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Of Better Angels

A Hazard of New Fortunes

“What!?” I hissed, after Michonne got done talking, explaining that Maggie and Glenn had been taking captive and hearing about the town of Woodbury. “The town run by a man, calls himself the Governor” she continued. “Pretty boy, charming…you know Jim jones type” Pliny cut in, if my friends weren’t missing and this ‘governor’ wasn’t insane sounding I probably would have laughed. Light poured in through the small prison windows into the cellblock, we were all seated around Michonne and Pliny. The air was very tense and on the verge of being hostile. “He got Muscle?” Daryl asked as he stood behind rick with his crossbow aimed at Pliny. “Pure military wannabes” Michonne muttered under her breath. “The front wall is heavily guarded…” Pliny added in. Rick walked up closer to the two of them “you know a way in?” He asked them. Michonne and Pliny glanced at each other “the place is secure form walkers…but we could manage to slip in” she said. Rick turned his head to Pliny “why’d you bring him?” he asked. “He was the only other one who believe the governor was crazy, he helped me escape…” Michonne said but rick never took his eyes off of Pliny. He was a physically fit man, somewhere in his 40’s he had shaggy sandy brown hair and deep brown eyes, he had a good even tan and was well built for his age, he stood at about 6 feet. I had to admit we needed all the extra help we could get and if Michonne trusted him, why not. “That back there is Hershel…the father of the girl that was taken” Rick said pointing Hershel out to Pliny “he’ll Patch you up” He said before walking off. I took one last glance at Michonne and Pliny before following after Rick. “We gotta go get them…we’re going to go get them right?” I asked quickly following behind him. “Of course we are…but we can’t go right now…we gotta patch up Michonne and Pliny before they can lead us there” He answered. I stopped and nodded “sorry it’s just…” Rick stopped and look back at me “I know I don’t want to lose anyone else either believe me, but just rushing in will get us all killed” He said, I nodded again and went to go back to the others.

Daryl, Beth, Carol, and Oscar stood around the stairs “how do we know we can trust them… Nothing goods happened since we met Michonne…and who the hell is Piney, he wasn’t among Michonne’s survivors” Daryl said. I crossed my arms “I think we can trust Michonne…she’s been nothing but helpful…Pliny’s another story though…I can agree with Daryl on that” I said looking over everyone’s faces “this is Maggie and Glenn we’re talking about” Beth said cutting in she stepped in the middle of us as rick walked in. “why are we even debating about this?” she added “we ain’t, I’ll go after them, I was just saying” Daryl said quickly holding firmly onto the strap of his crossbow. “This place seems fairly secure…you can’t go alone” Rick said “He wouldn’t be…” I said stepping away from Carol and over to Daryl’s side. He smirked down at me and looked back up to Rick. “I’ll go too” Beth offered. “Me too” Axel called out stepping up as well at this Oscar nodded his head up “I’m in” he said. Rick looked all of us over, my eyes went over to Carol who sat down on the stairs, my eyes saying “don’t even think about it” she smiled and laughed silently shaking her head. Rick nodded at us “so go get ready, Pliny and Michonne will be patched up soon, Hershel works fast” Rick ordered. I nodded and headed up the stairs, Daryl on my heels.

We rummaged through our bags trying to see what we had left. “damnit…my riffle is gone…” I muttered “yeah couldn’t find it in the chaos when you passed out, managed to keep these though” Daryl said pulling out something wrapped carefully in a cloth. I pulled away the cloth revealing my throwing knives. “You saved ‘em?” I asked He nodded and smiled “I had to keep somethin’ of yours right, so you wouldn’t kill me for ot thinking about the riffle” he said, I laughed slightly. “So…are we good?” He asked timidly. “Good?” “Yeah I’ve just about got frost bite from the cold shoulder you’ve been giving me…” He said, I smirked a bit trying to hold back laughter. “Daryl…you brought Carol back form the dead…we’re square for a long ass time” I said kissing his cheek. “and that’s all I get?” he asked I gathered up all the sharp objects and potential weapons I found and packed them away on my body, in pockets, should straps, in my boots, bra, inside my belt loop you name it, and handed him what few guns and ammo we had left. “Hell that’s all we have time for, come on we gotta meet Rick and the other back in the court yards. Bring that bag you found” I said leading the way back down the stairs.

