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My Guardian

My Guardian: Chapter Twenty-Five: Part Two

Hey Y'all,

For all of my fellow American's, I hope y'all had a happy 4th of July and to everyone else, I hope you're enjoyin' your summer … or winter if you're south of the equator ;-)

It's been awhile since I last posted a chapter for My Guardian and I know some of you were worried and were wondering where the hell I went, since I kinda was "off the grid" for so long. I want you to know that I really appreciate all of the comments and messages of concern and encouragement that I received. I really do love that readers have gotten so invested in this story ;) I've just been swamped with work the last couple of months and really haven't had any free time to work on this story or any of my other ones. I've missed the stories and the characters so much, and I'm glad I was able to finish this chapter up.

Anyways, I know since it's been awhile, so I made this chapter a long one (the length of two chapters) … I hope you all enjoy it ;)

It looks like I'm still getting hundreds of new views every month, which continues to surprise and humble me that so many of people are reading and enjoying this story. * Me smiling proudly * So, to all of you new readers please do make sure if you're reading this story to Subscribe, so you can keep up-to-date with any and all future posts ;)

Of course, you know I love all my loyal readers that have been reading and following along since the beginning! * Lots and lots of hugs *

And, as always I want to give a Special Thank you to: skinnylove1324, ddbgfan, LennyLuna, bethndaryl, GoBethyl!, WerkaZ, GeorgiaGal71, Daryl_TWD, Cks26, and c1ndylou for commenting on the last chapter - you all seriously rock! I love you all! :))

Now ... finally … back to our story...!


Beth's POV –

I reached my hands in between us. My hands started at his stomach and followed his happy trail, never breakin' our gaze. However, this time I followed it all the way down until I reached his hair and semi-hard flesh – his breathin' hitched and his eyes narrowed a bit. I started to wash the sex that we'd made earlier. I, of course, took the chance to really get him goin'. Wasn't but a minute or two later he grabbed the soap from me and his hand went between my legs and he gently used his fingers to wash the sex from me. I shuddered at his touch.

"That alright?"

I closed my eyes. "Mmm, hmm."

I reached both my arms around his waist and pulled him into me. I could feel his hard flesh press into my stomach again. I reached around and gave his ass a hard squeeze. He didn't yelp or pull away like I did; he just let me rub the soap on him. Daryl followed my lead and started to rub the soap on my little behind, but then before I knew it, I was in the air. Daryl lifted me up into his arms; his hands still placed firmly on my ass. He walked us back into the lake, so we were submerged in the cold water again.

I was floatin' in the water, while he held me tightly to him. My legs tightened around his waist; he grunted a bit as I pulled my now achin' core against his rock hard dick.


I leaned back to see him better; his hand moved some of the hair away from my face, movin' it off my chest so that it hung drippin' down my back. Daryl's hand caressed my cheek; his thumb traced the outline of my lips before his mouth crashed into mine. He kissed me softly and slowly; our breathin' was circular … he breathed me in and when he exhaled I breathed him back in. My arms tightened around him and hurriedly went from his face, to his neck, to his shoulders and back again. A kind of frenzied kissin' began and we started to fully make out. I could feel his hardness against me and it got to a point where I reached down between us and grabbed him; positionin' him near my entrance.

"Uh, uh." He mumbled while we kissed; he moved my hand.

I wanted him so badly; I wanted to feel him again inside of me. Or, at least be closer to him than this.

"I want you." I mewed, pullin' my lips from his and restin' my forehead against his. Daryl's narrowed blue eyes, deep like the color of the ocean, bored into me.


I nodded my head yes and he got a better grip on me and I held on tight as he walked us up outta the water and back onto our bed of towels I'd set up earlier.

"I knew this would come in handy,"
I thought to myself as Daryl laid me down on the ground.


Daryl's POV –

I walked us both dripping wet out of the lake and stopped at the towels that she'd put out for us on the grass. I kneeled down onto the ground, with Beth still wrapped tightly around me. I leaned over to set her back down on the ground and her wet legs slipped from their grip behind my back, lettin' her backside hit the ground with a thud.

"Oh!" Beth gasped and then started to laugh hysterically. "Graceful, aren't I?"

"Always." I unsuccessfully tried to keep a straight face, but found myself chucklin' along with her.

She looked so sweet as she laid there before me, all sprawled out; her elbows proppin' her up like some kinda pin-up girl.

"She's so beautiful," I thought to myself.

Beth looked particularly sexy and I couldn't help but take her in. I moved slowly and I crawled on top of her, kissed her and gently pushed her shoulders back to the ground. Beth's wet hair clung to her shoulders and chest. I moved the strands aside and traced my fingers along her collarbone, all without sayin a word. I let my hand wander across her perky breasts and down her taught stomach. I could feel the goosebumps rise on her cool skin.


Beth's eyes widened and a careful smile crossed her face. "What?"

"Ya said ya want me?"

Beth nodded yes; I could feel her tilt her pelvis up towards me as she pulled me close to her.

"I did say that, didn't I?" Beth's lips parted slightly; a seductive little pout.

I nodded my head and I just stared down at her; takin' in her beautiful face. Her eyes darted around for a moment, and then I could tell she was feelin' a little exposed, you could say. In the silence that fell between us, Beth couldn't contain her innocent embarrassment for another second.

Beth started to giggle and looked away. "Daryl."

I always thought that was particularly sweet part of her. She could be so sexual one moment, literally pulling her naked body to mine, and then the next she'd shy away from me like she never done any of this before.

I leaned down and kissed her softly. "Tell me ya want me." I paused. "I wanna hear ya say it again."

I nudged her nose with mine and smiled; my eyes focused intently on her. Beth started to babble a little; a sign of her nervousness.

"Well …I, umm." She paused and looked down; placin' both her hands on my chest. I could see Beth's hands went to her face, coverin' her eyes. She was a little nervous, or anxious, I could tell.

