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My Guardian

My Guardian: Chapter Fifteen - Part Two

Hello Everyone!

As always, thank you to everyone who is reading and following this story ... I appreciate it.

And, a Special Thank you to miss_mary, Pepper90, alice_weekes, EG458561, Char_Gray, Candyl and IWillEatYourFace for commenting on the last chapter - you all seriously rock!
I love you all! :))

So , also ... I wanted to let you know that this chapter ended up being SUPER LONG ... I hope you enjoy it!

And, now back to our story ... part two ...


Daryl's POV –

The library where The Council met was unusually silent today. We'd been sittin' around for bout 20 minutes waitin' on Rick and Hershel. No one seemed to know where the hell they were, and we couldn't start the meetin' until they showed up.

I was feelin' a little groggy and felt like I could use a nap. Although I'd been sleepin' with Beth … we hadn't so good about actually sleepin'. Beth and I had a little problem keepin' our hands to ourselves, so I felt a little more sleep deprived than usual.

The lack of sleep and all the stress of everythin' had left me feelin' less than patient today …

"If all we're gonna do is sit around waitin', might as well get comfortable," I thought to myself.

I casually put my boots up on the table and leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes.


I'm not sure how much time had passed since I closed my eyes and drifted off, when Rick and Hershel finally showed up; the door slammed behind them after they walked in … startling me awake with the noise and then walkin' in right behind me.


I couldn't help but feel on edge after bein' so rudely awakened from my sleep.

"Don't people know not to startle people or sneak up behind em? If I'd had my crossbow readied, they could be dead right now," I thought to myself.

Hershel gave me a disapproving eye as he made his way to his seat at the table. I figured he didn't like my boots on the table, so I straightened up in my chair and brought my feet back to the ground.
"We're ready to start the meetin'. Everyone ready?"

"Bout time …" I said under my breath.

Rick looked at me and arched his brow; he didn't seem amused by my comment.

"Well, looks like we're all here, so let's get this meetin' under way."

Sasha quickly chimed in.

"So, what exactly are we here? Seems like we got the illness under control … anything else goin' on we should know about?"

Rick nodded his head and finally took a seat at the table.

"Yes, well, I'll let Hershel fill y'all in on that."

Hershel stood up from his seat.

"Well, as y'all know … everyone seems to be on the other side of this illness. So, that is definitely good news. Everyone's been cleared for reentry, except for Judy and Beth."

"How are they gettin' on?" Tyrese asked; he looked genuinely concerned.

"They're gonna be fine. Judy's a fighter, and she'll be outta quarantine today." Hershel paused and rubbed the back of his neck. He seemed stressed. "And, Bethy … well … she'll be outta there in another day or two."

Tyrese followed up his first question.

"Why ain't she gotten better yet, Hershel?"

"Well, as I see it … Beth was the first to contract the illness from Harold and Ester after they arrived here; she was the one that got them settled them into their cell. She was the first to contract the illness." Hershel seemed to get a little choked up. "It's only by the grace of God that she made it."

Grace of God, huh?

Then, Hershel looked over at me.

"And, of course, thanks to Daryl here for gettin' those meds and riskin' his life at the vet college."

Hershel looked over at me. "We all owe ya debt of gratitude. I think ya saved us all."

I just nodded. I didn't know what to say, I hadn't expected him to call me out like that. I wasn't too good at takin' compliments or receivin' praise for things. I jus did them; never expected a thank you.

Rick walked over and patted me on the shoulder.

"I know Judy's here today cause of you, Daryl. Can't thank ya enough."

I immediately started to chew on the skin around my thumb; all this attention was makin' me anxious.

"No problem, I was jus doin' my job."

My eyes darted around to everyone at the table; they were all starin' back with these goofy lookin' smiles on their faces.

"Like I said, jus doin' my job."

Everyone started to talk again at the table, when I felt Carol jab me in the side with her elbow. I looked over at her and furrowed my brow.

"What the hell, Carol?"

Carol arched her brows and shook her head; it was then that I realized she was just tryin' to get me to loosen up. She had a shit eatin' grin on her face as she leaned over and whispered quietly in my ear.

