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My Guardian

My Guardian: Chapter Fourteen

So, I'm back ... !!!

Back at home and back in front of my keyboard ... typing away again ;)

Sorry to make everyone wait, I know it's been a while since my last post. Keeping that in mind, I wrote an extra long chapter for you all. And, of course, I wanna talk to you all about the mid-season finale, but I left all my questions below ... for you to get to after you read the story ;)

As always, thank you to everyone who is reading and subscribing to this story ... I really appreciate it :)

And, a Special Thank you to CharluvsCarl, alice_weekes, IWillEatYourFace, HippyChick90, and EG458561 for commenting on the last chapter - you all seriously rock!

I love you all!

And, now back to our story ...


Beth's POV –

It was so dark out; I could barely see.

The moon wasn't even out to light my way; however, I could tell I was in the woods. The brush was extremely thick making it difficult for me to walk through and the branches whipped back and stung me in my face as I pushed along.

In the darkness, I could hear something stirring. I couldn't tell what it was, but knowing something was out there immediately sent chills throughout my body.

There was danger looming in the dark …

A growling grew nearer and nearer to me. Fear gripped my mind. It wasn't walkers. I knew it because I couldn't hear it walking through the brush. It was an animal quietly makin' its way towards me.

This animal was hunting me … I was its prey.

Everythin' in my head was tellin' my body to run. But, with wild animals sometimes if ya run that just makes them want to chase you.

Maybe if I just stay still, it will pass me by; it won't hurt me.

Next thing I knew, the creature had pounced on me; takin' me to the ground. I could feel its teeth as it bit down into my shoulder; grabbing a hold of me and dragging me across the floor of the forest.

What the hell is this thing?

It was behind me and I couldn't seem to turn around to look at it; it had such a strong hold on me. I couldn't move. It just kept dragging me until finally it stopped; the creature let go of me and my body flopped to the ground. My shoulder was in excruciating pain.

The creature growled and made its way to my side and it was then that I could see it.

A large cat … black. Maybe a panther?

It sauntered around me, and I could barely make it out in the dark. The cat was black as midnight, and the only thing I could see were its two yellow eyes and its teeth when it opened its mouth to growl at me.

It walked up onto me; placing its two front paws on my chest. The weight of the beast was suffocating. I couldn't get up; I couldn't run. It showed its teeth and I just knew this thing was going to tear me to shreds.

This is it. This is the end, I thought to myself.

It wouldn't be walkers or humans that killed me … a freakin' wild animal was gonna eat me.

Figures …

I closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable.

I waited …

Then, I heard it yelp in pain and fall off to the side of me.

What the hell?

I looked over and saw the big cat layin' dead beside; a bolt through its head.

I smiled and whispered to myself. "Daryl …"

It had to be him. I sat up and called out to him in the dark. "Daryl!" I paused. "Daryl! Are ya there?"

I could hear footsteps running towards me.

"I'm here, Bethy. I'm here."

Daryl leaned over and scooped me up in his arms and brought me to my feet. He held onto my so tight, I could barely breathe.

"Ya alright?" He pulled back to see me. "Lemme have a look at ya."

"I'm fine." I smiled and tied to reassure him.

"Thank God." He pulled me in quickly to him; holding me close. And, I held onto him as hard as I could.

"You saved me Daryl." I paused and held onto him tighter. " You saved me."

He laughed under his breath. "Good thing I was close by ..."

I looked up at him. "How'd you …? I mean, what, what happened?"

"Looks to me like this animal was stalkin' ya … probably was fixin' on havin' ya for dinner." He laughed a little.

"Geez!" Then, I felt a pain; I reached for my shoulder. "Ouch! I think it … mighta hurt my shoulder."

Daryl's face got serious; he reached for my shirt and pulled down the neckline exposing my shoulder. The cold wind burned the wound.

"Looks like he got ya pretty good." He pulled a rag from his back pocket and laid it over the wound. "We gotta get ya back. Get ya fixed up."

I smiled at him. "Okay."

Daryl reached down and grabbed my hand and led me through the woods. His large warm hand enveloped mine, and any pain I felt was eased knowing Daryl was by my side. He'd saved me, and I was gonna be okay … I would always be safe with him.

The sky lightened; dawn must be comin' soon.

I could better see his strong arms ... one flexed holding onto me; the other clearing the brush and branches for me as we walked along.

