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My Guardian

My Guardian: Chapter Twenty-Three

Hey y'all,

Sorry to keep ya waiting … I teased ya with a lemony chapter and took over a week to get it up. I was a bad girl …

Thankfully, I've got it up (no pun intended) and its ready for y'all. I even made it a REALLY long chapter (25 pages - longest chapter I've ever written), so I do hope ya enjoy it :-D

I just wanted to thank everyone for reading this story. It's been so much for to actually put Daryl and Beth together and re-work some of my favorite scenes so that they go the way many of us Bethyl fans wanted them to go. This next chapter is LEMONY, so if you're not into that – don't read it. Its not too graphic, but you've been warned ;-P

I've gotten quite a few new followers and favorites over the last week thanks to all of the serious Bethyl feels that happened during Season 4 of TWD, so I want to thank all of the new peeps … so glad you're enjoying the story.

To all of you new readers please do make sure if you're reading this story to SUBSCRIBE so you can keep up-to-date with all future posts ;)

Of course, you know I love all my loyal readers that have been reading and following along since the beginning! * Lots of hugs *

And, as always I want to give a Special Thank you to: GoBethyl, Bethyl FTW, TeamBethyl, Ms. Crossbow, acquadreams10, Alice_Weekes, arrowtwd, tgirl01, Pais, Char_, emmaLee17, msspykey, bbhlvr64, ddbgfan, Kelly Frock, AmberStone, c1ndylou, and SarahBeth for commenting on the last chapter - you all seriously rock!

I love you all! :))

Now ... finally … back to our story...!


Daryl's POV –

I slowly opened the trunk and Beth popped her head up and sighed in relief. I got up on my knees and looked around, my crossbow readied – no walkers in sight.

"Go on. Time to move." I motioned for her to get out.

Beth crawled out and slung her small backpack over her shoulders. She started to dust the dirt and filth off her pants.

"Is it always like this, Daryl?"

"Pretty much." I paused and stretched; raising my arms above my head. My back was achin' and I had a kink in my neck from the awkward position I was in all night. "For whatever reason, ya always end up runnin'. Always runnin'."

"I had no idea, Daryl." Beth looked like she just realized how dangerous the whole supply run missions had been. She must've been thinkin' bout all the times I'd been gone. All the mishaps. All the times where I was good as dead. Beth was processin' it all; her eyes starin' off and her brow furrowed with worry. "I didn't know."

I reached over and grabbed a hold of Beth bringin' her close to me and gave her a bear hug; my arms wrapped around her.

"Don't worry bout all that right now. Let's just get our vehicle back and get the hell outta here. What d'ya say?"

Beth looked up at me and smiled. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed me. "Okay."

"Alright, let's go." I tossed my crossbow over my shoulder and started to walk quickly back into the wooded area and back towards the mortuary.

We had to get that vehicle and those supplies and I was really hopin' that the herd was gone and we could get back on the road. But, it would be another two hours before we'd reach the edge of the woods and the highway. We stayed behind the tree line as I looked out.

"Looks clear. Might be a few of em still wanderin' around. So stay close."

"I'll be right behind you."

Hopefully, tonight will be less eventful.


Beth's POV -

As we walked up the road back towards the mortuary, I could see there were still some walkers that seemed lost amongst the vast rows of headstones and even a few still lurkin' around the home. We approached and Daryl quickly dispatched of the two closest to us and he started to jog towards the SUV.

"Come on." He waved me to follow him.

Daryl jumped in the driver's seat and I circled around to the passenger side and jumped in. As soon as I closed the door, I saw that the noise had attracted a few walkers and they started to moan and stumble towards us. Daryl started the SUV, revved the engine and peeled outta the drive way; leavin' the pack of walkers in the dust. We drove back towards the highway; my heart was still pounding in my chest. My body was tired and sore from spendin' the night in the trunk of that car; I hoped we could actually get some sleep tonight.

"So, where are we off to now?"

Daryl looked over at me slightly, his eyebrows arched; he seemed pretty sure of himself.

"Don't ya worry. I think you'll like this next place."

"Well, pretty much anythin's better than a mortuary or the trunk of car." I sarcastically added. "Don't ya think?"

"Suppose so." Daryl's eyes focused in on the highway ahead of us. "The mortuary wasn't all that bad." I could see Daryl was joking and he was tryin' to hold in his laugh.

"Yes. It was very romantic." I pursed my lips and crossed my arms. "That's not funny, by the way."

"Hell, yeah, it is." Daryl couldn't hold it in any longer; he chuckled to himself.

Daryl's laugh was contagious. I nudged him in the shoulder and found myself giggling hysterically.

I finally caught my breath. "Okay, well maybe it was a little funny."

Daryl gave me a crooked smile and then his turned his attention back on the road. Good thing too because although the roads were empty of people you still had to keep your eyes open. You always had to be on the lookout. Whether it was for walkers that might stumble out on the road or abandoned cars that had been left in the middle of the road … driving could still be very dangerous these days.

That in mind, I kept my seat belt on, but leaned over and rested my head on Daryl's shoulder. I could feel him settle into his seat for the long drive ahead of us; his hand found its way to my leg. My body tingled at the slight touch of where his fingers wrapped in towards my inner thigh.

"So, bout how long until we get …?" I paused as I realized I didn't even really know where the hell we were going. "Wait, where are we goin' anyways?"

"It's a surprise."

"Oh, yeah? A surprise?" I looped my arm through his and snuggled in as close as I could to him. "I like surprises."

"Good." Daryl smiled and gave my thigh a quick squeeze. "Hey. Don't ya gotta take that second pill?"

Shit! I can't believe I forgot!

I did tend to get just a little forgetful when I was sleep deprived, but this was somthin' important.

How could I have not remembered?

"Oh!" I paused as I realized that I had totally forgotten about it. "Yeah, I do."

Daryl pulled the SUV over to the side of the road and turned off the engine.

"Ya got em?"

"Yeah, I think they're in my bag. Hang on."

I reached down for the duffel bag near my feet and pulled it onto my lap. I immediately started sifting through the rubble in my bag; it looked like a bomb went off in it. I was never very good at keeping my purse and things organized, so it's no wonder my pack for the road was such a disaster. I continued to dig until I came across the package and pulled it out. I zipped the duffel and flung it back towards my feet.

"Got it!" I exclaimed triumphantly.

There it was. I pulled the plastic packaging with the pills outta the box, the instructions for them fell onto my lap. I checked the package. One pill missing. The second pill was just waitin' for me; the pill that would prevent a pregnancy or at least that was the plan. Our "Plan B."

