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Of Better Angels

Hammer and Guns

It was near noon now, Maggie left me the baby saying she needed time to think. I didn’t mind taking over for her for a while. It was nice, feeling like you were ten feet tall in little Judith’s eyes, She made us all feel stronger than we felt, she made us remember how strong we really where. I stood outside in the first fence area. Rocking her and singing a silly song my adoptive mother always sang to me as I san Judith had a smile on her face “There was a mouse that live up on a hill, uh huh, uh huh, He walked and talked like buffalo bill, uh huh, one day he thought he’d take a ride, with a sword and pistol at his side uh huh, uh huh” I sang, she giggled and reached to grab my hair, I could only smile more. I glanced up briefly to see Carol watching me with a large smile on her face “he knocked an’ he knocked 'til his fist got sore, uh huh, uh huh. He sat Miss Mousey on his knee, an’ he said Miss Mousey would ya marry me, uh huh, uh huh.” I sang in a whole ‘nother world away from here, for now I just wanted to see a pure smile, a Innocent smile that was truly happy. And that Judith was, completely content with no idea of what the world was like around her other than, lullabies, food and the faces of those how loved her, of those who would lay their life down to protect her. Water started to leak into my eyes as I saw the faces of my twins, just as I had, they loved the song about the mouse. I stopped singing for a moment as the sadness took me and Judith could feel that as her laughter too died down.

A single Gunshot rose through the air, I was ripped from my thoughts as I crushed Judith to me using my body as a shield. I looked around franticly to see who had went down, then I saw Axel was down on the ground a single gunshot to the head. I quickly pulled my pistol out of my pocket and looked around for the others, Carl and Beth scrambled to get closer to the rest of the group. Michonne who was down by the security truck was looking into the woods, her eyes lead me to a strange van just outside the prison, before I could react properly more gunfire rang out. I turned my back to the Shooters and tried my best to fire as many shots as I could, but I was fighting blind. I saw Carol duck behind Axel’s body. I had to help her and get Judith out of here. I tore off running, I could feel bullets just barely missing me, or graze against my skin. I hunched over and gently dropped Judith into Carol’s arms as she hunched behind Axel. I took Axel’s gun out of his pocket I stood over Carol and starting shooting back at our enemy with both pistols, “what are you doing get down!” Carol cried out “Go to the prison! Get Judith out of here!” I yelled “but what about-“ “Jus’ do it!” I yelled Carol went to try and get up but bullets were fired just before her, so he laid back down behind Axel’s body I followed the direction of the bullets and found the men shooting them, I managed to shoot one in his chest. As he fell back. “Son of a bitch” I cursed spotting none other than the Governor by the van. I nearly dropped one of my guns as I felt a bullet tear through my arm. “Bree!” Carol cried as I screamed from the quick rush of pain. “I’m fine!” I called to her through gritted teeth, Pliny ran across the open courtyard to us firing at the governor’s men with his shot gun, He kneeled down to carol and helped her up. “Go over there and use that as a shield form the bullets I’ll cover you, since Bree’s covering me” He said quickly “now go, go!” He urged and with that Carol made a mad dash for a box of crates near the prisons walls. All I could hear was Gunfire and Judith’s cries.

