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My Guardian

My Guardian: Chapter Twenty-Five: Part One

Hey Y'all :-D

Can I just tell you how excited I am that TWD Season 5 started filming on Monday?

I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My muse has definitely been sparked, and I've been writing up a storm. So, now that filming is taking place and I'll be getting daily updates etc on the cast and potential spoilers, you can expect the chapters to start flying outta me!

Anyways, I also want to thank everyone for reading this story and for sticking with me while my muse has been flighty!

I've gotten quite a few new subscibers thanks to all of the serious Bethyl feels that happened during Season 4 of TWD, so I want to thank all of the new peeps … so glad you're enjoying the story.

To all of you new readers please do make sure if you're reading this story to SUBSCRIBE, so you can keep up-to-date with all future posts ;)

Of course, you know I love all my loyal readers that have been reading and following along since the beginning! * Lots of hugs *

And, as always I want to give a Special Thank you to: TeamBethyl, ddbgfan, GeorgiaGal71, Horror Galore, GoBethyl!, Dixie Chicky, Char_, c1ndylou, kevkye, and jrenaedavis for commenting on the last chapter - you all seriously rock!

I love you all! :))

Now ... finally … back to our story...!


Daryl's POV –

"Sure." I reached over and caressed her cheek. "One more day."

Beth jumped up and sat on the bed beside me. "Oh my goodness!" Her eyes were beamin'. "I wasn't sure if you'd go for it. But, I'm just not ready to go back, ya know?"

I nodded my head in agreement. "I hear ya, me neither." If ever there was gonna be a vacation from all the shit we had to deal with, this was gonna be it. I figured we'd make the best of it.

"Plus, we still haven't gone in the lake yet."

Beth's mouth dropped open; she looked so excited. "You'd go in with me?"

"Course, I would." I sat up and she leaned over and kissed me and started to clap her hands together. "Yeah! I'm so excited. I definitely want to go for a swim. This place is like a freakin' resort." She reached over and ran her hand down my chest and stomach. "Plus, I think we both need to wash up a bit. What d'ya think?"

I laughed. "Okay, okay."

Beth jumped outta bed. "Well? Can we go now?"

"We got all day." I scratched the back of my head. "What's the hurry?"

"Oh, yeah. I guess." Her arms flopped to her sides.

"Let's get somethin' to eat and then we'll head down. Sound good?"

Beth nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah, sure does."


Beth's POV -

I went into the closet to put somethin' on. I went straight for the dresser where I knew I could find some pajamas. Kinda felt like a stay in your pj's kinda day. I grabbed a soft oversized t-shirt from the drawer and walked back out into the room. When I emerged, I found Daryl had done the same. He was standin' there in the man of the house's pajama pants. I laughed a little.

Sometimes it was scary how much we were a like. Ya wouldn't think it, but it was true – at least in some areas.

"What's so funny?" Daryl looked a little confused. "What?" The smirk on his face grew, as he adjusted the pants to fit him; tyin' the drawstring tight. "Ya don't like my flannel jammies?"

"Your jammies, huh?" I bit my lip, so I wouldn't laugh. "No, I love em." I smirked a little and walked over to the lounge area of the suite and slipped into my t-shirt.

I picked up my backpack and pulled out a can of peaches. "Wanna just share this?" I reached for the can opener. "I don't think I can eat much else."

Daryl walked over and took a seat next to me. "Fine by me."

I tried to open the can, but found my hands were a little shaky. I didn't know what was up with me, but I felt a little weak. Daryl grabbed the can and opener from me.

"Here, lemme open it."

"Thanks." I smiled. "Don't know what's up with me. I feel funny; tired and a little shaky." I held out my hand to show Daryl that my hand was shakin' a bit.

"Yeah, drinkin' does that sometimes."

"Oh." I shrugged my shoulders and leaned back on the couch. "So, nothin' to worry bout then."

"Nah, you'll be back to normal after we get some food in ya and some more water."

Daryl picked up the pack and pulled out another water bottle and handed to me. "Here. The more hydrated ya get, the better you'll feel"

I pulled the top off and took a big drink of the water; it felt cool and I could feel it flow down my throat and hit my empty stomach. The cool water turned my insides a bit.

"Ugh." I twisted the cap back on. "Well, I hope I feel normal soon. My stomach feels a little, um, off."

Daryl nodded his head and handed me the opened can of peaches. "Eat somethin'. I'll finish the rest."

