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My Guardian

My Guardian: Chapter Eight

As always, thank you to everyone who is reading and following this story ... I appreciate it.
And, a Special Thank you to The Undead, CharluvsCarl, IWillEatYourFace, and alice_weekes for commenting on the last chapter - you all seriously rock! I love you all!

Now, back to our story ...


Beth’s POV –

After I finally got Judith down for her afternoon nap, I decided to head down and see what everyone was up to, and see what other jobs needed to get done for the day. Since Maggie and Glenn had disappeared all afternoon, I ended up helping Carol get dinner ready for the rest of the group.

“Can you hand me that?” Carol pointed to the large shaker of salt.


“Thanks.” Carol added salt to the rabbits that were roasting on the grill.

“Good thing those animal traps have been workin’ … I can’t believe they seem to have a rabbit or somethin’ in em every time we check.”

“Yeah, it’s great. Good thing Daryl knew how to set those traps.”

“Sure is …” My words trailed off as I thought about our awkward conversation from this morning. I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I couldn’t get Daryl out of my head, and it was really starting to bother me.

A few minutes passed as Carol and I chatted about Judith; she wanted to know all of the details about how she was progressing, what ‘baby milestones’ she had hit … and she always had a ton of advice for me, which I always really appreciated.

“Well, you’ll definitely know when she starts teething; trust me.” Carol joked.

I knew there were many mile stones Judith had coming up, but teething did worry me a bit though.

“Babies cry a lot when they teethe, right?”

“Sure do.” Carol looked over at me, and must’ve noticed the concern on my face.

“Well, ya don’t gotta worry about that in here, Beth. It’s okay if Judith cries. It’s not like were out on the road or anything.”

“I know. I guess … I guess I still worry about that though. That maybe we won’t always be here … and with all that cryin’ … well, you know. It’ll attract walkers.”

“Beth … you don’t gotta worry about that. Not now; not here. We’re all safe here … Judith is going to be fine, you’re going to be fine … we’re all going to be just fine. Okay, sweetheart?”

“Thanks, Carol. I guess I just worry bout things too much sometimes.” I paused and looked down at the ground and toed the dirt and pebbles with my boot.

Carol stopped what she was doing.

“Somethin’ else bothering you, Beth?”

I looked up at her; not knowing if I should go into it again.

“It’s just …”


“It’s just … Daryl.” I checked to see if she knew what I was talking about.

“Ohhh …” Carol nodded and smiled. “What you were talking about earlier?”

“Yeah. I mean, he was really kinda mean to me this morning.” I exhaled deeply. “It’s the first time
he’s ever made me feel like that … he’s always made me feel …”

Carol looked on and raised her eyebrows; prompting me to continue.

“I don’t know. He’s made me feel special, I guess. Like I’m not just some kid, ya know? And, I’m not. I’m a woman now …And, I’m glad he treats me like that.”

“Uh, huh …” I could see Carol trying to hide her smile. “Well, I don’t think he was trying to be mean, Beth.”

“I know, it’s just not like him, is all. I just don’t know what to make of it.”

Carol started working the grill again, turning the rabbits over as she continued.

“With Daryl … well, he’s complicated …you know that.”

I didn’t respond at first; I just shook my head … I knew she was stating the obvious. Daryl was complicated to say the least. Complicated … but he was also beautiful and so strong. I loved that about him … how he could epitomize such strength and such sensitivity all at the same time. But, as I sat there watching Carol, I had realized that’s why his behavior was so puzzling to me. He was always caring and sensitive … so, why was had he been so cold?

“I know. It’s just, he means a lot to me. You all do. And, it hurt my feelings.”

“I get that, but he’s got a lot on his shoulders right now takin’ care of everyone the way he is …
try to give him some slack, okay?”

Maybe Carol was right …perhaps I was thinking too much about all of this. I don’t know why, but I was.

“I will. I don’t know why it was bothering me so much. I can’t explain it. It’s like my stomach is in knots.”

“Knots? Really …?”