In the courtyard Axel had brought the car around, Daryl got busy packing things away in it. “I got the flash bombs and the tear gas” He said looking up at Oscar who was giving him a hand “you never know what you’re going to need” he added in. I stood talking with Carol who was slightly uneasy about us going but had faith in us all, “I know what you’re all capable of” she said to be with a faltered smile. Her eyes wandered over to Daryl and my eyes followed, “but you’ve got a protector over you at all times” She added as Daryl put on his black vest, with the angel wings on the back. I smiled a bit to myself “and he’s a mad dog guarding him” she laughed “say it right…he’s got a bitch guarding him” I added coughing both her and Beth to laugh. Carl walked up to the car to help load somethings “feels like we’re gearing up for battle” I muttered watching the guys load up. My eyes then wandered over to Rick who was holding the baby near Hershel. “Don’t worry about your old man” I heard Daryl said “I’ll keep an eye on him” He added. He patted the kid on the shoulder before jogging back to Carol and I. “I know you were talking about me so out with it” He said. Carol laughed “just saying I know she’ll be safe and visversa.” Carol said amused. “Hell it’s you we’ve got to worry about” He said I nodded “you better not go roaming around, now, promise me that much” I said to her. She nodded and then laughed “like your one to walk, a little birdy told me you were quiet the handful while I was away” She said, I frowned “I had nothing else to do” I replied. “You never have anything else to do” Daryl said pulling me to his side playfully. I wrapped an arm around his waist, I was done being mad, wasn’t no reasons to be mad anymore, things were so uncertain, and I wasn’t going to waste my time in the near past. Not for the moment. Carol giggled and looked at the two of us proudly.

We watched while going in and out of conversation, as Beth opened the first gate while talking with Michonne “wasn’t this place over run?” Michonne asked “why didn’t you run away?” she added. “We had no place else to go, so we fought for it” Beth said simply. “And you cleared it out all alone?” Pliny asked. “There were others…” Both Beth and Michonne replied Pliny not knowing what to say just nodded his head as Beth walked off. “What do you figure of this Pliny guy?” Carol asked “he’s kinda hot…well you know for being 20 years older than me that is…” I said with a smirk “I’m still here” Daryl said rolling his eyes and pulling me closer “I was kidding, geez, give a dog a bone and see what happens” I said carol shook her head “He isn’t bad looking though” she said “HA, see I’m not alone.” I said Carol blushed deeply. “His accent cute too” She added I chuckled and elbowed Daryl’s side gently he nodded down at me and cracked a smile too. “Well I bet you anything he’s single…better grab him up before a walker does” I said playfully Carol mock hit my arm “I don’t even know him” she said “so we when get back…get to know him” I said in a sing a song tone. Yes indeed having carol back brought me back, even if it was just a little.