"What an appropriate name for this little pill," I thought to myself, as I quickly plucked the pill from its packaging.

I reached for a water bottle on the floorboard and took a quick swig before swallowing the second pill. I looked over at Daryl and he looked a bit concerned.

"Are ya sure it's alright ya didn't take it last night?" He paused and reached for the pamphlet of instructions on my lap. "Should ya take more of em or somethin'?"

"No, no. I can't take another set of pills, Daryl. That's not how this stuff works."

Daryl seemed completely engrossed in the instructions, trying to decipher some ancient hieroglyphics or somethin'. I laughed a little under my breath and snatched the papers from his hands.

"Hey!" The look on Daryl's face was so sweet. I knew he was worried, so I tried to explain.

"Listen. The pills just make it so ya can't get pregnant." I paused before layin' the heavy truth on him. "However, if you're already pregnant. Ya know? Let's say, we got pregnant that night? Well … then the pills don't do anythin'."

Daryl's mouth fell open a little. He tried to act cool though.

"What d'ya mean, if you're already pregnant?"

"Well, it just prevents pregnancy from happening if it hasn't happened already." I paused. "It's preventative. Ya know? Last minute? Plan B? It doesn't do anythin' if you're already …"

My words trailed off - I just couldn't say the word "pregnant" again. For some reason the idea popped into my head that made me fear that if I kept reciting the word over and over again, it might actually cause me to be pregnant. I know it's weird, but – whatever, it's how I felt.

I looked at Daryl as he quietly considered what I just said; he looked very deep in thought. He rubbed the coarse bristles of his beard and let out a loud sigh as he exhaled deeply. His eyes trailed to the road ahead of us.

"Alright. Well, we can talk bout this later. We still got a little while before we get to where we're gonna spend the night, so we better get back on the road."

He started the engine back up and pulled back onto the highway.

That's it? That's all he's gonna say?

He was obviously worried, but I didn't push it. We drove for a while before I finally broke the awkward silence that had fallen between us.

"Ya wanna listen to some music or somethin'?" Daryl didn't reply he just nodded yes. I wasn't sure if there was something he liked to listen to when he was drivin', so I thought I'd let him be the DJ on this trip. "Anythin' ya wanna listen to?"

"Nah, ya can listen to whatever ya want." Daryl pointed to the glove compartment. "I think Glenn put some CDs in there."

"No, I'm fine. I just wanted to see if maybe you wanted to listen to somethin'." Daryl shrugged his shoulders, like he wasn't at all interested in what I was sayin'. "Are ya okay?"

"Just thinkin', is all."

"Yeah? Bout what?"

Daryl looked over at me. "Ya know."

I watched as his eyes as they darted from mine, down to my belly and then back to the road.

"Oh." I reached over and grabbed his arm; bringing his hand to my lap. I clasped his hand between mine. "Hey, I don't want ya to worry."

Daryl grunted a little as if he wasn't sure what I was sayin' was true. I could see he was chewin' on inside of his cheek, which was another little nervous habit he has.

"I'm positive the pills are gonna work. I'll be getting my period any day now, okay? I can feel it, I swear."

Daryl glanced at me for a moment, a small tight lipped smile formed on his face.

"Ya can feel it?"

"I think so. I feel like I'm gonna start, ya know? My period. So …"

The crease between Daryl's eyebrows relaxed. I ran my left hand up his arm and onto his neck and shoulder; I could feel the tension, so I started to give him a massage.

"There. Just relax."

Daryl laughed under his breath. "Sure. Easier said than done."


Now, I wasn't just tryin' to reassure Daryl and I wasn't lyin' about feeling my period coming. I mean, it wasn't due for another week or so, but I often started to get bloated and a little headachy the week before. PMS was pretty much on schedule, so I really did believe that we were in the clear. I knew we were.

About a half hour passed, and Daryl took us to God only knows where. I hadn't been paying attention to the road signs and all of the turns, highways and routes we'd turned down. Finally, Daryl made one last left turn down a road and at the end I could see a large gate and a small building where I assumed a guard or guards once were stationed.

"Where are we?"

Daryl smiled. "You'll see."

We finally arrived in front of the gate. "Lakeview Heights" was the name written in wrought iron script across the front of the gates. He'd brought me to some private gated community, and from the looks of it, well, it was real fancy.

"Wow, ya weren't kiddin'." I smiled. "This will definitely be a step up from the mortuary!"

"More like hundred steps! I'll be right back."

Daryl stopped and left the engine running as he jumped outta the SUV and carefully walked over to the guard station. Apparently, no one was in there. I watched as he walked over to the side of the gate nearest the station. I could see the tension in the gate slacken; Daryl then pushed it open wide enough for us to drive through.

"Hey. Where'd ya learn how to do that?"

"They got emergency releases on them in case of power outages." Daryl shrugged his shoulders. "Ya just gotta know where to look."

We then drove through the gates and started down the long road ahead of us.

"Come on, Daryl. Are we really gonna stay in one of these places tonight?"

Daryl nodded his head yes and leaned his left arm on the edge of the window.

"There's one in particular I wanted to take ya to."

I started to get really excited. I'd never even been in a community like this before, only seen em on the T.V. The road was lined with tall trees and every so often there'd be a break in the trees, which exposed the gated entry to a very large house behind it. No, these weren't houses, these were mansions.

"So, how'd ya know where to go? I mean, how'd ya know bout this place?"

Daryl glanced over at me briefly; he almost looked embarrassed.

"Merle had a friend I guess ya could call him. He was a …"

"He was a what?"

"A junkie. Just one of Merle's tweaker buddies. He used to live here."

My face scrunched up when he said that; it didn't make any sense. "Really? How's that?"

Daryl paused. I could tell he was unsure if he should be tellin' me all this. But, I loved it. He didn't talk too much bout himself before all this happened, so any little look into his past life was really intriguing.

"And?" My curiosity was absolutely killin' me.

Daryl continued to explain how it was that Daryl and Merle knew someone who lived in homes that looked like they should've been on MTV cribs or Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. These were country club, Bentley and Rolls Royce driving people – the only hunting and fishing that these people did was for sport. These were not people that would've associated with the Dixon family – or mine for that matter.

"Well, this buddy of his grew up here. His parents have, I mean they had, a place here." Daryl paused. "He was a younger guy, but he'd been an addict for a few years before Merle ever met him. Before I ever met him." Daryl paused again. "Just a rich kid hangin' with the wrong crowd, I suppose."

Daryl's lips tightened and I could see that Daryl was uncomfortable tellin' the story and why he seemed so embarrassed. When he said the "wrong crowd," Daryl was referring to himself, Merle and whoever else they used to associate with.