I took the can from him. "Got a fork?"

"Uh, huh." Daryl fetched the fork I used yesterday mornin' and handed it to me. "You're somethin' else."

"I know."

I giggled and plucked a large peach slice out and bit into half of it. It was sweet like sugar. Daryl got up and I sat back and admired the view as he stretched his arms high above his head and then rested his hands on the back of his neck. I think he caught me checkin' him out cause he flashed me a sly grin, before walkin' over to the windows on the far side of the room.

"Looks like it's a nice day out." He walked over to the large bay windows that overlooked the backyard and our entry point to the lake. "Looks quiet."

He meant there were no walkers, which was good to hear because I certainly didn't want any walkers interruptin' a perfectly good day at the lake. I ate a few more pieces and called Daryl back over to finish the rest.

"Here, that's all I can eat for now."

Daryl took a seat beside me and just drank the peaches right outta the can; slurpin' the fruit and syrup down loudly.

He's can be such a loud eater sometimes!

That was somethin' I'd kinda just recently been noticin' about Daryl. He usually didn't use utensils and always seemed to be lickin' or suckin' on his fingers after he ate. Some of the times it was sexy as hell and I'd watch him suck his fingers in envy. And, well, other times … it was kinda gross! Daryl looked over at me and noticed I was starin' at him.


"Oh, nothin'." I popped up off the couch and walked over towards the bathroom; I didn't want him to see me smilin'. And, I didn't want to have to explain why I was smilin', by tellin' him that he ate like a caveman sometimes. "Just gonna see if I can find some towels for us. For the lake."

"Hmpf ." I could hear Daryl grunt as I walked into the large bathroom.

"There you are." I whispered to myself as I located the towels and proceeded to pull four towels off the rack near the Jacuzzi sized bathtub. That's when I noticed two white robes hung on wall; must've been his and hers. I nuzzled my face against the fabric; they were so soft and cozy, I decided to grab them too. "Hey Daryl! I found us some towels!"

As I exited the bathroom with my arms full of the clean linens, Daryl looked back at me with a smirk on his face. "Ya sure did."

I rolled my eyes and continued. "Hey! Where do ya think they kept their swimsuits?"

Daryl turned away from me, facing the door. "Suppose we don't need bathing suits, now do we?"

"Oh. Yeah." I shrugged my shoulders. "Guess not."

Daryl clarified. "Don't think there's anyone around who'll care if we go in without one."

I walked back over to Daryl, setting the towels and robes on the arm of the couch. I stood behind him and leaned down; reachin' my arms around his shoulders and chest. With my face beside his, I whispered in his ear.

"So, ya wanna go skinny dippin', is that it?"

He leaned his head to the side to better see me. Daryl had a mischievous look on his face; like he was up to no good. "That okay with you?"

And, before I could say another word, he reached over and grabbed a hold of me; pullin' me over the back of the couch and into his lap. Daryl cradled me in his arms for a moment before leanin' in and kissin' me.

"Ya bout ready?"

I nodded. "Course I am. I was born ready."

"Uh, huh. Well, then. Let's go. Get whatever ya want to bring down with ya."

Daryl pushed me up so he could get up, and then he helped me to my feet. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Thanks for this. It means a lot to me that we get to stay another day."

I looked deeply into his eyes as I toyed with the soft hair around the nape of his neck.

"Me too."

And, then I felt the slight sting on my butt as Daryl gave me a quick slap on the ass.

"Hey!" He held his hands up defensively; Daryl was obviously feelin' a little playful this mornin' too. "Alright. Well, let's head on down to the water."

"Sounds good to me." He paused as he lifted up the robes I'd set out for us. "The hell are these for?"

I was confused by his question. "What do ya mean. They're towels. And, a robe for each of us."

"I ain't wearin' this." Daryl tossed the robes down on the couch.

I rolled my eyes. "Just take it. You're gonna be cold."

"Nah, I'm good with the towels."

I walked over and picked up the discarded robes and held one of em out for Daryl. "Here, take it."

I shifted the weight in my hips; lettin' him know I was a little annoyed at his insistence at not takin' the robe.

He's gonna be cold! Why's he bein' so stubborn?

"Fine! I'll take it for ya. And, ya can thank me for it later."

"Mmm, hmm."

"Oh, wait. Hang on a second." I ran back into the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of shampoo and conditioner from the shower. Both were probably really old, but I didn't care. I was sure they'd still get the job done. "Ya know, we might as well clean up while we're down there."