Daryl, Axel, Beth, and Oscar came back and forth with stuff to load the car up with. Carol and I stood next to each other as I feed with baby with a bottle. “You gave off breast milk?” Carol asked me shocked but amused. “I never want to do that again, so hopefully we can keep finding formula” I said with a half sickened face. Carol laughed “it’s not for everyone…I breast fed Sophia for a long time, after a while you get used to it, your maternal instincts kick in” She said. “Hell I have those instincts and they didn’t help me none” I replied she shook her head at me. Daryl walked up to us and stood behind me “it’s time to go” he said looking down at the baby who was currently still deemed little ass kicker. I looked down at the baby and then over to Carol who held a strange wide grin on her face. Daryl looked down at me and the quickly looked away over to Carol as I handed her the baby. “We’ll bring them Back Carol” I said resting a hand on her shoulder and giving her a hug. “I know you will Bree, just bring yourself back with them” she said I nodded “be safe” Daryl told her resting a hand on her shoulder as well. Carol looked away from the baby and up at him “Nine lives remember” she said, Daryl smirked and walked over to me “screw nine she’d better have nineteen” I muttered at this Daryl shook his head at me. We all piled into the car, Michonne took shot gun, I sat in the middle of Daryl and Oscar, Pliny was on the other side of Oscar, Beth and Axel decided to stay behind for there wasn’t enough room in the car, and someone needed to help protect the prison. Hershel stopped Rick as he went to get in the driver’s seat “bring them back” Hershel stated “we will” Rick uttered before getting in. Axel ran to open the last gate as we rode off. “Run over that walker right there” I cheered as a walker female stood in the way of the car Daryl chuckled a bit to himself and shook his head “run right over her!” I cheered again. But Rick ignored me and rode around her “wow no fun at all huh?” I asked sliding into the seat some.

After a while of driving we came to a stop, one by one we got out of the car “ they have patrols and the road blocked off, we’ll have to go the rest of the way on foot” Pliny said. Rick looked up at the sky “how far, it’ll be dark soon” Rick said “a mile maybe two” Michonne said, Daryl and I gathered some more things out of the car. Rick and Daryl took the rear of the group for protection. I was walking next to Daryl but it became apparent that Rick had some things he wanted to say to him. So I sped up a bit to walk next to Oscar “I know what you did for me and my baby” I heard rick say “I want to thank you for what you’ve done” he added. “It’s what we do” I heard Daryl say. I heard a growl, a walkers growl from somewhere in the bushes. I quickly grabbed my throwing knives. And glanced back at Daryl we all had heard it “wait” Rick called getting everyone’s attention “get down!” Daryl called out causing us to all kneel down. “Formation” Rick told Daryl running past me and ahead of the whole group as two walkers came into view “No gunfire!” He called out. With that we rushed them, Daryl and I got them at ranged distance with Arrows and Throwing knives, for every knife I threw I went to retrieve it ad use it again. Oscar, Rick and Pliny used whatever sharp objects they had to kill the walkers. While Michonne used her Katana. We were holding out own but for every walker we killed another showed up. A walker came behind Daryl unseen. Quickly I moved my arm in the way a yell came from my mouth as the pain of feeling its blunt teeth sink into my skin surged through my arm. Daryl turned around quickly with wide eyes “what’s the use in being immune if I don’t put it to use” I said while stabbing the walker in the head with one of my throwing knives. It took its teeth out of my arm as it fell dead “yeah but we don’t know how much more of the virus your system can take, never do that again” Daryl said to me as if scolding me. “There are too many of ‘em” he finally called out. We made a run for it following rick.

Rick weaved us through the forest, finally we came upon a small cabin. “Get the door!” Rick called out as he led us inside pointing his gun ahead of him incase anything else was in there with us. Michonne quickly shut the door. “Get down, get down” He ordered, and we stooped a bit lower, trying to be as quiet as we could. “ugh what’s that smell” Daryl commented before going to look for it, the adrenalin from running from the walkers started to wear off and the stench wafted into my nose. “Holy shi-“I said covering my mouth and nose, wanting to hurl. I followed Rick and Daryl as did the others. Rick flashed his flashlight at something furry lying on the wooden floors. “What is that?” Rick asked “it’s gotta be a fox…or well what’s left of one” Daryl said I inched forward to get a closer look. “Guess lassie went home” Daryl said in slight amusement before heading back to the door. I looked away from the dead canine as something started rattling in the back of the cabin. Rick looked over to the noise while everyone else looked to the front door, where the walkers that were chasing us were clawing desperately trying to get it. “I don’t think that’s another fox” I muttered getting up to stand behind rick, Knives ready. Rick nodded towards the door signaling for everyone to brace themselves. Daryl stood next to me and pulled out a gutting knife. My heart was racing, was it an animal, a walker, maybe it was one of those people Michonne and Pliny said were patrolling the area. It was coming from under a blanket. Rick slowly reached over and snatched the blanket off, and out from under it came a thin scraggly looking man. “Who are you!” he yelled. Rick jumped back quickly and held out his arms “we mean you no harm!” he called out. Daryl kept his gutting knife up high ready if needed “get out of my house!” the man yelled “ok, ok, but we can’t right now!” Rick said speaking quickly as the scared man was erratic “get out right now!” the man yelled “shut him up!” Michonne hissed in a low whisper. “Look you damn fool! Don’t you hear that out there?” I yelled putting way my throwing knives, this man wasn’t too much of a threat, he was half insane.

