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My Guardian

My Guardian: Chapter Eighteen - Part One

Hello y'all :-D

Sooooo ... sorry that it has taken so long to update. My muse didn't just take a vacation; she's dead! Seriously, this was seriously difficult to write. Been busy with work ... I think that totally kills my creativity and suffocates my little TWD muse :-/

Thanks for being patient though ;)

I want to thank you to everyone who is reading and following this story ... I appreciate it.

And, a Special Thank you to IWillWatYourFace, Skyebbyox, LedaMaeDixon, Alice_Weekes, Dixon'sVixen, miss_mary, Daryl'sDoll, and Char_ for commenting on the last chapter - you all seriously rock!

I love you all! :))

Please note:
I had to break this chapter up into two parts. It was just TOO long. Plus, CH 18 PART TWO will have lemons and definitely rated M for mature. So, I broke it up for those of you who want to skim through the lemony chapters ;)

** For any REVIEWS & COMMENTS ... please NO SPOILERS about the Mid-Season Premiere for the readers that are on the other side of the pond and won't be watching it until tomorrow ... thank you ;-P

Anyways ... now back to our story ...


Shit! What's takin' him so long …?

As I laid Judy down on the bed and tucked her in, all I could think about was Daryl. What a pushy asshole Nick had become, and the fact that it had been bout twenty minutes now, since Daryl had sent me upstairs to put Judy down. I had figured Daryl was gonna be right up after me, but with everythin' that had happened tonight … I was gettin' worried now and wonderin' what could possibly be holdin' him up.

My imagination started to get the best of me.

I really hoped that that everythin' was alright. Daryl was pretty pissed off bout findin' me and Nick the way he did … Nick havin' pinned me to the wall with Judy in my arms. I was actually a little scared Daryl might hurt him real bad. And, if they fought, ya never know what can happen.

What if Nick pulled a knife on Daryl or worse …?

Now I'm really gettin' myself worked up … I need to calm down already!

I took a few deep breaths.

Perhaps I was worryin' for no reason. Maybe Daryl just had a few things he needed to check on before headin' to bed? Maybe he needed to go over somethin' with Glenn or Rick or one of the other Council members?

No matter what, I didn't want anyone gettin' hurt and I certainly didn't want Daryl puttin' himself in any kinda harm over this. I seriously don't know what I'd do if anythin' happened Daryl, especially, because of me.

My heart was racin' and my mind kept spinnin'.

"I hope everything's okay …" I whispered under my breath and gently rubbed Judy's back. She gave me a little smile while she slept.

Then, I heard his voice.

"Everythin's just fine, darlin' …"

I looked up and in my dimly lit cell I could see Daryl standin' in my doorway.

"Daryl!" I excitedly replied and then jumped up and threw my arms around his neck. "Thank God …!"

I held onto him tightly as he wrapped his arms around my waist and brought me in close against his body.

"Hey, hey … I'm fine." He gently caressed my arms and eased himself away from me and looked deep into my eyes. "Everythin's fine. Okay?"

I bit my bottom lip.

"I was gettin' worried. What took ya so long?"

I ran my hands down the lengths of his arms, until coming to rest in his own hands. I felt some bumps on his hands and some wetness, so I looked down to examine his hands while he continued to talk.

"Well, Nick and I …"

Then, I caught sight of his swollen knuckles and bloodied hands. I immediately grabbed a hold of his hands and cradled them in mine, and interrupted what he was sayin'.

"Jesus, Daryl! What happened?"

"Well … I was just startin' to tell ya, now wasn't I?" Daryl laughed a little.

I looked back up at him intently.

"I'm serious! What happened?"

Daryl smirked.

"Well, let's just say Nick and I finally had that conversation I've been meanin' to have with him for a while now."

I nodded for him to continue.

"And…? So … what does that mean?"

He paused; he could tell I was upset. His eyes darted back and forth; examining the features of my face … tryin' to read me and see just how upset I was.

"Nothin' ya gotta worry bout anymore. Don't think Nick Foster's ever gonna be botherin' ya again."