"If you're gonna go around savin' everyone and bein' a hero … ya gotta learn to deal with all the love. Sorry, Pookie."

She winked and then leaned back in her chair.

"Ahh, come on, Carol."

I rolled my eyes and tried to get back into the conversation that was goin' on at the table. Rick was rambling on bout somethin'; he'd moved on to another topic. Talkin' bout building projects and water supply systems; not really my cup of tea. I had a role here, and those things weren't a part of it. Plus, I couldn't get what Hershel said outta my head.

Beth would be ready to leave quarantine in the next day or two. Hell, Judy would be gone tonight.

I couldn't figure out why, but the thought of her comin' back to the daily grind didn't make me as happy as I thought it would. If she moved back to her old cell … well then, it'd be a whole lot harder to explain our nightly visits. I would have a hell of time sneakin' into her cell right next to Maggie and Glenn, especially, with Judy back in her care.

What the hell's wrong with me? My girl's gettin' released from quarantine, and all I can think about is how this is gonna affect us. What a shithead …!

I literally shook my head to get the thoughts outta my head. It was a good thing her gettin' better and gettin' released. Guess we'd jus have to figure somethin' else out.

Rick seemed to have a lot of items he wanted to address and I listened to him and the rest of The Council go on and on about what projects needed to happen and which ones should happen first. Finally, as the meetin' started to come to an end, I figured I'd speak up bout somethin' I had on my mind.

"Hey, umm … I heard Rick mention earlier bout the food situation here … and I wanted to let y'all know I'm fixin' on headin' out for a supply run and a huntin' trip here, real soon. Gonna try make up for some lost time and restock some of the things we need."

"Oh, thank goodness." Carol sighed. "Things are gettin' tight around here with the food and supplies. We're literally outta everythin' … even our emergency supplies."

Rick looked relieved. "That's great. You and Glenn headed out?"

Rick turned to Glenn who responded enthusiastically.

"Yeah, we are … So, start puttin' together any lists we need to take with us when we head out … on …?"

Glenn looked over at me; gesturin' for me to continue.

"We'll head out tomorrow, if that works for all of y'all"

I looked around the table as everyone nodded and responded in agreement. We didn't just need supplies, we needed food and meat. I'd definitely need to get some huntin' in this trip. These people needed real food; I could tell.

Everyone looks like shit. I probably do too, but damn …!

I realized that it wasn't just those who had gotten sick. And, not just me, Hershel, Glenn and Rick that this illness had taken its toll on … everyone here was exhausted and been goin' through all kinds of hell with this thing. I'd jus been too blinded with what I was goin' through with Beth, Judy and Carol to even notice.

"We'll do a short run first and then hunt on the way back. We ain't gonna get everythin' we need in one trip, so Glenn and I can head back out a few days after that until we're all caught up. We could use an extra pair of hands on these supply runs though ..."

Tyrese immediately spoke up and volunteered.

"Me and Sasha are ready to go any time ya need us."

"Thanks. Probably need ya on these next few runs then, if that's alright with you?"

Tyrese looked over at Sasha and she nodded her head and quietly replied.

"Of course! We're ready to go when you are."

"Alright then, it's settled."

Rick then wrapped up the meeting and asked if there was anythin' else pending with the group.

Everyone seemed to be on the same page, so he adjourned The Council meeting.

Carol reached over and gave my hand a quick squeeze and stood up.

"Thanks, Pookie. We sure do need ya round here."

I just shook my head. Carol knew I hated that little nickname she'd picked up for me; she knew it got under my skin, but she also knew I would never tell her to stop.

It looked like Carol was bout to leave, so got up quickly.

"Hey Carol. Can I talk to ya for a minute?"

"Yeah, sure."

Everyone started filin' outta the room; leavin' just me, Carol and a few other stragglers in the room. Tyrese and Sasha were in the corner talkin' and Rick and Hershel were still yappin' by the door. So, I pulled Carol off to the side a ways.

"Just …umm … wanted to see if there was anythin' you needed on this run, is all. I know I've been real preoccupied with everythin' and I wanted to tell ya I'm real glad you're feelin' better.

"Ahh … Pookie. That's so sweet."

