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My Guardian

My Guardian: Chapter Seventeen-Part Two

Hello y'all :-D

That being said, I want to thank you to everyone who is reading and following this story ... I appreciate it.

And, a Special Thank you to FictionIsTrue12, Alice_Weekes, SafyreBlue, Pepper90, Candyl_86, Daryl'sDoll, miss_mary and SaraBee84 for commenting on the last chapter - you all seriously rock!

I love you all ... I really do! :))

Chapter 17 - Part Two is a little longer than I had expected and all from Daryl's POV, so I hope you enjoy it ;)

Now ... back to our story ...


Daryl's POV –

After I left Beth, I headed downstairs where I immediately ran into Glenn. And, of course, he had a million questions for me, which he started to rattle off to me. I was still tryin' to wake up from the nap I'd had with Beth and wasn't particularly payin' attention to him yet; however, one question did make my ears perk up.

"Where ya been all mornin'? Everyone's been lookin' for ya. The Council wanted to call a meetin'."

"Did they?"

I rubbed the back of my neck near my right shoulder, which was sore and stiff from our little run in with the walkers the other day. I'd run my shoulder into doorway, while runnin' out of a store.

Dammit! This hurts like a motherfucker!

"Yeah, they did. But, umm … Carol suggested we just reschedule; she figured you were sleepin'." Glenn cocked his head to the side; his brow furrowed. "Were ya? I mean, I looked for ya in your room and didn't see ya there. Where the hell were you?"

"Ain't none of your damn business, but yeah … I was sleepin'"

Glenn's eyes widened, silently requesting me to continue.

"What? I was sleepin' … ain't got nothin' more to say bout it."

He shook his head.

"Fine, Daryl. Whatever. Anyways, there's gonna be a Council meetin' tomorrow or the next day.

Guess Rick's got some important stuff ... some things he wants to go over with us. So, make a point to be around. Somewhere we can find ya."

Glenn laughed a little.

"I'll be around, don't ya worry. I'm always around."

I slapped Glenn on the back and started to make my way outside.

"Oh, yeah. We got some buildin' projects Rick wanted to get started on. Got about 10 men workin' on it already."

"On what …?"

Glenn smiled.

"Guess we're buildin' some sort of animal pen."

I stopped walkin' and turned to Glenn.

"For what …?"


My eyebrows arched in curiosity.

"Pigs, huh?"

Glenn laughed.

"Yup. Pigs …"


Me, Glenn, Rick and several of the other men were outside workin' for a better part of the day. It was unseasonably hot out today; felt like we were workin' in a sauna by the time the sun had hit what looked to be bout 2pm.

Hershel made his way down from the prison and into the yard.

"This'll work just fine boys. We can keep goats, pigs … all sorts of animals penned up here."

Rick shouted over to Hershel.

"Think this will be a large enough pen?"

"Sure do. We only gotta keep so many of em here at a time. Remember, we're gonna have to take care of and feed any animals we raise here." Hershel paused and laughed. "So, this will be more than big enough."

Rick nodded.

Hershel made his way over to be and stood next to me as I dug holes for the posts of the structure.



I wondered what he had to talk to me bout. First thing that went through my mind was me sleepin' in Beth's cell.

Did he see me in there?

"Just wanted to let ya know that you, Glenn and Tyrese will be back on night duty again startin' tomorrow night."

I sighed.

"Figured as much."

"Yeah. Well, we're all back to the regular schedule, ya know?"


I continued to dig, hoping he didn't have anythin' else he wanted to bring up. "Is that all?"

Hershel turned to me.

"Yeah. Why? Somethin' ya wanted to talk to me about?"

I shook my head.

"No, no …" I paused. "Back to the old schedule – got it."

"Yep. Now that everyone's feelin' better and you boys are back from the run, everything's back to normal round here. Hell, even Beth's gonna be gettin' Judy back tonight."

For some reason this made me long for Beth. I'd miss her tonight. Meant I wasn't gonna be able to sneak into her cell and spend the night with her.


My heart sank and my stomach felt like it fell into my shoes – like Hershel just sucker punched in the gut.

"Maybe we'll still work somethin' out." I thought to myself. "I hope so …"

Hershel leaned over and spoke a little quieter.

"Everythin' alright, son? Ya seem a little preoccupied. Got somethin' on your mind?"