There was no reply from the other room, so I continued to by search.

"Soap. Hmm …"

I checked underneath the sink and sure enough there were a few unopened bars I grabbed the whole lot of em and walked back out.

Daryl was already packin' up his bags; he tossed the keys to the SUV in with the rest of his stuff that was lyin' around.

"Go ahead and grab your shit, too."

I nodded and tossed the soap and sundries into my pack along with my clothes. If we got caught out there by the lake and by the docks, then I wanted to have the ability to get the hell outta there if we needed to.

Better safe than sorry, I suppose.

"Got my shit. " I sarcastically replied.

"Alright then. I'll go first. You stay close beside me til we know its clear."

I nodded in agreement. "I'll be right behind ya."

Daryl grabbed his crossbow and led us outta the house and into the backyard. It was spectacular. A little overgrown now, but the most beautiful place I'd ever seen. There was a huge pool that had long since turned sour and green from neglect, but just past it was a large grassy knoll that led down to the dock and shoreline of the beach. The sides of the yard were both lined with tall trees. This place was about as grand and beautiful as you'd expect. It was perfect.

Daryl quietly walked along the pathway that took us past the pool turned pond and down onto the knoll; his crossbow always up and ready to fire. As we approached the lake, I noticed that the only sounds you could hear were the occasional chirps of the birds in the trees and the water as it lapped against the shoreline. It was so peaceful. I stopped and closed my eyes; tiltin' my face up so that I could feel the rays of the sun on my face.

"Hey! What're ya doin'? I said stay close."

My eyes popped open and Daryl was almost to the where the grass met the sand. I smiled.

"Just takin' it all in."

"Well, take it all in over here, why don't ya?"

I rolled my eyes. "Comin'!" I whispered under my breath. "Geez, Louise." I continued; this time loud enough for Daryl to hear. "Hold your horses!"

I started to run down the grass towards him. Once I reached him, I dropped the towels and robes and ran right passed him. I squealed as I scurried onto the sandy shore and then into the water. I toed the freezin' water and looked back at Daryl, who was settin' down his bag and crossbow.

"It's kinda cold."

"Mmm, hmm. Well? What'd ya expect?"

I walked back up onto the grass; meetin' him at the large pile of towels that I'd dumped on the ground. I picked them up and immediately started layin' them out on the grass for us. As I continued to fuss with all our little set up on the knoll, I briefly looked up at Daryl as he stood there with his arms crossed over his bare chest.

"Go ahead. What are ya waitin' for?"

"Hmm?" Daryl looked a bit confused.

I nodded and looked at his "jammies" and smiled. "Take off your pants."

After I finished layin' everythin' down, I walked over to him and tugged at the waistband. "Well,
what are ya waitin' for?"

Daryl pulled me close and kissed me.

God, I love it when he just kisses me for no reason.

I could feel his hands brush the small of my back and grab a hold of the bottom of my t-shirt; pullin' it up. We broke our kiss as he slipped it up over my head. As I stood there now completely naked, I reached for Daryl's pajama bottoms and untied the drawstring and shimmed them down past his hips. I reached up and slid my hands up his chest and then around this neck and laid my head on his chest; his arms wrappin' around me. We stood there for a moment naked, just holdin' each other. The sun felt great and I have to say it felt really freeing to be out in the open like that. I'd never skinny dipped or been naked in a "public" place before, so it kind of exhilarating.

"Alright, well, cold or not. We're goin' in." I whispered and looked up at Daryl.

Daryl smiled devilishly. "Suppose now we're naked, there's no turnin' back."

"Nope." I pulled away from him, but grabbed a hold of his hand; leadin' him to the edge of the shoreline.

Our toes hit the water.

"Damn!" Daryl yelped. "It's fuckin' cold."

"Are ya gonna chicken out?" I playfully goaded him.

"I ain't chickenin' outta nothin' woman." Daryl gestured for me to get in the water. "Ladies first."

"Oh, no. You're comin' with me."

I kept a firm hold on Daryl's hand and dragged him along with me. We'd made it up to our calves when I pulled hard on Daryl's hand and arm; tryin' to pull him into the water. However, he grabbed a hold of me on his way down and took me with him. We both fell sideways into the freezin' cold water; our entire bodies and heads submerged. Daryl and I both came up for air at the same time.

I wiped the water from my eyes. "Hey!"