"Nahh … really. Ya had me worried. All you gals did."

Carol immediately jumped on my comment like a rabid dog.

"Us gals, huh? Ya mean me, Judy … and Beth?"

I nodded and found my gaze drift to the floor.

"Yep …" I casually replied.

"So, we had ya worried. Mr. Daryl Dixon was worried bout us gals …" Carol paused and I could tell she was thinkin'. "Ya know …? Ya sure went above and beyond for us … thank you. I know it was a hard run to get those meds … and you definitely were … how should I say …? Committed … to makin' sure we were alright even afterwards."

Carol giggled a little, like a girl on the playground who'd just been told a secret. Then, her hand went up to cover her mouth, not wantin' everyone to hear her bursts of laughter.

Carol liked bein' in on the secret, but she must've gotten the hint that me and Beth wanted this whole thing between the two of us. I had wanted to straight up just ask her what she knew, what she thought … and if she was gonna tell anyone. But, by the look in her eyes, I could tell our little secret was safe with her.

Beth's my girl, but Carol had liked me first … She was the first one in our group that made me feel like I was just as good as Rick or Shane or anyone else. Carol would always be my girl … she;d always have a special place in my heart.

I nodded and Carol gave me a knowing smile.

"I'm grateful for everythin' ya did, Daryl. And, I'm glad you were able to spend some more time with Beth. She needed ya, so I'm glad you were there for her."

"Yeah … we've grown pretty close an all. Ya wouldn't think it, but … Beth and I really do got a lot in common."

Carol laughed a little.

"What …? I smiled and looked away. "Ya think I'm crazy for gettin' involved, don't ya? Just say it."

Carol gently grabbed my bicep with her hand and pulled me closer to her. Her gentle eyes looked up at mine and she whispered.

"I do think you're crazy … for not gettin' involved sooner. And, what the hell are ya talkin' bout … you two are perfect for each other. It's so plain to see; even a blind man could see how great you two are together."

I was speechless …

However, Carol was not, so she continued.

"I know ya might be worried bout what people are gonna say … but don't. Everyone loves ya here, everyone's gonna be real happy for you. You make a great couple."

Couple? Damn! I hope no one heard her say that.

I quickly looked around and then back at Carol. I really didn't want to fully admit to her the extent of the relationship, so when she asked where we were at with everything I just gave her a vague answer.

"Just spending more time together, is all. I like her company … and she can tolerate mine. So …"

"Oh, come on Daryl. Jesus! What do ya think I am …? An idiot?" She paused waiting for me to respond, but I just smiled and looked away. "Fine. Be that way. But, don't ya forget … I know what's really goin' on here. Ya don't gotta say it, but I know by the look … in … your … eyes."

She poked me in the shoulder. "You love that girl, and I know for a fact that she loves you too."

"Damn, woman. Keep it down …!" I whispered as intensely as I could.

Carol shrugged and pursed her lips. "Well … I ain't gonna say nothin' bout it, if you're not … ain't none of my business anyways."

I just nodded a half hearted smile made its way to my face. "Thanks, Carol … I appreciate that."

Then, I bit my bottom lip to keep me from sayin' anythin' else. Didn't need to be talkin' bout this anyways.

Carol used both her hands to brush off my vest.

"Well, I suppose you're off to let Beth know about the run?"

"Sure am …!" I paused. "Gonna stop and get somethin' to eat first. Wanna join me?"

Carol nodded.

"Sure, Pookie … lead the way."

Carol interlaced her arm through mine and quickly placed her head against my shoulder then we headed out to the common area to grab somethin' to eat.

I knew it wouldn't be much and it wasn't. Our group needed this run bad … I jus hoped Beth wouldn't be upset that I was leavin' her after I told her I'd stay til she was better.

I was sure she'd understand, especially, when all I had to bring back to her was a half eaten can of beans.


When I returned to Beth's cell, I could tell she was sleepin'. I was glad too, she needed to get as much rest as she could so she could get better and get the hell outta here. I quietly walked over to the side of her bed and just stood there and watched her. I watched her chest rise up and down as her breathing took in each steady breath; there didn't seem to be any remnants of the cough that had racked her breathing just a couple of days prior.

