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Of Better Angels

Skip Beat and Pause

“lets do it”Rick said my eyes darted between Rick and Lori. “No This ain't right we jus' got here...we all need rest....I ain't dying no time soon....my bloods not going nowhere....” I said re thinking m first thoughts. “why the change of heart?” Lori asked I smiled faintly and chuckled “I want to see the baby” I said feeling a bit foolish. However Lori smiled at me and chuckled softly. “hell” I added “I expect to be god moth-” a pain rushed up my spine and a scream flew from my lips. Daryl grabbed my arm gently his eyes danced around my body. “what is it now!” I Heard him cry out his voice high pitched. Michonne rushed to my side. “I do not know...” she said the pain became worse my site blurred I looked up into Daryl's eyes as her leaned his body onto mine. He tucked his hands in my hair, “Bree”He called for once his voice, it was so afraid. I went to speak my vision on its last leg but I managed one word “Daryl” He froze as my could hear him yelling for anyone to help, I faded out completely, wishing I had forgiven him.

“God damn it!”Daryl called whirling around to Michonne who shook her head baffled. “wake her up, help her! Damn it do something!”He called. “this is new”Michonne gasped Daryl rolled his eyes and pressed his body on top of Bree's, suppressing her seizures. He leaned his forehead to hers and tried to calm himself down. “don't do this to me damn It” he whispered to her. A woman came barreling into the room “they've broken through! The herd! They..They!...Michonne, They've taken the main wings!” she yelled, “go all of you Daryl take Bree, keep her safe, lets clear the walkers out but be careful”Michonne ordered. The group scattered. Daryl went in search for a safe place to set Bree. The group ended back together. they managed to take over a small cell block. “in here Daryl”Carol called ushering him in. He laid Bree down gently on the bottom bunk he gazed at her for a while before looking between Lori and Carol. “we'll watch over her tonight Daryl...go help rick”Lori called as Carol sat by Bree's side fussing over her. “Please Bree....He needs you...but don't worry....momma Carol's right here” She Whispered bushing back her hair.

Weeks past and things went from bad to worse. Most of Michonne's group had been picked off, and Ricks group had now been pushed to a foreign wing. Hershel was hurt and the found stranded Prisoners. On the upside the prisoners were willing to share food. Carol took some time to look after Bree. She was still breathing but Carol was finding it hard to keep up hope for her. She whipped a tear from her eyes “its not right....you Hershel....you can't both go....” she whispered tucking her in more. She smiled faintly “Daryl's working hard you'd be proud...so is Maggie...even with Hershel down.” Carol paused and looked around the dark cell. “Michonne and Russell are nowhere to be found...and he thought of strange prisoners...is scary.” she went on kissing Bree's forehead “but don't you worry...for now we are all safe” she sniffled, Bree's eyes although closed flickered a bit “what have they done to you”she asked. Rick walked in holding a pair of cuffs, he held them out to Carol. “Cuff her...I don't like it either...but....if she doesn't make it” He said. Carol nodded and did as told, hoping Daryl would not take notice when he returned.

That evening, Daryl helped the prisoners make clear their new cell block, he Rick and T-dog gave quick hands on lessons, how to kill a walker 101. they learned fast, Daryl and Rick kept a close eye on Tomas, “did you see the look on his face...he makes one move...give me a signal”Daryl warned, rick nodded and hey went on. It didn't take long for them to see Tomas was bad business and to protect themselves in the future, rick ended him, Andrew the smaller of the living prisoners, made a run for it, rick quickly went after him, “On your knees!”Daryl barked aiming his crossbow at Oscar, who quickly dropped his ax and did what he was told. T-dog got Axel to the ground as well. Daryl looked down at Oscar coldly, this is just what he needed, for Bree to wake up and see with man...more so after treating her so badly. Rick returned and Axel pleaded for his life, Rick saw the men were no threat, and let them live, the managed to clear a cell block for them and headed back to the group.

Daryl went to Bree's cell, and brushed back her hair. “I don't say this lightly...but I need ya here..”He said softly. “daddy?” Maggie said as Hershel began to wake, Daryl could hear soft happy sobs from Hershel's daughters, and while he was happy for them. His own heart broke , he kissed her lips softly and closed eyes in frustration. “If you didn't love the bastard....I'd kill him...lets hope he's dead already”Daryl muttered thinking of Russell. He curled up next to Bree, drawing her into his arms. Carol stood silently watching them as she had just returned from practicing C-sections on a walker female. Daryl was talking to Bree softly, tenderly. Carol could not help but smile, even if she could not hear him. “I don't trust them prisoners...there's only two left, but still.” he paused stroking Bree's hair “they ain't as tough as you'd believe...they're gonna want into our cell block....It's been a long time since they seen a woman....you're a sitting duck, they cannot be let in here” Daryl went on, he became quiet, and gazed at her “why can't you just open your eyes for me...” He added, his voice was horse and tired, Carol heard him say this and her smile faded, as the pleading undertone that lie hidden within his words, it wasn't like Daryl. “Bree's strong...Daryl...she'll make it” Carol said trying to uplift him. He glanced back at her and then turned back to Bree, scooping her body into his, closer. He hide his face in her mass of curls and took in her sent. “ when you get up”he said to her his voice iced over “this aint gonna happen again, I can promise you that” He added closing his eyes, he knew he would not find rest, but he also knew,he had to get at lest an hours worth to keep on going.