Daryl had been the wrong crowd.

But, that didn't bother me in the least. I didn't even know the man Daryl had been before all this, and it didn't make me look at him any differently. So, I let him know it was okay to keep goin' … to keep opening up to me.

"So? Finish your story."

"So, anyways. This kid, Aaron. His family had money, but from what I remember him sayin', they basically cut him off and didn't let him come round much cause of the drugs. Guess he found out they were gonna be outta town for a while, so Aaron invited me, Merle and a few of our other buddies over here. We crashed there for bout a week. They got high and I was lit the entire time."

"You were lit?"

"Yeah, ya know? Drunk."

"Oh! I've never heard that term before."

Daryl laughed under his breath.

"Well …" Daryl started to tell the story with a little more enthusiasm now. I could tell although they'd been drinkin' and up to no good, it must've been a fun week for Daryl. "They have this dock on the lake, so we took out their boats, went fishin', played pool, ya know, just hung out."

It was a happy memory for him, I could see it in his eyes.

"Well, it certainly sounds like fun!"

"Yeah." Daryl paused and rubbed his chin for a moment. "We had a good time, I guess. Didn't get into any trouble, or nothin'."

"What d'ya mean?"

"Just that, some times things got a little outta hand with Merle and his friends when they were high. Or, when we'd all be drinkin'. Merle and his buddies were unpredictable sometimes."

By the look on Daryl's face, I could tell there were definitely a lot more stories where this one came from and they probably were not filled with mansions, speed boating or fishing on a lake - they were most likely a lot darker.

I wanted to get him off the topic of some of this other experiences with Merle and these old friends of his. Off the past and on to the present.

"Well, I'm excited ya brought me here." Daryl looked over at me and then nodded; a silent "your welcome" from my man. I loved that he was bringin' me somewhere from his past. It felt really special that he was lettin' me in on somethin' that literally no one else in the world knew about except for me now.

"So, there's a lake?"

"Yeah, Lake Lanier."

"Think we can go swimmin'?" I excitedly questioned him.

"Maybe." He paused. "We'll see." Daryl was lookin' up ahead on the road. We were comin' up on another one of those openings in the trees. "Over there." Daryl pointed to the right hand side of the road. "That was Aaron's place."

Daryl only slowed down for like a second as we passed by the gated entrance.

"Aren't we goin' there?"

"Nah, not Aaron's house. There's another one. It's at the end of the road here. That's the one I wanna take ya to."

I wasn't sure why he wanted to go to this other house, but I wasn't gonna argue. All of em looked great to me.

We finally got to the very end of the road, which dead ended at a very large gate that we pulled up in front of. Behind the gate I could see a huge red brick mansion behind the gates - it looked like a fortress! It was definitely the biggest house I'd ever seen in person.

"This one?"

"Mmm, hmm."

"Wow!" My mouth fell open.

Daryl jumped outta the driver's seat and grabbed his crossbow. "Pull in after I open the gates. I'm gonna close em behind you."


I slid myself over to the driver's side of the SUV, while Daryl was able to locate the emergency release on this gate. The gates swung open and I waited for Daryl to close em up behind us. Daryl jumped in on the passenger's side this time, gesturin' for me to drive up to the main house.

"Go on. Just pull up and park near the garage on the left."

As I drove down the road that led to the house, I started to take in this place. This was Daryl's surprise for me and it was truly impressive. As we approached the house, I could see it was laid out in the shape of a "U," the main house branched off into two separate wings on either side of it and there was a huge circular driveway in the front.

"Just park by the garage."

"That's a garage? It's as big as a house!"

The garage was so huge it must've fit like 10 cars. This was just the most ridiculous house I'd ever seen. It was crazy to think people lived like this; somethin' I never thought I'd ever see in my lifetime. But, here we were.

I pulled around and parked. I quickly got out, but not before grabbin' a handgun and tuckin' it in my waistband before closin' the door.

"Jesus, Daryl. I've never seen nothin' like this before."

Daryl reached in and grabbed his crossbow and another gun which he then walked over to me.

"Here. Just in case. Don't use the guns unless we gotta. We don't wanna announce to the world that we're here. We still gotta clear this place."

My eyes widened. "Daryl? How the hell are we gonna do that? This place is way too big."

Daryl laughed. "Come on." Daryl started to walk stealthily towards the side of the house. "That weekend I spent up here was bout one month before, ya know? All this shit happened. Anyways, no one was livin' here. This was probably their summer home or some shit."

Daryl and I got to a side entrance and Daryl used his elbow to smash in the glass window pane on the door and unlock it. "Anyways … this place should be empty. But, we still gotta be on alert. So, stay close to me. We'll clear the first floor, then the second. Then, we'll barricade the areas we're not gonna use. Okay?"



I followed Daryl as we went from one grand room to the next. The entire first floor looked like it was outta a magazine. Everything about this place screamed luxury: tall vaulted ceilings, custom furniture and cabinetry, huge pieces of expensive modern art covered the walls - it was all just breathtaking. I could totally see why Daryl would wanna bring me here. But, I certainly would've never guessed Daryl had this planned for us when we left the prison the other day. It was almost like he'd planned a couple's getaway for us; a weekend trip at some nice hotel or resort.

I loved that he'd thought to bring me somewhere special. And, it was somewhere from his past, which he knew I'd love. I never asked too much about his past, but what girlfriend doesn't want to know, right?

"I think this is about as plush as ya can get after the world ends,"
I kept thinkin' to myself as we went through each room. Well, that and I was wonderin' which room we'd spend the night in - it kinda had me a little preoccupied.

Now, Daryl ended up bein' right about clearin' the first floor; it only took us twenty minutes to clear the first floor and, thankfully, there were no walkers and no sign of any people.

Next, we had to clear the second floor.

There was a double staircase leading from the foyer up to the second floor. I took one side and Daryl the other. I couldn't help the stupid grin that stretched across my face, when I looked over at him as we both ascended this opulent staircase.

Daryl caught my goofy grin. "What?"

"Nothin'. Just who needs to two staircases, anyways?" I couldn't help but laugh.

"I have no idea." He put his finger to his mouth to quiet me and he pointed upstairs. "Shh …"

At the top of the stairs there was a whole other living room that overlooked the one downstairs. That's right, a second living room! I seriously couldn't believe it.

Daryl motioned to me; waving me over so that we could check the left wing of the house first. After checking every room (there were four of them), we closed them back up and headed over to the right wing of the house. Each room it was the same – all clear. As we got closer to the room at the end of the hallway with double doors, Daryl noticed that one of the doors had been left slightly ajar. He pointed to it and then grabbed my arm; gently pullin' me behind him. He kept his crossbow aimed skillfully at the opening and motioned for me to stay put. Daryl obviously wanted to check it out first, before letting me in.

