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Of Better Angels

Brother Were Art Thou

“Ok so what do we do now?” Oscar asked rick nodding to the wall “there is no way we are getting past that” He added. “Oh believe me there’s no going through the front door” Rick sighed. “maybe we can throw a few flash bombs, and while they’ve got their eyes on them, try to sneak over the wall” Pliny said “no there’s to many of them up there for that someone’s going to see us waltzing through their front door” Daryl commented. I looked up from the conversation to look around “hey” I called to the guy’s grabbing their attention “where’d Michonne go?” I asked Rick and Daryl looked around “well ain’t that great” Daryl grumbled “pst!” Michonne called emerging from the shadows “this way” she called heading to the side wall silently we followed. She took use to a part of the wall and halted us “there’s no opening” Rick commented, Michonne groped the side of the wall in search of something, she son pulled out a few bricks. “We can slide through here” she said, I smiled at her “damn, you some kind of ninja?” I said before climbing in the others soon followed.

We ran as quietly as she could through the town along the building in single file. Following the lead of Pliny and Michonne. They lead us up to a house. Pliny quickly picked the locks and got us inside. “I thought you said you knew where to go?” Rick said after we inspected the place and found neither Maggie nor Glenn. “I thought I did this is where they had taken me” Michonne said quickly. “Now what?” Daryl asked before anyone could think the door opened. “Hide!” I whispered and was all dispersed. An older man walked into the house “come on out, I know you’re here, I saw you come in” He commented demandingly. As he closed the door, Daryl quickly knocked him over the head. Rick and Oscar rushed him tying him and putting tape over his mouth. As we did so we could hear gunshots from the back of the house. We left the man tied up safely and went to investigate. The back door took us to a back alley and form there we found a Warehouse. Quiet as we could we made our way inside.

We could head a familiar voice talking to someone, and then we heard them mention Glenn’s name. My heart sunk, I knew that voice all too well. My eyes wandered over to Daryl who was listening intently. Had he noticed it? “Of course he has” I thought to myself, mentally kicking my ass for my stupidity. I reached over and touched his arm “Daryl?” I mouthed He glanced at me before looking ahead of him. Once we were sure Maggie and Glenn where inside, Rick and Pliny tossed two Flash bombs into the building, while the three men were stunned, Rick and Oscar grabbed Glenn and Maggie leading them out. Daryl, Pliny and I made sure the way behind us was safe. As I looked around when we found a safe place for cover I noticed again, Michonne was missing. “Where do you suppose she went this time?” I asked no one in particular. “Probably to the Governor’s house…” Pliny said looking off in what I assumed was that Direction, I went to go that way “no, she knows what she’s doing we need you here” Rick said nodded to Maggie. I finally got a chance to look over them. Maggie was wearing Glenn’s shirt and Glenn looked like he got the beat down of his life. “Oh my god” I breathed, Maggie ran to me and I brought her in a hug, I flagged Glenn down to going her in it. “Who?” I asked darkly “the governor” Maggie choked out “merle” Glenn said his voice iced over. “I’ll kill him…both of them” I thought holding the two closer to me. Daryl looked lost and torn, his eyes met mine and he knew what I was thinking, he knew Merle had some role in this. But as it always sent Merle was his brother, and Daryl’s faithful to blood…no matter what they do.