God, he was sexy …

Finally, Daryl looked back at me.

"We're almost there. Ya still feelin' okay."

"Yeah. I'm good." I smiled and looked away.

"I'm glad I was there. I'd never let anythin' hurt ya."

"I know that."

"I don't know what I woulda done if anythin' happened to ya."

He walked closer to me, pressing his body against mine. He wrapped one arm around my waist and the other cupped my face pulling me into a kiss.

I could feel my eyes roll into the back of my head. I was in heaven.

The kiss lasted forever it seemed. Our lips only parted when a cold breeze swept around us, chilling me to the bone. I yelped out.

"Jesus! That's cold!"

Daryl laughed. "Come on let's get back then."

The wind picked up again; whipping my hair around my face. The cold … it was somethin' terrible.


My body shivered all over.

I woke up to a chill; I could feel a cool breeze on my back.

I'd been sleepin' this whole time; probably workin' through my fever.

It had all been a dream ...

The animal? The woods? Daryl savin me? All just a crazy dream …

But, it had felt so real. Especially, the part where Daryl saved me … well that was definitely true to real life. And, so was the cold … and the pain.

I still felt really sick; my body ached and I was completely exhausted.

And, I realized that I had sweated through my shirt and dampened Daryl's shirt where my head had been layin'. The cool wind felt even colder on the damp cloth.

I'd definitely broken my fever.

I tried to move a little and a sharp pain radiated in my shoulder. I had been sleeping on it weird.

Guess that's where the bite on my shoulder in my dream came from …

Back in reality, I was still here layin' in bed with Daryl's arms wrapped tightly around me and mine around him. He'd stayed with me. And, after finally hearin' him tell me that he loved me … I never wanted to be far away from him again.

I nuzzled in close to him; to a drier place on his shirt.

Even in my dreams Daryl was there watching over it me, guarding me, and making me feel safe … just like he was doin' right now. I knew he'd always be there for me.

I couldn't help the sappy smile that made its way to my face.

Although I was still sick as a dog, I was the happiest I'd been since the whole world turned upside down. I had a real man by my side; and for the first time in a long time … I felt like I had a real future to look forward to.

I was still half asleep and had my face nuzzled into Daryl's chest. I hadn't even opened my eyes yet, when I heard Daddy at the doorway. I was so caught up in my own thoughts, I didn't hear him walk up to the cell.

Daddy cleared his throat. "Hmm. Hmm …"

I knew it was him immediately.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked up and saw Daddy standin' there; he'd pulled the sheets back and was just starin' at me; rubbin' his chin with his hand. He looked a little concerned, so I gave him a smile to let him know I was alright. I knew he must've been so worried with me bein' as sick as I was.

I didn't want to wake Daryl, so I mouthed, "Hi, Daddy …"

He looked upset; his brow furrowed his lips tightened. Then, he quietly asked me how I was feelin'.

I smiled and whispered, "I'm okay. I'm feelin' better, Daddy …"

He just nodded his head. But, when he didn't return my smile, I started to feel a little uneasy.

Then, I watched his eyes as they moved from me and then to Daryl and then back to me.

And, here I was … my entire body was literally entwined with Daryl's, my face pressed into his chest, my body pressed as closely to his as humanly possible.

Jesus! Was Daddy upset I was layin' here with Daryl? It's not like nothin' was goin' on …

Then, it kinda hit me … to Daddy this might be a little surprising … or maybe even upsetting. I could feel the heat rush to my face and my cheeks start to flush with embarrassment. I remembered this feelin' from when I was a young girl; like when Daddy had just caught me doin' somethin' I shouldn't be doin'.

I immediately felt a little defensive.

"I'm not doin' anything bad … I'm just layin' here with the man that I love."

But, then again … Daddy didn't know that I loved Daryl and he certainly didn't know that Daryl finally told me that he loved me too.

Maybe I should explain …

"Daddy?" I whispered.

He put his hand up and quietly responded. "Shh … I'll check on ya later, sweetheart."

Then, he pulled the sheets back over the cell; blocking anyone else from seein' us like this.
And, just like that; he was gone …

I have to admit, I was puzzled.

I couldn't tell, but I thought Daddy might be upset that Daryl was in here with me.

Maybe he disapproved?