"Hey, it's just me." I reassued her.

She dropped her hands from her face and exhaled deeply and slowly before finally continuing. "Yeah." Beth's eyes widened with a childish excitement as she looked up at me. "I want you."

Beth gently swept some of my hair behind my ears. "There, now I can see your face." She gently slid her hands down the side of my face. "You're so handsome, ya know that?"

Before I could thank her for the compliment, Beth pulled me close to her; kissing me deeply. She stopped only for a moment; her words merely a whisper. "I love you, Daryl. I want you."

I knew there weren't any more words that needed to be said; I let my eyes tell her that I felt the same. Well, my eyes, and of course the fact that I was hard as hell and pressed against her. I suppose it wasn't too hard for her to figure out that I wanted her just as badly. I wanted her and I wanted to make her feel good, just like she always was doin' for me.

I smiled slightly before letting my face drop to her in between her two perfect breasts and trailed soft kisses down her stomach until I reached the top of her soft blond curls. I could feel Beth wiggle in my hands, as I got into a more comfortable position on my elbows. I reached my hands underneath her legs; grabbing a hold of her sides and sliding them down her soft skin until my hands were underneath her hips and ass. I raised her bottom up, so that her slick folds were met with my mouth. Beth moaned loudly as I let my tongue tease her; her breathing was shallow and hurried.

Damn, she tastes sweet.

I sucked her lips into my mouth, then using my tongue to trace circles on her swollen bud. I could tell she was gettin' real turned on, so I set her bottom back on the ground so I'd have use of my hands. I slid one finger and then two into her core. I used my fingers to start to gently stroke along the inside of her; workin' her g-spot. Beth moaned loudly.

"Daryl. Oh, god."

I looked up and could see Beth's hand's each had a fistful of towel and her head was pressed back into the ground. She was obviously gettin' real close. I loved seeing her like that. And, I loved that I could make her feel like that.

"Damn." I growled into her pussy; I exhaled my hot breathe into her slick aroused skin. I let my tongue lightly tap at her clit, before suckin' it into my mouth. I gently sucked and swirled my tongue against her sweetness. I listened as her breathin' started to hitch with every motion of my tongue.

She's gettin' close.

Beth moaned and her hips started to wiggle beneath me. I scooted down, slingin' her leg over my shoulder; I was then able to pin her down and keep her from squirmin'.

"Daryl." She mewed again.

The more she moaned, the harder I got. My dick was so hard I thought I might start to poke a hole in the ground with it.

Then, I felt her tiny hand at the back of my head; her fingers laced through my hair, pressin' me harder against her. I looked up and Beth looked back down at me; she smiled softly and let her head fall back against the ground. This was it. Her hips started to grind against me; her thighs started to crowd either side of my face. I quicken the pace of my fingers until finally she gasped.

"Uh, uh, uh …!" I could feel her walls tighten around my fingers and then she finally shuddered and her legs relaxed; floppin' lazily to the ground. "Oh, my goodness!" I looked up at her from between her legs; Beth smiled at me and started to laugh. "Geez! That was … oh my God. That was so good. So, so ..."

"Yeah? That good, huh?"

I laid my head down on her stomach and listened to her heartbeat; it was fast and steady and thumped through every part of her.

"That was amazing." Beth quietly stated, while her tiny fingers laced through my hair.

We laid there for a while; I wanted to let her relax and enjoy her orgasm before just pouncin' on her. I crawled up beside her and motioned for her to come lay her head on my shoulder and chest.

"Come here."

Beth quickly obliged my request and scooted over until her entire body was pressed against me; she threw her leg over me. I laid there just starin' up at the sky; it was clear out and there wasn't a soul around. It was quiet. It was peaceful. And, although it was beautiful, I couldn't help but think that it would all be over soon. We'd be back at the prison tomorrow and that meant many things, most of which gave me a great deal of anxiety. I could feel the tension as it began to build in my chest. Beth must've sensed somethin' was off. Her hand went to my chest, coverin' my heart.

"Everythin' okay?"

I didn't look down at her and just answered quickly; I didn't wanna ruin the moment.


"You sure. Ya seem tense."

"Nah, I'm fine." I looked down and could see the genuine concern on her face; my hand reached up and covered hers that was restin' on my chest. "Actually, just thinkin'. Ya know? Bout things."

"Oh. Well …"

I interrupted her. "Nothin' to worry bout, alright?."

Beth snuggled her head against my chest. "Okay." We laid there silently for a moment before Beth continued. "It's just, ya know, if there's anythin' ya wanna talk about. Ya know, I'm here."

I smiled and hugged her tightly to my side. "Course, I do." Beth was always so sweet and caring, I certainly didn't wanna worry her so I did my best to just change the subject. "So, ya liked this place? Ya had fun so far?"

Beth giggled a little. "That's an understatement. I didn't know it would still be possible to feel this free. This happy." She paused. "It's been amazin'. Even our night in the trunk of the car. I wouldn't trade it for anythin'."

"Oh yeah? Even the trunk of the car? Hmm, I'll have to remember that." I couldn't help but laugh.

Beth slapped me gently on the chest. "Hey!"

"What? I'm just sayin', I'll keep it in mind for our next run."

"Shut up!" Beth jokingly replied and then quickly sat up. And, before I knew it she was straddlin' me. "Ya know exactly what I mean."

I let my hands move to her hips. "I know what ya mean, I'm just teasin' ya."

"Mmm, hmm." Beth leaned over and kissed me softly. "Well, it wasn't funny."

"Oh, yeah?" I grabbed a hold of her ass and gave her squeeze, pullin' hard against me. "I think it's pretty funny."