Only in a perfect world could we have gotten through the town without being seen. When a guard spotted us she shot and we had no choice but to return fire. Rick quickly tossed me a gun out of the bag and we kept running returning fire as we went along. We managed to duck back into the shadows all of us laid low there until the crowd passed us by. Pliny then lead us through the city, he called it Woodbury’s supply center. “You’re shot” I stated looking at Pliny’s arm “your bit” he replied I nodded “fair enough” I muttered walking back to Maggie’s side. “Merle’s alive and working with the Governor…he did this, he brought us here” Glenn said telling it all. Daryl looked at him blankly, Disbelief in his eyes, over both his brother being alive, and what his brother had done to the people who had become his friends. The people who had become his family. I watched him intently waiting for him to say something, but he did nothing “he’s gonna execute us” Glenn said swallowing hard form the pain of his body. “let me go find Merle, I can talk to him, and see why he’s doin’ all of this” Daryl said finally. “No I need you here, I need you with me” Rick said “rick’s right, we stand a better chance if we stay together.” I added in. Daryl looked off a nodded some, he clearly wasn’t happy about it. With that Rick had Pliny lead them back to the front wall. As Daryl went to follow him I grabbed his hand and pulled him back “look” I said as he turned to face me “I know this isn’t easy, so whatever you decide to do, I’m right behind you…just get the others out first…and if Merle’s actually behind all of this…” I said my voice fading “Yeah I get it” He replied defensively before we continued on.

As we returned fire trying to hold back the Woodbury people, Maggie, Glenn, and Oscar went to scale the main wall. Rick followed after them but froze in his tracks. He was staring down at man who was firing at them, he seemed to be in another world “not now Rick snap out of it!” I called out. The man shot Oscar in the back the bullet went right through his chest killing him instantly “Rick!” Maggie called out, shooting Oscar in the head instantly to assure that he would not turn. “Bree pay attention!” Daryl called out as he pushed me to the ground. Gunfire sped over our heads. “Fuck” I cried hiding under Daryl’s arm as he returned fire. I looked up at the one responsible for the gunfire as they lay on the ground. “It-it’s a kid!” I said with hide eyes, a girl who looked no older then Beth maybe a few year younger give or take. “ain’t one of us what does it matter, just shoot anything that’s trying to shoot you” Daryl said getting me back to my feet. In the chaos I saw a Blonde lady shooting at Rick and the others as Maggie tried to help Rick and Pliny over the wall with her. Daryl threw out his last Flash bomb halting the woman. I couldn’t help but think that she looked kind of familiar even though I could hardly see her face now through the blinding lights. I saw Michonne run past us and quickly scale the wall. It was becoming clear that Daryl and I were not going to make it out. I backed up and followed him as he took cover inside a porch like area. “make a run for the wall I’ll cover you , you can get out with Rick and others” He ordered “where you even listening to me back there…I’m not going anywhere” I stated as she still fired at those firing at us. Rick and the others were gone now. Now it was just us. “You’re stupid” Daryl said with a smirk and a smile. “I prefer hardheaded” I commented as we kept on firing. “Damn…I’m out!” I called to Daryl who I now stood back to back with. “Me too” he said, and with that we both threw our guns to the ground and held out hands in the air. Two men walked up to us one swiftly knocked Daryl out. “You son of a bitch!” I barked going to lung at him but before I knew it he knocked me out too.

When I awoke my hands where bound tightly with rope, a sheet was tied around my head and body so I could not see or be seen, and I was being forced to stand. “Get up!” a man said to me harshly. I scrambled to my feet off balance. Through the thin white sheet I could make out I was standing in the middle of a large crowd, they were noisy and cheering, Ahead of me I could see a man with a bag over his head. The only thing I could clearly make out about him were a pair of Angel wings on the back of his clothing. “Daryl” I thought looking around, the bag on his head was almost like that of the old execution style. My heart began to race and panic rose. Farther off I could make out a more blurred figure off to the side. The crowd seemed enraged and I could not figure out why, one of the men snatched off Daryl’s bag. He looked around stunned as his eyes landed on Merle after surveying the crowed. “Kill them!” the people called “fight, fight, fight!” some others. My heart beat so fast it felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. My hands tremble din their binds. “You said you wanted your brother…” a man said his voice sounded like pure hatred, “well now you got him” He added. My eyes went to the blurred figure and I gazed harder trying to make him out through the sheet “Merle” I whispered with wide eyes. I began to move my hands around trying to break them free from their binds but it was useless. I was only tearing away my skin. Daryl circled around the arena and to Merle’s side both brothers standing a distance form one another watching the crowd.