I mean, I guess it would be sort of a shock to see us like that. It's not like we were a couple or anything in anyone else's mind. Just cause I loved him and he loved me, didn't mean anyone else knew anythin' about it.

Perhaps I was just imagining things …

My mind started to race a bit, wonderin' if seein' me with Daryl upset Daddy. I wondered what Daddy was thinkin'. And, then I wondered about what the others would think if they saw us like this and if they'd approve or not. It didn't bother me all that much what others thought; I just didn't want to cause a stir here and I knew Daryl wouldn't want to either. Our group was strong and we all had jobs to do, and I certainly didn't want our relationship to affect that in any way. Things were good and I wanted to keep them that way.

Things were really good …

With the sheets pulled back over the bars, the cell felt closed off from the world. Our own little safe haven. I really didn't know if Daddy was upset or what was goin' on in his head, but as sick as I was … I didn't have the energy right now to find out. So, I just tried to get it outta my head and get back to restin', so I could get better.

I nuzzled back into Daryl's chest and he moaned a little as my movements started to wake him up a bit. He pulled me in closer to him; wrapping his arms tighter around me. Within moments, I could feel his body relax and I could tell had fallen back to sleep.

I just want to stay here in his arms forever …

And, I wanted to keep the peace here at the prison within our group; however, I also wanted the peace that being with Daryl gave me.

For now maybe we'd just keep this between the two of us, I thought to myself.

Plus, I still wasn't feelin' all that great, and I certainly didn't want to have to explain anything to anyone right now. Not about me, not about Daryl or about how we felt about each other. And, when I felt ready to start talkin' about it … I would. But, until then, I just wanted to hold onto Daryl. I wanted to hold on to this moment. Hold onto the peace and not worry bout nothin' that was waitin' for us outside this cell.

My eyelids began to droop; exhaustion finally took over. My body collapsed into Daryl's; melting into him and I started to drift off back to sleep.

God, he felt so good ...


Daryl's POV –

I'd finally told her how I felt.

It wasn't exactly how I imagined somethin' like that should go, but I needed to say it. In times like these, I realized if ya got somethin' to say … better say it now cause ya never know what's gonna happen from one moment to the next.

With Beth gettin' so sick, I had realized I couldn't wait another second to tell her that I loved her. Didn't matter that she was sick and I was dirtier than one of the animals out in the yard – at least she knew now and that's all that mattered.

And … she loved me.

I smiled to myself as I thought about her eyes, her lips, and her smile as she told me that she loved me. I couldn't believe it; she was like an angel … and I was … well … me.

Beth fell asleep quickly in my arms. I brought her in close to me, and she pressed her body into mine, put her head to my chest … and off she went.

I'd never really "cuddled" with anyone before, but with Beth … this was somethin' I was thinkin' I could get used to.

Once we were layin' next to each other, I started to feel like I never wanted to let her go; like I never wanted her to be far away from me again. I'd never felt like this before about a woman, and I had a feelin' that bein' with Beth was gonna make me feel a lot of things I never felt before.

This woman's gonna have me wrapped around her fingers, I can feel it …

Eventually, I feel asleep too. We laid there for hours and hours together, and I was finally able to rest knowing that she was safe and she was gonna be okay.


Beth and I must've been sleeping for quite a while, before either of us moved an inch. She readjusted herself and scooted close to me, and I pulled her in tighter; closer to my body. I could hear Beth say somethin' then she seemed to relax and went back to sleep; I followed her lead. I was still sleep deprived and didn't mind restin' a bit more.

When I finally woke up, the first thing I noticed was the smell of her hair; she always smelled so sweet. I opened my eyes and looked down at her golden locks below me and saw her head was tucked into my chest.

Her small warm frame pressed closely against mine. And, although I was still half asleep, I couldn't help the fact that her bein' so close made me … respond to her … physically speaking that is.

My eyes widened.

Shit! I hope she isn't awake and doesn't feel that!

I tried to readjust my body, but that didn't seem to work.

I didn't want her to wake up and feel my hard-on pressing into her stomach, so I tried to think of anything that would get my body to calm the fuck down.

Baseball …

Walkers …

And, then I thought of someone walkin' in on us and seein' us like this. Seein' me like this …

Yep, that did it!

I looked back down at Beth, and she didn't seem to wake up which I was thankful for. I used my hand to brush some of the hair away from her face, so I could have a better look at her.