"Ha, ha." Beth pursed her full lips. They looked delicious and I had to kiss em. I slid my hands to her lower back and pulled her down on top of me and kissed her. My arms wrapped around her tight little body, one hand movin' up to the back of her head; grabbin' a hold of hair gently. I pulled her deeper and deeper into mouth. Our kisses became hurried and I could feel myself harden; a sexual tension that was buildin' low inside of me. Beth began to gyrate a little on top of me, which was gettin' me so hot I knew I was gonna need to get inside her soon if we kept this up.

So, I stopped kissin' her and pulled her away for a moment, just to take her in. I stared up at her and brushed some of her blonde wispy hair away from her face.

"You're beautiful." The words just fell outta my mouth without me even thinkin' bout it.

Beth just smiled and stared back at me; her eyes were glossy as if she was on the verge of tears. "I love you."

"Love you." I quietly replied as I ran my thumb over her swollen lower lip, which had become flush from all the kissin'.

Beth's hand reached up and grabbed mine and then put my index finger in her mouth, before slowly pullin' it out. I could feel her tongue as it swirled around my finger.

"Goddamn." I smiled and bit my lower lip; she was certainly gettin' the hang of this whole sexy teasin' thing. Beth picked up my other hand and brought them both to her chest, urgin' me to grab a hold of each of her breasts.

"Touch me." She whispered.

I had no trouble followin' orders here. No trouble at all. As I gently massaged her perky little breasts, her hands went for my chest and trailed down to my stomach. I watched as her eyelids grew heavy and then she leaned forward and started to kiss my neck. I pulled her hair to the side and followed her lead; gently nipping at her neck and shoulder. I bit down hard at one point, causin' her to yelp a little.

"Oh, I'm gonna get ya for that, Daryl Dixon."

"I hope so." I teased.

She then got to her knees and started to kiss my chest, slowly makin' her way down to my stomach; my muscles flexed with excitement. I was already hard as a rock and my body was seriously achin' to get inside of her. I could feel the little flicks of her tongue as she seemed to be followin' the faint trail of hair down to just between my hips.

Is she gonna?

I moaned.

I put one arm up behind my head and just watched in wonder as her kisses went lower and lower until I could feel the soft skin of her hand wrap around my hard dick. My eyes widened with excitement and my heart raced.

"And, what're you doin'?"

Is she?

Beth smiled. "Ya know."

Oh, God she is …fuck!

"Oh, yeah?"

There's no way I'm gonna last long.

It'd been, well, a while to say the least, since I'd had anyone give me a blowjob. If memory serves me right, the last time was after a drunken night out with Merle and a couple of skanks he brought home. I was so drunk I could barely get it up. So, this was definitely a welcomed surprise. It's somethin' every man enjoys, but doesn't always wanna be a pest about askin' for. With Beth bein' so inexperienced, I never wanted to push anythin' with her, not ever. And, even though she'd been fairly uninhibited with me from the beginning, askin' for a blow job hadn't even crossed my mind.

Damn, I wasn't expectin' this.

"Mmm, hmm." I replied softly.

I'm not gonna stop her now.

Beth bit her bottom lip for a moment and then leaned down, gently holdin' my hardened flesh in her hand. I watched eagerly as she slid her tongue along the length of dick. When she reached the head, she did some sort of trick with her tongue that made my toes curl. Her tongue swirled around the tip again and again, before finally slippin' it into her warm wet mouth.


Beth's mouth felt so good, so warm, and so tight. And, she kept doin' that swirly thing while I was in her mouth.

"This feels so fuckin' good."

"Mmm, hmm." Beth hummed, sendin' vibrations through my engorged flesh.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head for a moment, it felt so good. I blinked a few times to open them; I wanted to keep watchin' her.

Damn, she's good at this.

She used her hand to firmly stroke me, while her mouth moved up and down along my length. Up and down - she worked me like a pro. If I didn't know any better, I'd say she'd done this before. I tried not to think too much bout all that, like whether or not she had done this before, but damn … she was suckin' my dick, real good.

As you can imagine, it didn't take very long before she had me close to cummin'. My breathin' picked up, my muscles tensed. I reached down and wrapped one of my hands in her hair; gently pushin' and pullin' her mouth up and down along my length.

"Uhh …" I groaned as the rhythm sped up. Beth's fingers were wrapped tightly around me, slidin' up and down my shaft. Beth pulled away for a moment.

"I want to make ya cum." She smiled innocently; her hand continued to stroke me.

I just stared down into her beautiful blue eyes and nodded. I could barely get the words outta my mouth. "Okay."

I let my head drop back down to the ground for a moment before looking back down at Beth. I watched eagerly as her head bobbed up and down. Up and down; the tension building until I finally I exploded in her mouth.

"Ahh! Jesus!" I grunted; my body tensed and shuddered. Beth continued to stroke me until I'd released every last drop, and she smiled sweetly as she noticeably swallowed.

I hadn't meant to bring the Lord into it, but goddamn that felt good!

I felt so good I laughed for no good reason and laid my head back down on the ground.

"Feel good?" Beth quietly asked with her gently caressin' my leg.

"Ha!" I smiled. "Sure did, darlin'."

I could feel my body completely relax and the urge to almost immediately pass out. I was barely conscious, almost slippin' off to sleep for a moment as Beth crawled back up and assumed her position next to me; her head on my shoulder and her arm draped over my chest. Beth's hand rested on my chest as she softly played with the sparse bit of hair I had in the center.

"Glad ya liked it."

I laughed. "Loved it."

Then, I leaned over and kissed the top of her head.

"Good, cause I wasn't sure if I was doin' it right, ya know?"

Beth was sweet like that – innocent. However, her talents were particularly good. In fact, I'd even say it was the best one I ever got. My eyes popped open, as I wondered bout how my woman got so good.

"Hey, I thought ya said you'd never done that before?"

Beth giggled a little. "I haven't. That was the first time."

I cleared my throat. "Well, umm. Felt real good." I paused and smiled to myself. "Actually, it felt like ya definitely knew what you were doin'."