"Hey, yourself! Ya gonna pull me in, I'm takin' ya with me."

"Oh, yeah." I smiled.

This little game was far from over!

"That's right."

I bounced around in the water and looked out at the lake. I noticed that there were only a few houses that actually shared the lakefront. This must've really been an exclusive community – they had their own lake!

The water was cold, but refreshin'. It felt good to get off some of the grime that we'd accumulated, since the last time I bathed in the creek behind the prison. It had been awhile to say the least. I mean, I'd clean myself up with a bucket of water and a wash cloth, but it just wasn't the same.

The water wasn't too deep for the most part; we were on a bit of an incline. I was in the deeper part of the lake, and I was just barely able to stand. Daryl waded over to me and picked me up and placed me on the higher ground; closer to the shoreline. Now I was in water just up to my waist, my breasts exposed.

Daryl thought he was bein' sly, but I knew what he was up to.

My eyesbrow's arched. "Like the view?"

He licked his bottom lip. "I do."

"Thought as much."

I let my hands trail down over my breasts, down my stomach and into the water; makin' it seem as if I was touchin' myself.

Daryl's eyes widened and his mouth fell open, as he watched with eager anticipation.

He seemed completely engrossed with what I was doin', which is exactly what I wanted. Daryl continued to watch me "play with myself." Then, I scooped up as much water as I could in my hands and sent a huge wave of water right into Daryl's face.

"What the …?" He gasped for air, when I sent another wave of water at him. With all the water in his eyes, he could barely see as I reached down again to scoop up another wave of water. His hands went to his face to wipe the water from his eyes. "Oh, you're gonna get it." He jokingly growled, as he lunged for me.

Oh, shit!

I was able to dodge Daryl's grasp and began to swim out into the lake; however, he was followin' close behind me. Neither of us were apparently very good swimmers; we didn't get too far when Daryl eventually reached me and grabbed my foot; yankin' me back towards him.

I yelped.

I couldn't help but start laughin' as I kept tryin' to swim and get away from him. I kept kickin' and kickin' as hard as I could, but he had a tight hold on my ankle. I was dyin' laughin' and so was Daryl, as he dragged me through the water by my foot. We finally got closer to the shore where it was shallow enough for Daryl to stand better; however, the water was still too deep for me to stand.

"Daryl …" I barely got his name out, when my mouth filled with lake water.

"Come here, woman."

He pulled me towards him and then he got a good grip on my behind; Daryl's hands wrapped around my waist as he tossed me as hard as he could. I went sailin' through the air and splashed into the water, my head dippin' below the surface before poppin' back up. Before I knew it, Daryl was on top of me; his arms wrapped around mine; trappin' me against him.

"Thought ya could get away, huh?"

I batted my lashes that caused little droplets of water to fall down onto my cheeks; I was flushed from the excitement.

"Mmm, hmm. That was the idea." I replied breathily.

"Well, doesn't look like you're goin' anywhere now, does it?"

I smiled and started to laugh. "Sure doesn't."

Not that I wanted to go anywhere, but I could barely move. So, I wrapped my legs around Daryl's waist; crossin' my feet behind him.

"But, I didn't really wanna get away." I paused and playfully added. "I would never."

A moment of silence fell between, as we both took in the beauty of just bein' – us. Alone. No distractions of the prison or the real world that awaited us. I think hit us both pretty hard, as we just stared into each other's eyes. Not sayin' nothin', but sayin' everythin' all at the same time.

Daryl loosened up his grip on me, and I threw my arms around his neck. "Ya happy, Daryl?"

He nodded yes. "Mmm, hmm."

His reply was quiet; one of his little gestures that he liked to give when he didn't want to go into somethin'.

"Mmm, hmm?" I up looked eagerly at him.

"Yeah." Daryl paused; a looked contemplative look softened his face. He looked partially concerned by my question." I'm happy. You?"

"Yes." The words immediately were followed by a lump in my throat; I started to feel really emotional. Maybe it was that Daryl and I finally got to act like a real couple, and I was just feelin' overwhelmed by that. Or, maybe I was gettin' my period? Either way, I was feelin' on the verge of tears.

"I'm so happy." I couldn't help it; my voice cracked a little. I started to get upset.

Oh, here I go …

Tears started to well up in my eyes.

"Real happy." I blinked a few times to try and keep the tears from escapin'.

"Hey. No tears. Not yet at least." Daryl searched my eyes lovingly. "We still got today; let's just enjoy the time we've got here. Alright?