“Beth!” I heard Maggie yell as she ran out form the Prison hold Machine guns from the Prison Guard ward. “shit” I muttered dropping one of my guns as it was out of ammo. Firing with the one was a lot harder. “ Bree’ra!” Maggie yelled as she kicked a Machine gun to me, I picked it up and dropped my other pistol, I had to admit to myself I didn’t know how to fire one, but now was as good a time as any to learn how. As I fired it I lost my balance and fell back onto my ass. Rolling I avoided a string of gunfire. I quickly got up and began to fire back, this time planting my feet well. Carol ran and gave the Baby to Beth and took the gun form Beth and began firing it off as well. Trying to avoid the fire I found myself being pushed further away from Carol, Beth, Carl, and Maggie. I went down like a bag of rocks as a bullet went into my foot. I was screaming but no sound was coming out as I cradled my foot, by now the whole sock was red. as I recovered from the pain I noticed the gunfire had stopped. Suddenly I could hear the sound of a revving engine. I looked around and back at the others who seemed confused as well. Through the woods came a speeding Milk truck, it barreled through the gates of the Prison, it was on a mission that was for sure, but what was its purpose? It pulled into the grass lot and stopped. I let one hand go of my foot and reached for my machine gun. We watched the truck intently, anxiously waiting for something to happen, but it was completely still. I held my breath as the back door to the truck released, and numerous walkers hobbled out of it. I released my breath and shook my head, struggling I managed to get to my feet. Ignoring my screaming foot I tried to make my way back to the others. I was too far out and to close to the walkers.

But the walkers were not the only ones we had to worry about as a person got out of the driver’s seat of the truck. “You’ve got to be kidding” I thought shooting down some of the walkers, still trying to limp back to my people. The person who jumped out of the car was in full body gear, military like gear. “Bree!” I heard Carol call I went to looked back at her and a bullet grazed my neck. Because of instinct my hands went to my neck at the same time my foot gave in and I went crashing to the ground. “Bree!” Carol called “No!” I heard Maggie call, I looked over to them to see Maggie trying to pull Carol back behind their cover. “Stay!” I called holding my neck, the bullet just grazed me but took out a good chunk of flesh and I was bleeding. “I looked up to see walkers coming at me, a grabbed the machine gun and fired. Then I turned my eyes to the one who shot me. A man was in our watch tower. I raised my gun to shoot at him. I had forgotten about the person in the military Gear, but they hadn’t forgotten about me. They fired at me, the bullet went clean through my armpit, I dropped my gun before I could fire, But Maggie quickly shot at the one in the military gear to by me some time. However I was stuck my foot would just not support my weight. Carol fired at the walkers around me and Pliny fired at the man in the watch tower. For now I was as safe as I was going to get. Maggie and Pliny switch places and Maggie took a shot at the man in the watch tower I saw him fall dead and sighed in relief. I shimmied out of my shirt and used it to apply pressure on my armpit which would just not stop bleeding.

The Governor got in his car and rode away, but the damage had been done, not only were the walkers he let loose over taking the prison courtyards, but the gunshots had lead more walkers from the forest to the prison. The Gate had been rammed into and was wide open letting any and everybody in. with the shooters gone, Maggie, Carl, Beth, Pliny, and Carol ran out towards the grass, me and the walkers. Carol stood in front of me and shot at the walkers while Beth dropped at my side. “He hit your Axillary” Beth said with wide eyes. “My what?” I asked I didn’t speak doctor or veterinarian’s daughter. Michonne cut through the walkers with her Katana. Maggie, Carl and Carol were some of the sharpest shooters I knew so I wasn’t was worried about the walkers as I probably should have been. “Where’s rick?” I asked confused Beth pointed outside of the prison gates, Rick was fighting off numerous walkers on his own. “He needs help” I called “someone aim for his walkers! We need eyes on rick!” I called out “they are too far!” Pliny called, I watched Rick struggle and tried to get to my feet “then I’ll go” I said “you can’t move, you’re in no shape!” Maggie called out. I watched in horror as two walkers cornered Rick into the gate. “Rick!” I called getting to my feet regardless of my unwilling foot pushing Beth off me as she went to hold me back. One of the walkers stopped as an arrow went into his head sticking out the other side, just inches away from Rick’s face. I fell back onto the ground supporting my upper body with my hands, I lost hold of my shirt that I had pressed to my armpit, my eyes followed the path of the arrow. “Daryl” I breathed as he looked after his work, Merle ran past him and started attacking more of the walkers with a makeshift weapon. Glenn who had returned from his car, went to help Hershel and Michonne went to help them hacking at the walkers and clearing a path to the car they got inside, Carol and Beth helped me get back into the main courtyard nearest to the prison while Maggie, opened the gate for Glenn, Michonne and Hershel.