"Daryl …? What's that supposed to mean?"

Did Daryl kill him or somethin'?

"Just I called him out on his bullshit. Told him to leave ya alone." He paused and I could tell he was tryin' figure out the best way to tell me what he said next. "Then … I … beat his ass into the ground."

My eyes widened and my jaw dropped.

"What do ya mean; ya beat his ass into the ground? Is he …?" I paused and looked away from Daryl. "Is he … alive?"

Daryl almost sounded disappointed as he responded my question.

"Yes, he's still alive!"

He rubbed the scruff on his chin as he continued.

"I was just tryin' to make a point is all. And … I think he finally got it."

I bit started to fidget; messin' with the ends of my hair.

"So, you two got into a fight …? Over me …?"

Daryl nodded his head and stared back intently; walking a little closer to me.

"Yeah. I mean, no." He paused tryin' to collect his thoughts. "Listen, we can't a man like that around here. Not just with you … plus we got other women, other girls here to think about too. I told ya from the start I didn't like the guy."

Daryl took a step closer to me and wrapped an arm around my waist pullin' me in close to him.
"Hey …" He cupped my face with his hands. "I just sent him a message … one that he's not gonna be able to ignore anymore. That's all. I didn't kill him; I didn't bash his head in. But … I think he got the point."

I looked up at Daryl; my face still cradled in his hands.

"Really? So, ya think … that's it? Ya think he'll stop bein' such a jerk?"

Daryl smiled. "Mmm, hmm." Then, he leaned down and kissed me softly. "Hey, I don't want ya to worry bout any of this, ya hear me? Either way, I got this taken care of. There's gonna be a Council meetin' in the next day or two, and I'm gonna bring it up with The Council; see bout …."

My stomach felt like it fell through the floor; I interrupted him.

"What exactly are ya gonna bring up?"

"Just that I think Nick might be dangerous … and I think we should consider kickin' him outta the prison. Can't have a man like that around you, or any of the other women. It ain't safe."

"Ya really think he's actually dangerous, Daryl?"

Daryl's eyes narrowed a bit; his brows furrowed. I could tell that my comment rubbed him the wrong way.

"Yeah, I do …! I mean, come on Beth!Ya said yourself he's made ya nervous and even scared ya a couple of times. He's gotta go …!" He brushed a piece of hair away from my face; tuckin' it behind my ear. "But … I gotta bring it up with the rest of the Council before I go and kick him out on his ass. So …"

I nodded my head.

"Okay. I suppose you're right. I … I just wish I'd been able to get through to him, or that'd he just leave it be. But, he just won't …"

Daryl searched me eyes.

"Exactly. So, we'll put it before the Council. But, before then, I want ya to be extra careful. No more walkin' unattended at night, at least not until we get this all settled. Okay?"

"Sure …"

Daryl looked over at the bed where Judy was still layin' quietly sleepin'.

"Doesn't look like there's room in here for me tonight."

I gave him a crooked smile. "Guess not. I could make room for ya …"

Daryl smiled and pulled me in close to him.

"Yeah … I'm sure ya could." He pulled me tightly to him and kissed me softly. "But, I'm gonna head to my cell tonight. I got the night guard watch startin' tomorrow night, so I need to get sleep tonight. That alright with you?"

I knew he'd need his sleep tonight if he was gonna stay up all night tomorrow.

"Well …" I leaned into him and kissed his lips; biting on his bottom lip as I pulled away. "I'll certainly miss ya tonight … but … I'll be fine. Ya don't gotta worry bout me."

Daryl's face got serious.

"I don't know what I'd do without ya, Beth. Really. I mean, I guess I've always felt like it's my job to keep you and the others safe, but you … you're my girl now. You're my responsibility now … and I'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're safe."

I knew he was protective of me, but he'd always been protective of us all – even before me and him started up anythin'. And, I knew Daryl loved me, and I loved him. But, it was different to hear him express that love to me using these words. I felt just how much he really did feel like … I was his.