"Nahh … I'm alright Hershel. Still a little tired from the run, is all."

Hershel patted me on the back.

"Ya look a little run down. Why don't ya stop by this evenin' after ya'll finish up out here. Let me take a look at ya."

"Hershel, I'm fine. Really. Just tired."

I looked away back down at the dirt in front of me and continued to dig.

"Well, I'd feel better if I could at least take a look at ya. Can't afford to have ya gettin' sick on us or nothin'."

"Hershel …" I paused knowin' it was pointless to argue bout this with him. "Alright. I'll stop by later."

"Good. See ya later then." Hershel then stopped over by Glenn and seemed to whisper somethin' to Glenn; he had a serious look on his face. Glenn looked up surprised and then rubbed his face. I could see Glenn mouth the words "Okay" to him before Hershel patted him on the back. Glenn nodded to Hershel, but he looked like he'd gotten some sorta news that upset him a bit.

Hershel walked back up the hill towards the prison and I made my way over to where Glenn was workin'.

"So, what was that all bout?" I quietly asked Glenn; not wantin' the others to hear.

"Nothin'. He was just tellin' me somethin' bout Maggie."

Glenn looked worried. I wouldn't normally continue to ask questions, but Glenn seemed more anxious than usual – so asked.

"Well …? What's goin' on?"

Glenn looked over at me and quietly responded.

"Just that … Maggie hasn't been feelin' well lately, ya know? Guess she got sick again today. Hershel isn't sure if its nerves or somethin' like that."

I cocked my head back, not knowin' what to make of that information.

"What d'ya mean nerves?"

"Like anxiety or somethin'. She's been real stressed lately. And, she's been havin' nightmares too."

"I didn't know that."

"Yeah, well, no one does. So, don't say nothin'." Glenn paused and looked at me waitin' for me to reassure him I wouldn't tell anyone. I nodded my head lettin' him know I understood to keep my mouth shut. "Anyways. He thinks she might just be havin' some sort of anxiety issues. Ya know? With everythin' that happened with the Governor … gettin' kidnapped and all."

I nodded my head.

"Yeah, well that's enough to give anyone nightmares. Think it wouldn't be normal if someone wasn't at least a little fucked up from all that."

I laughed a little under my breath. It was an innocent joke to lighten the mood, but Glenn wasn't that amused.

I grimaced as I realized that it actually wasn't really that funny; I probably shouldn't have said it.


"Yeah, well ... she ain't been the same. The nightmares. She hasn't been eatin' well and …"

"And, what?" I gestured for him to continue.

"She's been gettin' sick. Throwin' up."

"You're shittin' me."

"No … I'm not shitting you. She's been off man, I'm tellin' ya. Hershel's thinkin' bout havin' us go on a pharmacy run. Gettin' her some sort of … medication or somethin'."

"Really, man? He thinks that's necessary."

Glenn nodded and continued to get back to work with his shovel. With the way he was attackin' that dirt; I could tell this was more than just a little issue – this was somethin' that Maggie was really strugglin' with … and therefore … so was Glenn.

When you're in love and you're partner isn't well …neither are you. That was a lesson I just recently found out with Beth, when she'd gotten sick. So, I definitely felt bad for him, and for Maggie.

"Well, anytime brother. Ya just let me know and we can head out. No one else needs to know bout all that. Ain't no one's business anyways."

Glenn smiled.

"Thanks, Daryl."

"Anytime, man."

I walked back over and got back to work.

The rest of the afternoon went by pretty quickly. I had a lot on my mind. After hearin' bout Maggie, I figured I would talk to The Council at our next meeting and suggest a supply run.
No need for Maggie to go on feelin' like she does, and no need for Glenn to have to be worried bout her like this. We could take care of it right now with a quick run – one or two days max.

And, of course, I was also thinkin' bout Beth. Our little rendezvous this mornin' was pretty hot. I'd been half asleep when I'd woken up with her hand on the front of my pants, while she was ridin' my leg like she was practicin' for a rodeo.

I laughed to myself at the thought of it.