Carol wrapped my arm over her shoulders to support me as we stood. I watched as Rick, Daryl and Merle beat the mess out of the walkers around him. Carol looked at me and smiled faintly. But her eyes then wandered to the blood trickling down my side from my underarm. My legs gave way beneath me “Bree!” carol called struggling to keep me up on her own Pliny walked over and took me from Carol, He smiled at her faintly “here let me help” He offered, Carol let me go let Pliny carry me. “She’s bleeding out” He muttered. Hershel, Glenn and Michonne hopped out of the truck, Maggie made sure her father was ok and then ran to Glenn. “Hershel we need you” Carol called as he walked to me, Pliny and Carol. “It’s her Axillary….” Pliny said lifting my arm up so Hershel could see. “That’s not good, let’s get her inside, I’ll see what I can do” Hershel said Pliny nodded and entered the prison with Carol and I. Pliny sat me in a chair and Hershel began to work on my arm. My body was shivering slightly and I was freezing due to bloodless. “Someone get her a Blanket or a shirt or something…she’s going to need stitches… I need some thread” Hershel called. “I’ll go find some thread” Pliny said walking off, Carol sat in front of me squeezing my hand as Hershel applied pressure to my underarm. Soon the others began to fill in. Rick walked in last behind him walked Daryl and Merle, Merle looked leery about being around us all, but Daryl looked like he had just return home. My eyes lingered on Daryl for a moment as he looked up at me I shied away and looked off at something random.

Maggie brought me one of her shirts and Pliny found some thread, I was patched up fast enough for us to hold a meeting, we needed to work out our circumstances. “We’re not leaving” Rick said tired after the battle we just had. “We can’t stay here” Hershel stated, “what if there’s another sniper a wood palette won’t stop another one of those rounds” Carol said standing in front of me a bit, Her blood was boiling about the attack, she wasn’t scared anymore she was mad. “we can’t even go outside” Beth said “well not in the day light” Carol added in “look if Rick says we’re not running, we are not running” Glenn cut in. “no better to live like rats” Merle said form the cell we had locked him up in.” you got a better Idea Rick shot back “yeah we should have slid out of here last night and lived to fight another day” Merle said everyone shifted, uncomfortable with recalling the day before. I slid down in my chair a bit more and crossed my arms wincing at the stiches stretched. “But we lost that window didn’t we, I am sure he’s got scouts on every road by now” Merle said, “we’re not scared of that prick” Daryl chimed in, I could hear his footsteps on the upper level. His presence was driving me crazy, it’s what I wanted, I wanted him to come back, but, I didn’t know how to take it. “You should be” Merle said, Carl looked up at Daryl and then to Merle. “That truck through the fence thing, that was just him ringing the doorbell” Merle said this got my attention, “you might have the thick walls to hide behind but he’s got the guns the guns and the numbers and if he takes the high ground around this place, shoot, they could just starve us out if they wanted too” Merle said. I sighed He might have been right, after all he was in Woodbury, he had seen what the Governor had stocked up.