Being Daryl's girl … being "his" … I like how that makes me feel.

Makes me feel loved …

Safe …

And, totally turned on!

I leaned in and kissed him again, much longer and deeper this time. Our tongues darted back and forth like a playful dance, while my hands reached up and caressed the back of his neck. He pulled me in tighter to his core; placing his hands on my ass and grabbing a hold of me firmly.

"Damn …! I'm gonna miss ya tonight …"

I smiled and looked couldn't help my eyes from lookin' away; I could feel myself blushing.

"Gonna miss ya too …" I playfully replied.

"Got night watch tomorrow." Daryl smirked. "Ya plannin' on … visitin' me for a bit?"

"Course I am." I smiled. "As soon as I get Judy down … I'll be out there. Help ya keep watch for a while."

I couldn't help the childish giggle that escaped me. All I could think about was all the trouble we could get into tomorrow night, while the rest of the prison group was asleep.

I couldn't wait!


Next mornin' I awoke to Judy; she was quietly cooing to herself beside me. As I get myself and Judy ready, I couldn't help but think about the fact that Daryl had gotten into a fight with Nick last night.

I wonder if anyone else knows. And, if they do, what they're all sayin' bout it?

I finished feedin' Judy and walked passed Maggie and Glenn's cell on my way down to the common room below; Maggie was still in bed layin' down. The sheets were pulled over the bars, but I could still see that she was layin' on her side and had her hands to her face.

Is she cryin'?

I thought I might even have heard some whimpers comin' from inside, so I knocked quietly on the doorway and walked in.

"Maggie …?"

"Oh, hey!" She cleared her throat. "Mornin' Beth."

Maggie quickly sat up in the bed; wiping her eyes with both hands. I could tell she was tryin' to make it look like she was just rubbing the sleep from her eyes, but I knew they were tears.

Why's she hidin' tears from me? I thought to myself.

"Mornin' … ya alright?"

I sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Yeah … I'm fine."

She smiled unconvincingly.

"Mmm, hmm. Ya know Maggie, you are the worst liar. I swear."

Maggie laughed.

"No worse than you …!"

She made me giggle. She wasn't wrong; I was pretty terrible at lyin' for the most part. Well … except for this whole thing with Daryl. But, I didn't consider it a lie. We just wanted our privacy for a bit … and it was more of an omission. Or, at least that's what I was tellin' myself.

"Suppose …" I started to pat Judy on the back as she'd started to fuss a little. "Come on, sweetheart … it's alright."

Maggie held her arms out. "Can I …?"

"Of course."

I bundled up Judy and handed her over to Maggie. She stood up in the cell and started to bounce Judy a little as she paced in the cell. I looked up at her; Maggie was a natural.

She'll be such a great mom one day, I thought to myself.

I'd always hoped we'd both get a chance to actually be mothers at the same time, and raise our kids together.

Doubt that'll ever happen though …

Maggie continued to bounce Judy and pat her back, but then she stopped in front of me and leaned down a little and whispered; a mischievous smile stretched across her face.

"So, ya gonna tell me bout what happened last night, or what?"

She caught me off guard. I wasn't sure if she was talkin' bout the fight or maybe bout somethin' else. So, I played dumb.

"Whatcha mean? What happened last night?"

She laughed.

"Ha! There it is … you're a terrible liar Beth Greene. Ya know exactly what I'm talkin' bout!"

My eyes widened, my eyebrows arched; showin' her I still didn't know what she was talkin' about.

"Beth! Come on … by now, everyone knows."

She sounded so glib, which pissed me off a little and made me extremely anxious at the same time.

Shit! Everyone knows … already?

"What do ya mean … everyone knows?"

Maggie's lips tightened.

"Well … for one, Glenn told me that Daryl got into a fight with Nick last night. Actually, it wasn't really a fight; Daryl beat the shit outta him. Glenn had to pull him off of Nick … he like … went nuts on him."

I just stared back in silence.

Maggie continued.

"What? Ya didn't know?" I shook my head no. Maggie pursed her lips; she didn't believe me for one second. "Well, that's strange."

