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My Guardian

My Guardian: Chapter Five - Part One

Hey Everyone!!

Sorry it took me so long to post. I've just been busy with work ... and, watching the AMC The Walking Dead marathon! Yeah :-D

And, as you all know, after many months of impatiently waiting .... TWD Season 4 is finally here (insert girly scream here)!!! I'm sure you will all be watching tonight, so I look forward to hearing from you all as to what you think of the Season 4 premiere (please wait until later tonight to post any premiere comments - just in case there is anyone reading who hasn't had a chance to see it yet).

As always, I want to thank you everyone who is reading and subscribing to the story .... I really appreciate it! And, a Special Thank you to HippyChick90 and Dixon'sVixen for commenting on the last chapter - you rock!! Thank you, thank you!!

Now back to our story ...


Daryl’s POV –

Sun was up now; Rick and the rest of day guards would be out any minute. I couldn’t help myself, but I kept go over and over again in my head the conversation that I had with Beth last night. I just felt “off.” I had a pit in my stomach that was gnawing away at me, and I was sure it wasn’t from the fact that that I hadn’t eaten any food for the last 16 hours. I needed to talk to Beth again and make sure we were good. But, that would have to wait until later.

Rick and Karen were the first to arrive in the yard. Rick walked up to me and asked me how the night guard watch went. I gave him the rundown, and left out the part about my conversation with Beth. It was none of his business anyways, I figured. Rick patted me on the shoulder and told me to head on up to my cell.

“You look tired. Go on, now. Catch some shut eye and I’ll we’ll finish this conversation up later tonight.”


I only slept for about 5 or 6 hours before the sounds of kids in the common area woke me up. I rubbed my tired eyes and sat up on my cot.

I grumbled as I began to finally fully wake up. “Damn. Why these kids always gotta be runnin’ round yellin’ like that? Jesus.”

I slowly stood up and I looked at myself in the mirror; somethin’ I tried not to do too often. I looked tired; my eyes were bloodshot and my face was awful dirty. So, I threw some water on my face from the bucket of water I kept near my sink to clean off some of the dirt and ran my wet hands through my hair; attempting to brush back the matted hair that had formed on the back of my head.

“There. That’s better.”
I smiled to myself. I should be good for another week or two.

I headed downstairs and walked over to Cell Block C so I could find somethin’ to eat. As I walked through the barred door, I could see Carol was hard at work tending to things around the common area. Bunch of the kids were gathered around her, which she gently shooed away as I approached her.

“Hey Carol.”

“Oh, morning, Daryl.” She smiled. She thought it was hilarious that my morning was 1pm in the afternoon.

“Anything to eat round here?”

She pointed over to a basket. “Got some cans of fruit open and a pot of oatmeal. There should be some left for you.”


I sat down at the table and grabbed a half full can of peaches – one of my favorites. I checked the pot of oatmeal and Carol was right; there was still about a cup left. As I quickly ate my meal I began to survey the room and look for Beth, and I didn’t see her in the common area. So, when I was finished, I headed up to her room and she wasn’t there either.

“Strange,” I thought to myself.

I walked over to Glenn and Maggie’s room, which they had blocked off with sheets. I knocked on the outside of the cell. I made a point to knock and announce myself every time I went to visit them in their room; you never knew with these two.

“Anyone in there?”

Glenn answered back quickly “Yeah.”

“Y’all decent?” I jokingly asked.

“No, I mean … yeah … it’s just me in here. Come on in Daryl.”

I walked in to find Glenn resting on the cot; he sat up immediately when I entered the room.

“Hey, what’s up Daryl?”

“Sorry, man. Did I wake you?”

“No, I was already up. I woke up to Judith screaming this morning … and then again with the kids downstairs … and then again when Maggie came in to ask me bout something. You know how it is.” Glenn smiled.

“Sure do. These night shifts can be real rough sometimes.”

Glenn nodded and rubbed his head and the sleep from his eyes.

“So, what’s up, man?”

“Oh nothin’, really. Jus noticed Beth wasn’t in her room, and neither was Judith. You seen em?”