“Yes, knots! I couldn’t help but feel like … maybe Daryl didn’t like me all that much.”

“But, you two spend so much time together. Why would you say that?”

“You think we spend a lot of time together?”

“Yes, I do. I know you sneak out there every night watch he has. You must spend half the night with him. Am I right?”

I smiled and nodded yes.

“Well, he wouldn’t spend half the night talkin’ to ya if he didn’t like you, now would he?”

“Guess not …”

I looked up at Carol and she had the biggest smile on her face as she continued to put the rabbits to the side of the grill and she threw on some vegetables to roast.

“What’s that for?”

“What?” She replied coyly.

“That smile … what’s that for? You think I’m overreacting, don’t ya?”

“No, no … it’s not that at all. I just think its funny, that’s all.”

I put my hands on my hips. ”What’s funny?”

“It’s just; well … I think it’s funny. It’s funny that you would think Daryl doesn’t like you …”

“Why is that?”

Carol looked at me; she had a mischievous look in her eyes. Like she knew something that I didn’t.

Then, she whispered to me.

“Well, if I tell ya this, ya have promise to keep it a secret.”

I nodded for her to continue. “Okay, I promise.”

“Now, I’m serious.”

“I promise. I swear I won’t say a word.”

Carol’s face looked a little more serious as she continued.

“Well, apparently … he risked his life out on the last supply run … to get something for you, sweetheart.” She pointed her finger at me and smiled. “I don’t think that someone would risk their life for someone that they didn’t like. Do you?”

“For me?”

“Yes, for you.”

“Wow! I had no idea, Carol …”

I really didn’t know what to think, except that the thought of losing Daryl for any reason made my heart break. And, I certainly didn’t want him risking his life for me - for any reason.

Why would he do something like that?

What would he have been trying to get?

I tried to think what it could be. My mind raced as I thought back to our last conversation and what item Daryl might have been looking to bring back to me. Then, I remembered … my Butterfingers … he must’ve got them!

“Do you happen to know what it was?”

“I already told ya too much.” Carol laughed.

“Come on, Carol.” I smiled and batted my lashes. “You just gotta tell me.”

I really couldn’t take it. What had Daryl gotten me, what was so important? It couldn’t have been just the Butterfingers, and not knowing was just killing me!

“Like I said, it’s supposed to be a surprise, I guess. My lips are sealed.”

“Was it something to help me with Judith?”

“Nope.” She answered confidently.

“Something for my room? Like a poster or candles or something?”

“Uh, uh.”

“How about …Butterfingers? Ya know, the candy bar?” I bit the corner of my bottom lip; waiting for her response.

Carol looked up at me, and I had a huge smile across my face … she couldn’t help but giggle a little.

“Carol! Well, that’s the silliest thing I ever heard of!! Why’d he go and do something like that?”

“You tell me, Beth? I thought you said he didn’t like you very much.”

I couldn’t believe it! Not only did he remember … he risked his life for it? What the heck was going on? It wasn’t like Daryl to do things like that; I was completely stunned.

Carol continued talking while she turned over the roasting vegetables.

“Quite the gentlemen to bring ya back somethin’ … so sweet.”

I was still so surprised by the gesture. “I just can’t believe he remembered … and that he would risk his life for something like that.”

“That’s Daryl for ya … he always goes above and beyond for the people he loves.”

People he loves?

Did she just say …that he loves me?

Or, does she mean that he loves all of the people in our group?

Either way, the thought of it made my heart flutter.

“I know he does. He’s a good man.” I paused. “I guess I’ve been over thinking everything that happened this morning.”

“I think so …” Carol turned to look straight at me; she had that motherly look in her face. I could tell some advice was coming my way. “Daryl is a good man, Beth. You are right about that. We’re all lucky to have him in our corner.”

I gazed off into the distance, thinking about Daryl and how sweet it was of him to do that. Completely reckless, but very sweet.

Carol bit her bottom lip, trying unsuccessfully to hold in her next comment.