She'd been hornier than hell, that girl! And even though I was tryin' to get some sleep, I couldn't think of a better reason to have been woken up. I loved that I was able to take care of her like that. And, she definitely needed it … hell, we both did! But, I wasn't sure she was ready for all that yet. So, I gave her what I could; hoped it would hold her off for just a little while til we figured out what we were doin' with regards to all that. We hadn't talked bout it, but that didn't mean I wanted to deny her anythin'. Plus, I mean … I didn't mind my part in it either. I loved how her body felt and I loved feelin' her cum in my hand. It was a full body orgasm; I could tell – her damn toes curled!

I literally had that girl in the palm of my hand – pun intended. Beth was my little woman, and I smiled to myself knowin' that I was able to get her off like that.

Then, unfortunately, I started to think bout bout why she'd distracted me in the first place … which I have to admit still really fuckin' pissed me off.

Nick Foster …that son-of-a-bitch!

He still had beatin' in his future, but I ain't seen his face all goddamn day!

Now, I know Beth didn't want me to make a scene or nothin', but there was no way I was lettin' this asshole off that easily. No fuckin' way!


Everyone called it quits at sunset and we all headin' in to get somethin' to eat and wash up. I ate out in the yard with the rest of the guys and headed back to my cell. I'd made a point lately to clean up a little more than usual bein' that me and Beth were spendin' so much time in close quarters. With all this kissin' and makin' out, I wasn't to make sure I was at least semi-presentable. After I'd changed outta my sweat soaked shirt , I washed up with soap and a bucket of water. Since we didn't have any showers; a washcloth was as close as we could get … that is, unless we took a dunk in the river or stream, which on occasion we'd do. However, today was not one of those days, so I did the best I could.

Brushed my teeth, which was somethin' we all tried to do at least twice a day these days; more than I ever did before all this shit happened. Rick had made a good point a while back … we ain't got no dentists around here, so unless we wanted Hershel or someone yankin' out our teeth with some pliers – brushin' your teeth as much as possible was the only preventative measure we could take. And, most of us all took suggestion to heart.

Ain't no way I'm gonna let someone start rippin' teeth outta my head, when I could've just brushed more. No fuckin' way!

I put on a fresh shirt and my vest and started to make my way to Cell block C. I wanted to catch up with Beth and my other two favorite little ladies – Carol and Judy.

We'd had a long day workin', but I felt good. Things were good … I couldn't help the damn silly smile that crept up on my face. Wasn't like me to be all smiles, but with everythin' the way it was – I had a lot of reasons to smile, I guess.

When I walked into Cell Block C, the first thing I noticed that it was pretty dead. Dusk could sometimes turn the prison into a bit of a ghost town, with everyone turnin' down early since we didn't have any lights – candles and lanterns only. However, a few people were playin' cards on the far table near the Cell Block B exit. Mike, Glenn and a couple of the other guys.

Guess I wasn't the only one who wasn't ready to call it a night soon as the sun went down.
I couldn't see Carol, Rick, Hershel or Beth for that matter.

The hell is that woman? I thought to myself.

As I searched the darkness of the cell block, my eyes finally adjusted a little to the lack of light. People were emerging; shadowy figures. I could hear the quiet murmur of people chattin' in the dark.

And, then I heard her voice. Beth's voice. She sounded … off. It was comin' from the other end of the cell block and as I got closer and closer; her voice became clearer.

I could then hear her clearly say, "Lemme go."

The hell's goin' on …?

Then, I heard him.

"What …? Where ya think you're goin', sweetheart?"

I snapped and started to run towards where her voice was comin' from.

That son-of-a-bitch!

I yelled out in the dark. "Hey, hey …!"

I could hear Beth call out to me. "Daryl?"

She was down a one of the corridors to my right. I quickly made my way around the corner and found that asshole had Beth pinned up against one of the walls – with Judy in her arms.

I'm gonna kill this fucker!

"The hell ya think you're doin' man?" I growled as I approached them.

I noticed Judy was asleep in Beth's arms; she'd obviously been walkin' around tryin' to get the little one to sleep when this fucker found her.

"What d'ya mean? Me and Beth here … we're just havin' a little conversation. D'ya mind …?"

Nick answered smugly.

I couldn't believe his nerve; he still had both his arms on either side of her; his palms pressed into the wall just above her shoulders – effectively trappin' her there.

"Ya alright, Beth?'

Nick replied for Beth.

"Course she's alright."

I snapped.

"I ain't talkin' to you, ya piece of shit! Ya alright Beth?"