“Yeah. Umm … Maggie mentioned that she and Beth were headin’ outside to get some sun and fresh air for the baby.”

“Fresh air, huh?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Oh, nothin’…jus had somethin’ I needed to talk to Beth about. Well…guess, I’ll head outside and look for her.”

“Hey … wait up!” Glenn shouted as I began to leave the room.

Glenn jumped up and met me out on the walkway overlooking the common area. We talked for a few minutes before I heard the faint sound of Beth’s voice as she and Maggie entered the room below. I looked down and smiled as I watched Maggie and Beth as they held hands and walked over to one of the tables.

“The girls are back.” I nodded letting Glenn know they were back from their walk.

However, my smile was short-lived, when I realized the girls had been followed into the room by two of the new guys from Woodbury. Nick Foster and his younger brother, Mike. Both of em sauntered slowly into the room and I noticed that the older brother, Nick, had Judith tucked into his arms.

“Here, I’ll take her now.” Beth raised her arms up; gesturing for Nick to hand her back the baby.

My chest tightened – why the hell was that guy holdin’ Little Asskicker? I didn’t like that one bit. I loved that little girl and it hadn’t taken long for me to grow extremely protective of her. And, here was this asshole carryin’ her. What the hell was Beth thinkin’?

“Sure, here ya go. She sure is a sweetheart.” Nick sat down next to Beth and handed her the baby.

Beth smiled sheepishly. “She sure is.”

Every second I grew more and more agitated, as I watched the girls carryin’ on with the brothers. They all seemed to be laughin’ at somethin’, when Nick reached over and brushed the hair from Beth’s face.

“What the hell?” I mumbled under my breath.

Glenn pushed me in the shoulder. “What’s up with you man?”

“Oh, nothin.’ Sorry.”

I tried my best to give me Glenn my full attention, but watching Nick touch Beth just made my blood boil. Don’t know why, but that pit in my stomach just started to get bigger and bigger - like an ache I’d never felt before. I rubbed my stomach to try and help cure the uneasiness that settled there. And, before I knew it, I found myself straining to hear what hell Maggie and Beth could possibly be talking to these boys about.

“So, where’d you two come from exactly?” Maggie smiled.

“Well, my brother and I were both stationed at Fort McPherson when the outbreak began.”

Nick had a huge grin on his face as he engaged in the conversation with both Beth and Maggie. I felt like punching him in the face and knocking that stupid smile off of it. I don’t know why, but I jus didn’t like the look of these two. I really didn’t know much about em yet, just that they were brothers and were previously residents of Woodbury. But, one thing’s for sure - I definitely didn’t like em hangin’ round the girls.

Beth chimed in excitedly, while rocking Judith in her arms.

“Really? Fort McPherson? We heard there was a safe zone there.” Maggie continued.

Nick had a huge grin on his face as he turned to answer Beth. I felt like punching him in the face and knocking that stupid smile off of it.

“Nahh. Not anymore. Got overrun within two weeks. We had to …”

I couldn’t hear the last part, since Glenn started waving his hands in front of me trying to get my attention.

“Hey! Daryl.”

“Wha … What?”

“Oh, nothing … You just totally zoned out again.”

“Sorry man. Just tired, I guess.”

“Yeah, well, maybe you should get a few more hours of sleep.”

I scratched the back of my head, “Yeah, maybe.” My glance turned back to the common area. Maggie had left and was making her way up the stairs.

Maggie walked up to Glenn and stood beside him; intertwining her arm through his. “Hey, Daryl. What’s goin’ on you two? Seems like I interrupted.”

“No. Just talking bout last night’s watch.”

“Oh …”

“Maggie … those two boys you and Beth were talkin’ to … what’s their deal?”

“Nick and Mike?”

“Yeah. How come they weren’t with The Governor when he attacked the prison? They look capable enough.”

Maggie smiled, “Well, Nick was actually just tellin' us the their story. He said that him and Mike hooked up with the group at Woodbury bout the same Tyrese and Sasha arrived there. Since they were fairly new to the group, they decided to stay behind. Good thing too … otherwise they’d be dead for sure just like the rest of em.”