I was just teasin' her a bit, but I really did question whether or not maybe she'd, ya know, done things before. 'Cause it certainly felt like it.

Beth's body shook a little from her laughter and she looked up at me. "Why? Are ya jealous? Ya think I did that with someone else?"

Beth pursed her lips; her eyebrows rose mischievously.

"Nah … it's just." I paused. "Well, it's just, like I said. Felt like ya knew what you were doin', is all. And, here I thought I had this innocent little woman. But, now …"

"Daryl." Beth's mouth dropped open. "Stop it!"


"Hey!" Beth slapped my chest and smiled. "I'm still innocent. Well, kinda." She started to laugh. "Anyways, you liked it, so what difference does it make how I know?"

"Suppose it doesn't."

"Well, if you're gonna make fun of me, maybe I won't ..."

I cut her off. "I'm fuckin' with ya." I started to laugh. "It's a compliment."

Beth grabbed a hold of my chin softly. "Uh, huh. Well, it doesn't sound like it."

I could tell she didn't believe me, since her lips were pursed and her eyes squinted in doubt.

"It's a compliment, I swear." I paused and pulled her up closer to me, so I could look her directly at her. "It felt amazin', is all." I kissed her pouted lips. "Thank you."

Beth replied with a slight sarcastic tone in her voice. "Well, your welcome. I'm glad ya liked it."

Beth started to giggle a little.

"What's so funny?" I squeezed her tightly and tickled her side.

She started to laugh loudly. "Stop, stop, stop! That tickles!" Beth continued to giggle and squirm as I tickled her sides. "Okay, okay! Stop!"

I wasn't sure if I wanted to know the answer to this question, but I asked anyways.

"So?" I stared intently at her waiting for her response. "Ya gonna tell me how ya got so good, or what?"

"Shut up." Beth paused and then propped herself up on her elbow to get a better look at me; her other hand still restin' on me; her fingers tappin' softly on my chest. "Well, I guess if you're askin', ya could say it's just a gift."

"So, you're tellin' me you're just naturally gifted? Just one of your many talents, like singin', right?" My eyes narrowed, as I looked at her from the side. "Now you're just fuckin' with me."

Beth's smile widened from ear to ear; her eyes beamed. "Alright, alright. I'll tell ya. But, ya gotta promise not to laugh."

Promise not to laugh? Shit, what did I get myself into here? Do I even want to know this?

"Hmm." I muttered to myself.

"Come on, promise!" Beth's eyes widened; urging me to promise her. I delayed for a bit and enjoyed watchin' her squirm a little. Finally, I gave the woman what she wanted.

"Okay, I promise." I held up my hand as if I was taking an oath. "Scout's honor."

"Daryl Dixon, you were never a boy scout! Now, do ya promise or not?"

I couldn't help but laugh a little as I tried once again to reassure her. "Yeah, yeah, I promise. I swear I won't laugh."

Now I was really curious as to what the hell my woman was gonna say. Was it gonna be funny?
Was I gonna laugh? Or, was I gonna get pissed the fuck off?

"Okay." Beth rolled her eyes a little and shook her head "So, I learned how to, ya know, how to give a blowjob by ..." Beth could barely say the words blowjob without cracking a smile. "From … Comso. It's a magazine."

Beth's hand immediately went to her face, coverin' her eyes; she was obviously a little embarrassed. And, for me. Well, I was a little in shock. Not that I didn't believe her, but ... from a magazine? Really?

"A magazine? Seriously?" I replied, while Beth continued to hide her gaze from me.

"I can't believe I just told ya that. Geez." Beth slowly started to part her fingers, so she could peek at me from between them. I could tell she was studyin' my face. "Is that stupid, or what?"

"Stupid? Nah." I reached up and grabbed her hand from her face and brought it down to my chest, over my heart. I kept my hand over hers, so she couldn't hide again. "It's just; umm … ya got all that from a magazine?"

Beth licked her lips and looked away. "Well, yeah. Ya know, it was one of Maggie's magazine subscriptions and, well, I used to steal em from her and read em in my room. I wasn't supposed to though." Beth looked back down at me and replied more seriously. "Daddy woulda never approved."


"He still wouldn't approve." Beth's eyes narrowed a bit.

I smiled and chuckled for just a moment. "Well, don't worry. I ain't gonna tell him!"

"Anyways, you'd be surprised what kind of articles Cosmo had."


"Mmm, hmm. There were issues with articles like: How to give the best blowjobs. Ten ways to really blow his top! How to drive your man crazy in bed. Ya know, stuff like that."


"I know crazy, right?"

I just nodded my head. "Crazy." I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me. "Well, thank God for Cosmo."

I leaned up and nipped at her bottom lip, suckin' it playfully into my mouth.

Beth pulled away. "Daryl!"

I could tell she was a little embarrassed still, but that didn't stop me from messin' with her just a little bit. "I'm serious, Beth. Thank God for that magazine!"

"What the heck?!" Beth's eyes got wide and her mouth fell open a little.

I couldn't take another second, I started to laugh hard from my belly – my whole body shook.

"Daryl!" Beth slapped my chest. "I thought ya said ya wouldn't laugh!"

"I know, I know, but ya gotta admit – it's pretty funny."

Beth tried to wiggle free from my grasp. "Alright, lemme go!"

"Hey, where ya think you're goin'?" I held onto her tightly.

Beth stopped wigglin' for a moment. "I'm goin' inside. I'm hungry."

"Hey, hey, I'm just messin' with ya." I paused. "Ya know that, right?"

"Fine." Beth shook her head and rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

I reached up and gently grabbed a hold of arm. Beth looked away, she was playin' like she was more upset than she was; however, I really did want to make sure we were good.

"Hey, I'm sorry I laughed."

"Uh, huh." Beth's eyebrows arched and her lips tightened, takin' her time before answerin' me.

"Well?" I reached up and I caressed her cheek with the back of my hand and then softly tapped at the tip of her nose. "We're good, right?"