I started to get worried; it seemed as if Daryl was takin' forever. If all the other rooms had been closed up, why was this one open at all? My stomach started to do flips.

Maybe we weren't alone after all?

Now, Daryl was only in there for about a minute but it seriously felt like hours. And, when he finally reemerged, he lowered his bow and smiled.

"All clear."

I couldn't help the sigh of relief that escaped me. "Oh, thank God. I got an awful feelin'."

Daryl grabbed and pulled me into his side and kissed my forehead. "Looks like we're walker free. Come here, ya gotta see this place."

Daryl grabbed my hand and led me into the master bedroom of the house. It was basically the size of a normal person's entire home or apartment. There was a giant king size bed that was all white with down linens, a fireplace, a lounge area, two ridiculously big walk-in closets and a master bath that was like being in a spa.

We both wandered around the room just taking in how beautiful everythin' was. Daryl went and sat down on the couch near the fireplace, putting his boots up on the coffee table.

"Not bad, huh?"

"Yeah, not bad at all." I made my way over to the window, well, windows - they extended along the entire length of the room. I pulled the sheers back and could see that the bedroom had a view of the lake. "Daryl, come here. You can see lake from up here."

Daryl sauntered over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist from behind; lookin' over my shoulder. He leaned in and kissed my shoulder, as I looked out at the view. From up here, in this bedroom … I started to feel like life was perfect or somethin'. The horrors that we'd faced over the last year all seemed to melt away.

"Well, now ya done it." I turned around to face him. "How am I ever gonna go back to the prison after stayin' in a place like this?" I laughed and pulled him in close to me.

Daryl smiled and kissed me. "Dunno. But, I thought it might be fun for a night. We don't get a lot of that these days."

"This certainly is special, Daryl." I kissed him again. "Thank you." I leaned in and pressed my head against his chest and held onto him. I could hear his steady heartbeat and I closed my eyes for a moment. Daryl kissed the top of my head and pulled away.

"We gotta get this place ready for tonight." I nodded. "Since it's so big, we're gonna need some noise perimeters set up inside too. Might take us a bit."

"Well, let's get started then."


It probably took us about two hours to get things in order. The place was so secluded and partially surrounded by a lake, so we didn't anticipate runnin' into any one – dead or alive, but ya never know. As we made our rounds and got everythin' we needed set up, Daryl and I stumbled across a stash of liquor – a full bar. Daryl opened up some of the cabinets, which housed an extensive and expensive array of alcohol to choose from.

"Think they got enough?" Daryl smirked.

We both started to both laugh.

"Yeah, I think there's enough alcohol here to get half the state of Georgia drunk."

"Probably." Daryl started to pull some of the bottles outta the cabinets and off the shelving. "Let's see here … Champagne. Got hard alcohol." The bottles clinked as Daryl unloaded them onto the counter. He walked over to a clear cabinet that stretched from the ceiling to the floor filled with wine; he tapped on the glass. "Got an entire wall of wine here." Then, he turned and shrugged. "But, no beer?" Daryl scratched his head. "Damn! I woulda liked to have brought some back with us."

"Is that what you like to drink? Beer?"

"Sometimes. Like on a hot day." Daryl reached for one of the bottles he'd placed on the counter.

"But, this here … is some damn fine whiskey."

I scrunched my nose. "Whiskey? Yuck!"

"Ya had it before?"

I could see the smirk on Daryl's face; he didn't think that I'd even tried whiskey – not for a million years. And, I had … well, kinda.

"No. I mean, yes. Well, I've tasted it. Once."

"Well, not this stuff ya haven't. This is the good shit."

"The good shit, huh?" I replied slightly mocking him, which he didn't totally appreciate.

"Mmm, hmm."

Daryl looked a little perturbed, so I batted my lashes a bit and responded sweetly; givin' him my most innocent face, which of course worked.

"Well, I dunno if I'm a whiskey kinda girl."

"Yeah, what kinda girl are ya then?"

I reached for one of the bottles of champagne. "I'm thinkin' maybe this."

Daryl turned his nose up at, like I knew he would.

"Champagne?" He shook his head and pursed his lips. "I'm good on that."

"Why? Ya don't like it?"

"I've tried before. Didn't like it though." He raised his brow in curiosity. "Have you tried it? Any of it?" He paused; his eyes narrowed as he tried to assess my response to his questions. "I mean, besides just havin' a taste, have ya ever really drank before?"

I shied away at the question. I wasn't sure if I wanted to admit the truth about my inexperience. I kinda felt a little embarrassed. Like I was still a little girl or somethin'. A little girl that had never even gotten drunk.

I tried to sound confident; I stood up straight and looked directly into his eyes.

"I've drank before."

Daryl looked like he didn't believe me. "Really?"

"Well, I've tasted alcohol."

He knows you're lyin', just admit the truth. Daryl won't care.

I looked up at him and came clean. "I've just never been drunk. Or lit, or whatever the heck ya call it."

"Uh, huh. That's what I thought." Daryl grabbed the champagne from my hands and set it back on the counter. "Come on, let's finish up and get settled for the night. The sun's gonna set in another hour or so." Daryl started to walk off. "I'm gonna get a few things from the truck, I'll be right back."

"Yeah, sure."

I had an idea …

Once I was sure Daryl was out of earshot, I grabbed the bottle of champagne and the whiskey Daryl had shown me and ran upstairs. I stashed them in one of the closets in the master bedroom; I figured we might have some fun tonight with em. I stood up and brushed off my jeans, which were completely filthy. There happened to be a mirror in the closet and that's when I noticed just how awful I looked. My clothes soaked in dirt, sweat and walker blood. It wasn't unusual to see others lookin' like this, but for whatever reason seein' myself in this state was something else. And, I certainly didn't want to start our little night out lookin' like this. Because in all honestly, I looked like all hell.

Time to get the hell outta these.

I decided that I needed a change of clothes, and from the looks of this closet I wasn't gonna have a hard time findin' some real nice stuff.

I decided to go "shopping."

"The lady of the house certainly had beautiful things. Expensive things," I thought to myself as I started to rummage through the closet.

I snagged some new tops; a couple of pairs of jeans that were too long, but I figured I could just cut em if I needed to; new socks and two new sets of pajamas; some new sweaters and a jacket. Now we wouldn't be able to take all these clothes with our SUV as packed as it was, but we could definitely bring back some of this stuff to the others back at the prison.