“And, I guess they were both in the army; stationed at Fort McPherson. Said it took less than two weeks before they were completely overrun and had to abandon the place. Can you believe that?”

“Really … so, their soldiers?”

“Yep. I think they’ll be a good addition here. We need some more people to help protect the group. They will be able to some of the work load off you boys.”

Maggie smiled and patted Glenn on the chest. Maggie paused; waiting for my response, but I just stared back down to the tables where I watched Beth as she sat too close (in my opinion) to the older Foster brother, Nick. I could see Nick seemed to be paying an awful lot of attention to Beth. Seemed to be layin’ it on real thick. Whatever they were talkin’ bout now had Beth laughing; had them all laughin’.

“Well, I like em.” Maggie smiled and nudged me in the arm. “They seem like they’re good guys.”

“Well, I don’t trust em. Somethin’ bout them jus don’t sit right.” I gave Maggie a stern glare.

Maggie quickly got defensive.

“Geez, Daryl. Give em a chance. They both seem real nice.”

“Don’t be so naïve Maggie.”

“Well, I think you’re overreacting, Daryl. Plus, given that reasoning, we shouldn’t trust any of these people; including Tyrese and Sasha – and they seem to be good people. Hell ... we even took in Karen and she was a part of the prison raid."

Glenn could tell Maggie was starting to get a little worked up, so he interjected trying to diffuse the conversation. “Come on, Daryl. Leave it alone already.”

“What! I don’t like em – not one bit.” I sharply replied. “An jus because they weren’t here for
the attack, doesn’t mean they didn’t know it was goin’ on. Doesn’t mean they didn’t agree with it.”

Jesus, Daryl.” By this time, Maggie's smile had turned into a bit of a frown and she seemed seriously annoyed at this point. I felt a little bad about being so stubborn, but I didn't think she realized why I was so concerned.

I paused for a moment to collect my thoughts. I looked over at Glenn and his eyes were telling me to wrap up the conversation already.

"Listen, Maggie. Merle told me all the soldiers at Woodbury were real loyal to the Governor. I’m tellin’ you, I don’t think we should trust em’ … at least not yet.”

Maggie took a deep breath and sighed. She knew I was just lookin' out for our group. She gave me a tight-lipped crooked smile, and walked a little closer to me. Her hand reached up and grabbed a hold of my forearm.

“Come on, Daryl … " She paused. "Lighten up a little. I think we got a good group here. We need people now; you know that. And, Nick and Mike have military experience; they can really help out around here. Give em a chance, alright?”

Maggie nudged me with her shoulder and gave me a big smile. I rolled my eyes and sighed loudly; realizing now that this conversation was going nowhere. So, I just gave her the answer she was looking for, smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Yeah … sure, Maggie.”

“Oh, yeah. I almost forgot why I came up here in the first place. Rick said he wanted to talk to you bout somethin’. Said you should meet him out front when yer ready.” Maggie paused. “Well, I’m gonna headin’ back down stairs. Gotta help daddy with a few things.”

Maggie gave Glenn a big hug and then leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before turning to walk back towards the stairs. "I’ll see you two later, okay?”

Before she could reach the stairs, Glenn called out to her.

“Hey Maggie! Wait … I wanted to talk to you about somethin’ real quick. Can you come back here?”

Maggie smiled and started to walk back to us, when Glenn whispered quietly to me.

“Hey, you mind, Daryl? I gotta talk to Maggie. I’ll meet you in the yard; tell Rick I’ll be out in like 20 minutes?

“Yeah … sure thing, Glenn.”

Once Maggie was within arms distance, Glenn reached for her hand and pulled her into the cell, which I took as my cue to leave. As I walked down the stairs, I noticed that Beth, Judith and those boys were gone … didn’t see em anywhere.

Damn! Where the hell they run off to?” I mused aloud.

