon. I began to cry quietly in his arms.

"It's never too late, ya know?" I said in just a whisper.

I looked up at me from within his embrace; I didn't want to leave the comfort of his arms yet. I batted my eyes and let my lips part.

I need him. I want him so badly. I want him to kiss me … more now than ever before.

Butterflies came rushing to my stomach. I could feel my cheeks flush with excitement.

"What … what'd mean, Beth?"

"You could kiss me, Daryl."

I had wanted this for some time now, but for some reason tonight I actually got the nerve to ask.

I could tell by the look on his face that he was stunned by my proposal. He pulled me away a little, so he could look more directly into my eyes. And, I could see that he wanted me too. I just didn't know what he would do now that I had flat out asked for him to kiss me.

God, this killing me …

Kiss me already …

What's takin' so long …?

I could tell that instead of following his heart; he was totally overthinkin' it.

"It's just a kiss Daryl; not a marriage proposal. I just want to feel close to someone in that way." I licked my bottom lip. "I mean, I want to feel close to you in that way. That is … if you do too …"

"I …. I don't know what to say." He mumbled.

"Ya don't have to say anythin', silly. Ya just have to kiss me …" My eyes widened, searching his eyes for his answer.

"Yeah, right? I'm old enough to be your father!"

"My father is in his 60s, and you're what … 35?"

"Try 38."

I knew there was somethin' that was botherin' him …

I tried to reassure him that age didn't matter at all to me. Daryl was perfect the way he was. Didn't matter what age he was. I certainly didn't care.

So, I stated the obvious truth.

"So, that doesn't mean you can't kiss me. No laws against that."

There's still somethin' still holdin' him back … what is it?

"Nah… we can't."

I just looked up at him. I tried to remain as calm and composed as I could. I pressed myself into him slightly; tightening my arms around his waist.

I did my best impression of a seductive woman; raised my eyebrows and pursed my lips; it was my first real attempt and I hoped that it would work.

"Come on … I definitely need a little more experience before I meet this mysterious prince charming I'm going to meet one day. Doesn't have to mean anything if you don't want it to …"

I could see that the last part 'doesn't have to mean anything' bothered him.

Maybe he does care?

Maybe he does want it to mean somethin'?

And, I couldn't help but thinkin' that if he just kissed me; maybe he could admit to himself … that he had feelings for me too. Just maybe …

"Daryl … its just a kiss … one kiss."

I closed my mouth and made it ready for his lips; tilted my head back a bit and closed my eyes.

This has to be it.

If he doesn't kiss me now … he never will …

And, before I knew it, I could feel his arm wrap tighter around me; pulling me closer to him. His hand as it gently touched my face. And, then the warmth of his breath followed by the heat of his soft lips as the grazed softly against mine.

Perfect! I thought to myself. I was in heaven …

We stood there in night, and lost ourselves in each other. Our tongues swirled around each others, passionately, sucking in each others breath. We didn't break our kiss for several minutes, until I heard the outer door of the prison shut behind someone. It was Michonne and she was on her way out to relieve Daryl from his watch.

And, just like that … Daryl pulled himself away from me. And, just like that, his shift was over, and it was like it never happened; we were just standing there in front of each other looking at one another.

But, thankfully, my lips still stung from the stumble on Daryl's chin; a reminder of what had just happened.

Our first kiss …

I imagined so many things in than brief moment. So many wonderful and beautiful things.

And, then it all came crashing down with just a few quietly uttered words.

"We can't … I mean … I can't do this. I'm sorry."

He just stared looking at me; he looked so confused. Then, he did somethin' so hurtful … he just walked away. Leaving me alone by the lookout.

He walked further and further away. I could see him quietly pass by Michonne and back into the prison. I wondered if she had seen anythin'. If she did, I doubted she would care anyways.

I started to walk back up to the prison and passed by Michonne. She smiled politely but then kept walking.

I walked back into the prison and to my cell. It was empty; Carol had taken Judith for the night to give me a night off. I was all alone. I went ahead and laid down on my cot so I could catch a few hours of sleep before Carol would inevitably wake me up and hand off Judy.

I just couldn't believe I had spent the entire night outside talkin' with Daryl, and we had such a wonderful breakthrough … or, at least I had thought.

Daryl finally kissed me! He finally kissed me! I was so excited. But, at the same time I had knots in my stomach. His reaction afterwards was less than comforting. I wondered if he was regretting kissin' me right now.

Maybe I had forced the issue?

Maybe he didn't feel that way about me and it was all in my head?

I had been so sure of him feelin' the same way I did and now I was just filled with self doubt … I felt awful. I just really wanted to see Daryl so I could clear all this up. I needed to talk to him. I needed to know how he felt … about me … and about that kiss.



So … what did you all think?! They finally kissed! Yeah! :))

Beth and Daryl are definitely on their way, but as you can see the beginning of the road is going to be a little bumpy for them … at least for right now.

For those of you haven't read Maggie's Nightmare ...
parts of this chapter were taken from Maggie's Nightmare: Chapter Nine. In Maggie's Nightmare, you get to read the entire scene outside with Beth/their first kiss/etc entirely from Daryl's POV ... what he was thinking. So, if you want to hear what all was going through Daryl's head the entire time, you should check it out.

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Teaser for Chapter Ten
: After their kiss, Daryl has serious doubts and concerns. He does something that almost ruins everything with Beth. However, a fateful conversation with Carol will help him to finally realize his feelings for her ...

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is not complete ?¿

Flor_Do Flor_Do

OMG... this has to be one of the very best TWD fanfics I have ever read. I love Beth and Daryl so much and I so want to see where this story goes! I really hope that you are inspired to continue this... and soon. I will keep my fingers crossed for this. You are a wonderfully talented writer! I really do hope that all is well in your life these days...

DoeRoseQ DoeRoseQ

I miss this story so much. :-(
Hope you're alright, and can update soon!

WerkaZ WerkaZ

Hopen you updated soon and that beth and daryl stop hiding there relationship

dprincess_87 dprincess_87

Oh my goodness,
Even though I started reading this yesterday. I could NOT stop. I LOVE THIS! You are so great at writing. I love Beth and Daryl together. I thought about it since like the beginning of the third season. I started to read another story about Bethyl and it just didn' t feel like them. Your 'lemony' scenes are so detailed and in the moment everything (at least what I think itm) it is just so great. Thank you so much for putting it in writing. When I think of how much I miss the oppurtinty.... spelled that wrong....of Beth and Daryl getting together I am going to read this again. Please keep going Please. It is too good to stop. I know with her gone it seems....impossible. But I know you can do it... they changed the story from the comic book in the shows and they are still good. I am sorry I wrote such a long and creepy comment but..... it was too amazing to not.
Thank You

Bethyl333 Bethyl333