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Of Better Angels

Nothing Normal But It's The Usual

I slept curled up under him in the tent, they had offered for me to stay inside the house, like the other women. Which had been very kind of Hershel, but After all we’d been through, I knew the safest place I could be was right there with him. Besides, I’d not sleep well knowing I left him out there alone anyway. His arms where wrapped around my waist tightly it was around 4am now. I listened to the sounds outside, it was a wonder that they birds could even sing now days, still I couldn’t help but smile, if they could sing and be happy, Surely we could keep on going. Hershel’s roaster began to crow loudly, I sighed to myself and looked up at Daryl, he looked so calm in his sleep, He always seemed so fierce and edged off to everyone, it was nice to see him not working or wearing himself down. Letting out another sigh I ran my fingers lightly over his arm, letter each muscle slip across my skin. “come on now” I said softly as he stirred “it’s sun up…” I added. Daryl sat up taking me with him, his arms still laced around my waist. As he sat up completely he kissed the top of my head. I smiled and wraped my arms around his. “don’t wear yourself so far down today….I know you want to bring her back for Momma Carol & me….I miss Baby Sophie…but you can rack yourself over this” I said Daryl sighed and squeezed me “I won’t…you’ll be working with me today so, it’ll be easier” He said with a playful smile and Determination. “oh?” I said giggling slightly before standing up, breaking free of his arms. I peeked out of the tent “Dale and Glen seem to be sleep still” I said looking to the RV. Daryl got up and grabbed his Gun,Crossbow, and a few other things, “here don’t forget this” He said handing me My two Shot guns.

As we walked out of the tent, four large dogs nearly knocked us to the ground. “Billy, Jessie, Becky, Boss, Down!” I called to the masses of fur and wagging tails. Becky let out a loud howl in her excitement. “Looks like she’s ready to work today already” Daryl said with a chuckle as he bent down to give the Blood Hound mix some rubbings. Jessie wagged her tail and licked Daryl’s face, She and Boss were His favorites. They were dogs I had trained to be hunters, Becky was Ex Military, and Billy was used for dog fights before I rescued him from the shelter, Boss…I raised Boss myself, and Jessie, well Jessie found me. “Do you wanna go get breakfast, and I’ll get us ready to go out?” Daryl asked me, I leered at him. Like hell you are gonna go ‘an eat something to, remember you tol’ me you’d not rack yourself…” I said firing up slightly Daryl laughed “you puff up like an angry cat” he said in amusement, I smirked “Cause I am an angry cat” I said glaring playfully at him. “Fine let’s go” He said leading me to the house.

Inside the House I was greeted by Maggie “hey Bree’ra, Daryl” She said, Maggie had latched onto me the moment we arrived at Hershels’ farm. She was the eldest left of his kids, and Aparrently My Backwoods nature worked well with her good ol’ country one. “Hey Maggie, mornin’” I said offering up a smile. “Morning” Daryl said in turn. We continued on into the Kitchen, We were quickly greeted by Carol,whom had become my self-proclaimed mother. “Good morning Bree dear, Daryl” she said as cheerfully as she could, but the sadness in her eyes was too much to bare. “Morning momma” I said with a week smile. “You two headed back out today?” Lori asked looking up from the fruit she was cutting. “Yeah I think I found a trail the other day…with Bree’s helps, The Odds are good” Daryl said, I just nodded and smiled. “Just came to grab a few pieces of toast before we head out” I added. “No you’ve got to eat more than that” Carol said fussing I smiled “no we best be going” I said as Lori handed Daryl the toast. We left the kitchen, as we got out of ear shot Daryl looked down at me “had a change of heart ‘bout Breakfast?” He said smugly I rolled my eyes “let’s just go” I said grabbing up Jessie, Boss, Billy & Becky.

Being in the woods was like being right at home, We let Jessie and Becky loose and let their tracking skills kick in. Daryl’s eyes scanned the forest for clues, prints anything, while I kept watch for walkers. My eyes scanned through the tree’s taking double and triple takes of each area. I could hear Becky snarling up ahead of us, I quickly released the rest of the dogs and followed him as they growled and snarled. Daryl readied his bow and I aimed my riffle. A walker flailed around desperately trying to get Becky off of its leg, Boss leapt and grabbed its arm from the other side. The two dogs used all their weight to hold it down. I stopped in front of it and aimed my gun. A single shot rang through the air and the walker drop down dead…for real this time. The dogs released it and pranced back to us with pride. I kicked it and sneered “ugh…I long for the day these are gone…or at least herded together for hunt or sport” I said, Daryl nodded “we should keep going come on” He said taking my hand and leading me.