I watched through the sheet and Daryl looked at the crowds not knowing exactly what to do or what was going on. He already looked a bit roughed up compared to Merle and was breathing heavily. “This won’t be a fair fight, Daryl would never lay a hand on Merle…ever” I thought still fighting my bonds a man punched my shoulder “stop that!” He demanded. I stopped for a moment and flinched at the impact of his fist. “Stop this, stop this!” I heard a woman call out. “Stay out of it” the man with the cruel voice replied I figured I had to be standing next to him “he’s my friend!” the woman called out. “Her friend?” I thought turning my head to look at her, but someone grabbed my head and made me look ahead of me, and held my head there. “It’s not up to me anymore” I heard the man say. “The people have spoken” he added. “I asked you where your loyalties lie!” He demanded, as I looked out at Daryl and Merle I saw Merle raise his head. Daryl eyed me trying to figure out what I was, probably thinking I was a walker, as blood dripped from my legs, my jeans were no longer blue and one pants leg was torn off the sheet allowed people to see that my shoes were now gone and all I had was greying white socks on. “You said here…well prove it” He man continued “Daryl shoved a big black man off of him as he tried to restrain him. “prove it to us all, Brother against Brother, Winner goes free” with every word the man spoke my heart sank more and I became antsy “Fight!” the man called he walked out from behind me and in front of Daryl and Merle. “To the Death!” He cried out and the crowd roared in approval. My heart skipped a beat and the air rushed out of my lungs. I struggled more against the ropes, the man the other man had left me to hit me over the head so hard I fell to the ground on my knees but I kept struggling against my bonds. Franticly like a deer caught in a trap.

“Phillip, don’t do this!” the woman called out, it finally clicked in me as she spoke up I remembered her voice. “Andrea?” I thought shocked right down to the core. “Don’t do this!” she called again. I looked up, Merle turned to look at Daryl who almost refused to look him in the eye for a moment, and then his eyes grazed over the crowd of people. Daryl then side glanced at Merle who raised his hand in the air “Ya’ll know me!” He called out to the crowd. “ I’ma do whatever I gotta do, to prove!” Merle called before hauling off and socking Daryl in the stomach. I gasped as Daryl went to the ground with the wind knocked out of him shutting my eyes tightly I worked furiously at my bonds. I could feel my skin was split open, I could feel the bristles of the rope fraying and tearing apart my skin with the lose stands. I could feel my blood dripping down my hands, and the stinging of the harsh material in the fresh open wound. I bit my lip so hard that coppery droplets of blood seeped into my mouth. “That my loyalty!” Merle called out, and with that I could hear the impact sound looking up I saw Merle had Kicked Daryl rolling him over onto his back. “No!” I called out finally finding my voice. Daryl’s eyes darted to me. I looked up to see a man with an eye patch striding over to me he held a Smirk on his face. All the while I kept hearing the impacts of Merle’s Feet and fist coming into harsh contact with Daryl’s body. A Man walked by me leading in front of him a walker who was leashed up “wh-what?” I muttered, half insane from panic still fighting my bonds. Forgetting about the eye patched man before me. Merle swung at Daryl again. The man with the eye patch kneeled over me, “the other brother won’t fight, let’s see if this will get him going” the man said and with a quick movement he ripped the sheet off of me. I my eyes instantly darted to the fight, “Daryl!” I called out still fighting my bonds as the Man pulled me up to my feet, his hands latched in my hair holding me still. “Bree!” Andrea gasped in shock, Daryl dodged Merle’s next attack and got to his feet before lunging at Merle, only his attack was halfhearted and Merle quickly knocked him back to the ground.