In the middle of the closet was a dresser of sorts, which I promptly started to pilfer. As I opened each of the drawers, I noticed one thing … the entire dresser was all undergarments. Lingerie! The top drawer, then the next and the one below it … all panties, bras, and other items I wasn't too familiar with.

An entire dresser for lingerie?

And, a lot of it was new. Like literally new – they still had the tags on em. I couldn't believe it. Now, most of the lingerie wasn't very practical, ya know? Like lace panties and push up bras, but some of it was. I thought tonight Daryl and I might have some fun and wanted to wear somethin' special for him, so I grabbed a light purple lace bra and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the price tag.

"$200! Who the hell spends $200 on a bra?"

I looked at the brand and I recognized the name from some of the fashion magazine's I occasionally looked though.

La Perla. Expensive, but really sexy.

"Looks like Daryl's gonna have a little extra to look at tonight." I mumbled to myself as I pulled a bunch of the newer items out of the drawers. I read the tag on a really pretty black bra with matching panties - $300. "Geez! I'll save these for another night."

Daryl might not think I need anythin' like this stuff, and he'd be right. But, I couldn't wait to see his face when he sees me in it later. I started to get even more excited about my little plan for tonight.

After I finished shopping, I put my "purchases" in a bag I pulled down from the top shelf of the closet. I have to say, I really got some nice stuff. Nice but practical … well, most of it was. The lingerie wasn't all that practical, but whatever.

Once I was done, I figured I'd go ahead and try on some of my new clothes and get outta these dirty ones. I pulled out the purple lace bra and panties, a really soft grey tank top and pajama bottoms and walked over to the couch; layin' them over the side.

I leaned against the side of the armrest and got completely undressed and then I heard Daryl call for me from downstairs.

"Beth? Where ya at?"

"Upstairs. In the bedroom."

I frantically tore the tag off the bra and put it on; unfortunately wastin' a bit of time on the hooks. I slid the lace panties up and just as I got em up over my backside, I could hear Daryl's voice.


I quickly turned my head over my shoulder to see him. He just standin' there watchin' me; his arms folded over his chest, leanin' into the frame of the doorway.


I didn't turn to face him, only lettin' him see me from behind.

"Those new?" I nodded my head yes. "I like em." He paused. "A lot …" I still wasn't facin' him, so he couldn't have possibly seen the ridiculous smile I had on my face or the redness that most definitely had found its way to my cheeks. I reached for the soft tank top I'd picked out for myself and slipped it over my head. "Ya don't gotta cover up on my account."

I turned to face him now that I was a bit more covered. "I know, but …"

He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me. "Place is locked up tight. We're all secure for the night." He paused for a moment. "I brought up somethin' to eat. Some of that canned stew and fruit cocktail."

"Mmm … sounds good." I laughed and tried reach for my pajama bottoms. "Maybe I should ..."

Daryl interrupted. "Nah, leave em off."

I waited for a moment to see if he was jokin'. After the way he was lookin' me up and down, I could tell he wasn't.

"Okay." I shrugged my shoulders and acquiesced to his request. Bottoms off. I'd be all tank top and panties for the time bein'. Thankfully, it wasn't cold in here.

We sat in the little living room that was set up in the master suite and had a little somethin' to eat. The conversation was light; we stayed away from some of the heavier topics that we'd touched earlier in the day. Finally, I decided to see if Daryl was in the mood to play with me tonight.

"So ... we just gonna get right to sleep? Or, can we hang out for a bit?"

Daryl figured I was suggesting sex, which of course he was in the mood for.

"Why? What'd ya have in mind?"

What he didn't know, was that I had some other "grown up" things I wanted to do with him too.

"Well, ya know how I told ya I'd never been. Uh, what'd ya call it? Lit?"

Daryl nodded and looked me up and down. "Mmm, hmm. I remember."

For whatever reason, I was nervous. I had butterflies in my stomach.

"Well, I was thinkin' maybe we could, ya know? Get lit? Get drunk, or whatever."

I could tell he was curious by the arch of his eyebrows and the mischievous glint in his eyes, but he still tried to play it off as if he wasn't interested.

"Is that what ya were thinkin'?" He replied in a very parental tone; the sound of reason, I suppose. But, I knew he was just messin' with me.

"Yeah, it was. It's just, well, I've never done it. And, I'm an adult now." I paused. "And, I want to."

"What'd ya have in mind?"

He got a huge smile on his face.

Daryl did want to play tonight. Good!

I got really excited and jumped up and ran over to the closet and found the two bottles I'd stashed earlier. I walked out of the closet confidently and presented Daryl with the bottle of champagne and the bottle of whiskey. "What d'ya think?"

"Come here."

I walked over and set the bottles on the coffee table. Daryl gestured for me to sit down next to him, but instead I straddled his legs and sat in his lap facing him. His hands automatically found their way to my hips and then my ass, as he continued. "You can drink. I'll keep watch. Make sure we can get outta here if we need to."

Daryl wasn't gonna be a party-pooper, not tonight. I wasn't gonna let him!

"Come on, Daryl. We never get to have time alone. And, this is my first time drinkin'." I gave him a pouty face. "You're not really gonna make me drink alone, are ya?" I leaned in closer to him and pulled his collar away from his neck; kissing his neck softly as I whispered in his ear and tried to persuade him to join me. "This is another first, and I wanna share it with you."

Daryl knew I what I was up to, but he gave in.

"Alright, But, we can't get totally shit-faced. We gotta be able to outta here if we need to. So, just a drink or two – that's it."

I nodded my head in agreement. "Sure. Just a drink or two."

One or two drinks … We'll see about that!

I leaned back and grabbed the bottles. "So, what'll it be?"

"Ya know." I handed Daryl the bottle of whiskey and hopped off of him; sittin' by his side. I did my best to open the champagne, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how the hell to open it. Daryl seemed to find it funny and chuckled a bit as I continued to struggle with the bottle. "Ha! Need some help?"

"I think so."

"Give it here." Daryl took the champagne bottle and stood up; facin' the bottle away from me and towards the door. "The cork might go flyin' off." A few moments later the bottle popped open and sent the cork flyin' into the wall with a thud.

"Geez! I woulda never been able to do that."

"I do come in handy ever once in a while." I giggled a bit as Daryl handed me the bottle and continued. "No glasses though. Guess you're hittin' it straight from the bottle." Daryl sat back down beside me and reached for his whiskey. "Alright. Bottoms up."

Daryl took a manly swig of his whiskey, while I carefully placed my lips to the champagne bottle.

My first real drink.

Drinkin' champagne in a mansion … not bad for a first drink.

I took a drink and immediately my mouth was filled with bubbles. So many bubbles that some of the frothy champagne spilled from my mouth and dripped down onto my chin and chest.