"Why's that?"

"Cause Glenn told me that Daryl admitted that the fight was over you. Or, about you, or somethin' like that. Care to share with your sister what the hell Daryl Dixon was doin' fightin' over you?"

Maggie cocked her head to the side as she waited for my response.

"Well …" I exhaled deeply as I tried to consider exactly what I was gonna tell Maggie about all of this. "Well … the thing is … Nick's been … real … pushy with me, if ya know what I mean."

"Pushy? What d'ya mean?"

"Well, I think he wants to … ya know … like be with me."

Maggie giggled.

"So, what … he's like got a crush on you or somethin'?"

I sighed.

"Well, it's a little more than a crush, I think."

"What? He loves you?"

Maggie sat back down beside. She looked like she was ready for all the juicy details.

"I don't know about that. I don't know if he loves me … maybe a little …" I paused. "Obsessed, maybe?"

Maggie's eyebrows arched; she was obviously curious to hear what I had to say.

"But, what I do know is that he's been … real aggressive about it. And, I really don't like it." I paused for a moment. "I don't like it all, as a matter of fact. He's kinda been botherin' me, and I told Daryl bout it."

Maggie nodded.

"Yeah … Glenn mentioned somethin' bout that to me. Guess Daryl kinda was upset with Glenn too; told him he needed to look after his little sister better."

Maggie nudged me and laughed. Guess she was still gettin' a kick outta the fact that they were married now and I was in fact Glenn's little sister now.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well, I don't know about that. I just know that I've spoken to Daryl about it and … I guess they got into about the topic."

"Well, besides the pushy thing … what is wrong with Nick? I mean, really?" She paused.

Maggie started to look around as she listed off his good qualities. She obviously wasn't gettin' the fact that the pushy aggressive behavior was becoming more than just a guy bein' persistent about goin' after a girl her likes. It was turnin' into somethin' else. So, she continued to tell me what a great guy he was.

"He's a good fighter, provider, he's definitely a good enough lookin' guy. He'd make a good partner. So, what else is it?"

I pursed my lips and considered if I was gonna spill the beans about Daryl, but then Maggie continued.

"What? Are ya seein' someone else?" Maggie started to giggle. "Oh, oh … I get it." She paused.

"You and Daryl, right?"

Her giggles turned into more of a hearty laugh at this point. I wasn't amused.

"That's it! That's why Daryl kicked his ass!"

She continued to snicker at the idea of me and Daryl bein' a couple, which really pissed me off. And, it made me wonder if now was really the time to say somethin' to her.

"What'd be wrong with that, anyways?" I snapped at her.

Maggie quieted down.

"Nothin' … nothin' would be wrong with that. It's just … ya know?"


"Its just Daryl's so shy … and ain't he a little old for you?"

"What? It's not like he's daddy's age."

"I know, I know … wait? You're not sayin' that you and Daryl are … ya know?"

I shook my head.

"No, no … of course not! It's just … if we were … I don't think there'd be anythin' wrong with it."

I was digging a little from her.

"No, guess not. But, if you're not seein' anyone else, why wouldn't ya at least consider Nick? I mean, seriously?"

Maggie smiled and put her hand on my leg and squeezed.

"It's not like you're gettin' any younger."

She tried her best to hold in her laugh, but couldn't.

Now that's enough!

She was startin' to really piss me off; here I'd come in here to see what was goin' on with her, and here she was actin' like this with me. I was very close to just walkin' out on her.

"Come on, Maggie. Now you're just givin' me a hard time!"

"I'm sorry …" She paused and tried to compose herself. "I'm sorry. Really."

"I'm just not interested in Nick like that. I know he's a capable man; you think he's awesome, right? But, I'm not attracted to him, okay?"

Maggie nodded.

"Okay, well that makes sense then. So, you'd definitely never consider him?"

"No. Never."

Maggie tilted her head back; she looked surprised at how quickly I'd answered her.

"Wow! Okay …" She paused. "So, ya said he's been botherin' ya. What's he been doin' anyways?"