The men holding the walkers at bay moved them in closer, as Daryl and Merle now had each other in choke holds. “You ass whole I was going to let you go!” Daryl said as he was being strangled. My eyes darted between Merle, Daryl and the Walkers. My weight shifted from one foot to another and I fought being held by the eye patch Man, Daryl looked over at me as I struggled “damn you, you bastard let me go!” I shouted, my fear and panic was turning into anger, I twisted around under the man grasp. He smirked and chuckled in amusement. I could snow feel the tears that were streaming down my face, My mind was not cut off solely to my thoughts anymore and was now registering everything my body was doing. I cried out as I suddenly felt pain across my back a horrible burning sensation, like rows of fire burning across my shoulder blades. I yelped slightly at the pain, the man laughed more, “just now feeling it huh?” he asked highly amused. I looked back at the fight to see Merle mutter something to Daryl, who looked back at him confused. The Confusion I me rose as Merle in what at first looked like a fighting move, brought Daryl up to his feet, quickly both brothers stood back to back. “What?” I thought I stopped struggling for a moment.

The two brothers began to use their fists to fight off the walkers the men had on polls. “Phillip stop this!” Andrea said her eyes darting between me, Daryl and Merle “Phillip stop this!” she called again but he wasn’t listening only watching. He then looked down at me and smirked, with a hard shove he pushed me into the fight, a man wielding a walker pushed the walker towards me, with my hands bound there was not much I could do. “Shit…Daryl…Daryl!” I called backing away. Daryl ran in front of me and pushed back the walker by punching it in the face. Merle came up behind me and grabbed my bound arms, at first I panicked and then I noticed, he was untying me. As soon as the ropes fell loose I flexed my hands, another man pushed a walker behind Merle, holding my arms out for balance, I pushed Merle behind me a bit and spin kicked the Zombie. “Nice one” Merle said I merely leered back at him. No I did not trust him, but I would help Daryl get out of this and he wasn’t going anywhere if Merle wasn’t there too. I bounced back and forth on tips of my toes, looking like a player in those old arcade fighting games. My attacks were not powerful but they were enough to keep the walkers and those manipulating them at a distance. My legs where more powerful that my arms, do Kicks where my only option.

I covered my head quickly as the sound of gunshots rang out. People in the crowd began to panic and others dropped head on site one by one. The crowd scattered and the men abandoned keeping control over their walkers. Daryl and Merle backed up to me and the three of us stood back to back. Daryl still had his fists up and well was merle. My eyes darted around trying to figure out if it was a friend or a foe attacking. Then a bright white bang exploded. I quickly shielded my eyes, the light was painfully bright but now I knew “Rick!” I called out with a smile, “they came” I said in a short of relief but it was obvious we were not out of the water yet. Smoke and dust rose into the air, Merle leaped on a man and began to beat him to death with his metal nub. Daryl fought off as many people as he could in search of some form of weapon, he reached back and grabbed my arm pulling me behind him. “Merle come on!” He called, “I’m commin’” Merle called appearing behind us shortly, we all covered out faces as not to inhale too much dust. From the corner of my eye I could see the man with the eye patch walking slowly through the chaos holding a small silver gun. “He’s crazy…he must be him…he must be the Governor” I thought coughing a bit. Half blinded by the dust and flash bombs I held onto Daryl’s hand for what seemed like dear life. Through the dust I could see a flash light, it looked like the one Rick used “over there!” I called “Daryl that way!” “I got it” Daryl replied leading us along. Two guards tried to block out way. Merle stabbed him with his Blade attachment which had he somehow managed to get back, and Daryl quickly took the crow bow form him. “Brother!” Merle called tossing a Riffle over to Daryl, Daryl caught it and looked at it for a moment before handing to me “here you go, merry Christmas” He said with a small smirk. He held it close to me and continued to follow Merle and Daryl out of the dust and into clearer air. Soon we found Rick he was hiding behind the Dumpster for cover “Daryl!” he called letting us know it was him “come on, go, go!” Rick called urging us to keep running as he followed behind us covering for us.


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