I walked closer to them and could see that Beth looked stressed, which made me even more pissed off.

I gestured towards his arms, which he had used to keep her from leavin'.

I replied as calmly as I could; didn't want to wake up the entire prison.

"Ya mind takin' movin' your hands …?"

Nick paused for a moment before replying. "Sure. No problem." He held his hands up as if to surrender. "We was just talkin', ain't that right Beth?"

Beth didn't respond; she just clutched onto Judy tighter and looked away.

I slowly walked closer and closer to Nick; our faces just inches a part. I glared at him and hissed.

"How bout ya get the hell outta here and leave her alone …?"

Nick backed away.

"Whatever man." Nick started to walk back towards the common area. "Beth I'll talk to you another time, sweetheart."

He turned and disappeared into the dark.

Did that asshole just call my girl … sweetheart? Man, I was gonna enjoy kickin' his ass.

I couldn't see him any longer, but I could hear him yell to his brother, Mike, in the distance.

"Mike! Come on, little brother! Let's go outside for a smoke."


"Ya alright, darlin'?"

"Uh, huh …" Beth whimpered.

She seemed exasperated by the encounter with Nick.

"Ya sure? That didn't look alright to me?"

"He was … he was … just bein' himself, I guess."

"Mmm, hmm." I mumbled.

I reached out for her and grabbed both her and Judy and pulled them both into my chest.

"Come here."

I could feel Beth shakin' in my arms.

I was gonna make him pay for this …

"Hey, hey … it's alright."

I held onto her and Judy for a minute or two; just enjoyin' her bein' close … and tryin' to calm her down.

Finally, Beth peeked up at me from within my arms.

"I tried to stay away from him … it's just …"

"Hey, stop. Ya don't gotta say another word."

"But … I know ya wanted me to …"

I had to interrupt her. I could tell she was worried, but for all the wrong reasons.

"Listen. It's not your fault that he's botherin' you – it's his. He's an ass. Okay?"

Beth looked up at me; she gave me a halfhearted smile. "I'm serious, Beth." I leaned down and kissed her. "Ain't your fault, ya hear me?"

Beth nodded. "Okay …"

"Okay, then …"

I gave her as tight of a hug as I could, bein' that she still had Judy sleepin' in her arms and then I walked Beth over to the stairs to the catwalk that took her to her cell.

"Why don't ya take Judy upstairs and get her to bed, huh? I'll be up in a bit to check on ya."

Beth smiled. "Okay. I will." She turned to walk away, but then stopped and looked back and whispered. "Ya sure you're gonna stop by?"

"Mmm, hmm." I nodded my head. "Promise."

I smiled and watched to make sure she got into her cell okay.

She was safe.

Now, I'm gonna go find Mr. "I can't keep my damn hands to myself" and give him a piece of my mind.

I heard him call for his brother to go out for a smoke; I knew I'd catch him outside.


I walked quickly towards the entrance for Cell Block B, which would take me to the exit of the prison. I passed by the table where just Glenn and a few of the guys were still playin' cards.

"Where ya headin'?" I could hear Glenn ask me as I passed by him.

I growled. "Gotta take care of somethin'"

"Well, that's sounds ominous."

Glenn laughed a little; the other guys joined in; however, by the time either of us could get another word out, I was in the other cell block and on my way to the prison exit … on my way to kick that fucker's ass.

I exited the prison and immediately saw Nick and his brother leaning up against one of the walls, both of em with the cherries of their cigarettes glowin' in the dark.

"Hey …!" I yelled over to Nick as I briskly walked up towards the two of them. "What the hell was that all about?"

"Whatcha talkin' bout?"

I pushed Nick in the shoulder.

"Ya know exactly what I'm talkin' bout. In there … with Beth. What's your fuckin' problem?"

"Don't know whatcha mean. Just two friends … gettin' to know each other better."

Nick laughed and looked over at his brother and nudged him in the shoulder.

His brother, Mike, swayed from the nudge, but the expression on his face didn't change. Mike didn't seem as amused by his brother's behavior. He was stoic. I recognized that look.
Mike kinda reminded me of myself. I could tell this wasn't Mike's first time around the block with his brother. And, just like me, he had an older brother with a loud mouth that got em both in trouble.