I wasn't sure if I wanted to go into this either. It was a really uncomfortable topic to talk about.

"Well … he's just … made me feel really uncomfortable … on more than one occasion."

Maggie's eyebrows furrowed; the look of curiosity on her face turned to one of concern.

"Ya said he was botherin' ya; I figured ya just meant he was like a puppy dog in love kinda thing, or just bein' persistent." She closed her eyes tight for a moment as she thought. "And, what the hell d'ya mean "uncomfortable" … how'd he do that?"

"He's come on to me. Been real … touchy feely." I paused for emphasis. "Like really touchy feely."

Maggie sat there silently as I continued.

"And, he's always talkin' bout us, and our future, and all this stuff … like it's a done deal already. It's really creepy, Maggie." I looked more intently at Maggie. "And, the worst part is … I've told him I'm not interested. I've tried bein' nice, I've tried bein' direct and I've even been kinda mean … but … he just won't give up. He didn't take the hint and he hasn't left me alone even after I told him to." My voice cracked a little at the end, as I continued. "He just won't stop …"

Maggie could tell I was gettin' upset.

"Jesus, Beth! I had no idea. I mean, really … I had no idea any of that was goin' on. Why the hell didn't ya talk to me about it, or daddy?"

I bit my lip, unsure of how to put this.

"Well, I guess I just figured you had enough on your plate right now. Ya know … with everythin' that happened? And, I tried to just handle it myself."

I could see Maggie's eyes go a little blank; she looked saddened that I was unable to come to her with this.

"And, daddy? Well, I just didn't feel comfortable talkin' to him bout it."

Maggie snapped at me at me a bit.

"Ya couldn't tell daddy? Why the hell not? What about the Council?

Why was she getting so mad? What's wrong with her …?

"Because, Maggie. I just didn't, okay. I didn't want this to become some "thing" here, is all. I wanted to keep the peace."

Maggie calmed down a bit; she still seemed irritated that I didn't tell our father.

I suppose I should've talked to him about it …

"I guess … some peace ya kept here." She huffed. "So, ya told Daryl?"

Maggie shook her head in disbelief.

"What? What's wrong with me talkin' to him bout it?"

"Nothin' I guess … it's just weird that ya told Daryl before ya told me or daddy. It's just odd."

"Whatever, Maggie. I told Daryl because he happened to be there for me."

"I mean, I knew you two had gotten closer and all, but … not closer than me and you."

We're sisters and we're supposed to be close. I guess she was upset because I didn't talk to her first. I was startin' to understand where she was comin' from now. She wasn't tryin' to be a bitch or anythin' … she just saw it as proof that maybe her and I weren't as close as we once had been.

"Maggie …" I paused. "It's just you've been …"

"I've been what?"

"Different … you've been different since ya got back. From Woodbury."

Maggie looked down and then held Judy out for me to take her.

"I don't wanna talk bout Woodbury."

Her face went blank; she looked like she was a million miles away.

"Why not, Maggie? I mean, you've been actin' different ever since ya got back. I know that the Governor did some … things … to you. But, ya never did say what." I paused. "And, since that ... well, you haven't been yourself, is all I'm really sayin'."

I didn't want to be mean or call her out on anythin' but I had to. Here she is accusing me of bein' a bad sister or somethin', but she's been in no condition to handle anythin' since she got back from Woodbury. I'd caught her cryin' too many times to count now. And, it's not like she'll talk about it even when I have asked. Just like she ain't sayin' anythin' now!

"Well ... Glenn and I were kidnapped and held prisoner, Beth." She paused and I could see the tears welling up in her eyes.

"Is that it, Maggie? Cause it doesn't seem like it. It seems like somethin' else happened too."

A tear slipped down her cheek.

"I'm sorry Maggie; I didn't mean to make ya cry."

She wiped the tear away.

"It's alright." She paused and pursed her lips. "You're right … there's more to it than just that …" She paused. "I'm sorry, I can't …"

"I know there is and that's why I didn't want to bother you with this stupid stuff."