“There are walkers outside!” Rick called out to the man, the noise that the man was causing only egged on the hungry dead outside, I glanced behind me at the door which look like it wanted to give a bit. “This isn’t good” I muttered to Daryl, at Rick’s words the man looked around at all of us, “I” He stammered “I’ll call the cops!” the man yelled “I am a cop” Rick said bitterly “now I need you to lower the gun” Rick ordered. The Man didn’t look convinced not in the least. “Don’t do anything rash” Rick warned, by this time Michonne had reached for her Katana. Rick laid down his own gun on the ground “everything’s gonna be fine, lets, let’s just takes this nice a slow” rick said calmly standing back up slowly his hands still out where the man could see them. “Ok, hey hey!” Rick called as the man started to look over the group. The man lifted his riffle into Ricks face, at this we all raised out weapons “show me your bag!” the man called. “Hey, hey it’s in my pocket” Rick said, I arched an eyebrow “I thought he got rid of that back at Greene farm” I thought side glancing at Daryl who apparently was thinking the same thing. “I’m just going to reach for it nice and slow” Rick said reaching for his pocket. Then in a quick movement Rick lunged for the man’s gun the two struggled with one another. “Let go of me!” the man called as they tussled “I’ll kill you, you-“he added. “Just shut up!” Rick called out the man began to scream loudly “help!” he called out. “Help me! Help me!” he yelled “the old coot’s delirious! Just knock him out!” I called out to rick, he glanced at me as if saying “I’ve got a better idea” “go open that door!” he called, Michonne wasted no time and opened the door, sticking the first walking to lung forward with her Katana. “No, No you can’t do this!” I called horrified as Rick made to push the man out into the horde of walkers “we don’t have any other choice…It’ll buy us some time” Rick said, and with that the man was shoved out into the walkers and Michonne quickly closed the door. “Check the back door!” Rick called out to Oscar, Oscar peeked out the back door and made sure it was safe “al clear” he called back, with that Rick Michonne and Pliny headed out. I still had my eyes locked on the front door. Daryl ran to me and took me by the hand “come on we gotta go!” He called pulling me behind him. From the back door we ran around to the front of the cabin again unseen by the walkers in hopes of finding our original route.

Night had fallen, and in the shadow under Pliny and Michonne’s lead we ran up the side of the Governors city wall around to the front hidden in the trees. Behind a broken-down car. Rick was a bit further ahead of the rest of us, we all looked on at the large security road block of a wall. Walking along it were people armed with guns and Bows. “Well ain’t that about a bitch…” I muttered as Daryl and I glanced at one another before casting out gaze back at the Wall. “On the bright side…we make it out alive…you might get some new arrows” I said to him trying to make everything fell less tense, but it wasn’t working not even for me. A big black man flashed a search light form the wall, we all ducked behind the car just barely avoiding being seen. “Shit” I cursed as I popped back up. Daryl’s eyes were locked on the people on the wall, as if counting them, and sizing them up. I myself was looking for cover, anything that could be used as a shield, a walker lay out in front of the wall closer to us, it would make a good one. Michonne was looking for any gaps or blind spots, but so far there was no luck.


Title inspired by a quote in act 2 of Shakespeare's 'King John'

"Bearing their birthrights proudly on their backs,
To make a hazard of new fortunes here."

Referring to the guns a weapons Bree and her company carried and how with gaining back two friends they must now go and save two more.


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