I knew it was just me, Beth, Hershel, Judy and maybe Rick that would be in or out of that cell block today, but I figured I'd better be safe than sorry.

"Better pull the sheets over the cell … don't want anyone lookin' in," I thought to myself.

I took off my vest and unbuttoned my shirt; droppin' them both on a chair in the cell. I walked over to my little sleepin' beauty and then sat down on the bed before layin' down beside her.

I could tell Beth was still sleepin', but as I got closer to her she got this adorable little smile on her face. I slid in next to her and brought my arms around her, pullin' her in to me. Beth let out a little moan and then her body wiggled in closer, her head was now buried in my chest. I let my eyes close and felt my body's rhythm sync with hers … our breath and movements were one. I could feel a calmness that came over me; it was like bein' close to her soothed my soul. I felt like a real ass for just thinkin' that … but it was true.

Maybe an hour passed when I felt my woman start to stir. She nuzzled in close to me and then I heard her whisper to me. "You awake?"

"Well, I am now …"

Beth giggled a little.

"Sorry …"

"Nahh … it's fine." I paused. "How're ya feelin'?"

Beth pulled away from me and now I could see her face.

"I'm good. I feel much better."

"Glad to hear it." Beth smiled at me and batted her lashes and I continued. "And, ya lookin' good too."

"Well, thanks!"

We both laughed and I kissed her softly on the lips.

Now that we were all coupled up now … I couldn't help myself. She hadn't even been cleared to get outta quarantine and here I was with my mind in the gutter.

I could tell by the way she was lookin' at me, she was feelin' exactly what I was …

I pulled her up towards me on the bed, so that her face was now next to mine on the pillow. I smoothed the hair back from her face, and caressed her cheek.

"Brought ya back somethin' to eat. It ain't much …"

I hesitated for a moment; thinkin' bout how scarce food was gettin' round here.

"Whatever it is, I'm sure it's amazin'."

I laughed. "Well, I don't know if I'd go and call a half eaten can of beans amazin' but … at least it's somethin'."

"Oh, you know me … I'll eat just about anythin'. Beans sound great."

"Ya hungry now?"

Beth smiled. "No ... Maybe a little later."

I suddenly felt a little worried.

"Hey …?"Are ya sure you're feelin' okay?"

Beth looked at me sincerely.

"Yeah, I'm sure. I feel fine. I'm just not that hungry yet."

I nodded.

"Alright then …is there anythin' else I can get ya?"

"Nope, I'm fine." She paused and touched her lips where I had just kissed them. "Well, actually … there is this one thing I need."

Her words trailed off seductively and she bit her bottom lip.

I smirked knowin' exactly what she was talkin' bout.

"Really …? And, what's that?"

"Well, let's see … I need …" She sucked on my bottom lip. "Some …" She licked my top lip. "Of this …" Then, she kissed me more forcefully; her tongue darted in and out of my mouth.

"Damn, girl …"

I didn't need any more prompting than that …

I grabbed her tightly and slid her next to my body, so close every part of us touched from head to toe. Beth immediately tossed her left leg up over my hips; using her leg to press herself into me. I let my entire body slide closer to her center. I grabbed her ass; pulling her tight against me. Her arms wrapped around my neck; then eventually found their way to my biceps.

"She likes my arms," I remembered thinkin' to myself.

She always goes straight to the arms ...

I smiled at the thought of it.

"Hey …" She whispered.

"Hey …" I smiled and then moved myself so that I was on top of her now.

I could feel her hands slide up my back and hold onto me as if she never wanted to let go. She moaned quietly as I pressed my hardness into her; gently grinding on her while I kissed her deeply … drinking in her breath with every kiss. I only stopped every so often, just so I could look at her beautiful face before divin' back in for more.

I couldn't get enough of her … and the thought of havin' to leave her again tomorrow was drivin' me nuts. I had wanted to take things as slow as possible, but with the threat of death around every corner; guess that jus heightens everythin' cause I couldn't keep my hands off her.
I propped myself up off of her; leanin' on my elbow so I wouldn't squish her. And, the other hand made its way to the edge of her shirt. I lifted it up exposing her bra … just the sight of her delicate light pink bra drove me the edge of my sanity.