“And, any woman would be lucky to have him too.”

I blushed at the thought of it.

“Carol!” I exclaimed. I couldn’t believe she just said that to me. “You’re not suggesting … I
mean, Daryl’s not …”

Just the thought of Daryl … ‘with’ anyone sent a wave of emotions through me. It made me nervous, and anxious … and, excited!

I continued to fumble my words as I tried to respond to Carol’s last remark.

“I mean, I don’t think Daryl thinks of me, or any of us like that.” I looked cautiously at Carol to see what her response would be. “… Do you?”

I hadn’t dared to utter the words out loud, but Daryl had been on my mind … a lot lately.
And, I suppose my admiration for as of late had grown into something a bit more. I just wasn’t sure what it had grown into … that is until Carol suggested it, ‘any woman would be lucky to have him …’

The words echoed the same sentiments that my heart had been feeling lately. Any woman would be lucky to have him; I’d be lucky to have him. But, I didn’t think that he could ever look at me that way. I’d always just be Maggie’s little sister, or Hershel’s daughter to Daryl – I was sure of it.

Carol looked over at me and then gestured for me to sit down.

“Ya know … Daryl’s a little bit older than you, but when it comes to dealing with women … any
woman, even me … he isn’t really that experienced.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I think before all this … I don’t think Daryl had a ton of interaction with girls, or women, or whatever.”

“What’s that got to do with anything?”

“It’s just that when he interacts with you … you gotta keep this in mind; he’s not just some ordinary guy; he’s … Daryl …” She paused and put her hand on my knee. “He has a heart of gold but … but sometimes he just doesn’t know how to express himself. Do ya understand what I’m sayin’?”

“I’m not sure …”

“Well, today you were upset by what he said, right?”


“But, you know he just went out and risked his life to get you something, right?”

“Yeah. Well, I know now …”

“Well … he’s not good talking about his emotions and that kind of stuff. So, you know he likes you, he likes spending time with you, risked his life to get you something special … so, obviously … he likes you. He loves you … we all do. Most likely he’s just got something else going on inside his head right now.” She paused. “It ain’t got nothin’ to do with whether he likes you or not. Alright?”

“I think I get it.”

“Now, I’m not sayin’ that’s the most mature thing to do on his part, or the right thing to do. It’s just what he does some times. He definitely shouldn’t have made ya feel like that. However, now that you know it isn’t you, maybe you can figure out what’s really going on with him.”

“I will. Daryl’s always been there for me. I’ll check on him tonight and see what’s going on … see if he’ll tell me what’s really botherin’ him.”

“I think that sounds like a good plan.” She smiled. “I think you two have a lot you need to talk about … And, try and be direct as you can and really tell him how you feel. I think you both need to be a little more honest about how ya feel about each other. Remember that, okay?”

“Alright, I will.”

“And, don’t leave anything to the imagination. Like I said, he’s a little immature when it comes to talkin’ to women. So, be straightforward, and tell him how you feel about him; about what he said that upset you. He’s an good and honest man; he’ll give ya an honest answer.”

“Okay, Carol. Geez. I will ...”

“And, I wouldn’t wait if I were you. Tonight’s as good of a night as any.” Carol started to laugh a little. “And, remember … I didn’t tell you about what happened on the supply run or about his surprise, okay?”

“Of course! I swear I won’t say a word. I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, if he went through all that trouble to get it for me.”

I didn’t really know what she was talking about when she said we had a lot to talk about, but I would make sure to visit Daryl tonight and bring up what happened this morning. I had to. I had to get it off my chest and let him know how I felt. And, then maybe, he would talk to me and let me know what is goin’ on with him. I hated that there was this weirdness between us; felt like I had a million butterflies in my stomach the rest of the day as I waited for the night shift to start so I could go out and talk to Daryl and tell him what was on my mind.


Daryl’s POV -

It was pitch black out tonight; the moon was barely just a sliver in the sky. I had already made my first round of checking the fences out front. Everything looked good. Bout a dozen walkers near the outer gate, but nothin’ really to worry about.

