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My Guardian

My Guardian: Chapter Two

Thank you to everyone who has read the story so far ... I really appreciate it ;) And, a Special Thank you to Hippychick90 for commenting on the last chapter - you rock!!

Still trying to establish Beth and Daryl's move from friends to flirtations here, so the next couple of chapters will be heating up as I try to create that chemistry and connection between the two of them :-D

Back to our story ....


Daryl’s POV –


I walked over to Rick; Glenn, Karen, Tyrese, and Sasha all followed behind me.

“We’re all done.”

“You got through the two other cell blocks?”

“Cleared and ready to go.”

“That’s great. We’ll use Cell Block B for additional housing and Cell Block D for an infirmary and storage. We’re gonna need a lot more room for supplies with all these extra people here.”

I nodded; he definitely had a point. I wasn’t sure what our final count was, but we definitely had a lot more people roaming around. Even though everyone was pretty tired and looked a bit drained; I’d say the prison looked damned lively compared to our previously small group.

Rick continued. “Alright, well … let’s go ahead and let the others know that they can start moving in here.”


“Hey guys, before you go … I wanted to talk to you all about something.” Rick seemed to have something on his mind. “I think for safety reasons, we should definitely split up the soldiers and fighters into two groups. One group for each cell block. That way everyone’s got experienced fighters in their block.”

“That sounds fine. What were you thinking?” Tyrese chimed in.

“Well, I don’t want to split any families up so, Glenn … I’d like to have you stay here in Cell Block C with me, Carl and Judith. Of course, Maggie, Hershel and Beth will stay here too. Karen, you’ll stay here in Cell Block C too, and I’d appreciate it if you could assist me and split up the residents of Woodbury into two groups. I know you know them all pretty well and can help determine which residents would work best in each housing unit. I sure would appreciate it if you could go ahead and get started on that for me. Here’s a pad of paper and a pen. Make sure to write down everyone’s names and which unit they’ll be. Then, mark their hands with either the letter B or C, so we can keep track of them. ”

Rick watched Karen carefully, as she placed her arms on her waist and enthusiastically responded at his request.

“Yeah, of course, Rick. No problem.” She gave him a shy smile and then headed off into the common area; already starting to take down names and mark peoples’ hands.

“Then, Daryl I’d like to see you, Michonne, Tyrese and Sasha in Cell Block B along with Carol and the other half of the residents from Woodbury. Does that work for everyone?”

“Sounds good to me, Rick.”

“Ok, then I’ll let everyone know. Carl can you run outside and see if there’s anyone outside? And, make sure to let Maggie and Michonne know about their cell assignments.”

Carl looked a little annoyed. I swear that boy was getting more and more ornery as the days went on. We’d all heard about him killing that boy out in the woods. And, it didn’t look like his attitude was gettin’ much better. It was probably a phase. All kids went through a bit of a rebellious phase, just most kids didn’t do it during aZombie Apocalypse. He’d calm down once life got a little more back to normal. Or, at least I hope so.

Carl ran off and headed outside, while Rick then walked over to the middle of the common area and jumped up and the table and let everyone know about the whole housing assignment process. Not too complicated, but we needed to get everyone a place to call their own. Things would start to feel more like home.


Beth’s POV –

The sun was starting to set; evening was fast approaching. Without power, I was sure that there was going to be a push to get everyone to their new ‘homes’ as soon as possible. At least I didn’t have to move and get all my stuff together; thank God for the little things …

My dad and I sat in the common area, and I had Judith with me. It had taken me a while to get her to sleep, and sometimes she would just wake up if I put her down; so, I decided to just hold onto her so she could at least get a good nap today. We watched as the people started to pick up their bags and migrate over to Cell Block B, when my dad finally chimed in.

“Glad we get to all stay together. Hopefully, we can all get settled and into some sort of a routine here soon.”

“I agree. With everything that’s happened, I am definitely ready to get back into a routine. It would certainly help get Judith back on a schedule.”

I rocked Judith, who was thankfully taking a nap in my arms right now. My dad looked over at us and smiled.

“You know, Beth. I sure am proud of how you’ve taken care of Judith. Having a baby is a lot of responsibility, and I know Rick is sure glad that you’ve been here to take care of her. He’s got enough on his mind, I am sure he’s been relieved to know she’s with you and that she’s being looked after so well. And, I have to say it Beth; you are a natural.”

“Thanks, Dad. But, she’s been so easy; she’s such a good girl.”

I smiled and looked down at Judith, and heard voice say “He’s right, ya know?”

I looked up as Daryl walked up to the three of us; his crossbow slung over his shoulder as usual. I swear that thing had become another one of his limbs; I barely ever see him without it; I swear that thing had become another one of his limbs. I imagined that crossbow had now somehow become surgically attached to him; the thought of this put a smile on my face.

Daryl must have caught the smile, which I had unintentionally given.

“What? You don’t think so?”

“Oh, I don’t know, Daryl. I think she’s just takin’ it easy on me.”

“Oh, come on now, Beth. Don’t be so modest. Everyone here knows just how hard you been working on keeping little Asskicker here safe and happy. Right, Hershel?”

“Sure do!” My father quietly chuckled, and gently patted me on my back and then grabbed his crutches and got up. “Alright, kids. I’m gonna head over and speak with Rick about a few things.

“Okay, Dad. Love you.”

“You too, sweetheart.”

When my dad got up and left, I half expected Daryl to leave too … but, he didn’t. Instead he took a seat next to me, close enough for me to feel the warmth of his body as he sat down next to me.

“Hey!” I shyly smiled.

“Hey, yourself.” Daryl just stared at me for a moment and then reached over and ran his fingers over Judith’s head. “She’s gettin’ real big, ain’t she?”