I didn't respond to Nick's stupid comment bout them gettin' to know each other, cause I knew it was bull shit. I just stood there silently.

"Ahh … come on, Daryl. I'm just fuckin' with ya. We were just talkin' is all …"

I tried to calm myself a bit. If I didn't I might just kill this guy.

"I'm just gonna spell it out for ya … Beth … ain't … interested. Alright?! So, how bout ya keep your fuckin' hands to yourself and leave her alone?"

Nick leaned up off the wall, walkin' up towards me.

"How the hell would you know what she does and doesn't want, old man?"

"You're pretty fuckin' stupid, ya know that? She ain't interested, so leave her alone. Ya hear me?"

Nick stood up straight.
"How bout ya … mind your own damn business?"

Mind my own business? That shit head didn't know what he was talkin' bout - Beth was my business!

"What's your fuckin' problem with me talkin' to Beth anyways?"

"My problem is that she doesn't like it."

Nick raised his voice a little; I could tell he was startin' to get fired up himself.

"Ya know … I'm gettin' kinda sick and tired of ya tryin' to cock-block me here, man."

My blood was startin' to boil by this point, but the stupid ass kept runnin' his damn mouth.

"Cock-blocked ya, huh?"

"Yeah!" Nick puffed up his chest and got in my face and sneered sarcastically. "What? … ya think you got a chance with her old man?"

"Ya don't know what your talkin' bout." I paused. "An how bout ya back the fuck up off me fore I beat your ass into the ground?"

Nick laughed.

"Hey Mike, ya listenin' to this redneck over here?"

"Come on, Nick. Just drop it." Mike tried to diffuse the situation further. "Daryl. I'm sure my brother was just talkin' to her. He didn't mean no harm."

Nick pushed his brother back; he flew into the prison wall.

"Shut … the fuck up, Mike! Damn …!" Nick turned to face me again. "Me and the redneck here got some things we need to work out. Ain't that right, Daryl?"

Nick swayed back and forth; I could tell he was read to throw down. And, so was I …

"Yeah … I think we do little man." I growled back at him. "I got a real problem with guys like you. Pushin' themselves on women."

"I ain't been pushin' nothin' … she wants it." He paused and smiled. "She's a little tease …"

I growled under my breath.

"She don't want nothin' from you … but to stay the fuck away."

"What are you her daddy?" Nick laughed. "Oh … I get it. You got a thing for Beth. Is that it?"

I snarled and started to pace; like a caged animal.

Nick continued.

"Oh, yeah … I can see it now … that's it, isn't it? Ya got a thing for Beth." He laughed again, putting his hands on his stomach from laughing so hard. "Ya ain't got a chance in the world, old man."

Then, that fucker did somethin' he was gonna regret, that's for sure.

That son-of-a-bitch spit right in my face!

All I could see what red ….

Before he could get out another word, my fist collided with Nick's face; knocking him off his feet; his back hit the ground with a loud thud.

I wiped the spit with the back of my hand.

Nick got up off the ground and rubbed his jaw. He spit to the side of him; I could see his mouth was full of blood.

But, he kept up his bull shit … he continued to talk outta his ass; still tauntin' me.

"She ain't ever gonna be into a piece of white trash like you."

I lost it …

I lunged for Nick again; ran at him like a linebacker … only to be caught from the side by his kid brother, Mike. He tried to get in between us. I almost knocked his ass to the ground.

"What the fuck, Mike! Get out the way or I'll take ya both down!"

"Daryl! Daryl!" Mike put his arms up. "Please, man …" Mike turned to his brother. "And, that's enough already, Nick! Goddamnit, man! What the fuck's wrong with you?"

Nick laughed.

"What …?" He feigned to not know what his brother was talkin' bout. "I mean … damn! Can ya blame me for wantin' a piece of that?"

I glared at him as he continued; his brother makin' sure to stand in between us.

"She's got such a tight little ass on her."

Mike pleaded with his dip-shit brother.

"Nick, for god's sake … knock it the fuck off!"

My hands balled into fists, my knuckles whitened. If I had to, I'd take em both on.

"And, she's just as sweet as they come, ain't she, Daryl? A real Georgia peach …hell … I bet she tastes like peaches and cream."

"Don't ya talk bout her like that."