It was quiet tonight, not even the walkers seemed to be makin’ much noise. So, when I head the prison door open, it startled me for a second. It was too dark to make out who had exited the prison, until she got about 20 feet away from me. Her blond hair was hard to miss, even in the dark.

“Hey there …”

She walked over to me and set the tray of coffees down on the table.

“Hey yourself.” I quietly responded.

“Brought y’all some coffee, like you like.”

She smiled sweetly. God, it made it hard to be mad at her with that smile.

“Thanks.” I paused, trying to think of what to say next. “You can jus leave it here.”

I could see the smile on her face disappear. I had hurt her feelings with that comment, almost as much as it hurt me to say it. I didn’t really want her to leave, but I was still pissed about the whole supply run incident and irritated to come home and find her talkin’ to Nick.

She replied sweetly, as if nothin’ was wrong. “That’s okay. I’d like to stay out here for a while if ya don’t mind.”

I hadn’t expected her to say that; she kinda caught me off guard.

“I … I guess so. Do what ever you want …”

She took a seat next to me on the table and we just sat there in silence for a while. I lit up a cigarette and took a drag, blowing the hot smoke up in the air above us.

Beth finally broke the silence.

“So … how’d the run go?”

“Fine.” I answered coldly.

“Really? Fine?”


“I heard you and Glenn ran into a little … trouble.”

“Yeah, where’d ya hear that?”

“Dunno. It’s just want I heard.”

“Well, sounds like people have a hard time keeping things to themselves around here.”

“Perhaps. Or, maybe everyone was scared that you two had such a close call.”

“Yeah? Why is that?”

“Because … if anything ever happened to you … well …”

I looked over her and she turned her head away from me.

“Yeah? If anything happened to me … then what?”

“Well, it’s just the worst thing I can imagine.” She started to whimper a little; I could tell she had started to cry.

I didn’t know what to say. I started to feel bad that I had been so cold to her; I hated to see her cry.

“Hey, hey … ya don’t gotta cry. Geez! I ain’t goin’ no where.”

I put my arm around and brought her into my side to hug her. I felt her arms wrap around my waist.

“I … I’d just really miss you.”

“Come on, now. You’re killin’ me …”

Jesus! All I wanted to do was make her feel better. And, with all these tears I almost forgot why I was so mad at her … almost.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be cryin’.”

She sat up and sniffled; she wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“Why’d you go an get so upset?”

“It’s just … well … I don’t know. I guess I felt weird all day. I thought maybe you were mad at me or somethin’.”

“Why’d you think that?”

Even though it was dark out, I could see her eyes as she looked hesitantly at me.

“Out with it, girl.”

“You were kinda … mean this morning.”

“Mean, huh?”

I took a deep drag of my cigarette as I thought about our conversation this morning.

“Yes. Mean.”

I really wasn’t sure what to say and if I should get into this with her now. Who was I to tell her who she could talk to or hang out with? I was nobody to her.

Beth nudged me in the side. “Why were you actin’ like that?”

I ashed my cigarette and looked back at her. I could tell she wasn’t going to leave this alone.


“Come on, Daryl. Talk to me … please.”

“Listen … I’m sorry bout that. It ain’t none of my business.”

Beth looked confused.“What’s none of your business?”

She backed away from a little on the table. “Seriously … what are you talkin’ about?”

“I just didn’t like seein’ you hangin’ out with that Nick guy.” I took the last drag of my cigarette and threw it on the ground. “Like I said though, ain’t none of my business what you do or who ya hang out with.”

Beth was silent for a moment. I could tell she was nervous; she started fidgeting; picking at a fray on her jeans.

“So, Nick … that’s what this is all about?”

I looked at her and then jumped down off the table and stood in front of her.

“Guess so. But, I’m not your daddy. I can’t tell you what to do.”

“What’s it matter to you, anyways if I talk to him or not?”

Beth was trying to be cute, but she knew exactly what I was talkin’ about.