I could see Daryl was tryin' to search my eyes as I replied. "Of course. I'm just real happy, is all."

"I know, Bethy. Me too."

Daryl kissed my forehead and I held onto him tightly; just holdin' onto each other in the water. We stayed like that for a while, not sayin' a word. The wind blew across the water and misted us with cold lake water, while the hot Georgia sun beat down on us.

"It was an unusually beautiful day,"
I thought to myself.

I had my cheek pressed firmly into Daryl's muscular shoulder; my hands trailed down his biceps. I loved how strong he felt. I always felt so safe in his arms. Daryl followed suit and let his hands trail to one of his favorite body parts – my ass. His touch made me smile. Well, that was until he squeezed my butt so hard it made me scream out.

"Ahh!" Well, it wasn't painfully hard, but hard enough to make me yelp. My face was close to his; our noses almost touchin'. "Hey!" I laughed. "Careful. If ya squeeze any harder, you'll leave marks."

"Oh, yeah?" Daryl nudged his nose against mine; his eyes intensely locked with mine.

"Yeah. I'll have two hand prints, one on each cheek."

A devilish smile crossed his face – he was up to no good. But, I didn't mind one bit. In fact, I was quite enjoyin' foolin' around with him. Daryl I had never got time like this back at the prison. Probably wouldn't have time like this for a while.

"Well, in that case." He grabbed a hold of my butt again and squeezed – hard, again!

"Daryl!" I threw my head back and started laughin' so hard that my whole body shook; I could barely get the words outta my mouth. "You're terrible."

And, then he gave my behind another good squeeze.

"What do ya mean, terrible?" He replied jokingly.

"Daryl! Suppose someone sees this when we get back to the prison?"

"Who the hell's gonna be lookin' at your bare ass but me?"

"Oh, I dunno." I shrugged my shoulders. I was feelin' a bit sassy, when I continued. "Ya never know." Implyin' someone might see it. "And, if someone saw it … what exactly would I say?"

"Hey, woman!" Daryl squeezed me again, but this time I let go of him; lettin' myself fall back into the water. I tried to swim away, but he had a firm grip on my hips still. I tried to wiggle free, but I wasn't goin' anywhere.

"Uh, uh." Daryl pulled me back to him. "I ain't done with ya yet."

I let my hands rest on his arms; tracin' circles against his flexed biceps - like I said, one of my favorite body parts.

I felt a chill run down my spine; I could barely think straight. "That's alright with me." My eyes darted from his eyes to his chest; I let my hands rest softly on his flexed pecs.

Daryl growled a little; his voice low and raspy. "I'm the only one that should be lookin' at your ass, but if anyone sees it; ya can just tell em ... ya can tell em a walker grabbed a hold of ya. And …" He started to laugh hysterically, barely able to get the words outta his mouth. "Ya can tell em, a walker tried to eat your ass."

"A walker tried to eat my ass? Okay, that's just great, Daryl. Geez!" I cupped Daryl's face with both my hands and pulled him close to my face and whispered. "I'm sure everyone will believe that! You're ridiculous!"

"I'm sure they will." The shit eatin' grin on his face let me know that he was pleased with his "realistic" explanation. "Hey, they'd probably believe that more so than if ya told em I did it!"

Bein' that no one knew about me and Daryl; he might be right. No one would ever guess Daryl and I were playin' grab ass in a mansion on a lake while we were out on our run. Me and Daryl doin' anythin' like this would probably be the last thing on anyone's mind.

"Whatever. Suppose no one but you will be seein' it anyways."

"That's right!"

I rolled my eyes. "Like I said - whatever." Then, I remembered we both needed to wash up. "Hey? Lemme grab the soap. I'll be right back."

He nodded and let go of me and I was able to swim to the shoreline. I got outta the water and I heard Daryl snicker behind me, and I turned quick to see what he was laughin' at. I could see his hand was covernin' his mouth. I was gonna ask and then I looked down over my shoulder and could see my thighs and behind were rosy.

Almost looks like a hand print. Nice!

He could be such a little boy sometimes, I swear.

I mumbled under my breath as I walked naked up to our little set up on the grass. I searched my pack and took out the shampoo and bar of soap; discardin' the packaging on the grass.

I suppose its okay to litter – ain't no one around who gives a damn.