Beth couldn't fake bein' mad at me for long; it wasn't one of her strong suits.

"Yeah." Beth's pursed lips softened into a smile. "Always."

I slapped her on the ass, which caused her to yelp a little. "Well, then. Come on, woman. Let's get ya somethin' to eat."

Beth gave me one last eye roll before standin' up. "Okay, then."

I spent a moment admiring the view before walkin' over and grabbin' our bags. Beth started to gather the towels and then started to pull on one of the terrycloth robes she'd brought down with us.

"Hey! What're ya doin'?"

Beth stared back at me confused. "What d'ya mean?"

I snaked my finger underneath the fabric and pulled the robe back down; lettin' it fall in a pile at her feet.


I looked her up and down; Beth smiled and shook her head. "You're terrible, ya know that?"

I leaned down and kissed Beth's flushed cheek. "Just wanna be able to look at ya"

"Fine." Beth replied innocently as she reached for my hand; her fingers intertwining with mine.

As we walked back up towards the house, I asked Beth what she wanted to do with the rest of our time there. This would be our last day and night, so I wanted to make sure she had a good time. This would be our last moment alone together before we headed out tomorrow; back to the prison. Back to reality.

Beth and I spent most of the time eatin' and tied up in the sheets together in bed. Makin' love and talkin'. And, even though we both avoided bringin' up any stressful topics, the anxiety continued to build with every minute that brought us closer to having to leave this place.

But, at least we'd had a few days to ourselves and it had been great. And, I had a feelin' that this would have to hold us over for a while.


Beth's POV -

The birds were chirpin' loud as ever this mornin'.

"Oh, man." I mumbled as I reached my arm up to block the sunlight that was streamin' in across my face.

Daryl and I were up kinda late last night, bein' that it was our last night alone. After we'd fooled around down by the lakeside, we spent the rest of the day runnin' around the house half naked; free to do and say whatever we wanted and it felt real nice to just be ourselves for one last day. We had lunch and dinner outside and watched the sun go down, and then watched the moon rise. It was so bright; the moon illuminated the whole sky over the lakeside. I'd never really seen anythin' as beautiful before, and Daryl just held me in his arms and we sat there in silence until Daryl finally suggested we head inside for the rest of the night. It was time to lock ourselves in for the night and secure the place.

It felt like the rest of the night went by nice and slow, thankfully. We spent the rest of our night by candlelight; playin' cards and makin' love – twice. And, we did our best to just enjoy the quiet and enjoy bein' close to each other like this; it felt amazin'. However, I know for me, it was also layered with the twinge of sadness as I realized that we'd be comin' home today. Back to the prison.

Part of me wished that we never had to leave. And, of course, another part of me couldn't imagine not seeing Maggie, Glenn and daddy again. But, I was in love and I just couldn't help but wish that Daryl and I could keep this little piece of heaven going forever.

But, it couldn't last. I knew that.

I rolled over so that the sun was no longer shinin' in my face, which in turn woke Daryl up. He groaned and rubbed his eyes.

"What time is it?"

"Dunno." I smiled and reached for his body, scooting closer to him and throwing my leg over his hip.

I nuzzled my face into Daryl's chest as he wrapped his strong arms around me. "Hey there."

"Hey." I breathed in his scent; sighing loudly. "Mmm. You smell so good."

Although I couldn't see it, I knew Daryl had a huge smile on his face. I could sense it. Then, I felt his body start to shake with laughter a bit.

"Oh, yeah?" Daryl jokingly replied; his body began to shake from laughter.

"Yeah." I grabbed a hold of him tightly; squeezin' his body between my legs.

"Damn, woman. I can't breath."

"Good." I smiled and kissed his chest as I crawled on top of him; straddlin' his hips.

"Hmpf." Daryl grunted and then reached his hands to my hips. He playfully pulled me closer to him, but then I watched his gentle smile fade a bit. It was replaced by a look caution and concern. "We gotta get packed up, darlin'."

Damn, ya don't gotta remind me.

"I know." I looked solemnly down at him; givin' him a knowingly glance. "Maybe, umm, we can ya know? Fool around one more time before we head out?"

Daryl gave me a quick smile before squeezin' my thighs and helpin' himself from out from under me. "Not that I don't want to, but we gotta get goin' now if we're gonna make it make it back today."

I sighed. "Oh. Yeah. No, I guess you're right." I hoped off the bed and walked over to the sitting area where we'd kept our bags; our supplies strewn about on the couch and floor.

I watched Daryl outta the corner of my eye as he got dressed and I followed his lead. No more lingerie or spendin' our days in pajamas; back to jeans, boots and the rest of the road worn uniforms we'd arrived in. No need to dirty any of the new items we'd picked up here. Plus, we'd agreed we shouldn't arrive back at the prison with clean clothes lookin' like we'd both had showered – might raise some suspicions as to what we were doin' out here.

So, I pulled my filthy shirt over my head.

"Gross." I mumbled quietly to myself; too quiet for Daryl to hear.

My clothes smelled like sweat and walker blood; just another reminder of what awaited us back out in the real world.

Daryl walked up and started to pack his bag. "Finish packin' and I'll bring the stuff down to the truck."

"Okay." I quietly replied.

Daryl quickly packed all the supplies and headed back downstairs without sayin' a word to me; leavin' me to finish up. I threw my things together as quickly as I could, and went through the closet and drawers one last time and picked up a few more items to bring back – soap, shampoo, conditioner, towels. Basic sundries were actually a bit of luxury these days. I thought about goin' back down to the lakeside to get our terry cloth robes, but figured there was no need for em back at the prison – no place for robes at the prison.

Maybe we'll come back here one day? Maybe I'll pick em up then?

The thought put a smile on my face, which Daryl caught when he walked back into the bedroom.

"What're you smilin' bout?"

I stood up as Daryl approached me. "Nothin'."