I made my way back to the front of the prison yard, where I could see Rick talking to Tyrese and Michonne. As I approached Rick and the others, I just kept thinkin’ to myself that maybe I was being overly cautious – maybe Maggie was right. I knew what this meeting with Rick was all about and I knew we could really use the extra help around the prison, but I just couldn’t shake the feelings that I was having - an Merle told me always to trust my gut. Said it always knows the truth; even if you don't want to admit it. And, I could tell that there was just somethin’ about these brothers that sounded off a loud warning inside me. I guess the younger brother, Mike, seemed quiet enough, but that Nick character …somethin’ bout him that made my stomach sour. The others might not see it, but I certainly did – he was definitely trouble.


Beth POV -

I didn’t see Daryl all day today, and I was still feeling bad for the conversation getting so intense last night. I was kind of obsessing about it, actually. I should've known better. Although he may not seem it on the outside, Daryl is really sensitive. Although he’d probably hate for anyone to say so out loud - it was the truth! Underneath all that incredible strength, was a really deep and emotional guy. And, not only that … I knew that he still felt bad about Merle’s involvement with everything and that he was still really hurting over his death. I shouldn’t have brought it up. It wasn’t like me to unload on someone like that, and Daryl certainly didn’t deserve it. I decided that since I didn’t see him around today that I would head out after Judith fell asleep and catch up with him on his night watch.

It had been dark for about 2 hours and Judith was fast asleep, so I slipped downstairs and made my way to our little pantry area. I decided I would bring Daryl and the rest of the night watch coffee again – a peace offering of sorts. Plus, it would give me an excuse to go outside and give me a chance to apologize to Daryl.

I carefully loaded the tray with the coffees and marched outside. When I got out to the prison yard, I didn’t see anyone at first. That was until I saw the faint amber glow of a cigarette burning in the distance. I started to walk towards the Marlboro beacon and the shadowy figure that was beginning to emerge near the prison tower.

“Hey there.” I shyly whispered. “Brought ya some coffee.”

I raised the tray up and offered Daryl a drink.

“Thanks, Beth. You didn’t have to do that.”

“I know, but I also don’t want you fallen asleep out here either.” I nervously laughed as I waited to hear Daryl’s response.

He reached out and grabbed one of the mugs from the tray. “Thanks.” He took a sip and then
another long drag off his cigarette.

We stood there in silence for a moment; suddenly I felt myself at a loss for words. And, I couldn’t tell what he was thinking, so every moment that passed made me more and more anxious.

Finally, he spoke up.

“I’ll take that or you can just set it down. You don’t gotta wait for the rest of em to come back here.”

“No, it’s fine.” I set the tray down on the ground next to me. “Actually, I wanted to talk to you bout last night.”

“Yeah? What about?” He took another drag from his cigarette and tossed it to the ground; stomping it out with the toe of his boot.

“Well … I guess I just kinda feel bad about how heavy our conversation got last night. I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“No need to apologize, Beth.”

“Well, I just felt real bad about it, that’s all. I had this yucky feelin’ in my stomach all day bout it.”

Daryl laughed and sipped the coffee. He smiled at me and started to walk away.

“Come here.”

Daryl motioned for me to follow him over to one of the tables set up in the yard. I picked up my tray of coffees and set them on the table. Daryl patted his hand on the seat next to him.

“Sit down, Beth.”

I sat down next to Daryl and anxiously waited for what he had to say.

“Listen, you ain’t got nothin’ to be sorry about.”

“I do. I should’ve never brought up that stuff about Merle. That was rude; I shouldn’t have done it.”

I really felt ashamed of my behavior the night before, so I looked away; down at my hands as they lay in my lap. Then, before I could say another word, Daryl had reached over and gently grabbed me by my chin; raising my face up so that our eyes met while he continued.

“I’m the one who should apologize. Merle was my brother, and he was the cause of a lot of this trouble. So, ya ain’t got nothin’ to feel sorry for. Ya hear me?”

“I do. It’s just …” I hesitated as I looked deeply into Daryl's eyes; searching for the words to say ... and then he gave me a soft smile and the words quickly found their way to my lips.

I let out a deep sigh and continued.