Goddamn, I was hard fuckin' now …no way she wasn't feelin' that!

Every part of my body ached to take this further.

I ran my hands along her soft flat stomach, and trailed my finger tips at the edges of her bra until I finally pulled back the bra cup to expose her perky breast, which I cupped in my hand and gently massaged. I felt myself harden and lengthen with every caress and kiss.

I still felt a little bit nervous; like I'd never done this before … everything with Beth felt like the first time again.

And, like it was my first time, every moment she let me touch her body I found myself thankin' a God I hadn't prayed to in years.

Oh, God, don't ever let this stop …I want her so badly …

I could tell Beth was excited; she moaned softly into my mouth. I let my lips trail down her neck; sucking gently as to not leave a mark. And, then further down to her chest where I placed sloppy kisses along her collarbone and finally in between her two beautiful perky little breasts.

I knew I should stop there, but I didn't …

Beth arched her back and reached down; running her fingers in my hair. She started to guide me towards her chest. I quickly looked back up at her, and I could see she was smilin' at me.

"Don't stop …" She moaned.

Damn, you're drivin' me crazy …

I was too in the moment; I'd gone way past the point of checkin' myself and stoppin' this before it went further.

I let my mouth find its way to her breast and flicked her hardened nipple with my tongue and then pulled it into my mouth sucking gently. I played with her for a minute … I was so fuckin' turned on and all of the little noises she was makin' was drivin' crazy. Her body jumped and twitched as I bit down gently on her breast, while reachin' for the other that was still covered by her thin dainty bra.

I'm over this bra … it's gotta go!

I reached around her and she arched her back up; allowing my hand the space to maneuver her bra off. It only took a couple tries and when it came undone Beth surprised me by grabbin' it and chuckin' it along with her shirt up over the top of my head.

Guess she was over it too …

I leaned back down and kissed her softly; again my lips and tongue explored every inch of her exposed flesh.

Beth's skin was so soft and sweet; she fuckin' tasted good.

I wasn't sure how long we'd been at it, but I finally came up for air. We'd been makin' out like it was our job, or somethin'. Good thing no one came in to check on us; cause if they did, there's no way in hell we'd have heard em.

I pulled away from her and sat up; straddlin' her waist. Now that she was completely exposed, I wanted to look at this beautiful half naked woman in front of me.

Beth's eyes met mine.

"Everythin' okay?"

"Yeah." I tried to steady my breathin' and adjusted myself in my jeans. "I just wanted to take a moment just to look at ya."

Beth smiled sweetly.

"Yeah … so ya like what ya see?"

"I sure do." My hands reached down and touched her stomach and then cupped both her breasts. "You're so beautiful …"

"I can't believe my eyes … she's … perfect!" I thought to myself.

Beth's looked intently back at me.

"I love you, Daryl."

I leaned down and caressed her shoulders and gently touched her face.

"I love you …"

I bit my bottom lip as I watched my hands move up and down her body; massaging every part as I went along. Finally, my fingers rubbing and flicking at her aroused nipples; obviously she was just as turned on as I was.

"Jesus, you're sexy. Do ya know that?"

Beth giggled a little.

"Don't think I've ever had a man say that to me before."

I smirked.

"A man ... I like how she differentiates me from those boys she mighta been with before all this," I thought to myself and laughed under my breath.

"So, ya have one of them boys from your high school tell ya that before?"

"Maybe …"

"Any of them boys ever tell ya what a beautiful body ya have …?"

I bit my bottom lip waitin' for Beth's reply. She looked a little shy; a little nervous. I could tell she was feelin' both exposed and excited by me lookin' at her like that.

"I can't remember … maybe …"

"Mmm, hmmm …" I paused and started to laugh a bit.

I leaned back down on top of her, putting more weight onto her now. Pressin' myself into her thigh, so she could feel just how hard I was for her and started to kiss her. She reached her arms around my body and pulled me tight and then she used her legs to maneuver herself on top of me; straddlin' my hips.

She sat up so that I could see all of her.

I looked up at her tiny frame and held onto her hips and pulled them hard onto my hips so I could feel the warm between her legs on me.