“You know I don’t like the guy; I think he’s dangerous. I don’t think you should be hangin’ around a guy like that.”

“Well, we were jus talking, is all. Nothing else happened.”

“I know …”

“It’s not like I got a thing for him or anythin’”

“I didn’t say ya did.”

“Well, I jus wanted to make sure you knew that.”

“Well … I figure he may not know that.” I paused and ran my hand threw my hair. The though of her with Nick was really irritating the hell out of me. “I think he’s sweet on ya.”

Beth scooted down off the table, so that now she was standing and just leaning against the
edge of it. She placed both her palms on the table to prop herself up.

“You think he’s got a crush on me or somethin’”

“Ah, hell, Beth. I dunno … maybe.”

“And, that would be a bad thing?”

Now she was just messin’ with me; I could see it in her face. Her eyes were wide and she had a huge smile on her face. But, two could play at this game.

“Yeah, it would be.”

“So, if I shouldn’t be with a guy like Nick … what kinda guy should I be with?”

“That’s not for me to say.”

“No, I want to hear it from you.” She gently pushed me in the chest; catching me off guard I stumbled back a step or two.

“Alright, alright.” I walked back up to her; much closer now so we could see each other’s faces better in the dim light. “Well, first off … he’s gotta be 10 years older than you.”

She laughed. “He’s bout 7 years older than me. But, age doesn’t really matter. At least it doesn’t to me.”

I was a little confused by her response.

“Alright, well age aside … he’s got more ‘experience’ than you. You’re … well, a bit innocent, if ya know what I mean.”

“Innocent, huh?” She smiled, put her hands on her hips. Then, she tried her best attempt at a more sultry voice. “I’m not that innocent, Daryl.”

I laughed. “Ya sure are. And, we both know that. That little act ain’t foolin’ no one.”

“Okay. Fine.” She seemed to get a little more serious as she continued. “So what if he’s more experienced?”

“I dunno. I just don’t like him for ya.” I paused and looked over at he and all I could think about was that I didn’t like this guy just in general … and certainly not as a potential boyfriend or whatever for Beth … she deserved more than that.

Beth smiled and tilted her head down, letting a few loose pieces of her hair flop in front of her face.

“Well, it’s not like I’m actually interested in him Daryl. So, ya don’t gotta worry bout that.”

I walked over to her and brought her gaze up to meet mine. Then, I reached over and swept the loose strands of hair back away from her face.

“I just think you deserve more than that, Beth.”

She smiled and we just stared into each others eyes for a moment. When I realized, I had started to lean into her … just a little … as if I was going to kiss her.

Shit! What the hell am I thinkin’?

I shook my head, as if to wake myself from a dream. “Jesus! I almost …” I leaned against the table next to her and rubbed my chin as I was deep in thought.

“You almost what?”

“Nothin’ … nothin’, sorry.”

Beth just shrugged her shoulders. Thankfully, she just let me drop the issue. I looked over at her and she was smiling. She looked back up at me and continued with our conversation.

“So … if Nick’s not good enough … what type of guy is?”

“I dunno.” I scratched the back of my head; I didn’t know how to tell her that she only deserved the best … because that’s what she was. “I guess … you deserve someone … who’s smart.”

She nodded.

“Someone who’s got good morals … Someone honest … a real stand-up guy.”

“A stand- up guy, huh?”

“Yeah. I’m mean … you’re a good woman … you deserve a good man.”

Beth looked at me. “Is that it?”

“Well … and of course, he’s got to be able to take care of ya in this world. Be able to protect ya, provide for ya.” I paused as I thought of any other major qualities she deserved in a man. “With the world the way it is now, I think ya gotta be with a man whose got all those things … and, you deserve it … you’re an amazing woman. Ya really are …”

She smiled. “So, basically, you think I should be with someone … like you!”

I gasped. “No, that’s not what I said.” She had really caught me off guard with that comment.

Why would she think I was suggesting she be with someone like me?

“Sure sounded like it.”