“I’ve just had this pit in my stomach all day. I felt like maybe you might be mad at me for bringin’ all that stuff up. ”

“Nahh … how could I ever be mad at you?” He laughed. “You’ve don’t got a mean bone in your body. And ... all that stuff you said ... was true. Guess we we’re both feelin’ a little sorry today.”

Daryl laughed again.

“What do ya mean?” I asked curiously.

“Just … I was feelin’ pretty bad about last night too. Had that same pit in my stomach. I was actually lookin’ for ya earlier today cause I wanted to talk to ya about it. So, I’m glad you came out tonight.”

“Me too. So, you don’t mind if I keep ya company for a while? Promise I won’t be such a downer this time.”

Daryl smirked, “Sure, I’d like that.”

We sat in silence for a moment, when Daryl casually changed the topic of our conversation.

“So … Maggie tells me you and her got to know those Foster brothers a little better today. What’s their deal?”

"Oh! Nick and Mike? There alright I guess. They met up with me and Maggie when we were out on a walk with Judith earlier." Daryl nodded; obviously he wanted me to continue. "Well ... Nick was tellin’ me all about how him and his brother survived on their own this last year after being overrun at Fort McPherson.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah, it was some real compelling stuff.” I giggled remembering the conversation I had with the two of them.

“What’s so funny?"Daryl nudged my shoulder.

“It’s just … well, Nick seemed to think quite a lot of himself. He went on and on about all the 'zombies' they killed and he has apparently decided that he is ‘The world’s most badass zombie killer.’” I laughed again. “Those are his words – not mine.”

Daryl and I both laughed for a while at the moniker Nick gave himself.

“Wow! World’s most badass zombie killer. Imagine that … right here under our roof?”

“Yeah, well, I didn’t want to burst his huge bubble, but he definitely isn’t the world’s most badass zombie killer.” I paused and more quietly added, “You are!”

“Me! Nahh … I’m sure there are others out there with more skills than I have. I jus got this crossbow; been real lucky is all.”

“Yeah, right, Daryl. We all know you’re pretty badass. And, the fact that you don’t think you are … well, it’s cute.”

"Hmmm..." Daryl paused for a moment and pursed his lips a bit; thinking about his walker killing prowess.

“So, you think I’m cute and badass. I guess I can live with that …”

I could feel that my cheeks were flushing and I felt hot all of a sudden. I got flustered, could Daryl actually be flirting with me? My heart skipped a beat at the thought of it! And, I couldn't help but flirt right back ...

“Yeah … cute and very badass!”

I looked at Daryl smiled and looked away. I started to feel excited and nervous - just like I did with Jimmy the first time him and I were alone together in my room.

Daryl smiled, but then I noticed his face got serious.

“What’s that look for?”

“Jus those boys … I don’t really like you hangin’ out with em.”

“What do you care?” I said jokingly trying to lighten the mood again.

“I don’t trust em, is all. And, I don’t think you should either.”

“They seem nice enough to me.”

“I’m tellin’ ya, Beth … I can see it in his eyes. The older one, Nick … he’s definitely trouble. But, I don’t think we should trust either of them.”

“Geez, Daryl. I think you’re overreacting a little.”

“That’s exactly what your sister said.” He laughed under his breath. “But, I don’t think I’m overreacting at all. I trust my gut, and my gut is tellin’ me that this guy is ‘off’. I want ya to promise me you’ll try and stay away from him.”

“Come on, Daryl.”

“Promise me.”

I studied his eyes to see if Daryl was being serious, and I could tell he really meant it.

“Alright ... I’ll try an keep my distance.”

“Good.” He paused and leaned back into the table behind us; letting his head tilt back. “Now that we got that settled. I had a question for you.”


“I talked to Rick earlier today, and it’s been decided. Glenn and I are going to be headin’ out on a run tomorrow.”

“Okay …”

“Hershel gave me a list of things he needs, Rick’s got a list of food, Carol’s got a list for some items the new residents need. An, I wanted to know if you needed anything for Judith.”

“Well, Carol mentioned we were running low on formula And ... some baby clothes – she is gettin’ bigger every day.”