God, she was beautiful …

"Beth … I just want ya to know … I'm never gonna leave ya. I'm never gonna hurt ya, not ever." I touched her cheek softly so as to not wake her. "And, I will always be there to protect you."

Didn't matter that she was sleepin'; I needed to say tell her I loved her again.

"And … I love ya very much."

"I love you too, Daryl." Beth whispered back.

Was she up this whole time? I thought to myself.

"What the hell, Beth?"

Beth's eyes popped open; she looked up at me and she smiled.

"I thought ya were sleepin'?"

"I was sleepin', silly. That was until ya started talkin' to me … then I woke up." She laughed. "It's alright though … I liked what ya had to say."

She batted her eyes at me. Beth looked happy bout it all, but I wondered how long exactly she'd been awake and if she'd … felt me earlier.

"Did ya now?" I smiled at her pulled her in tightly and hugged her. Then, I pulled away so I could better see her face and talk with her.

"So, how are ya feelin'?"

Beth looked back sweetly. "I'm feelin' better … well … a lot better, actually."

"Yeah? Well, that's good."

"Sure is." Beth smiled. "But, I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you, now would I?"

"Sure ya would, you're a fighter."

"No, I wouldn't. I know I told ya thank you … but ya really did save me, ya know? And, I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend that would take such good care of me."

"Boyfriend, huh?"

She looked sweetly up at me.

"Yeah. Why? Don't ya wanna be my boyfriend?"

"It's not that … I've just never been anyone's boyfriend before."

I looked down at her; knowin' I'd do anythin' for her … even makin' things official with her and bein' her boyfriend.

"Suppose I could get used to the title."

We both laughed.

"Well, good! Cause that's what ya are now. And, I'm your girlfriend." She bit her bottom lip waiting for my response.

"Yeah …guess you are, aren't ya?"

I looked deep into her eyes and leaned over and kissed her softly. My body ached to be close to her; as close as possible.

"Goddamn, I've never wanted to kiss anyone so badly before."

Beth laughed. "You're funny …"

"I'm serious …"

I paused and looked at her. I leaned in and kissed her again; more passionately this time.

"I'm just glad I can do that whenever I want to now."

Beth smiled, but then looked away.

"What? What is it?"

Beth looked back at me.

"Oh, nothin' really …" She paused. "It's just … well … Daddy stopped by earlier."

Shit, where was this goin'?


"Well, he saw us layin' here … together."

"Was he pissed?"

"No. He jus asked how I was doin' … said he was gonna check on me later."

I thought for sure Hershel would've had a shit fit if he saw me and Bethy like that.

"He didn't say nothin' else?"

She shook her head no.

I laughed nervously.

"Well, I guess me layin' here with ya didn't bother him too much. I figure he'd pull out a shotgun if he disapproved, right?"

"Well, no … but he did look … concerned, I guess?" She shrugged her shoulders a little.

I wondered what the old man would have to say bout me and Beth. I imagined the worst, but hoped for the best. I certainly didn't want to piss off Beth's father … and I really respected Hershel. I hate to think he was upset bout me and Beth.

"Hmmm …" I paused. "Well, I guess we'll jus have to wait and see what he says. And … I'm sure he'll have somethin' to say bout it, eventually."

"I guess …"

She looked at me and brought her fingers up to touch her lips where I had just kissed them.

"You know, Daryl … I wanna be able to kiss you whenever I want to …" She paused. "It's just …"

"Just what …?"

I could feel myself start to panic inside. Didn't know why; I jus was …

Then she continued, "Well, I was thinkin' … maybe we'd just keep this between the two of us … just for now." She paused. "I mean … if that's alright with you."

Why'd she wanna keep it a secret now?

She had me a bit worried. I could feel my insecurities gettin' the best of me.

I looked deep into her eyes, and tried to assess where she was comin' from.

"I mean … It's alright with me, but ya mind tellin' me why?" I paused and caressed her arm.

"Before you were so sure everyone would be happy for us … ya don't feel the same way?"

She smiled. "No, no … I do."

"Then, what? Are ya embarrassed or somethin'?"

I felt that old sensation of not bein' good enough. Not bein' worthy of her, or of anyone. I was startin' to back away from her … emotionally and even physically.

I sat up; leavin' her layin' beside me.

"No, Daryl. That's not it."

Beth started to try to sit up and talk to me.