“Let’s put him in the other cellblock!” Maggie said annoyed with Merle’s smugness. “naw got a point” Daryl said looking down at Maggie “ This is all you! You started this!” she yelled at Merle “what’s the difference whose fault it is?” Beth asked going down the stairs “what do we do?” she added “I said we should leave!” Hershel said I glanced at him “now Axel’s dead and Bree nearly bled to death, we cannot just sit here!” Hershel called out, Rick looked at him mildly annoyed before walking off. Hershel rose to his crutches “Get back here!” he called making rick halt “You’re slippin Rick” He said walking over to him “we’ve all seen it, we understand why, but now is not the time!” Hershel called, I squinted at him maybe I was Bias, but even Hershel went Looney when he lost those important to him, and he was the leader of his family then, he sounded hypocritical against Rick. “You once said this isn’t a democracy, now you have to own up to that” Hershel added, Rick turned to face him “I put my family’s life in your hands, so get your head clear and do something” Hershel said. “he is doin’ somethin” I said hoarsely “it just ain’t what you want him to do” I added standing up painfully on my foot “Yelling at him isn’t much more help, no this isn’t a democracy anymore and I think you can’t stand that” I crossed my arms “Ricks doing something right otherwise you’d been dead when your leg got hacked off….Maggie and Glenn wouldn’t be here, neither would Daryl and I… or any of us!” my words were pointed “you obviously don’t understand enough or maybe your forgotten how you reacted to losing the ones you loved. Maybe you forgot how hard it was to keep it together and keep the rest of your family safe. Stop acting like you don’t know” I added “look Hershel I know you are scared, hell we all are, but running isn’t the thing to do, if Ricks not for it that fine, if he needs to walk away that’s fine too because sometimes just walking is the best thing to do, because I can think of a good handful of things he might want to say to you right now, and is too much of a decent man to do so” My words seemed to carry thought the cellblock Hershel looked at me and Said nothing. “Go Rick…we can manage for a while…we need to take recovery time anyways” I said Rick nodded and walked off.

While Rick was gone we all took some down time, I avoided Daryl like the plague. Sticking close to Maggie or Michonne. Trying to ignore the look he was giving me, that serious stare, as his eyes trailed from my feet to my face, and if I did just so happen to look at him he’d look away, with that same serious face. I hated it, it was driving me crazy, I could hardly sit still and as Much as I wanted to go lay down, that cell was now considered a shared cell with him. And I was positive the moment I walked into it he would follow. I was thankful when Rick finally returned. He gave Maggie a loaded gun “go take watch remember eyes open and head down” He said quickly walking by here. “fields filled with walkers” Rick called I limped behind him listening “I didn’t see any snipers out there but we’ll keep Maggie on watch” He ordered I side glanced as Daryl walked down the stairs to meet Rick, and our eyes locked I looked back at rick quickly, hoping that he’d give me some form of Order or command so that I could leave. “I could get up in that guard tower, take out half those walkers give you guys some time to fix the fence” Daryl offered stopping in front of Rick. “We could use some of the cars to put the bus in place” Michonne said “we can’t access the field without burning through our bullets” Hershel huffed, I leered at him again form behind Rick. Daryl smirked and looked down at his feet, as if he wanted to laugh. “We’re trapped in here, there is barely any food or ammo” Glenn said resignedly “we’ve been here before, we’ll be alright” Daryl said calmly “that was when it was just us, before there was a snake in the nest” Glenn hissed darkly “Glenn we gon’ go through this again?” Daryl asked as I watched him he seemed a lot for passive in all of this than he had the day before. “Look Merle’s staying her he’s with us now, get used to it” Daryl added “all yall” he muttered before heading back up the stairs. “I don’t think it’s a good idea to have merle here with us” Glenn said “I can’t kick him out” Rick said “I wouldn’t ask you to live with Shane after he tried to kill you” Glenn shot back. Rick looked at him slowly even I knew that was a low blow. “Merle has military experience, he may be erratic but don’t underestimate his loyalty to his brother” Hershel said. “what if we settle both problems at once Deliver Merle to the Governor, bargaining Chip, he’s a traitor maybe declare a truths” Glenn said “No Merle’s an ass but we might as well be killing him ourselves if we do that” I said “besides, Merle’s the only thing keeping Daryl here, we need him, that’s obvious after what happened out there...he’s a sneaky son of a bitch, and comes in handy. I know you all forgot about it, but I’d rather not kill the living if I don’t have to” I said flatly. “Those times are over now, if Daryl wants to go again let him, I don’t see why he picked Merle over us the first time” Glenn said. I frowned at this “I’m never letting go of that policy Glenn…I know it’s been a long time, But I still think Dale was right….you’ve all obviously forgot” I muttered with a heavy sighed I headed up the stairs, If I wanted Daryl to stay I had to pull up my big girl pants and suck up a bit of my pride and fear.