Maggie nodded.

"I get it now. Ya didn't think I could handle it. Maybe you're right. I have been … off lately. You have no idea just how off, I really am …"

She bit the inside of her cheek as she thought.

"It's not that ya couldn't handle it … I just didn't want to bother ya with somethin' that I was hopin' to take care of on my own."

"Mmm, hmm … but ya told Daryl. Guess it's good that you were able to talk to him bout it.
Guess he's the only one Zen around here these days, huh?"

"Yeah, and … he was there. He happened to see one of the times when Nick was bein' "pushy" and Daryl asked if I was okay … and I told him no. So, Daryl made sure that I would be okay." I laughed a little. "You know Daryl … he's protective of us all like that."

Maggie laughed. "Yeah, I guess he is, isn't he?"

"Mmm, hmm … he sure is."

"So, that's why Daryl beat up Nick? Cause Nick wouldn't let up?" Maggie's voice was just a whisper as she continued. "He didn't do anythin' else, did he?"

"Well, Nick has pushed the limits several times with me … but … last night …"

Maggie chimed in; she looked worried.

"Last night … what?"

"Well, after dark I was walkin' with Judy. Ya know, tryin to get her to sleep?" Maggie nodded.

"Well, it was dark and I didn't notice at first, but Nick had followed me."

Maggie's eyes widened. "And …?"

"And, he started up with his "futuristic we're meant to be together shit" … And, next thing I knew; he had me backed up and pinned up against the wall of the west corridor downstairs. I kept askin' for him to just leave me alone and he wouldn't. And, then when I tried to leave he grabbed a hold of my arms and physically wasn't lettin' me leave."

"Jesus, Beth! That bastard!"

"Yeah, and its not the first time he's done somethin' like that … he's scared me a few times. Thought he might … do somethin'…"

Maggie looked furious; her eyes narrowed.

"Son-of-a-bitch!" Maggie yelped. "I'm gonna fuckin' kill him!"

Wow! That was not the response I was expectin' from my sister. She looks mad as hell!

"Well, ya don't have to … Daryl almost did."

Maggie looked stunned and then smiled.

"That fucker! I'm so sorry Beth, I had no idea. I really thought he was a nice guy."

"I still think he's a nice guy, Maggie. Well … kind of. I mean, he's just been confused and has stepped over the line a few times, but I don't think he's evil or nothin' like that. He's just …"

"Completely steppin' over the line! He shouldn't be doin' any of those things ya mentioned. None of them. If they're unwelcomed advances, touching, whatever … he should've taken the hint the first time." She paused. "No doesn't mean yes … if he thinks that … then he's dangerous, Beth."

I nodded my head.

"That's what Daryl thinks … but I don't know if he would actually do anythin'. I think he's just really … confused."

"Confused or now; I'm sure as hell glad that Daryl kicked his ass." Maggie paused. "Ya know, I'm gonna talk to him."

"No, Maggie. No! Don't talk to him. Daryl said Nick understood now. No need to go and …"

Maggie cut me off.

"Please … I want to. I want to make sure he leaves ya alone. I mean, I'm not even sure I even want him stayin' here in the prison for that matter. But, if he is, he definitely needs to know that there's rules here. That there's boundaries that are not meant to be crossed. You're my little sister, Beth. And, I don't want nothin' to happen to ya. We finally got a little bit of peace back here … and Nick Foster isn't gonna ruin it for you or for any of us."

Maggie stood up again.

"I'm gonna talk to him, okay? I want to make sure he's one hundred percent on the same page here."

I nodded.

"Okay, Maggie. I'd appreciate it. If it gets the point across and he leaves me alone, it would be better for all of us – him included. Cause if he doesn't … I think Daryl's gonna ask for Nick to get kicked out."

Maggie crossed her arms and shifted her weight in her hips.

"Good. That's probably what should happen anyways."

"Maybe. But, I'm not quick to send anyone back out there." I paused; Maggie knew what I was talkin' about. "You remember what's it like. I just want to make sure we've given him a chance to make this right before sendin' him back out into the world again."