Weeks Later

Daryl held Bree in his arms as the group went out into the courtyard. “here...rest her head on my lap..the sun is good for her”Carol said urging Daryl to lay Bree down. He did so and went to Rick. Both men looked at one another both ragged with their own personal problems, but both to driven to wear down knowing if they both break, it's over. They cast their eyes on Oscar and Axel. “they want to stay with us....”Rick said as T-dog walked up. “I think it's better we just let them free...I know guys like them. Hell they ain't psycho’s...they are good guys.”Daryl said he sighed and looked at his feet “I wouldn't want them stayin' around, it's better they leave” He added, Rick nodded Slightly.

Gunshots rang out loud and clear, Daryl, Rick, T-dog, Glenn, and Hershel ran out into the courtyard. Walkers had taken over, how they had gotten in, They had no time to figure out. The men got to work helping out the others, trying to kill the walkers. Giving the women and the one legged Hershel find an escape. Carol tried to drag Bree's body away from on coming walkers. It was a slow and painful process. Daryl and T-dog ran to Her killing the walkers first. Daryl took Bree into his arms swiftly and ran. “come on this way!” T-dog said leading Carol away as well. Daryl looked around franticly for somewhere safe to lay Bree until He could come back for her. He ran into a cell and laid her down on a bunk. Kissing her forehead he gazed at her for a moment. “I'm coming right back” he said running out of the cell he clicked shut the outside lock. And ran back to the others.

Hours Pass

A baby's cry rang through the air, It ripped me from my sleep. My eyes fluttered open and for a moment, I had forgotten, where I was and what the world had become. It was hard, realizing that it was all true, my children where dead, my husband was crazy, and the man I cared for, might not have cared for me. “wait”I breathed getting up from the bunk (it had not crossed my mind that I was no longer in the infirmary) “my children are dead...so the baby's cry..” I muttered, at that moment my heart sank I ran to the bars of the cell pulling at them, shaking them, the the previous prisoner might have done many times. “Lori!” I called out at the top of my lungs, fear rising in the pit of my stomach. “LORI!” I called louder. Groans, and moans came from down the hall, I quickly got quiet and backed up against the wall. Fear ever rising, I was trapped, alone, and gun-less. “walkers?” I muttered confused “Daryl” I whimpered sinking down trying to be unseen.

Slowly one by one, the group returned to the court yard. Daryl walked through the halls of the prison with Rick and Oscar. Things had calmed down a bit but now they had to find the others. Daryl and Rick quickly lifted their weapons as two bodies rounded the corner. “whoa!”Glenn called raising his hands in the hair. Axel's eyes darted between Daryl's bow and Glenn, once his mind took hold of everything he sighed in relief they weren't walkers. Both men lowered their weapons, Glenn held out a scarf in his hands. Daryl’s heart sunk “Carol” he asked Glenn just looked distantly aat him. A scream rang out through the halls. Daryl snapped his head up “Bree!” He called tearing through the halls”she's awake?”Glenn asked confused as Rick went to follow Daryl “she's in trouble” rick called signaling for Axel and Glenn to follow.

“You ugly bastards!” I yelled backing up as far as I could to the wall, walkers, maybe 10 at the most reached their hands through the bars,trying desperately to reach a meal. The bars started to shake and creek, the lock on the cell was becoming loose. “Bree!” I heard him call, my heart skipped a beat “Daryl!” I called back hopeful “Daryl!” again, I got to my feet “Bree!” he called “Bree!” came rick's voice, “help!” I cried, an arrow sliced through the air. It was a sound I loved dearly, a smile came to my face as one of the walkers fell dead. Rick took a knife and jabbed I into another walkers skull, Daryl retrieved his arrow from the walkers head and used it to stab another. As the walkers lost the battle I pried my body away from the wall. Daryl quickly busted the cell lock. He stopped in front of me, his deep brown eyes digging into mine. He looked like he didn't know what to do with himself “come on Daryl we gotta get back to the courtyard” Rick urged. Daryl and I hesitated for a moment, I was confused, I was lost, and this time him just being there wasn't making it ok. Effortlessly Daryl took me into his arms, as he had so many times before. As if on instinct my arms latched themselves around his neck, he held me tighter, his arms trembled as he followed rick.

Outside in the courtyard we were met by Hershel and Beth, but something wasn't right. As I looked Hershel over my jaw dropped slightly “what the hell happened to Hershel!” I cried “shhh” Daryl hushed me softly “damn it don't shush me...what happened to Hershel!” I called shock, panic, fear confusion all coming to a head. “where's Michonne?” I pressed further. “we lost her the first time they attacked...”Daryl muttered, “the first time? Wha-” I wanted answers but as a near by door swung open revealing Maggie holding a new born, and Carl following behind her, with soulless eyes, my words were taken from me. All our eyes landed on Rick, I watched as our leader slowly fell apart. We all knew,even as confused as I was, I could still put it together. Liquid fire stung at my eyes, in his pain I saw a pain I knew to well. As the former sheriff fell to the ground on his back sobbing and wailing, I could no longer take it, biting my lip I hid my face in Daryl’s neck. Then it hit me, pulling away from my safe place “Daryl?” I asked slowly afraid of my following question “C-Carol? Where is Carol?”


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