I snaked my arms underneath Daryl's and pulled him close to me and rested my head on this chest.

"Hmm." Daryl mumbled as he wrapped his arms around me.

I could feel his grasp on me looser than normal, so I hugged him tighter. "Hey. Everythin' okay?"

"Yep." Daryl squeezed me one last time before lettin' me go. "Ya ready to go?"

He began to sling some of the bags over his shoulders and tossed me my pack; his crossbow now readied by his side. Daryl was definitely ready for the road again.

Leavin' is gonna be tougher than I thought.

"As ready as I'll ever be."

Daryl nodded and walked out of the room.

Wow, that's weird.

He just left me there, again without sayin' a word. I figured he was just business as usual, his mind more focused on what lied ahead of us on the road. But, me, I was still thinkin' bout our time here and wishin' we could stay just a little longer. I rested my hands softly on my hips, as I looked around the bedroom one last time.

I looked at the bed we'd made a mess of and I thought of all the love we'd made here over the last couple of days. Unbelievable. This place was heaven; I can't even really explain how badly how I wanted to just stay here with Daryl and never go back. It foolish and unrealistic, I know, but as I walked downstairs and out to the front of the house, I could feel my stomach sour. An empty pit developed in my center, as reality started to seep back into my brain.

Walkers, Nick, and pretendin' like we weren't together - I wasn't happy about it. Not one bit and neither was Daryl by the look on his face. His unusually carefree face that I'd experienced over the last couple of days had been replaced by the one I was more familiar with – one that was more pensive. Always thinkin', tryin' to be ten steps ahead of everythin'.

"Well, I certainly had a goodtime the last couple of days. I'm kinda sad to go."

Daryl didn't reply he just continued to rearrange some things in the vehicle, avoiding makin' eye contact with me for the most part.

"Aren't ya gonna miss this place?"

"Hand me you're bags." Daryl shot me a quick glance before snatchin' one of my bags off my shoulder.

"Daryl?" One bag after another he slung back down on the ground and then back in again.

"Daryl?" He started to repack the back to make more room for our new supply bags. "Daryl?"

He kept packin' all the while he wasn't sayin' a word. "Alright, well, I'll leave ya to it."

"Hmpf." Daryl grunted as he loaded a particularly heavy crate in the back.

I jumped in the passenger seat to wait for him.

"Man, oh man." I mumbled to myself.

Daryl was seriously in his head. He wasn't sayin' a word, but he couldn't hide his thoughts and feelings from me. His silence was tellin' me everythin' I needed to know – Daryl was anxious. It didn't take long until we were all packed and I heard Daryl slam the back door shut. He came around to the front and threw my main pack in the back seat for easy access alongside his.


I nodded and Daryl hopped into the driver's seat and started the truck. We drove down the driveway and to the main entrance of the community, makin' sure to lock up both the gates to the estate and to the community. Hopefully, lockin' this place back up would keep it secure and walker free if we were to ever come back.

I wasn't totally convinced we'd ever see this place, but I really did hope that we would.


The next hour or so was a bit of a blur; I was totally in my head.

I was worried as hell again. We'd stayed clear of heavy topics while we were at the estate, but that didn't change the fact that there were some serious things loomin' over us – things neither of us could escape. Nick, our "Plan B," and hidin' our relationship from everyone. Felt like I had the world on my shoulders, so the fact that Daryl wasn't talkin' either didn't really bother me all that much right now.

I didn't feel like talkin' much myself. So, I just rested my head on the pane of the window and stared out into the countryside; tryin' to clear my head, if that was even possible. I studied the trees we passed, and tried to avoid lookin' in the abandoned and bloodied cars that littered the roads from time to time. They always looked like a scene out of a horror movie – bodies, blood, and guts. It was always so awful. The sight made my stomach turn.

The ugliness was replaced every so often by beauty. Beautiful countryside with large open spaces and rolling fields. Looked like we were in farm country now and it kind of reminded me of our old house; the farm we'd abandoned almost a year ago. It was beautiful, but also a little sad at the same time.

As the day wore on, the sun rose higher in the sky and eventually the sunlight streamed in brightly through the windshield and directly into my eyes. No matter where I moved my head; the sun was right in my face. It was hurting my eyes, so I had to sit up straight to avoid the glare.

Daryl must've noticed the pained look on my face. "Ya alright?"

"Yeah. I'm fine. Sun's just in my face."

I held my eyes closed tightly, the sun left spots in my vision. I rubbed my eyes a bit and as I regained my vision, I could see that we were coming up on some orchards ahead. It looked like there were orchards on either side of the road.

I raised my arm up and pointed ahead of us. "Hey, are we gonna …?"

"Mmm, hmm."

"Those look like peach trees."


"Fruit was on Carol's list."

"Sure was."

I laughed nervously. "Almost forgot we had the list of supplies, ya know, with everythin'."

"Well, I didn't." Daryl curtly replied.

"Well, I'm glad."

"Yeah, well, we got a job to do out here, remember?"

Daryl's shortness with me was surprising; it took me off guard. And, that's when I realized he wasn't just bein' quite or focused. I'd been avoiding talkin' to him the last couple of hours, but he'd also been avoiding me too.

"No, I know."

I wanted to comfort or calm him, so I reached over and placed my hand on his shoulder. However, when I touched him, it almost looked like he flinched. He was acting so strange. Cold even.

"We got people countin' on us." Daryl shrugged my hand off of him.

I stuttered as I tried to reply to him. "I know. It's just. I, umm, uh." I shook my head and let my hands fall to my lap. "Nevermind."

Daryl's mood had been spiraling down the closer and closer we got back to the prison, so I just stopped talkin'. Daryl was definitely not in the talking mood right now, I could tell.

Jesus, how could I not notice?


Before we reached the orchard, Daryl pulled the SUV off the main highway onto a side road. As soon as we stopped, Daryl started to rummage through the back seat before finally pullin' out two large linen bags that had been jammed alongside the rest of our stuff.