"Oopsy." I laughed and took another drink.

"Looks like you're gonna be a sloppy drunk if you're already spillin' your drink. This should be interesting."

I jokingly slugged Daryl in the arm. "Hey, I'm not gonna be a sloppy drunk." I took another drink. No spillage. I was gettin' the hang of this drinkin' thing. "You wait and see."

"Mmm, hmm." Daryl took another swig from his whiskey bottle.

We sat there in silence for a moment and then I remembered a game that my friends used to play when they would all drink. Of course, I pretty much just watched, but I think I remembered how to play it.

Have you ever?

"So, have ya ever played the game Have you ever?"

Daryl shook his head no. "Nope."

"It's a drinkin' game my friends used to play."

"I thought ya said ya never drank before?"

"I haven't. I just watched." I took another sip of the champagne and set the bottle down. "But, I remember how to play it."

"Alright." Daryl turned to face me on the couch. "So? How do we play?"

I knew he probably thought this was gonna be silly, but I figured what the hell? We might end up havin' fun after all.

"Okay, so basically I say somethin' I've never done and if you have done it - you take a drink. If you haven't, then I take a drink."

"Sounds simple enough."

"Okay, I'll start." I decide to go with somethin' easy first. "I've never shot a crossbow."

"This isn't much of a game." Daryl took a small slug from the bottle.

I rolled my eyes. "It was just to get ya started. Now, it's your turn."

"Mmm, I dunno."

"Just say the first thing that comes to your mind."

"Mmm …I've never … been outta Georgia."

"Really? Okay. That's a good one." I took a drink and then took a second to think. "Okay, I got one. I've never been really drunk and done somethin' I regret."

Daryl took a longer drink this time. "Done a lot of things."

I wondered what some of those things were, but I wasn't sure if he'd even tell me. So, I didn't bother to ask. Instead, I kept the game goin'.

"Okay. Now you."

Daryl took some time to think about this, but he was gettin' the hang of it.

"I've never been on vacation."

"Never?" Daryl shook his head no. "Well, what about campin', like when ya went huntin'?"

Daryl looked at me; he seemed a little sad when he responded. "No, that's just somethin' I learned to do on my own, in order to survive."

"Oh." I took a longer drink this time. And, the next question was givin' me a bit of trouble, but finally it came to me. Get us on to some more fun topics. Sexy topics. "I've never had sex on a stranger's bed."

Daryl's eyes widened. "Ya sure ya wanna know that?"

The alcohol was definitely startin' to have its affect on me. My head felt a bit fuzzy and my cheeks felt flushed. I nodded yes.

"Of course. Go ahead."

He shrugged his shoulders a bit and exhaled slowly. "Okay."

I watched as Daryl put the bottle of whiskey to his mouth and took a drink. At first I was happy that he was playin' along and that he wasn't shootin' down any of my questions. However, with this one, his answer meant one thing.

Daryl had sex with someone else – and it was on a stranger's bed.

Maybe I should think about these questions before I ask em.

My mind started to wander into unknown and dangerous territory and I got lost in my thoughts
for a moment.

Who it was with? Why was he havin' sex on a stranger's bed? Maybe the girl he was havin' sex with was the stranger and maybe he didn't know her at all?

"Ya alright, Beth?"

"Hmm? Oh! Yeah. I'm fine." I turned the bottle of champagne up and started to gulp it down.

Daryl must've thought I was nuts. "It's your turn."

"I know. I asked ya a question. Didn't ya hear me?"

"Wait, what?" I looked away, a little embarrassed. "No. Sorry. I didn't hear you."

"I never had a pony."

Well, he's not gettin' the sexy questions thing, now is he?

"You tryin' to get me drunk?" I giggled.

"Thought that was the point."

I took another drink, and then asked another question; this time my words slurred a little unexpectedly.

"I've never had a threesome."

Daryl's eyes popped outta his head; I could tell he couldn't believe the words that were comin' outta my mouth.

"I'm not answerin' that."

My words continued to slur. "Ya gotta. It's the rules."

"Ya don't really want to know that." Daryl gave me a knowing look.

"Oh, come on. Don't be such a prude."

He huffed. "A prude, huh?" He paused and looked me over. I suppose he was assessing how drunk I was. "Alright." He took a drink.

"So, you have?" I took a long drink from the bottle. "Had a threesome?"

"That's not how ya play the game."

"Well, this isn't the game. I'm askin' ya." I paused waitin' for him to answer. "When?" I took a long drink from the champagne bottle and only a little came out. I'd finished the entire bottle. I was definitely drunk now. My head was spinning a bit. "I mean, how? With who?"

I set the bottle on the coffee table with such force that there was a loud clank. Daryl looked at me and reached over and touched my face.

"I think you've had enough."

"I asked ya question."

Daryl didn't want to answer the question, I could tell. But, now I really wanted him to answer it. It was the strangest feelin'. I wanted to know, but I didn't. The idea of him bein' with anyone but me made me … angry. Really angry. But, I had to know.

Daryl took a long swig from the whiskey bottle and set it on the coffee table.

"I think you're drunk."

"Maybe." I said with my eyes completely closed. I did my best to keep them open as I continued.

"I still want ya to answer the question."

"Jesus, Beth." He paused. "Fine. Yes, I've had a threesome. I've been with two women at once. I was really fucked up and it was a long time ago. Satisfied?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "I guess." I lied. I wasn't satisfied. I had asked the question because I was curious about Daryl's past life; his past experiences with sex. But, his answer hurt. I couldn't help it – it just did.

Daryl patted his lap and smiled. "Come here."

I looked down sullenly, but crawled over to him; straddling his lap. I rested my arms on his shoulders. The room started to spin for a second. I was drunk. Or, lit – whatever.

"Hey, look at me." He used his finger to gently tip my chin up, so that I was lookin' him in his eyes. "I'm sorry."

"Nothin' to be sorry for. It's the truth. Nothin' wrong with that."

"I know, but I'm sorry. I'm sorry that my past hurt ya. I know it did."

"I feel stupid for askin' it."

"Don't. It's natural to be curious about things like that. I'd probably ask too, but I know you haven't been with anyone else but me."

He smiled and squeezed my sides, tryin' to make me laugh.

"Stop! That's not fair."

"I know. That's why I'm sorry. But, then again, I'm not. Cause if it were reversed, I'd probably be jealous as hell."

I was surprised by his admission. "Really? Ya would?"

"Mmm, hmm."

"So, if I'd had sex with other guys. Or, had a threesome … you'd feel?"