I waded back into the water, this time closer to the dock. I motioned for Daryl; my index finger enticin' him to come to me. I set the shampoo bottle on the dock and took the bar of soap and dipped it into the water.

"Hey, lover."

I worked up a thick lather, until my hands were frothy and white with suds.

Daryl nodded; gesturin' towards my hands. "What're ya doin'?"

I set the bar of soap on the dock. "I'm gonna wash ya."

Daryl looked surprised. "Oh, are ya?"

"Yep, I am. Come here." Daryl walked close to me and I placed my soapy hands on his hard chest. Took me a few minutes and a couple of rounds with the bar of soap, but eventually I had completely lathered him up. Real good actually. His chest, stomach and shoulders all covered with soap.

Daryl just stood there still and watched me work. I made sure to occasionally peak up at him every so often and he couldn't help but smile each time my eyes met his.

"Havin' fun?"

I nodded yes. "You?"

"Oh, yeah. Never done nothin' like this. I think I could get used to this."

He was so sweet.

His comment made me giggle a little. "Me too."

I placed my right hand over his heart. "Love you." Then, I traced a heart in the suds over his own heart, and looked up at him. He just stared down at me, a soft smile on his lips.

We chatted a bit, while I continued to soap him up. As ya can imagine, it took me a while to really get his upper body clean. He was dirty as hell. But, I didn't mind, I took my time. We talked about maybe takin' one of the boats on the dock out. Daryl thought it might be too loud and attract walkers if there were any around. He was probably right, but it was fun to talk about. I continued to massage his chest, and then his arms.

I moved slightly to his sides, as I washed each of his arms; massagin' each of his muscles on the way down. All the way down to his hands. I pulled each hand up and examined them. They were rough and calloused from all the hard work and rough conditions we lived in; a years worth of dirt under what was left of his chewed fingernails. Then, I worked my thumbs into the palms of his hands; I learned this trick when I massaged my mother's hands and forearms.

"That feels good."

"Uh, huh. I know. I'm quite the expert." I paused and looked up at him. "My momma was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome bout two years before she died. Anyways, she'd had physical therapy on em. Every now and again they'd hurt her."

"Hmm, well, I dunno bout an expert. But ..."

"Shut up!" I slapped him on the chest and let my hands move down his stomach.

Daryl grabbed each of my hands and held them to his stomach. "I'm just messin' with ya. It feels great."

"Oh, I know I'm good. Ya don't gotta reassure me."

We both started to laugh as I suds up his abs, and then to his sides, which to my surprise were a little ticklish today. I, of course, took advantage of the situation as much as I could.

We were both in such a playful mood today. We were havin' so much fun, I seriously couldn't think of a time in my life when I'd had more fun. Course I'd never been in love before, so that could explain a lot. I figured everythin' that I would do from now on would have a new meanin' to it - even somethin' as simple as takin' a bath. Cause now I was takin' one with the man I loved.

I made sure to soap up his happy trail – the sparse trail of hair that made a line down the center of his stomach down to his … well, ya know. When I got too low, Daryl pulled his hips away.

"Turn around." I motioned for him let me wash his back. I still hadn't really shown him my talents as a masseuse. Daryl turned around and for the first time, I really saw his scars.

Oh, Goodness!

I'd seen them before in the dark, but not this up close and not with this much light. Not touchin' them like this. I mean, sure, my hands had run up and down his back plenty of times while we were makin' love. But, I'd never seen so up close and personal. The thick scars ran all along his back. They were old, I could tell, but I still made sure to be as gentle as possible. I lightly ran the palms of my hands over his back and across his massive scars; Daryl flinched just for a moment.

"Daryl, I'm ..."

"Its okay, Beth." Daryl looked back at me; he tried to smile. "I'm alright."

"Okay, it's just …"

Geez! It looked like it had hurt, whatever had been done to him.

I'd known he had a troubled childhood and I wasn't all too sure what the story was.

"Do, ya wanna talk about …?"

Daryl interrupted me. "Beth. It's okay. We can talk bout it another time. I don't wanna get into right now." Daryl paused for a moment. "Another time, okay?"

I gently placed my palms on his lower back and then slid them slowly up his back, my hands traveled softly over his scarred back. I traced the outline of his tattoos on his back. They looked like some angel or demony kinda thing.

"And, these?"

"Another long story. " He paused and his head turned back as far as it could to face me better.

"I'll tell ya bout it. All of it. Just not today. Okay?"