“Sure is. She’ll be walkin’ and talkin’ before we know it.”

We both laughed a bit, but then there was a bit of an awkward silence as Daryl just kind of smiled and stared into my eyes. He finally broke the silence by asking to hold Judith for a while.

“Of course, you can hold her.”

I handed her over to him, and he carefully slid his arms underneath mine to take her.

“Ah, man. She is freakin’ cute.” He smiled as he looked down at her. “Never really been around many babies before, but I think she’s gotta be the cutest damn thing I ever seen.”

”She is, isn’t she. I just love her so much. She’s like family now.”

Daryl looked up and me, smiled and stared at me again; it was like he was staring into my soul or something. He didn’t normally do things like that, and it was unnerving, but not in a bad way; actually, it was kind of great. He just had a way about him when he talked to me … and, he made me feel safe; he made me feel alive. I just loved that about him. He made us all feel so safe.

He continued to hold her and I listened to his every word as he gushed about Judith, my beautiful little girl.

“Guess she probably thinks you’re her momma being that you’re the one taking care of her all the time. You’ve been a real good mom, Beth. I’m sure Lori would be happy bout it.”

Momma! Wow … I guess I hadn’t thought of it like that, but I guess she would probably see me like that being that I take care of her all the time. I did feel as if she were mine; I mean she was basically my responsibility. Taking care of her was one of the main tasks I’d inherited in this group. She was kind of mine, in a way; and, I liked that Daryl saw it that way too. And, I knew he loved her, so that was a big statement coming from him.

“Wow, that was quite the compliment. Thanks, Daryl.”

I didn’t know what else to say, but I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks. I’m sure by now Daryl noticed the blushing on my cheeks. I was definitely surprised by his comment and it made me feel really good that he had noticed me; even if it was for just how I took care of the baby.

He continued to rock her a little in his arms; when she smiled at him in her sleep.

“She must know it is you who’s holding her. She barely ever does that.”



Daryl looked pleasantly surprised and a little proud that Judith had takin’ such a liking to him.

“Huh! Well, ain’t that somethin’?”

Then, he handed her back over to me. While I had her in my arms, he made sure to tuck the edges of her blanket around her, and he leaned down and kissed her on the forehead.
Then, he looked up at me. “You’ve got a piece of hair stuck. Here lemme get it for ya.”

He reached up and swept a piece of my hair back that had gotten trapped while tucking Judith in; his hand grazing the back of my neck and shoulder as he moved my hair from behind her blanket.

“Thanks, Daryl.” I replied sweetly.

“No problem, Beth.”

We both smiled at each other, and I couldn’t help but notice his beautiful blue eyes. They seemed on fire the way the light hit them; I got lost in them for a moment. That was until he told me he had been reassigned to Cell Block B.

I felt my heart sink inside my chest and a curious lump formed in my throat; keeping me from responding this new information. I wanted to inquire further into why he had to go, but my mouth seemed paralyzed for the moment. What the heck was going on with me today?

Daryl got up and stood directly in front of me; adjusting the crossbow on his shoulder.

“Well, I gotta better head up and get my stuff packed. I’m supposed to be movin’ today with some of the others.”

I half-heartedly joked with him, “But, we’ll never get to see each other now with you moving so far away.”

He smiled.

“Well, since it’s so far … let’s make a point to not be strangers. It wouldn’t be very neighborly of us, if we didn’t at least stop by and say hello every now and again, now would it?”

“Sure wouldn’t.”

“I know I’m gonna miss yer singing, that’s for sure.”

“Yeah? Well, I’ll sing for you whenever you want. Promise.”

“Alright, then. I’ll have to take you up on that … see ya tomorrow?”


“Good night, Beth.”

“Good night, Daryl.”

I looked down at Judith, she looked so peaceful. She was always so soothing to me. But, as I watched Daryl walk away I could feel a slight twinge in my heart, an ache … I really was going to miss our little group; and, I was going to miss him being so close all the time. I wondered if he was really going to miss me too …



Like I said ... things have got to heat up naturally. They're going from friends to more, so it's gonna take a few chapters to get them to a believable place. But, for those of you that have read Maggie's Nightmare, you'll know a little more about their timeline of events for their courtship ;)

So, let me know what you think; like it, love it, hate it ... let me know your thoughts.

And, please review, comment, or vote and rate this story on your way out. You know I love to hear from you :-D



is not complete ?¿

Flor_Do Flor_Do

OMG... this has to be one of the very best TWD fanfics I have ever read. I love Beth and Daryl so much and I so want to see where this story goes! I really hope that you are inspired to continue this... and soon. I will keep my fingers crossed for this. You are a wonderfully talented writer! I really do hope that all is well in your life these days...

DoeRoseQ DoeRoseQ

I miss this story so much. :-(
Hope you're alright, and can update soon!

WerkaZ WerkaZ

Hopen you updated soon and that beth and daryl stop hiding there relationship

dprincess_87 dprincess_87

Oh my goodness,
Even though I started reading this yesterday. I could NOT stop. I LOVE THIS! You are so great at writing. I love Beth and Daryl together. I thought about it since like the beginning of the third season. I started to read another story about Bethyl and it just didn' t feel like them. Your 'lemony' scenes are so detailed and in the moment everything (at least what I think itm) it is just so great. Thank you so much for putting it in writing. When I think of how much I miss the oppurtinty.... spelled that wrong....of Beth and Daryl getting together I am going to read this again. Please keep going Please. It is too good to stop. I know with her gone it seems....impossible. But I know you can do it... they changed the story from the comic book in the shows and they are still good. I am sorry I wrote such a long and creepy comment but..... it was too amazing to not.
Thank You

Bethyl333 Bethyl333