Daryl interrupted me. "Yes, I'd be jealous. Probably get mad as hell for a bit. I don't want to think about ya bein' with anyone else but me." He grabbed a hold of my hips tightly and pulled me closer and then ran his hands up my waist. "Cause you're mine."


"Mmm, hmm."

"I'm yours?"

He grabbed a hold of the back of my neck and pulled me down towards him, our lips crashed into each other and I kissed him deep and with a ferocity I'd never felt before. It's like I couldn't kiss him hard enough or feel more of him. I needed more of him.

"Tell me I'm yours." I whispered, while we continued to kiss.

"You're mine." He growled.

I started to claw at his vest, pulling it off him. My lips never left his. I quickly started to unbutton his shirt, exposing his chest which I let my hands run up and down. It's like I'd never felt him before and I needed to explore every inch of him. I could feel Daryl smile while I continued to kiss him feverishly. I tossed the shirt to the floor, and then I felt Daryl's fingers grab at the hem of my shirt; slowly pulling it over my head. Now I was sittin' there in my light purple lace bra and panties that I'd picked out for Daryl just a few hours ago. I could see by the look in his eyes that he liked em. And, from the bulge that had grown in his pants; I could tell he really liked em. I giggle a little.

"Ya like em?"

Daryl didn't answer he just nodded and grunted a little; pullin' my hips down hard onto his growing hardness. I let out a soft moan, as he pressed into the ache between my legs.

"I want you." I panted. "I need you, Daryl."

My eyelids felt heavy and my mind was a bit foggy, but one thing is for sure – I wanted him. Bad.

"Yeah?" He reached around and unhooked my bra and gently slid the straps off my shoulders. He tossed the bra behind him; exposing my breasts, which he took no time before putting one in his mouth. He sucked so hard it made me yelp in pain, but it was a good pain – I liked it. Daryl growled and picked me up, he held me there for a moment; his one hand on my ass the other wrapped around my waist. He held me there like I was nothin'.

God, I love how strong he is.

I slid my hands down his arms to feel his flexed muscles, which really turned me on. Then, before I really knew what happened; Daryl had flung me onto my back on the couch.

"Oh!" A little gasp escaped me.

He kicked off his boots and he just starred at me; lookin' at my body. His intense gaze might have made me a little nervous before, but not tonight. I felt strangely empowered by the affect my body was havin' on him. I reached one hand up and started to massage my breasts, while he watched. I could see his hardness straining at the front of his pants.

I was feelin' overwhelmed by the need for him; I reached my one hand and slipped it beneath my panties and started to touch myself. I writhed there for a moment enjoyin' the pleasure I was givin' myself, but I wanted to feel Daryl's touch. I wanted to him inside of me.

"If I'm yours, take me." I licked my lips. "I want ya to have your way with me. However, ya want to."

He bit his lower lip as he hovered over me for a moment, and then he reached for my panties and started to pull hard at the gentle lace fabric; ripping them off of me. He threw the tattered lace onto the floor and stood up, just takin' in my now naked body. I laid there exposed on the couch as he just looked into my eyes and without sayin' nothin' he started to quickly unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. Then, he pulled both his pants and boxer briefs down at the same time; steppin' out of them and gettin' on top of me.

We kissed sloppily and I could feel Daryl's hand trail down my side and then between my legs; two fingers quickly found their way inside of me. I mewed in his ear as Daryl continued to kiss and suck on my neck, while working his fingers. I could feel and hear the wetness building inside of me and spilling out onto Daryl's hand.

"You're so wet. I wanna fuck you so bad." Daryl grunted.

"Well, then fuck me already."

I wasn't typically the type to use the word fuck, but in my drunkenness – the word effortlessly found its way to my lips.

Daryl was breathin' heavy; the muscles on his chest moved with every hurried breath. He quickly reached down for the crumpled pair of pants on the floor and grabbed a condom from one of the pockets.

"Do we need to use that?" I paused. "I don't wanna."

"Jesus, Beth." He laughed and started to unwrap the condom.

"I don't wanna."

And, I didn't want to use one. I wanted to feel him with no barriers between us. My body was achin' for it.

"Uh, uh." He pulled the condom down over his engorged flesh.

I wanted to feel him, just him, but if Daryl wanted to use a condom I wasn't gonna push it. I wanted him to do whatever he wanted.

"Fine." I replied lustfully. "If that's what ya want."

"That's what I want." Daryl smiled and leaned over me, now hoverin' on top of me; he began to kiss me softly. "And, it's what you want too."

"You're so responsible." I slurred.

Daryl laughed and asked me to kiss him, which I gladly obliged. He reached down and guided himself into my entrance; only momentarily teasing me with the tip of his dick before he not so gently entered me. Not takin' any time to open me up, he pushed himself deep inside of me; hitting the back of my cervix. I yelped a little and winced at the slight pain, but Daryl didn't seem to notice or maybe he couldn't hear over the loud groan he himself produced as he began to thrust himself deeper and harder into me. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him in to me. His hips slammed against mine, I watched his arms flex as he held himself up over me.

Damn, he's got a sexy body.

I let my hands roam up his arms and to his chest and then down to his abs that flexed every time he pushed into me. That's another thing that I loved about Daryl – his body.

"You're so hot." Fell from my lips without me even thinkin'. "I want you to fuck me, Daryl."

I looked deeply into his eyes as he continued to fill me; pulling almost all the way out. It was as if he was teasin' me.

"Ya want me to fuck you?"

I breathily replied. "Uh, huh. I want ya do whatever ya want with me. Whatever will get you off."

I felt so sexy and so naughty. I suppose the liquor had a little somethin' to do with my lowered inhibitions, but I liked it. I liked talkin' a little dirty to my man.

His pupils were as larger as saucers; Daryl looked at me in a way I'd never seen him look at me before. It was primal. "Don't hold back, okay?" Daryl leaned up, but remained inside of me. His hands trailed to my hips and he lifted me up, so he could enter me more easily. His hands gripped my hips and ass tightly as he pulled me back and forth along his length; slamming my body onto his.

I could feel him lengthen and harden even more inside of me. And, then he wrapped his one arm around my waist freeing his other hand to start to rub at my sensitive bud. The sensation of him inside of me and on my clit was too much; I could feel the ache growing within me.

"Oh, god. Daryl, that feels really good."

"Ya gonna cum for me." He almost growled as he looked at me with only lust in his eyes.

My hands reached for his legs so I could pull him deeper inside me. We worked in rhythm together until finally the built up tension exploded and I shuddered around him. My body pulsated with a wave after wave of pleasure, until I was left layin' exhausted beneath him. I let my arms fly up over my head, which crashed back down onto the cushions of the couch. I bit my lip and closed my eyes; I felt so satisfied.