"Alright, Daryl. Whatever ya want." I reached my hands around the front of him; huggin' him from behind. I placed my head upon his scarred back and held onto him tightly for a moment.

"Ya know I love ya."

"Course, I do." Daryl grabbed both of my hands with one of his. "Love ya too. Please don't worry bout it, okay?"


I let go of him and softly placed a kiss on the middle of his back and then started to massage his back again. At first I was gentle along the areas that had raised marks, which was pretty much his entire back. But, then I started to work his shoulders harder and then eased my way down onto the scarred areas. Daryl didn't flinch this time.

As I massaged him, I tried to just be present with him. And, if Daryl Didn't want to talk bout his past then I certainly didn't want to push nothin' with him. When he was ready to talk bout all this; he would. I just needed to be sure to be supportive whenever he did decide to tell me. I tried not to think about it too much as I continued to rub his back. I focused more on how I could make him feel better now. How I could make him relax and feel good. And, we didn't say another word bout his back, the scars or those tattoos the rest of the day.

I used the soap to lubricate the massage. Daryl's head dipped to his chest and I could hear him groan under my touch. Once I'd given him a proper massage (I figured he deserved a good one for all his hard work), I told him to rinse off.

"Go ahead and dunk yourself and get all that soap off. Then, we'll see if ya need another round."

I started to laugh because I thought he very well might need more than one round of washin'.
I waited as he dunked himself under the water and seemed to clean all the suds off of him, they now floated around us and dispersed into the lake. I grabbed the bottle of shampoo from the dock.

"Now, dunk your head."

His eyes widened; a look of uncertainty on his face. "What for?"

"Just do it already!" My free hand went to my hip.

Daryl's head went under and when he came up for air he did so quickly and with him came a flurry of water; splashin' me. Before I knew, he'd snatched the shampoo bottle from my hands.

"Hey!" I was a little disappointed that he didn't want me to wash his hair. I loved his hair. "What?
Ya don't want me to do it?"

I couldn't help it, I felt just a little hurt. A little pout found its way to my lips.

"Turn around." He gestured for me to turn and face the dock. My eyes widened. "Go on."

I went ahead and turned around and heard him squeeze some of the shampoo into his hands; he reached over me and set the bottle on the dock.

Well, this is a surprise!

"You're gonna wash my hair?" I couldn't help but giggle.

"Mmm, hmm."

Daryl began to gently massage the shampoo into my hair; workin' into my scalp all the way down to the split ends.

His strong hands massaged my head. Now, I don't know if you've ever had your head massaged (like when ya get your hair done at the salon), but it feels so freakin' good.

"God, that feels so good."

Then, Daryl started to massage the back of my neck and shoulders with the suds from the shampoo.

Oh, my God …

My eyes rolled back into my head and my head fell forward; I let my eyes close as I enjoyed every second of his touch.

"Oh my God, Daryl. That feels so good."

"Just relax."

I took deep breaths and enjoyed these moments of pure pleasure. I couldn't help the sighs and moans that occasionally slipped outta me. Finally, Daryl was done with my hair. Well, he'd probably been done like ten minutes ago, but I certainly wasn't gonna complain.

"Let's get this soap outta your hair."

I turned to face Daryl; my eyelids felt heavy. I'd never been stoned, but this is exactly what I imagined it to feel like. My body tingled and I felt more relaxed than I'd been in God knows how long.

"That felt so good. You have no idea." I then let myself slip below the surface of the water and back up; lettin' myself float at the top of the water with my eyes closed. I let my hands work the rest of the shampoo from my hair. Finally, my eyes popped open. "That was amazin', Daryl."

"Glad ya enjoyed yourself."

Then, he picked up the soap on the dock. "Come here. I ain't done with ya yet."

"Really? You're gonna wash me too?" I was surprised at his enthusiasm; I wasn't sure he'd be into all this.

He nodded. "Yeah. Course I am. Now get your little ass over here."

I slowly made my way closer and closer to him, until he finally grabbed a hold of me and pulled my body to his. I wrapped my arms around Daryl's body and rested my head on his chest, while he used the soap to suds up my back and shoulders. He spent a good amount of time washin' my back, which of course garnered quite a few more moans from me.

He pulled away from me a bit and worked the soap into his hands and started to wash my shoulders and arms, just like I'd done for him. Endin' finally with my small hands in his; he mimicked the massage I'd given to him. His hands were so much stronger than mine, but he was so gentle with me. I just closed my eyes and tried to enjoy every second of all this attention.