"Come on, Beth … lay down."

Why's she pushing herself like this? She's still sick ...

I put my hand on her shoulder.

"No, I wanna finish what I was sayin'."

I kept my hand on her; keepin' her layin' down on the bed.

"Knock it off, Beth. You're still sick. Jus lay down, already. Ya can say whatever ya need to say layin' down."

She finally stopped tryin' to sit up.

"Fine!" She looked irritated now. "I just wanted to make sure ya knew it wasn't cause I was embarrassed … and I haven't changed my mind at all about you … about us … or anythin' like that." She paused. "It's just … with everythin' that's happened." She took a deep breath and coughed a little before continuing. "With The Governor, all these new people and this illness … I guess I don't want to disrupt anything here … anymore than we have to … at least for now."

I looked back at her and started to chew the skin around my thumb. A nervous habit; one I didn't think I'd ever be able to break.

"Hey, hey …" Beth reached for my hand. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to worry you."

I lied to her. "Ya didn't."

Beth giggled a little. "Okay, I didn't worry you …" She paused and gestured for me to lay back down next to her, which I did. "Well … either way. I guess I can see your point now."

"And, what's that …?" I questioned her.

"I can see why ya were worried; that ya didn't want us bein' together to affect the group here. And … I guess ... I feel the same way too."

I quietly responded. "You do?"

"Yeah, I do. I think I just want to keep things simple for now. You and I both knew we've all got jobs to do, and I don't want to disturb the energy of the group right now. I think it'll be fine, but I also think everyone's got enough on their minds right now." She paused again and smiled. "Plus, I really don't want to have to report to everyone about you and about us. Do ya know what I mean?"

I looked deep into her eyes. I could tell she was bein' sincere. Nothin' had changed for her; I was just overreactin' a bit.

"Sure … we can keep it quiet for now."

"Just for a little while." She added.

"Okay, for a little while. We'll keep it between just me and you then."

She smiled. "Yeah … it'll be our own little secret. Somethin' special that is just ours." She reached over and touched my face. "But, just for a little while. When things calm down here a bit, we'll tell everyone. Okay?"

She leaned in and kissed me. "I love you, Daryl."

"I love you too, Bethy." I pursed my lips; a devilish smile crept up on my face. "So …" I pulled her in close to me again, her body pressed up against mine. I kissed her again. "How are we gonna keep this between just the two of us … when I can't seem to keep my lips off of yours? How's that gonna work?"

"With difficulty." She kissed me again and continued. "I guess … we'll just have to figure out a way to make it work for now."

I leaned over and braced myself on top of her.

"I think I can make it work …"

I gently brought my lips to hers; cupping her face with my other hand.

We kissed like two kids in that cell block for what seemed like hours. I did my best to be a gentleman, but I wanted to feel her body so badly. I couldn't help but let my hands wander a bit. First up her sides; I let my hands graze her tight stomach. Reaching down past her hips and grabbing her ass, bringing her closer to me. I could feel myself stiffen again, and out of instinct I found myself gently grinding my pelvis into hers as we kissed. Slowly rocking back and forth until Beth let out a moan that almost sent me over the edge right then and there in my pants.

I didn't want this to go too far though. Not here. Not yet. Not like this…

I pulled away and looked at her. "Hey."

"Hey yourself …" She smiled.

I continued to caress her cheek with my thumb. "I think we better slow down a bit … alright?"
I leaned back over and onto my side. "You're still a patient here … wouldn't wanna take advantage of ya or anythin'." I laughed.

Beth smiled and flirtatiously responded. "Ya wouldn't be takin' advantage of me, Daryl. Never! I wanna be with you."

I bit my lip.

I hadn't expected her to say that. I hadn't really given all that too much thought, but I guess now that we were together … a couple … we'd need to talk bout all that stuff sooner or later.

More likely sooner …

"Well, hell, Beth … I wanna be with ya too. It's just …" I paused and chose my words wisely.

"Let's just get ya better first. Then, we can talk bout all that."

Beth looked a little disappointed.

"Is that alright with you?"

She smiled. "Sure. I mean … you're right. We can figure all that stuff out later." She paused. "I guess for now all we really need to worry bout is how we're gonna keep this between the two of us for now, right?"


She smiled devilishly and batted her lashes.

"So, what do you propose?"

I looked down at her; she bit her lip in anticipation.