I reached up and caressed her lower back, which prompted Beth to lower herself back down onto my chest. She hovered over me; letting her breasts gently move over the skin on my chest. We'd never been this naked together before, every sight, touch and sound was new and intimate …and I'd never felt so close to her. However, every sensation was drawin' me closer and closer to the edge.

Beth leaned down and kissed me and I could feel the heat of her skin on me; I wrapped my arms completely around her pulling her tight to me. Beth started to move slowly on top of my hips; I wasn't sure if she even knew what she was doin' but it felt really fuckin' good.

All this gyratin' has got me so hard; I feel like I'm gonna cum ….

"Hey … hey …" I reached up and grabbed her gently; cupping her face in my hand. "Let's take this slow, okay?" I tried to steady my breathing. "I'm not sure how much more of this I can take …"

I could tell she was gettin' a kick out of how frustrated I was gettin'.

She smiled. "Alright … we can slow it down …"

Her hands reached for my chest and down my sides, massaging my tense muscles. The relief sent my head back on the pillow and I closed my eyes.

She started to gently kiss my chest and started to make a trail of soft wet kisses down my stomach, occasionally nipping at my skin.

Guess she needed to do some exploring of her own …

And, I could feel the soft locks of her hair tickle my sides as she moved farther and farther down my stomach.

Beth had moved her kissin' all the way down my stomach; to the edge of my jeans; lightly kissin' the sensitive skin. I felt the ache inside me grow; I wanted her so badly; to just pull my dick out and put it in her mouth. In my whole life, I don't think I've ever wanted to feel a woman's mouth on me more than I wanted to feel hers right then and there. But, I'd never say somethin' like that to Beth. At least not yet.

And, it was like she fuckin' read my mind because before I knew it, she was toyin' with the front of my jeans; her hand pullin' down the zipper and tuggin' at the top button.

I knew exactly what she was goin' for, but I wasn't sure she was really ready for all that.

My head popped up from the pillow and I reached for her hands; grabbin' them before she got any further. I looked down at her; my lips curled up into a half sided smile.

"Hey, we ain't gotta go that fast."

Beth looked at me; she seemed a little shocked. I could tell my comment made her insecure or nervous because she replied so meekly.

"Ya don't want me to?"

"No, of course I want ya to. Fuck …! I really want ya to."

I laughed; putting my hands up over my face, then looking back at her.

"But, maybe we should slow it down … at least til you're feelin' 100%. What d'ya think?"

Ah, Jesus! What the hell am I doin'? No man in his right mind would turn down a beautiful woman that wanted to suck his dick … what's wrong with me?!

I knew there were few men that would ever turn down a blowjob and even fewer with the strength to do it when the gal is ready to go on top of them. But, I loved Beth … and I knew she'd never done nothin' like that before. I didn't want to push things with her.

"We've got plenty of time to get to all that stuff. For now, let's jus take it slow."

Beth giggled. "Are ya sure …?" She seductively smiled as she slid her finger underneath the top of my jeans; sending goosebumps all over my body. "Wouldn't wanna leave ya hangin' like this."

I was just so curious as to what she meant by that.

"Leave me hangin'?"

Beth got all shy and looked away before turning back to face me. She rolled her eyes a little as she responded.

"Ya know, blue balls an all?"

"Oh?!" I couldn't help but laugh a little. "Where the hell d'ya hear that term from?"

"I might be less experienced than you, Daryl Dixon, but I do know what the term blue balls means." She giggled. "I can feel you, ya know?" She paused. "I just didn't want ya to feel like I didn't care bout that ... I certainly wouldn't want my man hurtin' for no good reason … not when I can take care of him."

I knew she bein' completely serious, which had to be the cutest damn thing. And, hell, I'd wanted her to … actually, I was beggin' her to do it inside my head. But, we just weren't there yet; it wasn't the right time to go any further than all this.

"Well, well …" I paused. "Woman! You are gonna drive me crazy!"

I grabbed her hand and pulled her back down on top of my chest.

"Don't ya go worryin' bout somethin' as silly as that." I kissed her softly. "I wanna do all of those things with ya, I swear … just when the time is right."