"Mmm …" I softly sighed. "That felt good."


I opened my eyes and Daryl was still moving slowly inside of me.

"Yeah, it did."

He grunted and pushed deep inside of me.

"I'm not done with ya yet." He reached pulled outta me, reached down and lifted me up; flippin' me over onto my hands and knees. "Come here." I felt him reach between my legs and slid himself along the slick folds of my sensitive flesh. And, then he pushed deep inside of me again. I gasped and my head dipped down between my arms.

"Ya said to not hold back, right?"

My eyes opened wide, wonderin' what all he had in store for me. I was curious and a little nervous.

"Mmm, hmm."

Daryl grabbed a hold of my hips and started to slam into me, so hard it occasionally took my breath away. From behind he was penetrating so deep, I almost couldn't take it. It was on the verge of pleasure and pain.

And, then I felt his fingers interlace with a large portion of my hair; usin' it to control my body along with his other hand that gripped my hip. Daryl started to slow down a bit and pulled me up towards him by my hair; I was now on just my knees; my back flush up against his stomach and chest. He reached his arm around my shoulders; his forearm pressin' into my neck. His other arm reached around my waist; holdin' onto me tightly.

We were so close. Skin to skin. It was so erotic.

I could feel his breath along the side of my face; the strong scent of whiskey laid heavily on his breath. Daryl moaned softly onto my neck and shoulders; kissing and sucking along the skin as he continued to enter me slower but more deeply than before. I turned my face a little to meet his lips to kiss him. Daryl's hand wrapped around my neck and pulled me closer to him; he squeezed tightly and kissed me. It made it difficult to breath, but I liked it.

In my drunken haze, I kept thinkin' that we were both so wet. The kisses. The sweat on our bodies. The wetness between my legs. We were so wet and were sliding against each other with ease.

Then, Daryl whispered in my ear. "Do ya wanna make me cum?"

I nodded and he released my neck and pushed my back down, my body now propped up on my elbows. Daryl grabbed a hold of my hips and began to thrust wildly into me. I couldn't help the moans and panting that escaped me. Every thrust caused me to make sounds I didn't even know I could make. Daryl continued and I could hear his breathin' become heavier and deeper; his grunts and moans became louder. I could feel he was close, so I just asked him for somethin' … a simple request, which sent him over the edge.

"Cum for me, Daryl."

No sooner did I finish sayin' his name; Daryl pushed deep inside of me and came. He moaned loudly and fell over a bit on top of me. He tried to catch his breath for a moment and then pulled me up so my back was against his chest again.

"Geez, that was really intense." I whispered as I tried to slow my breathing.

"Yeah, it was." Daryl turned my head to give me a sloppy kiss and pulled outta of me. But, this time I didn't feel his orgasm fill me like it had before. No hot liquid spilled outta me. And, I kinda missed it, if that makes any sense.

That was real intense!

I'd never experienced anythin' like that. We'd never experienced anythin' like that. We'd only made love or had sex, but I'm thinkin' this time – we fucked. And, it was nice, real nice.

I was exhausted and feelin' just a little bit more sober than from when we first started. I flopped over and laid on my back and looked up at Daryl who was still sittin' on the other end of the couch still tryin' to catch his breath.

Daryl yawned and then smiled at me. "Have fun?"

I lifted my legs so that they clumsily flopped on top of his thighs. "Mmm, hmm. I certainly did." Then, I nudged him with my foot. "You?"

He nodded yes. "I did." Then, he reached down and pulled the condom off. "I had a lot of fun."

"Yeah, it looks like it."

I nodded gesturin' towards the condom that was quite filled. We both laughed a bit as Daryl walked over to the corner of the room and tossed the condom into a little trashcan. He sauntered back over to me and picked me up; scoopin' me into his arms and carried me over to the bed. He laid me down gently and got on top of me again, softly kissin' me; then lettin' his mouth move to my neck again.

He whispered in my ear. "I had a lot of fun." He gentled nipped at my neck. "Love you." And, then he flipped over and laid on his back, puttin' his arms behind his head.

"Love you." I looked over at him and watched as he almost immediately started to fall asleep. I couldn't help but laugh a little, which woke him a bit.

"Wha … what?"

"Nothin'. Sorry. Go back to sleep."

I held my laughter in. How could he fall asleep so fast? It was hilarious. And, then he literally went right back to sleep; so deeply that he started to snore a little.

"Geez, Daryl." I whispered under my breath. Then, I crawled off the bed and grabbed a water bottle that he'd brought up along with our dinner. I was so thirsty all of a sudden. I drank the entire thing in one gulp. Once I finished the water, I climbed back into bed next to Daryl who was just layin' there naked as a jaybird. I sat there for a moment to just take him in and smiled as I watched his chest move slowly; his breathin' was slow as he was already deep asleep.

"I love you." I whispered quietly as I laid down next to him.

We'd sure had fun tonight. We'd gotten drunk, well; I'd gotten drunk – for the first time. We'd fucked for the first time. It was just me and Daryl, nothin' holdin' us back from doin' what we wanted to do.

God, it felt great. I really felt, well, alive!

I snuggled in closer to him and rested my head on his chest. I wrapped my leg over him and that must've woken him again a little bit because I then felt his arm wrap around me; pullin' me close to him. I started to relax and let my breathin' sync up with his, and finally was able to doze off.



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OMG... this has to be one of the very best TWD fanfics I have ever read. I love Beth and Daryl so much and I so want to see where this story goes! I really hope that you are inspired to continue this... and soon. I will keep my fingers crossed for this. You are a wonderfully talented writer! I really do hope that all is well in your life these days...

DoeRoseQ DoeRoseQ

I miss this story so much. :-(
Hope you're alright, and can update soon!

WerkaZ WerkaZ

Hopen you updated soon and that beth and daryl stop hiding there relationship

dprincess_87 dprincess_87

Oh my goodness,
Even though I started reading this yesterday. I could NOT stop. I LOVE THIS! You are so great at writing. I love Beth and Daryl together. I thought about it since like the beginning of the third season. I started to read another story about Bethyl and it just didn' t feel like them. Your 'lemony' scenes are so detailed and in the moment everything (at least what I think itm) it is just so great. Thank you so much for putting it in writing. When I think of how much I miss the oppurtinty.... spelled that wrong....of Beth and Daryl getting together I am going to read this again. Please keep going Please. It is too good to stop. I know with her gone it seems....impossible. But I know you can do it... they changed the story from the comic book in the shows and they are still good. I am sorry I wrote such a long and creepy comment but..... it was too amazing to not.
Thank You

Bethyl333 Bethyl333