I sat by the tent pouting…no sulking. We hadn’t found Sophia and I just couldn’t face Carol. She had so much faith in us, so much faith in Daryl, and I wanted to help him, help her, help Sophie. We all wanted Sophie home. I buried my head in my arms My long black curly hair covering my arms almost completely. “hey Bree’ra” Glen’s voice called I looked up at him blankly and shook my head “no luck” I muttered hoarsely, Glen looked down at me sadly “well….maybe she found some other people and she’s safe” He said. “maybe….but their not us…she belong here, with her mother, and all of us.” I said. Glen nodded, He looked up and left suddenly. I hid my face back in my arms It was quiet, I was beginning to hate the silence. “Bree…” Daryl’s voice called, I froze and mentally pulled myself together, looking up and behind me a flash a smile. He looked at with a face that read “don’t pretend with me” I got up and sighed, “how’s Carol?” I asked “she looks about how you do…” He said I reached out and touched his arm. He looked down at my hand taking my arm he pulled me to him. “I’ll get back to you two…I’ll make this family whole…the group can be as broken as it wants to be…but not us” He said. “Daryl….you’ll drive yourself crazy, all this doesn’t rest upon your shoulders alone” I said pulling away. “ you worry to much about me” he said going inside of the tent. I sighed poking my head inside “I’ll be back, I’m going for a walk…please rest” I muttered.

As I was walking I was spotted by Shane, He smirked at me. I can’t stand him, I never liked him, he was rude, disrespectful and utterly loose, He was like a bug you just want to kill it and flush it down the toilet. “Hey Bree, any luck finding Sophia” He asked I leered at him, He through his arms in the air “hey don’t be mad at me for whats more than likely true” He said. I kept walking “she’s as good as dead out there, she was as good as dead the day she ran off” He added, “that’s it” I muttered, I kicked him in the shins and he fell to the ground, I aimed by Riffle at him. “Opening your mouth one more time…just one more time…test me.” I growled. “I don’t know why everyone here is wasting their time if they just-“ He started bitterly “who died and made your boss, or better yet who made you owner over us all, damnit Sophia’s just a kid..You’d leave her for dead!” I yelled “Ain’t nothing to leave, I can promise you that” He yelled back. “How can you say that…looking at Carol every day how can you say that….you’re a monster…and you think your slick!” I said pointing my gun at him more “but you’re crazy! Ill in the head….we all know what happened’ to Otis…Dale’s tol’ me I know what you Almost did to Rick too…and what you’ve been doing to him” I said calming down a bit “you mind your own” he barked “no you don’t, so why should I! You call yourself a friend…a man? A leader….heck Glens more of a man than you’ll ever be….Daryl has more honor…and Rick….well He’s got Lori doesn’t he” I said adding the last part on smugly I wanted it to hurt…I wanted those words to hurt like he’d been hurting carol’s Spirits. “you b***” He said jumping to his feet he lunged at me. He rolled around on the ground scraping. “Shane! What are you doing! Get off her, get off her now!” Carol called running over from the house. “You filthy N***, tar baby, backwoods!” Shane yelled as he struck me across the face. Carol tried to pull Shane off me but he pushed her away with great force she fell back “Don’t do that to her! Don’t you touch her!” I yelled grabing his neck choking him, He struck me in my stomach, all the wind left my body as he did so, and I lost my grip. “Lori’s to good for you…and you know it….you don’t mean anything to her….just a fling…” I said laughing “and you probably wouldn’t even get up enough to make it good” I said spitting in his face. He struck me again. “Over there!” I heard Carol call, Suddenly Shane was flung off of me, an arm swiftly curved between Shane and I, and the punch sent him a good distance away. “Don’t you lay a hand on her, You’ve lost your mind!” Daryl snarled as he stood over me, like an Alpha over its mate. “Shane looked dazed “I should just kill you and do everyone a favor….” Daryl muttered holding up his crossbow I stood to my feet and lowered Daryl’s arm “no….he’s not worth it…besides…this kill belongs to rick” I muttered darkly Daryl touched my face, where a bruise was forming. He glared at Shane, before leading me away to the house with Carol.

“Oh my god Bree what happened!” Lori asked as I sat in the kitchen Carol was trying to tend to my face. I just muttered to myself words that probably shouldn’t be said in any kind of public. “Shane, Hit her….he was saying awful things about Sophia…Bree hit him first but only once…and she was talking to him after that…then he lunged at her” Carol said. “You need to keep hold of your boyfriend” Daryl hissed at Lori. “Daryl” I muttered as a warning. “We all hate Shane it’s not her fault” I added. Carol rolled up my white tank top and revealed a growing bruise on my stomach; she winced at the site of it and placed some ice wrapped in a towel on it. “Hold that there” she said I did as told. Daryl grunted slightly and looked out the window, where Shane was now talking Dale whom was scolding him about something. Rick walked into the kitchen “hey lori have you seen….” He started but as his eyes fell on me he stopped “Bree what happened to you?” He asked. Lori glanced at me before walking over to rick, wrapping her arms around his arm. She looked off to the side awkwardly “Shane he…” was all she said. Rick nodded and clinched his teeth. I knew he knew…he knew more than anyone gave him credit for, He knew who Shane really was, the monster that was there. But Rick wanted so bad to have his friend back…but that man was gone…and he wasn’t coming back.


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