I was about to erupt …

"Why?" Nick laughed and walked passed me; seemingly talkin' to himself … rationalizin' to himself why he'd pursued her so like some sort of fuckin stalker. "And, she's just so damn innocent, isn't she?"

Nick paused and started walk back towards me; his brother pushin' against him; tryin' to stop the inevitable.

"Damnit, Nick!"

"Ya should listen to your little brother Nick … and shut your fuckin' mouth."

Mike obviously realized his attempts at makin' peace weren't gonna work; he backed away.
Nick and I were now face to face and he had this stupid shit eatin' grin on his face. I could feel the hate inside of me bout to overflow.

"Not many girls left like that even before all this shit went down. Hell, I bet she's a virgin too … I'd like to pop that little cherry of hers …"

Before he could another word out of his filthy mouth, my right hand collided with the side of his face … crackin' him right in the jaw, which was immediately followed by a left hook that sent him flyin' flat onto his back on the ground.

I ran over and stood above him. I knelt down on him, pinning him to the ground and pulled him up by the collar of his shirt and punched him again. His head flew back to the ground.

"That all ya got old man?"

After that … it was all a little bit of a blur after that. I just started to "ground and pound." Puttin' one fist into his face followed by another.

All I could think about was Beth. How he'd been scarin' her, pushin' himself on her. He was bad news. I'd known it from the very beginnin' … he'd gone too far.

I'm gonna kill ya, ya piece of shit…!

I could hear some sort of yellin' in the background and then finally someone pullin' me off of him. Nick laid on the ground dazed. I watched as he attempted to stand up, but slumped over to his side. I tried to run at him again. This time another pair of arms were wrapped around me; holdin' me back from killin' this guy.

"Daryl?! Daryl! Stop!" Glenn yelled. "What the hell, man?! Stop it!"

Both Mike and Glenn were now holdin' me back, but I continued you like a wild animal to free myself and continue after Nick.

"Stop it, Daryl! Stop!" Glenn continued to yell.

I finally stopped squirmin' to get free. I could see Nick wasn't really movin' too much. I'd beaten him pretty good. He was just layin' there moanin' a bit; his hands to his face cradling his broken nose that looked to be gushin' all over his face.

"I told ya I'd beat your ass into the ground!" I yelled at him.

He just moaned in pain.

And, I was glad he was in pain. I was glad I'd bloodied him.

He was the kinda guy that every woman should be afraid of … looked charmin' on the outside, but there were some screws loose in his fuckin' head. He was twisted and he'd had his sights on my girl. I needed to teach him a lesson.

Glenn yelled to Mike. "Mike, get him outta here."

Mike nodded and walked over to his brother. He leaned down to help him up; Nick batted his hand away.

"I'm fine for fucks sake!" Nick rolled onto all fours before he could get onto his own two feet.

"Jesus, Mike …!"

Glenn demanded to know what was goin' on.

"What the hell is all this?"

"Just a little misunderstandin' is all. No problem here …"

Nick hissed as he stormed passed his brother and then passed me and Glenn. I watched as walked back into the prison; his brother, Mike, now left behind to pick up the pieces.

Typical …

Mike walked up to me and Glenn. To say he looked saddened by the whole thing … would be an understatement; he was totally deflated.

"Sorry bout that. He's … well, he's ..." Mike tried to think of something that could smooth this over. "He can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. But, I swear … he's harmless. Really."

My eyes narrowed; my jaw tightened.

"Harmless, huh?"

Mike lowered his head for a moment before looking back at me. I wasn't even sure he believed what he was sayin' to us. I could tell he was ashamed of his brother's actions; his words.

I kinda felt bad for him. But, only for a second though.

Glenn looked over at me and then to Mike.

"Now, I don't know what the hell just happened here, but we're gonna have to bring up this fight with The Council. Now, I don't what started this, Mike." I could see Mike look over at me solemnly, while Glenn continued. "But, this might be grounds for expulsion."

Mike exhaled deeply. The reality of the situation sinking in …

He did his best to try and patch things up for him and his brother.

"I get it. I do." Mike paused and rubbed the back of his neck. "I'm real sorry, Daryl. Like I said, most of the time he's as harmless as they come." Mike then turned to Glenn. "I can …keep an eye on him; make sure he's on his best behavior, if that makes any difference. I really don't want this to cause any trouble for us here at the prison."