“Is that it? How bout anything for you? You need anything?”

“No, I don’t need nothin’ … don’t worry about me.”

“Well, you may not need anything … but, is there anythin’ you wanted? I mean, I’m gonna be out anyways, so I can keep my eyes open for anything you might want.”

“Well … I guess … if you come across a Butterfinger.”

“A Butterfinger?”

“Yeah, ya know? The candy bar?”

Daryl laughed.

”So, that’s it ... a candy bar?”

“Yeah. They were my favorite … ya know, before. I can't even remember the last time I had one."

“Alright. I’ll keep an eye out for em.”

“Thanks. But, I mean, it’s not a big deal or anything. Don’t go getting’ yourself killed over it or anythin’.”

I giggled and nudged his arm.

“Don’t ya worry. Remember? I’m a badass walker killer … ya ain’t got nothin’ to worry bout.”

We just sat there for the next couple of hours and talked.

The really great thing about it was that we didn’t talk about anything serious, nothing important. No more talk about The Governor, walkers or anything else like that. We just talked like two regular people; shooting the breeze.

I told him about what my life was like on the farm, what I studied in high school, and about how I spent much of my younger years singing in local talent contests and was planning on studying music when I went to college.

Daryl talked about how he learned to hunt, how him and Merle would disappear into the woods for days, some of the adventures he had as a rebellious teen, and how one of the things he really missed was being able to have a cold beer.

"Just something as simple as a cold beer. Damn! That would be nice on some of these hot Georgia nights we've had, wouldn't ya say?"

"Oh! Well, I hadn't really ever drank before."

"Yeah, I guess you're a little young for all that stuff." Daryl laughed.

"Well, daddy didn't keep any liquor in the house., so it was never really around. But, one time when Maggie was a senior in high school, she had a few friends over one hot summer night. We were all up in the loft above the barn ... and ... I stole a few sips from her beer when she wasn't lookin'."

"Well, well ... got a little rebellious streak in you after all."

We both laughed. "Yeah, right! Some rebel I am. However ... I kinda wish we could have a cold beer right now. That would be somethin'."

"Don't know if Hershel would like that; he might think I'm being a bad influence on you."

"You? Never!" I batted my lashes, and bit my lip to try and stop the huge silly smile that was most definitely on face. "Well, I better head on in."

When I stood up to go inside, Daryl reached up and grabbed my hand, “So … a Butterfinger, right?”

I smiled. “Yep. Butterfingers ... Course if you come across any cold beer, I might be interested in that too.”

He gave my hand a squeeze and winked. “Alright, Beth. I’ll see what I can do.”



So, let me know what you think; like it, love it, hate it ... let me know your thoughts.

Chapter Five: Part Two Teaser: So, I started out with just one chapter, but it got so long, I had to split it up ... sorry to keep the cliffhanger going. Daryl and Glenn's supply run goes from routine to a seriously close call ...

And, please review, comment, or vote and rate this story on your way out. You know I love to hear from you :-D



is not complete ?¿

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OMG... this has to be one of the very best TWD fanfics I have ever read. I love Beth and Daryl so much and I so want to see where this story goes! I really hope that you are inspired to continue this... and soon. I will keep my fingers crossed for this. You are a wonderfully talented writer! I really do hope that all is well in your life these days...

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I miss this story so much. :-(
Hope you're alright, and can update soon!

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Even though I started reading this yesterday. I could NOT stop. I LOVE THIS! You are so great at writing. I love Beth and Daryl together. I thought about it since like the beginning of the third season. I started to read another story about Bethyl and it just didn' t feel like them. Your 'lemony' scenes are so detailed and in the moment everything (at least what I think itm) it is just so great. Thank you so much for putting it in writing. When I think of how much I miss the oppurtinty.... spelled that wrong....of Beth and Daryl getting together I am going to read this again. Please keep going Please. It is too good to stop. I know with her gone it seems....impossible. But I know you can do it... they changed the story from the comic book in the shows and they are still good. I am sorry I wrote such a long and creepy comment but..... it was too amazing to not.
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