"All I know is ..." I paused. "I don't wanna leave your side. Not for a damn minute. Not until you're better."

She smiled and pursed her lips; she looked pleased with what I had to say. "Not for a minute, huh?"

I nodded yes; my eyes fixated on her lips.

Oh ... this is gonna be harder than I thought ...

I brought my hand up to her face and gently stroked her bottom lip with my thumb a few times; I kept thinkin' bout kissin' em.

"So ... I guess ... I 'm gonna have to figure out what I'm gonna tell everyone .... bein' that I'll be spendin' quite a bit of time in here."

I was so distracted by the feel of her lips; her skin ... that I had trouble getting the words outta my mouth.

She nodded in agreement. But, I could tell she was just as distracted as me; her hands found their way to my arms and she continued to caress my biceps and shoulders as I tried to finish my thoughts.

"And, I suppose I can't be spendin' every night in here with ya like this neither."

That seemed to get her attention ...

"I know …" She looked up at me sadly.

I tried to make her feel better and make her smile.

"But, I'll figure out a way to stay with ya durin' the day, Bethy." The corners of her lips curved into a smile; her eyes brightened. "And … maybe I can sneak in here and visit at night too … I'll jus need to be outta here by sunrise."

Beth threw her arms around my neck and pulled me into a kiss. She ran her fingers through my hair, and caressed the back of my neck; sending goosebumps all over my skin, which she must've felt.

Beth giggled; she knew she was really messin' with me now.

"Come on, that's not fair …"

"What?" She responded coyly.

"Damn … you're killin' me girl…"

I shook my head and tried to stop thinkin' bout her like this. I quickly sat up and changed the subject.

"Hey. I'm gonna get ya somethin' to eat and some water … ya hungry at all?"

"Sure. I could eat."

I leaned over and kissed her forehead.

"Alright, well, I'll bring somethin' back for us."

"I'll be here …"

I got up off the bed and walked to the doorway.

"I sure am glad that you're feelin' better, Beth. Don't know what I'd do without ya."

She smiled. "Me too …"


As I walked towards the cell block exit, I could hear Hershel talkin' to someone. As I walked into the common area, I could hear Hershel raise his voice … the other voice got louder too.

The hell? Sounds like Hershel is arguin' with someone.

I started to run towards the cell block entrance to see what the hell was goin' on. When I got there, I could see Nick was at the doorway yellin' at Hershel.

"I wanna go in and see her; see how she's doin'… move outta the way old man!"

Hershel responded firmly.

"I'm sorry, son. Beth ain't well yet. She's not up to it. Plus, everyone's still sick in here and I can't have ya comin' in and becomin' another patient of mine."

Nick eyes locked in on me as I got closer to the entrance.

He pointed at me and started yellin'.

"Then, why the hell does he get to be in here? He ain't sick? He ain't got no reason to be in here?"

I walked straight up to him and put my chest right up to his; I got right in his face.

He needed to back the fuck off …

"She's sick. And, ya ain't comin' in here!" I growled. "Over my dead body."

"That can be arranged." Nick angrily replied.

I almost lost it and hit the fucker, but Hershel pulled me away and pushed Nick back.

"Not now, Nick! Better to jus do your job and let me do mine."

Hershel then started to close the door on Nick; leavin' him on the other side.

I looked at Nick and I could feel the jealousy and rage course through my veins.

I couldn't help myself, so I yelled through the door loud enough for him to hear me.

"Ya better stay the fuck away from here, Nick … or I'll beat your ass into the ground! Ya hear me?!"

The cell block door closed, but I could hear Nick yellin' back to me from the other side.

Hershel grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the door.

"Come here, son." He walked me over so we were out of sight. "Listen to me Daryl. I don't need ya gettin' into any fights with this Nick fella." He looked up at me, and I saw the concern in his eyes. "I'll keep him outta here. I'm gonna keep him away from Beth … don't ya worry bout it."

I looked at him questioningly. "Why would ya do that?"

I wondered if he had anythin' to say bout findin' me and Beth together.

"Now, I don't know what ya got goin' on with Beth, okay. I'm not keepin' him outta here because of that. I'm keeping him outta here … away from Beth … away from the others … because he shouldn't be in here ..." He paused and looked at me worriedly. "And, neither should you."

"What?! Nahh .. I ain't leavin' her again, Hershel. Not after everythin'."