"You keepin' an eye on him didn't do much good tonight. Or, any other night from what I can tell."

Mike sighed. "I'll do better. I swear. We just gotta be able to stay. We can't go back out there. Not again."

I crossed my arms over my chest. I half thought about offerin' to just let his brother stay. Mike seemed like a good guy; he just had an asshole for a brother. I could relate.

But, I knew better … he'd never stay without his brother. Again, I could relate.

Glenn nodded.

"I think it would be a good idea for you and your brother to keep a low profile for the next couple of days. We gotta a Council meeting in two days."

I walked over to Mike.

"Think ya can keep him on a leash until then?"

Mike lowered his face into his hands. He seemed desperate.

"Yeah … whatever it takes." He quietly replied.

"Ya know what I'm talkin' bout."

Mike nodded yes.

"Yeah … I think I do."

"Okay …"

Mike shook his head; he was still in disbelief as to what just happened.

"I'm gonna head in then. Make sure he goes straight to his cell."

I glared at Mike.

"Make sure ya do …"

Mike nodded and walked back into the prison.

And as he slowly walked back into the prison, his head hung low. I found myself feelin' bad for this guy. I knew exactly what it was like to have an obnoxious selfish brother with criminal tendencies – it was a real pain in the ass!

But, Mike's dick brother wasn't my problem. The only problem I had to worry bout was the safety of this group … and that included keepin' Beth safe from this asshole. I couldn't have any this psycho walkin' round intimidatin' her anymore.

I was pretty sure the serious asskickin' was gonna keep him at bay for a little while … it would take him at least a few days to lick his wounds.

I was lost in my thoughts for a moment there, when I realized Glenn was still standin' beside me. His eyes wide; his mouth agape.

"What … the hell … was that?!"

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Nothin' … just a little misunderstandin', is all."

"Uh, huh … misunderstandin' my ass! You were gonna kill that guy!"

"I wasn't gonna kill him, Glenn. Jesus!"

"Sure looked like it."

"Nahh … I was just knockin' some sense into him."

"Can you elaborate on that a little?"

I looked over at Glenn and coolly replied. "No, not really."

"Jesus Christ, Daryl! Ya pummeled him into the ground and it took two of us to peel ya off of him. What the hell was that all about anyways?"

I didn't respond.

"Ya know you're gonna have to tell The Council at the meeting anyways. So, might as well just tell me know."

I exhaled deeply as I considered what he said. And, he was right … they'd know why we'd fought, just not why I felt so strongly about it.

"He's been pesterin' Beth."

Glenn's face scrunched up. He didn't understand.

"Pestering Beth? What do ya mean?"

"He's been on her … bout them hookin' up. He's been aggressive. Made her real uncomfortable a couple of times now."

"So, he's been … what? Tryin' to date her? Have sex with her?"

I sighed.

"It ain't just that … he's bein' pushy. He hasn't taken the hint. She got scared a few times."

Glenn laughed a little.

"Damn, Daryl! I mean, I know you're protective an all, but damn!"

"What?" My eyes narrowed. I didn't like his tone one bit. "The hell's that supposed to mean?"

"Are ya sure you're not overreactin' a little?"

I glared at Glenn.

When the hell have I ever overreacted to anythin'? I thought to myself.

I'd always kept a cool head here.

"Really, Glenn?" I paused and walked up to him. "I was just lookin' out for her. Somethin' ya might try doin' yourself sometime." I got in Glenn's face. "Ain't she supposed to be your sister now? What kinda brother are ya, if ya ain't lookin' out for her. Keepin' jerks like Nick away from her?"

I pushed Glenn in the shoulder and started to walk back towards the prison.

"I'm goin' to bed …"

"Daryl! Hey Daryl!" Glenn called from the distance. "Sorry man … I didn't mean …"

I slammed the door to the prison and didn't let hi finish what he was bout to say. Didn't matter to me though. Beth wasn't Glenn's number one priority, and I got that. But, she was mine, even if no one else here knew that.

Beth was my girl, and no one was gonna talk bout her like that. Or, make her feel uncomfortable. Not as long as I'm alive.

I'd kicked that piece of shit's ass, and I didn't think he'd be givin' anyone any trouble any time soon. And, after that Council Meeting, I figured he'd be as good as gone.



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