It's like I was at a spa or somethin'. I truly felt pampered and taken care of.

Daryl finished with my hand and set it by my side. I then felt his hot hands on each of my breasts. I smiled before openin' my eyes to look at him. I giggled and could feel the heat rush to my face. Even though we'd been intimate, there were still certain things that could make me blush around him. This bein' one of em.

"Daryl Dixon, ya sure are spendin' quite a bit of time washin' my boobs. Ya bout done?"

He laughed. "Not even close." We both started to laugh hysterically and I splashed him with water. "Hey! I'm just tryin' to make sure ya get clean here, darlin'."

I shook my head. "Uh, huh."

"Alright. I'm done. Go on. Rinse." He motioned towards the water.

As I relieved myself of all the layers of soap and suds, Daryl threw some of the shampoo in his hair; givin' it some hard scrubbin'. Like I said, it had been a while – he definitely needed it. When he was done, he dunked his head and I then helped him get the rest of it out. Well, I suppose ya could call it help. I just dunked his head under the water a few times. Maybe a few more times than he needed.

"Alright. Alright." Daryl started to wipe the water from his face and outta his eyes, while I walked over and picked up the bar of soap off the dock.

"Come with me." I reached my hand out for Daryl and he grabbed a hold of my hand. I slowly led him through the water, so that we were closer to the shore. "I'm not done with ya either."

Now that we were both exposed, ya could say, I could see that Daryl was already semi-hard.

I swear that man always has a hard-on.

I smiled at the thought. Sure doesn't take much, well, at least not when he's around me. I looked up at him and he smiled, obviously he'd seen me checkin' him out.

"So, is this full service, Beth?"

I laughed. "Yeah, its full service."

I shook my head and looked down at the bar of soap in my hands and began to get the suds goin' again. I placed my hands on his hips, but when he tried to pull away this time, I had a better hold on him. I looked up at Daryl as I pulled myself close to him, there wasn't but a few inches between us. I could feel his hardness against my stomach. He smiled and rested his hands casually on his hips and let me do what I was gonna do.

"Go on then." He licked his bottom lip.

I reached my hands in between us. My hands started at his stomach and followed his happy trail, never breakin' our gaze. However, this time I followed it all the way down until I reached his hair and semi-hard flesh – his breathin' hitched and his eyes narrowed a bit. I started to wash the sex that we'd made earlier. I, of course, took the chance to really get him goin'. Wasn't but a minute or two later he grabbed the soap from me and his hand went between my legs and he gently used his fingers to wash the sex from me. I shuddered at his touch.

"That alright?"

I closed my eyes. "Mmm, hmm."

I reached both my arms around his waist and pulled him into me. I could feel his hard flesh press into my stomach again, as I reached around and gave his ass a hard squeeze. He didn't yelp or pull away like I did; he just let me rub the soap on him. Daryl followed my lead and started to rub the soap on my little behind, but then before I knew it, I was in the air. Daryl lifted me up into his arms; his hands still placed firmly on my ass. He walked us back into the lake, so we were submerged in the cold water again.

I was floatin' in the water, while he held me tightly to him. My legs tightened around his waist; he grunted a bit as I pulled my now achin' core against his rock hard dick.


I leaned back to see him better; his hand moved some of the hair away from my face, movin' it off my chest so that it hung drippin' down my back. Daryl's hand caressed my cheek; his thumb traced the outline of my lips before his mouth crashed into mine. He kissed me softly and slowly; our breathin' was circular … he breathed me in and when he exhaled I breathed him back in. My arms tightened around him and hurriedly went from his face, to his neck, to his shoulders and back again. A kind of frenzied kissin' began and we started to fully make out. I could feel his hardness against me and it got to a point where I reached down between us and grabbed him; positionin' him near my entrance.

"Uh, uh." He mumbled while we kissed; he moved my hand.

I wanted him so badly; I wanted to feel him again inside of me. Or, at least be closer to him than this.

"I want you." I mewed, pullin' my lips from his and restin' my forehead against his. Daryl's narrowed blue eyes, deep like the color of the ocean, bored into me.


I nodded my head yes and he got a better grip on me and I held on tight as he walked us up outta the water and back onto our bed of towels I'd set up earlier.

"I knew this would come in handy,"
I thought to myself as Daryl laid me down on the blankets.



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Chapter Twenty-Five: Part-Two Teaser:
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