I started to get anxious. I didn't want to have to argue with Hershel bout this.

"I didn't go through hell and gone in back to get those meds, just to be told to stay away!" I paused. "Beth, Judy, Carol … well, they're some of the most important people in the whole world to me. I risked my life for em, and I'd do it again."

"I know ya would."

"Well, then ya gotta understand, I wanna be around em. And, I wanna be able to see em, okay?"

Hershel grabbed my shoulder, and he responded calmly.

"I can't make ya stay away, Daryl. And, I won't try." He paused. "I just don't wanna see you get sick either. You're … very important to this group … to me … and, to Beth. I can see that." He looked up at me. "I'll leave it up to you whether or not ya come in here. Just know it is definitely against doctor's orders. I'd rather not see ya in here next week with the same illness as Beth and the rest of them … we're still not in the clear here."

"Thanks, Hershel. I appreciate the concern, but I'm as healthy as a horse. I don't get sick. Never did." I patted him on his shoulder and started to walk away. "I'm gonna get Beth some water and somethin' to eat. I'll bring ya somethin' too."

Hershel didn't respond. He knew he couldn't keep me away, but I guess he felt he should at least try. And, I was certainly glad he didn't bring up the fact that he caught me and Beth in bed together. I knew he'd find out sooner or later that we were "together" … but I was glad that we didn't have to have that talk now. And, I knew there would be a talk comin' from Hershel once he knew I was shackin' up with his youngest, that's for sure!

But, for now … this would just be between me and Beth. And, we'd take things slowly. She was special and she deserved that … I just hoped I'd have enough self control to take things slowly with her.



So ... hopefully it was worth the wait? Hope y'all enjoyed it!


So ...

Anyone else notice that when the shit hit the fan that Daryl and Beth left the prison together ... ALONE!

Oh my God! I think we're gonna see some Bethyl/Deth action in the second half of the season!

I'd be really surprised if something didn't happen between the two of them while they were out in the wilderness, on their own, just the two of them. Why wouldn't they hook up? It's the end of the freakin' world and you're both hot, and you're all alone ... it's time for some sexy time ;)

After seeing the mid-season finale, do you think that Daryl and Beth are going to end up as:

1. Just friends - They'll have some intimate moments, but they won't end up as a couple until Season 5.

2. Hooking up - They'll at least find themselves gettin' frisky at some point while out on the road together.

3. In a relationship by the end - After everything they've been through and now being forced out on the road alone together, there's no way they aren't going to end up together by the end of this season and we're all definitely gonna finally see Daryl get some action on the show!

What are your thoughts?
I am sooooooooooo curious :))

Also, of course ... definitely let me know what you think; like it, love it, hate it ... let me know your thoughts. If you've got a moment, please leave me a note or comment on your way out ... I'd love to hear from you all :-D

** I've got Chapter Fifteen started ... So, as soon as this chapter gets 10 reviews - I'll get the next chapter up within 24 hours! I LOVE reading everyone's comments and reviews. Every time I see a new comment ... it literally puts a smile on my face (swear). Plus, they keep me motivated and inspired to keep working on the story, so I'm hoping to hear from all of you out there reading this story ... l love you all ;-)

Here's a Teaser Chapter Fifteen:
Beth spends the next week recovering and Daryl stays by her side. The rest of the sick people at the group rejoin the group, and The Council is updated with everyone's status. Carol and Beth have a chat and Daryl has a discussion with Rick about some stuff ... things ... ;) As the week passes and she starts to feel better and rejoins the group, Daryl and Beth grow even closer if ya know what I mean ...

Looking forward to hearing from you all ;-D




is not complete ?¿

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Even though I started reading this yesterday. I could NOT stop. I LOVE THIS! You are so great at writing. I love Beth and Daryl together. I thought about it since like the beginning of the third season. I started to read another story about Bethyl and it just didn' t feel like them. Your 'lemony' scenes are so detailed and in the moment everything (at least what I think itm) it is just so great. Thank you so much for putting it in writing. When I think of how much I miss the oppurtinty.... spelled that wrong....of Beth and Daryl getting together I am going to read this again. Please keep going Please. It is too good to stop. I know with her gone it seems....impossible. But I know you can do it... they changed the story from the comic book in the shows and they are still good. I am sorry I wrote such a long and creepy comment but..... it was too amazing to not.
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