"Here, use this." Daryl handed me one of the bags before quickly exiting the SUV; slammin' the driver's door shut behind him. "We'll pick til both of these are full, then we'll head out."

"Okay." I mouthed to myself and then jumped out to meet him. Daryl motioned for me to follow him; his crossbow drawn in front of him.

We quietly made our way over an old fence made outta wood; it was just a couple of feet tall. The wood was old and the fence had even fallen down in spots due to walkers or maybe just because there was no one to maintain the fences anymore. Either way, we made it over easy enough.

"Keep close." Daryl growled lowly.

Geez, Daryl.

He kept his bow drawn as we entered into the first few rows of the orchard; everythin' looked clear so Daryl slung his crossbow back to the side and pulled the linen bag out.

Daryl nodded towards me; gesturing for me to get started. "It's clear."

I didn't even respond and just walked off down one of rows of the orchard. Took us bout forty-five minutes before both of our bags were full. We loaded up our bags with peaches and even went across the street to a smaller orchard that had blackberries, blueberries, onions and squash. It was quite the score. It was fantastic really, except for the fact that Daryl had barely said two words to me the entire time.

As we walked back to the SUV and across the street, finally, I decided I'd had enough of this bullshit.


He kept walking ahead of me and didn't respond to me.


He stopped just for a moment and grunted and then he picked up the pace; marchin' quickly ahead of me.

Why was he doin' this?

I mean, I was worried enough headin' back to the prison; I certainly didn't want to have to deal with Daryl bein' moody as hell with me before we got back.

"Daryl Dixon, will ya just stop for a second!"

He didn't stop until he reached the back of the SUV; he tossed his bag to the ground and ripped the back door open.

"What?" I shouted; his shoulders heavin' with every labored breath.

I walked up to the side of the truck and set my own bag down. "Daryl. What is wrong with you?"

Daryl wiped the sweat from his brow, but he didn't say a word.

"Daryl, I'm talkin' to you. Talk to me, please!"

I could hear a bit of a whimper come from him; he was breathin' shallowly.

He was real upset, I could tell.

I inched my way closer to him and he quickly reached his hand to his face coverin' his eyes and turnin' his back to me. He obviously didn't want me to see just how upset he was.

"Daryl, please." I walked up behind him and snaked my arms underneath his; restin' my head on his back. I held him tightly and I could feel his body shudder a little. "Please talk to me."

Daryl tried to compose himself. "It's nothin'."

"Daryl." I walked around the side of him, so that I was directly in front of him. I reached up and caressed his cheek; the coarse bristles on his face ticklin' my palm.

I could see now his eyes were just a little misty, but his gaze was now focused on the ground between us. "Just worried, I guess."

I guess he'd spent the last couple of hours, stressin' over the same stuff as me. We'd both let our thoughts get the best of us.

He took several deep breaths to calm himself. "I'm fine, Beth. Really."

I nudged Daryl's chin up; Daryl's eyes finally met mine and I smiled reassuringly. "I'm worried
too." I laughed nervously. "Bout everythin', actually."

"Yeah?" Daryl replied quietly.

Daryl looked so shy, so unsure of himself. We both obviously had things we needed to talk about before we went back to the prison. Things we'd refrained from talkin' about over the last couple of days – important things.

"Yeah. Been thinkin' bout things, and stuff. And, I'm worried as hell." I paused. "We had such a wonderful time the last couple of days, and I know we both avoided talkin' about some things, but … maybe we should talk before we, umm, get back to everyone. Ya know?"

Daryl shook his head in agreement; his lips tight. "Yeah, maybe."

He gave me a little smile, so I knew Daryl and I were on the same page again. I hated that it took so little for us both to get so disconnected from each other. We had some things we needed to talk about; things we could handle – just as long as we did it together. Tryin' to worry or tackle these things on our own was obviously not one of our strong suits as a couple.

"Okay." I nodded towards the front of the SUV. "Come on."

I got back into the SUV, while Daryl tossed both of bags in the back; he finally jumped in and closed the door shut.

I exhaled deeply before bringin' up the huge elephant in the room. "So, uh … bout the … pill. And, ya know, whether or not it worked or not. Let's start with that."

Daryl looked up at me anxiously. "Okay, well … what if, ya know? You're …" Daryl looked at my belly.

"Alright, I won't lie to you. I'm a little worried bout that too. But, I don't think we both need to worry bout this. At least not until we know if we need to be worried."

Daryl huffed. "So, what? Ya want me to just forget about it? Is that it?"

He seemed pissed, so I tried to calm him. "That's not what I'm sayin' at all. I'm just sayin' that
I'm already worried. I guess, just let me worry bout it, for now."

"Easier said than done."

"I know, but I promised ya the pill would work and I still think it will, but …" I paused for a moment. "For now, just let me worry bout it."

Daryl exhaled deeply. "Beth, I dunno. I don't think I can."

"I know it's hard, but try. For me?"

Daryl nodded in agreement and then reached over and grabbed a hold of my hand and brought it into his lap.

He looked deep into my eyes. "I'll try, but ..."

"Good. I'll take it." I gave him a quick smile. "Now you. Can ya tell me what's been on your mind? I know there's somthin' else your not tellin' me."

Daryl's eyebrow's raised; he looked uneasily at me.

"I mean, besides what we just talked about. Somethin' else is on your mind. I can tell."

"I dunno."

"Don't do that. Don't I dunno me, okay?"

Daryl laughed. "Fine." He paused and seemed to be thinkin' bout how to explain what was on his mind. "The Council had a meeting before we left."

"Yeah, I know."

"They made a decision bout Nick."


I was in shock; my mouth fell open. For a moment, I thought maybe they kicked him out. Maybe Daryl had hidden the fact that Nick was exiled from the prison and that he and his brother, Mike, would be gone when we got back. I couldn't believe he would hide somethin' like that from me.