I lost my nerve half way to Daryl and I’s cell my feet wouldn’t take my any further. Carol who had come up behind me grabbed my hand and lead me down the row, two cells away from his I stopped and shook my head “I can’t” I mouthed, She nodded “just listen” she mouthed back before walking and standing in the entry way to his cell. “I hadn’t got the chance to say, I’m glad you decided to come back” she said, “to what? This?” I heard him ask her “this is our home” she said walking into the cell I walked a bit closer to I could hear better, “this is a tomb” I heard him say. I slid into the cell next to his as quietly as I could and pressed my ear to the wall to hear them better “that’s what T-dog called it, I thought he was right, till you found me” Carol said it got quiet for a long time “he’s your brother but he’s not good for you. Don’t let him bring you down, after all look how far you’ve come” Carol added. It got quiet again and (unknown to me Carol nodded at the wall and ratted me out) then for some odd reason they started laughing lightly. I listened as Carol got up and left. I sighed. Well he seemed to be in a good mood. Before I could pull my head away from the all the loud Boom of Daryl hitting it rung in my ears. “Ah!” I grunted holding my ear “you shouldn’t be eves dropping!” Daryl called. I stiffly walked into his cell and stood awkwardly. “How’d you?” I asked slowly “I’m just that good” he said with the most serious face he could pull off. I stared at him dully, he Smirked and shook his head “Carol told me” He confessed. I nodded. And looked around “why don’t you sit down this is your room too” He said moving his legs for me to sit on the bottom bunk with him as he fiddled around with one of his arrows. “I’m good, I’m thinking about taking a cell a few spaces down” I said lowly. Daryl sat up more I looked at the ground as I felt his gaze on me. Neither of us wanted to say we were wrong in any kind of way.

After a few minutes of this Silence Daryl began to chuckle “I’ve never known you to actually be this quiet before” He said looking up at me, “I’ve never had nothing to say before” I said dryly “that’s because you do have something to say, you just won’t say it” He added. I turned to leave “Bree” He called standing up. I stopped and turned to face him “what?” I asked “you stood up for Merle down there” He stated I shook my head and frowned “I stood up for you” the words left my mouth before I registered them. I felt like I had restless leg syndrome my whole body felt jittery. I couldn’t look at him Directly, those faded blue eyes made me want nothing more than to pull him to me, because in them I saw what he was feeling what he wanted to say, I saw how tired he was, how torn he was, and I was hating how I had learned how to read them so well. “Thought you hated me” He said lowly this time he refused to look at me. “I do” I whispered “or I want to” I said this time I sounded slightly frustrated “but I can’t…” I sighed, He looked up at me “you know that damned Dixon shaped Hole in my heart won’t let me…it’s a bitch” I muttered. Daryl chuckled and grabbed my hands my fingertips, he trailed his hands up my arms, over the gunshot wound in my left upper arm. And pulled me close to him. It was only day he was gone and it felt like months, I couldn’t help but wonder did it feel like that for him to. “What brought you back?” I asked as he hide his face in the top of my head, burying himself away in my mop of curls. “Merle was Driving me crazy…I knew he wouldn’t act out to much here...” he said I nodded I didn’t even know why I got my hopes up that it would have been something more than that “and” He said pausing “I just needed to come home” He added walking a way he had his back turned to me as he faced the bunk “plus...no them….no you” He said turning to look back at me “right?” He added. I smiled faintly and nodded before walking out of the cell. As I did so Carol who had been standing just outside looked at me and shook her head before walking in herself.


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