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Of Better Angels


Bree Raquel Redman has been traveling around with Ricks group since they first met in Atlanta. Daryl and Bree are known within the group as a couple, and both help with group with their hunting, tracking, and general survival skills. Bree's hiding a great loss within her heart though, Carol or "Momma Carol" as Bree calls her, and Lori know of this loss, this secret she's kept from the group, and more importantly Daryl. As Her relationships grow and fall by the wayside, She runs into a man from her past, a rift is caused Between herself and Daryl. will she stay with the group, Leave with this man, or will her life end before any answers can be made.


Bree Raquel Redman

Bree Raquel Redman

Bree is a young woman, who was born and raised in the backwoods of Virginia. Her father was Ex-Military and a avid hunter, while her mother was a doctor of 5 stars and a surgical genius. Bree survives the Zombie Apocalypse and finds she must learn to live on her own in a wold of "walkers" She meets the Atlanta survivors, and finds love in Daryl Dixion. The unlikely pair aim to survive this horror together.

Pliny Connolly

Pliny Connolly

Michonne seems to know him, but little is known about him thus far. Will he be a friend or foe? and can he be trusted with Carol?

Russell Redman

Russell Redman

Russell Redman is the Fiance of Bree Raquel Redman. The main character in the Fanfiction " Of Better Angels" He plays a key role of both tearing apart and growing the relationship between Bree and Daryl Dixon.


  1. Nothing Normal But It's The Usual

    It's just another for Bree & the Group as they are still working to find little Sophia & Keep Shane in his place.

  2. Melodramtic

    It's obvious that the group is slowly falling apart, and Bree's relation ship with Daryl is not exempt of this either.

  3. Bring Out Your Dead

    Hershel's keeping walkers in the barn, this is the last straw for Shane, as he sets the walkers free, the group must shoot them down. However the see something that shakes them to their very core.

  4. Randall, Another Day In Paradise

    Bree goes to find Lori after word reaches her that she hasn't returned yet. She incounters two men on the highway and is forced to flee. More memories arise for her about her past. She fights to keep them at bay.

  5. Not All Good Die Young

    Everyday it gets harder to tell where the line lies between right and wrong, in the struggle for survival, However Compassion is the tie that holds everything together, and when that fades, your odds are slim.

  6. Not Quite Cattle

    The Group somehow pulls together and sets aside thier differences in Dale's name. however just as it seems thing are finally falling into place, Randall is missing from the barn. Foul play suspected as he is found as a walker.

  7. Check The Body Before It Gets Cold

    The group manages to get away from Greene Farm, however not without three known losses, and two more suspected ones. One rises from the dead.

  8. The Ice Age

    In the end times it is said that the love of men will wax cold. It's obvious with the Outbreak that happened long ago. But this chill that's going around finally hits the heart.

  9. Boiling Over

    Heated, maybe a little

  10. Thou Art Frail

    Bree awakes, only to find Russell's on the verge of insanity, Michonne quickly handles the problem. But Bree's feelings are still there. Her emotional security is falling apart as She and Daryl remain at odds.

  11. Splitting Atoms

    More secrets come ot life and the origin of the Virus and the Walkers boils to the surface. Bree waits in the middle of it all whether she'd like to or not. However Rick faces the hardest decisions he had ever had to make.

  12. Skip Beat and Pause

    whats wrong with Bree? this quesion is becoming a common theme. So are goodbyes. we're just getting caught up.

  13. Uses of Adversity

    Lori's new born baby is running out time, without substance the infant will not last long. However there is yet still one mother left in the group of survivers, and one unlikely father who will do whatever it takes to keep safe the precious jewel

  14. Carol

    So much Confusion surrounds Bree and the one she'd run to first is missing. Driving her insane with every hour that passes. She has lost all belief in Daryl and fights with the thought of her ever knowing who he was. Both man and woman struggle with

  15. A Hazard of New Fortunes

    Carol is Alive and Michonne has return, but with all good thigns come some bad. Maggie and Glenn have been taken captive. Bree, Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Oscar, and this new Pliny go to save them from Woodbury.

  16. Brother Were Art Thou

    Bree and the otherss have arrived at Woodbury to try and save Maggie and Glen, although successful things seem to go wrong quick, fast, and in a hurry. But with bonds so tight, No one ever alone. Rick and the Others Return to help their newly captured friends.

  17. The Better Angel

    They've Surived that star of the war, in the middle of a war. But bonds once though so tight, have been proven fickle. Bree returns to Carol, without Daryl. Letting free the fight she had within her between truth and lies.

  18. Homesick

    The Day afters just as bad as the day it happens, the groups is falling apart and awaits the Woodbury Attack. Two Brothers stand at odds in the woods, and every heart in the broken family is calling for home.

  19. Hammer and Guns

    When a suprised attack is launch upon the Prison the battle seems neither won or lost as the enemy flees after sending in a horde of walkers. Will Rick fall or are angel's watching.

  20. Sliped Through

    Daryl's back but with him comes Merle, the Snake in the nest. But The group tries to find the will to stand him. A familiar face returns to the prison, but doe she bring more trouble than good as things are falling apart.

  21. Watering Scars

    Rick, Michone, and Carl have left to make a run. Even in these dead days you've got to find a way to unwind. and make good out of the bad.

  22. The Edge of the Storm

    Bree, Hershel, and Darl go with rick to confront the governor in one desperate attemp for a passive understanding. Rival sides see they are not so different, but when you stand at the edge of blade, held by a mad man, in the end, it always ends in war.

  23. Traps and Snares

    Good days never last long and the moment a bad day finds it way in, it turns into a week. Daryl and Bree find themselves stuck in an impossible situation.

  24. Reasons to Live

    Bree and Daryl find themselves trapped, but will not go down without a fight. this seems to be the theme of their group, as war looms closer Bree friends refreshed reasons to live.

  25. Merle, For No Lack of Searching

    But the few who warrant waking for await their recognition. No fear of death but with fear of life, your weakness kills everyone. So live. Angels for everyone. For no lack of searching I can't seem to find one. Angels in everyone

  26. A Chance

    It doesn't end here


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