Beth looked away. I couldn't tell if she was embarrassed or feelin' shy now, but it was definitely one or the other.

I pulled her chin back over so she was lookin' at me.

"Hey … hey. What's wrong?"

"Nothin'." She quietly responded.

Was this woman actually sad I didn't let her suck my dick? Goddamn!

"Come on … What's up?"

"It's just … well … I want to take things to the next level with ya. I just thought that … ya know?
This would be the first step." She smiled sweetly.

"I get it. I do. But, I gotta head out tomorrow on a supply run." I paused. "And, a huntin' trip … so
I'm gonna be gone for a few days."

"Ya are?"

"Yeah, darlin' … I got all these people to feed here and supplies are runnin' low."

I could see the light dim a little behind Beth's eyes; I could read her emotions like a fuckin' book.

She's sad I'm leavin …

"Well, if that ain't the sweetest damn thing I ever saw …"

"What …?"

"You're gonna miss me, aren't ya?" My grin stretched from ear to ear.

"Well of course I am, Daryl. We've spent every day and night together for the last week … I'm really gonna miss ya."

I looked deeply into her eyes, wrapped my hand around her neck and pulled her close to me; kissing her softly for a few moments.

"I'm gonna miss ya too, Bethy."

She smiled and she looked very relieved to hear me say that.

"How long ya gonna be gone for?"

"Dunno. Two maybe three days. Then, Glenn and I will probably have to turn right back around and do another run a few days later."

She pursed her lips and furrowed her brow.

"Well, that's not fair. How come you gotta go every time?"

"Ya know I do. It's my job; jus like yours is takin' care of lil Asskicker. And, she needs ya too; I think Carol's gonna be takin' care of her until you are feelin' completely up to it."

"I know … it's just." She exhaled and smiled. "Well, I'm gonna miss ya is all."

She leaned back over to the side of me and nuzzled in; I pulled a blanket up over us since we both still had our shirts off.

Don't need no one seein' us like this!

"Hey, it's just gonna be a few days. Before ya know it, I'll be back and everythin' here will be back to normal."

Beth looked up at me; her eyes were wide; she looked a little anxious.

"Well, not completely back to normal, right?"

I squeezed her body tightly and pulled her up so that her face was next to mine.

"No … things are different, I suppose. I mean, you are my girl now."

I kissed her; she moaned sweetly; her eyes still closed.

"I am …?"

Beth seemed to want some reassurance from me, which I was happy to give her.

"Yeah, ya sure are."

She smiled.

"So, things will be the same round here, but it'll be different for us … it'll be better. And, It'll be our little secret."

"Hell yeah it'll be better. And, like we already talked about … everythin's just between you and me … least for now. We don't gotta worry bout reportin' to nobody."

Beth laughed.

"Good, I like that idea."

"But for now, let's get your clothes back on in case someone comes in here. Don't want to start the rumor mill goin' before I head out."

"I hear ya …" Beth reached for her shirt that was down at the end of the bed; she didn't bother with the bra. "Oh, that reminds me … did Carol say anythin' to you at the Council meetin' earlier?"

I fumbled to button up my shirt.

"Nah … Carol's cool with it. I mean … she was askin' some questions, but … she ain't gonna talk to no one bout us. She ain't like that."

"No, I know."

Beth laid back down.

"So, I guess were both outta here tomorrow, huh? I'll be back in 'general population' and you'll be … off … out in the world."

I was still buttoning up my shirt, when she reached up and grabbed me by my collar and brought me back down on top of her.

"Now you're gonna be real careful out there, aren't ya?"

I smiled devilishly. "Course I am …!"

"Good! Cause I want this body back in one piece, alright?"

I laughed at her sweet suggestive remarks.

"Well, alright then."

I leaned down and kissed her.

"I'll make sure I'm real careful, ya can count on it."



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Here's a Teaser Chapter Sixteen:
Daryl leaves for his supply run & hunting trip with Glenn and Beth is returned to the general population at the prison. She's still pretty weak, so she ends up having some visitors and some people come look in on her while Daryl's away. Carol, Maggie and Nick all stop by to see how Beth is doing. And, when Daryl gets back he finds something really pisses him off ...

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