I nervously laughed again, trying to correct her.

“No, not like me. Like what I just said … smart, strong and will look after you; protect you.
Honest. Ya know?”

She got a little quiet but I could see she had a huge smile on her face.

“Well, I think you just described yourself, silly. You’re all of those things and more.”

However, I didn’t really consider myself to be a man deserving to be with a woman like Beth. But, I had to admit, I really liked talking to her like this. We hadn’t really talked like this before.
And, by this point, I knew she was definitely flirtin’ with me. It had been a while since a woman had done that with me, but I could still recognize it when it was happening right in front of me. I noticed how she tossed her hair to the side and gazed up at me. She was teasin’ me a bit; she was enjoyin’ watching me squirm, but I didn’t mind – not in the least. I could play along with her.

“Nah …that ain’t what I’m sayin’, Beth.” I looked deep into her eyes. “You deserve much more than I could ever give you.”

She bit her bottom lip and looked down at our hands that were next to each other on the table. She carefully slid her hand on top of mine sending shock waves through my whole body.

Damn! All of this talk and conversation, was confusin’ the hell outta me. I knew it wasn’t right, but she was gettin’ me all worked up.

She looked up at me as her small warm hand pressed against mine; tucking her fingers so that they intertwined with mine.

“Beth …”

I tried to get out some words, but before I could … I could feel her as she squeezed my hand and started to talk.

“No, Daryl … that’s exactly what you’re sayin’. You are the most honest and loyal man I’ve ever met.”

Damn, that meant a lot to me … especially comin’ from woman like her.

I didn’t know what to say, so I just let her continue. She looked away shyly before meeting my gaze again.

“And, there’s no question that you could protect someone. Heck, you’ve protected our entire group this whole time. You’re like a knight in shining amour. Just got a crossbow instead of a sword.”

I’d never gotten a compliment like that before. I mean, I had kind of started to see myself as a major contributor to this group, but I’d never considered myself a hero or nothin’ like that. Not how she was explainin’ it.

I was frozen with nerves and excitement; I couldn’t look away from her. I knew I should stop this, but somethin’ inside me wouldn’t let me.

“Jesus, Beth!”
I could feel the heat rise to my face.

I felt like I was on cloud nine gettin’ a compliment like that. “So, you think I’m like some prince charming, huh? That’s funny. I can only imagine what Merle would say if he ever heard a woman say that about me in front of him. He’d probably fall over from laughin’ so hard.”

Beth squeezed my hand again.

“It’s not funny, it’s true, Daryl.”

“Well, I don’t know about all that, Beth. Sure is sweet of ya to say it though.”

She let go of my hand and stood up. Looking right at me, she put her hands on the collar of my vest, leaning into me and pulling me closer to her.

“You don’t believe me, but it’s true.” She paused and looked deeply into my eyes … in a way … a woman had never looked at me before … with complete admiration.

She continued. “You’re all of those things and much more, Daryl. I hope you know that.”

And, before I could say anything she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek; slowly … and softly.

“Thanks, Beth. That was awful nice of you to say.”

“I’m not being nice. I’m just tellin’ you the truth. Tellin’ you how I feel.”

“Well, I appreciate it.”

And, then I remembered … my surprise …

“Hey, I … I gotcha somethin’.”

“You did?” She looked at me; a smile from ear to ear.

“I did. Wait her for a second. I’ll be right back.” I started to jog off and then turned around. “Now don’t go getting’ yourself into any trouble while I’m gone, ya hear?”

“I won’t.”

I ran back into the prison and for the duffel bag I had left near the exit. Had some extra guns, ammo, water bottle, pack of cigarettes and a few of those damn Butterfingers that almost got me killed. Even though I had been pissed off at Beth earlier, I still brought em out just in case she had showed up tonight. I put them the pocket on the inside of my vest and jogged back outside to the table where Beth was waiting for me.

“So, close your eyes.”

Beth closed her eyes and held out her hands. “Alright, my eyes are closed.”