Daryl was gettin' uncomfortable; he wasn't lookin' me in the eyes.

"So, what'd they say?" I urged him to continue.

"They ruled that Nick could stay. Didn't listen to one word I said."

"What d'ya mean, he can stay?" I was surprised to hear that; I was sure they were gonna listen to Daryl's request. Somthin' wasn't addin' up. "They didn't say anythin' else? What about everythin', ya know? That he's been doin'. Did ya tell em bout all that?"

"Yeah, I did. Didn't make no difference though. They said they wanted to wait; wanted to give him a chance to change." Daryl replied mockingly.

"And?" I gestured for him to continue.

"I dunno, they were gonna talk to him while we were away. And, then he's gonna be on some kinda probation, or some shit like that." Daryl threw his hand up and slammed it into the steering wheel. "It's bullshit!"

"Well, what'd they mean by probation? What's gonna happen if he … doesn't change?"

"They'll kick him out." Daryl paused and looked at me; I could tell he was really upset. "What's it gonna take for everyone to see he's dangerous?"

"He might be dangerous. I mean, I know he's been unpredictable. Erratic even."

Daryl looked annoyed by my response. "Beth."

He was gettin' all riled up; grittin' his teeth and clenchin' his jaw. I didn't want to agitate him anymore than he already was, so I smiled and tried to reassure him.

"Daryl, I know ya were hopin' for The Council to have some answers, but maybe this …"

Daryl interrupted me. "I didn't want answers. I had a solution, Beth. I wanted them to back me up!" Daryl's breathin' was heavy; sweat formed on his brow. "I mean, no one had my back. Not'a one of em … had my back."

"Daryl. They have your back. Everyone does. Ya know that, it's just …"

Daryl interrupted me again. "It's not just nothin'. I asked them to kick him out. I told em he was dangerous. Told bout everythin' he's been doin', but … they just wouldn't listen."

Then, I could see it. Daryl wasn't just angry about Nick – he was hurt. He's been such a pillar of this group and everyone depends on him for so much and he really asks for nothin' in return. No recognition, nothin'. And, I could see it in his eyes how he really felt betrayed by The Council – all of our friends and family. Daryl just wanted them to say "yes" … to kick Nick out because Daryl thought it was the right call; he thought the group would be better off without Nick. And, maybe Daryl was right, but I actually kind of agreed with The Council's decision. They were exercisin' caution. Now, I didn't like Nick; he gave me the creeps. And, he definitely wasn't gettin' the hint bout leavin' me alone, but kickin' him out was a death sentence, for sure. I knew it – everyone on The Council knew it too.

No matter how cautious The Council was bein', didn't matter to Daryl – he deserved to be listened to and to feel like his opinion counted for somethin'.

"I'm so sorry, Daryl." I didn't want to hurt Daryl, but I did want to try and reason with him a little. I thought maybe if he understood where they were comin' from he wouldn't feel so hurt. "Ya know they don't wanna send anyone out on the road unless they absolutely have to."

"I know that, Beth." Daryl was gettin' restless, so I quickly continued.

"And, they said they're gonna talk to him. Maybe he'll be different if everyone knows he's on thin ice, if he knows what's at stake now."

Daryl's eyes narrowed and he looked blankly out the windshield. "Don't tell me ya really believe that?"

"I dunno, Daryl. Maybe." I paused and then answered more honestly. "I'm not sure."

"Uh, huh. Well, not sure ain't gonna cut it with this guy, I'm tellin' ya."

"I'm on your side, Daryl. I love you. And, I believe ya when ya say … that there's somethin' wrong with him. I've seen it with my own eyes manytimes now."

"I know. So, what's gonna happen when he tries somethin' again?"

Daryl was worried about me; he was just tryin' to protect me. I knew that. And, no matter what, if Daryl made the decision to send Nick and Mike outta the prison, I'd be right by his side helpin' Daryl close the gates behind em. I'd back him up. But, I knew he wouldn't do that without the group behind him, and I think that's why he was so upset that they didn't have his back at the meeting.

Then, a thought came to mind. "What if, we just told everyone bout us? Maybe that would help the situation with Nick."

Daryl laughed and looked at me. "That's not gonna stop him, Beth. I beat his ass and he didn't stop. He's not gonna respect that you and I are together. Hell, might rile him up."

I could feel tears start to form behind my eyes, as I whimpered. "Ya think so?"

"I do." Daryl reached over and wiped the single tear that slipped down my cheek. "But, I don't want you to worry bout any of this."

A laugh escaped me. "Ha! You're jokin'."

"Hey, I promised you I'd try not to worry bout, ya know? So, can ya promise me you'll let me take care of this?" Daryl paused and got serious. "I'll deal with Nick. I don't want you to have anythin' to do with him, okay?"

I nodded yes. "Okay. I won't."

"I'm serious, Beth. Just keep your distance and if he tries anythin' – I'll deal with him. My way."

"Alright. I promise."

Daryl looked relieved. "So, we're good then? Anythin' else?"

"No, we're good."

We both smiled and laughed for a moment; the tension between us was now gone. I leaned in and Daryl kissed me; his hand cupping my cheek and pulling me deeper to him.

Daryl pulled away and nodded towards the road ahead of us. "Alright, we better go. Got just enough daylight to get back before dark."

I nodded. "Okay."

I leaned over and rested my head on his shoulder and sat as close as I possibly could, as Daryl started up the SUV and drove it back onto the main road. Daryl didn't say much during the rest of the drive back to the prison, but I did make a point to tell Daryl how much I enjoyed our trip – even our night in the trunk of the car. All of it. I wanted to reassure him as much as I could; I was on side – always.



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Chapter Twenty-Six Teaser:
Daryl and Beth arrive back at the prison and they find it difficult to adjust to being back at the prison and really difficult to hide their relationship from the people they love.

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