Maggie nodded.

"I suppose that's the Christian thing to do, but … I don't even know if God's watchin' us anymore. Maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe we just need to take care of our own and make sure they're safe." Maggie's lips tightened. "And, if he makes you feel unsafe, then maybe its time for him to get the fuck outta here."

"Maybe … but like I said, I don't want him and his brother to get kicked out unless they absolutely have to, ya know?"

Maggie smiled.

"You're too sweet, Beth. Too sweet."

"No, I'm just tryin' to save his life, if I can."

"Well, I'm gonna talk to him and let him know what's up. If he wants to stay and if The Council even lets him stay … he's gonna have to play by the rules."

"Agreed! He needs to stop actin' like such a stubborn ass!"

Maggie and I laughed. It wasn't really a funny topic or conversation, but there we were laughin' nonetheless.

"Alright. Well … I'm gonna head down; I got some chores I gotta finish up. I'll talk to Nick and let ya know how it goes, okay?"

I smiled. "Thanks, Maggie."

"No problem." She started to walk out the doorway and I followed behind her. "Hey, ya need anythin' while I'm down there?"

"Nope. Judy and I are good for now."

Maggie started to walk down the catwalk and towards the stairs, while Judy and I made our way to the small library and office area on the second floor. I'd set up a little play area there, where I could relax and entertain her during the day. Better than bein' cooped up in my cell all day.

As the hours passed, I couldn't help but wonder what Maggie was gonna say. I kept imagining their conversation, Maggie gettin' upset with him … I wondered what the heck he was gonna say in response to all this. Especially, after what happened last night with Daryl. I kinda felt bad for him for some stupid reason. But, in the end, this was for his own good. If he didn't leave me be and start actin' right; Daryl, Maggie and the rest of The Council would deem him unfit to live at the prison and he'd get thrown back into the world of the walkers again. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, and I know he'd spent a long time out there just him and Mike; he wouldn't want to go through that again. I just hoped his fear of bein' out on the road was much stronger than the "love" or "like" that he felt for me.

It had to be, right?


Maggie returned several hours later and had the best news.

"Well, I talked to Nick."

My eyes widened.

"And …?

I couldn't wait to hear what they'd talked about.

"Well, I laid into him … really gave him a piece of my mind."

I nodded.

"Told him that you weren't interested in him like that, romantically, ya know? And … I told him that it wouldn't just be Daryl kickin' his ass if I heard bout him botherin' ya again."

I snickered.

"You did not say that?"

"I did." Maggie crossed her arms. "And, I told him that if he didn't start to act right around here … both him and his brother would find themselves back on the road again."

"Really …? Ya told him that …?"

"Mmm, hmmm. I did."

"So …? How'd he take it?"

Maggie smiled.

"He tried to wiggle his way outta the conversation a t first. Then, he tried to say that it was totally innocent; gave me a bunch of bullshit excuses. But, I told him that it didn't matter … he was to leave ya alone. End of story."

"Wow … well good! I'm glad. Hopefully, this will be the end of it."

"By the way … have you seen him yet?"

Maggie had a devilish smile on her face.

"His face is … pretty messed up."

My eyes widened.

I hadn't really thought about Nick; I'd been so worried about Daryl, his hand and what he'd said … I'd totally forgotten about Nick.

"Is it bad?"

"Umm … yeah! It's real bad. Black eye, busted fat lip, swollen thing on his face that's bruised and looks like he's smugglin' an egg in his forehead. It's bad."

"Geez …"

"Yeah, Daryl really went to town on him. Not that I blame him now."

"Wow …" I said quietly under my breath.

"Yeah, saw Daryl too. Thanked him for lookin' out for ya." Maggie paused. "He's so funny some times."

"Why's that?"

"Nothin' … he just got all shy and quiet when I brought you up. His eyes lit up, but then he could barely look at me."

"Oh … yeah, he's just shy bout takin' compliments."

"No, I know." Maggie pursed her lips. "It's still funny though."



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