“Now, I know you mentioned these were your favorite and ya hadn’t had one since this whole thing began.” I placed three of the candy bars in her hands. “But, I saw some when I was out on the supply run and made sure to bring em back for ya … you can open your eyes now.”

She opened her eyes and laughed with excitement.

“Oh, Daryl! You shouldn’t have!” She wrapped her arms around my neck and held me tight. “I can’t believe you remembered!”

She pulled away from me, but kept her arms slung over my shoulders and neck. She looked deep into my eyes. “Daryl Dixon … I think that’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for me.”

And, then she did it again. She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. We stood there just lookin’ at each other in the silence of the night.

I suddenly felt the urge to really kiss her, but I stopped myself. I wanted to ... I really wanted to, but I didn’t know if that’s somethin’ she wanted. Hell, I didn’t know if it was even the right thing to do. I mean, what would Hershel, or Maggie, or Rick say? So, I didn’t kiss her. But, for the first time … I really wanted to and that made me nervous and excited all at the same time.

“Here. You have one.”

She held out one of the candy bars.

“Thanks. But, I actually grabbed a big box. So … you’ll have more where that came from.”

“Thanks, Daryl. I can’t tell you how much this means to me.”

“Well, your welcome. Glad I was able to make ya smile. You got a beautiful smile.”

I could tell Beth was blushing; as she exhaled excitedly.

“Well, I like it when you make me smile, Daryl. Gotta be one of my favorite things in the whole world.”



So, Beth is a little clueless at first, but with Carol's help I think she's a lot more convicted and motivated with Daryl. We all know he's most likely gonna have to be pursued a bit, and not the other way around. So, hopefully, now Beth is in more of a position and has more confidence to do so.

Once she does have a little direction with Daryl, I'm sure they'll be sharing a lot more "moments" like the one they had in this chapter. I'm slowly building up their connection, so that when they do get together it feels natural :))

So, let me know what you think; like it, love it, hate it ... let me know your thoughts. If you've got a moment, please leave me a note or comment on your way out ... I'd love to hear from you all :-D

** I've got Chapter Nine about half way done ... So, as soon as this chapter gets 5 reviews - I'll get the next chapter up within 24 hours!! I know, I know ... I'm a sucker for comments and reviews. Plus, they give me motivation and inspiration to keep going with the story, so I'm hoping to hear from more of you ;-)

Here's a Teaser Chapter Nine:
This chapter will be ALL Deth/Bethyl. Both Daryl and Beth will continue to have major revelations about life, love and about their undeniable feelings for each other. The next few chapters will have a lot of sweet/romantic/maybe a little jealousy as they continue to fall for one another :))

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is not complete ?¿

Flor_Do Flor_Do

OMG... this has to be one of the very best TWD fanfics I have ever read. I love Beth and Daryl so much and I so want to see where this story goes! I really hope that you are inspired to continue this... and soon. I will keep my fingers crossed for this. You are a wonderfully talented writer! I really do hope that all is well in your life these days...

DoeRoseQ DoeRoseQ

I miss this story so much. :-(
Hope you're alright, and can update soon!

WerkaZ WerkaZ

Hopen you updated soon and that beth and daryl stop hiding there relationship

dprincess_87 dprincess_87

Oh my goodness,
Even though I started reading this yesterday. I could NOT stop. I LOVE THIS! You are so great at writing. I love Beth and Daryl together. I thought about it since like the beginning of the third season. I started to read another story about Bethyl and it just didn' t feel like them. Your 'lemony' scenes are so detailed and in the moment everything (at least what I think itm) it is just so great. Thank you so much for putting it in writing. When I think of how much I miss the oppurtinty.... spelled that wrong....of Beth and Daryl getting together I am going to read this again. Please keep going Please. It is too good to stop. I know with her gone it seems....impossible. But I know you can do it... they changed the story from the comic book in the shows and they are still good. I am sorry I wrote such a long and creepy comment but..... it was too amazing to not.
Thank You

Bethyl333 Bethyl333