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Of Better Angels


“Are you ready to go?” I asked as I saw Daryl saddling up one of Hershel’s horses, getting ready to look for Sophia yet again. He looked at me sternly “yeah but, you’re stayin’ here” He said mounting the horse. “b-but it’s not safe to go out there alone… you’re lucky let you go alone a few days ago!” I said in protest. “I survived in the woods for-“ Daryl said “yah yah I know…I know you used poison Ivy to whip your ass…Yeah I know….but still it ain’t the same and you know it!” I said. He looked at me softly and held a smile on his face “You worry too much…if I didn’t know the obvious…I’d think you really where Carol’s child” He said laughing, before riding off. “Don’t be out to long!....Be back by Lunch time!” I called after him. I sighed to myself when he disappeared into the woods and shook my head. Heading back into the kitchen to grab some ice for my stomach, I ran into the one person I never liked to run into. “Andrea” I greeted coldly, we’ve never been on good terms…I know she lost her sister. But we’ve all lost some one, and we don’t walk around, bratty, bossy, whinny, pushy, mad, and selfish….well Shane does but that’s another matter. She looked at me with a smirk on her face and shook her head like I was stupid “what the hell’s wrong with you” I asked annoyed “I heard Shane whooped your ass” she said. I frowned “but he’s right about Sophia…” She added. “Oh lord not another one…one Shane is bad enough but this one…this one can PMS….” I muttered Glaring at her she frowned at me “you walk around trying to act bad ass….like you know it all…you don’t know Pea’s from grapes, and 1 from 2….You want a gun so bad and can’t even use it…except on yourself.” I said “I’m not perfect….I’m not smart…or strong….but hell at least I don’t give everyone grief…” I muttered, more to myself as if she wasn’t even there, I grabbed the ice and walked out of the room to the front porch. I took some string and a needle and began to sew up cloths while watching the woods.

“hey Bree, why don’t you come with me…Maggie’s got a head ache and is sending me into town to get some things…I could use an extra pair of eyes” Glen said with a smile. I had been hanging and washing cloths, another job where I would watch the woods. “You need a break anyway” He said I sighed “I guess you’re right…we can take my truck” I said pulling the keys out of my pocket. On the way to town the ride was rather silent. “so….have you asked Maggie to be your girl officially yet?” I asked Glen blushed slightly “n-no not yet…kinda waiting for a good time….now’s obviously not” He said, I nodded “yeah…you have a point” I said with a sort laugh. Glen smiled “so ugh, we see you and Daryl together all the time….i don’t remember the day you two made if official” He said I smiled trying to remember the day we did and then it dawned me….He never said that He was my boyfriend or anything. We spoon together at night, we hug, we kiss, do other things….but come to think of it, he never said I was his…He’s never even said….”well ain’t that a bitch” I said somewhat sadly “No he’s never done that…but I know it…without words…she shows me all the time” I said a small smile coming back to my face. Glen smiled “I hope we get to be like you and Daryl one day….I would say Rick and Lori but…” Glen said I laughed “obvious issues” I added in for him he just nodded. At the drug store, while glen was getting Maggie’s medicine, I picked up a few Girl items & first aid stuff. It was erriely quiet in there, but I didn’t have that hair raising feeling I usually get when a walker is around. I went to the back, shifting through boxes that had yet to be stocked. I wanted to find something to surprise Daryl with. After a while of looking I was getting discouraged…nothing was worth something to a man like Daryl was left…then I saw it, a Single can of it. “Hello!” I said picking up the hot can of beer before walking back out to glen. “Cool where’d you find that?” He asked “in the back…Daryl should like this” I said looking at the can triumphantly, Glen laughed at me “lets head back” He said.

When we got back I put the beer in the fridge and made sure everyone knew who it was for and not to touch it. I then went back to various outside chores that I could do and still see that woods. Eventually Lori had talked me into coming inside to help fix lunch for everyone. “You’d make a good wife one day Bree dear” Carol said with a smile, I laughed “yeah well I don’t see that happening anytime soon” I said, Lori rested a hand on her hip and pointed the butter knife at me. “Oh really now, you and Daryl might as well be married already” She said with a playful smile. I smiled softly and looked down at the ham I was cutting. “oh see…see I see a blush” Carol said in a sing a song way, I smiled at least the subject was making her smile. “I know that look…” Lori said with a grin I blushed “me too” Carol said slyly. “are you guys really going to make me say it?” I said with a nervous laugh. “Yes” they both said bluntly. “geez alright….I really think..” I started “no you know” Carol said with a wide grin “ok, ok, I know…I know I love him….” I said lowly they both smiled at each other. My face felt so hot “um…er…I’m going to head out side and let everyone know lunch is soon” I said before scurrying out of the room.

I walked over the RV Waving at Glen and rick, my smile faded as I saw Shane however. “er…lunch is almost done” I said jadedly trying to pretend Shane wasn’t there. “Great” Glen said with a smile. “Walker!” Andrea called out, all of our eyes turned towards the woods. A figure was limping slowly through the field. Yet it looks familiar somehow. “I can get him!” Andrea called “Hold your fire something’s not right” Rick called “but I’ve got a clear shot!” Andrea called again. We all grabbed out guns and headed for the Figure. “dar-“ Rick questioned as he had aimed his gun at him but I had already bolted to him, I heard a gunshot fire and My heart sank, Daryl went to the ground, I screamed but nothing came out. Glen, Shane and Rick ran to Daryl’s side. My heart had stopped “she just grazed him” Glen said “that bitch shot me” Daryl said. I whipped around and glared at Andrea, before helping the guys get Daryl onto his feet. As they lead him past the RV Andrea stood there with a panicked face “I didn’t know…” She said. “that’s why no one wanted to give you a gun, you don’t know how to use it, you don’t listen to others….your trigger happy and ignorant when it comes to them….you could have killed him…” I seethed my words where slow as I tried not to smack her. “I could kill you…rip that blonde hair right off your head….tie you up and leave you for the walkers….be glad I have self control Blondie….If you’d killed him….” I said darkly, a blood lust curdled in my voice “You’d wish you were in Amy’s shoes” I said, I knew it was a low blow…but I was furious and she wasn’t a friend of mine anyway. Andrea’s eyes actually held a bit of fear in them as I pushed past her, my fist where clenched so tight that my nails nearly cut the skin.

As I got closer to the house, I found that I had slowly broken into a sprint. I reached the room they had Daryl in, and my breath was nearly gone. Catching my breath back I walked to the bed side. Looking him over, he was in horrible shape. “What on earth…” I mumbled looking him over, he was covered in dirt and blood. “Did a walker?” I asked my heart jumped into my throat, had he’d been bitten? “No” He said his voice was cold and he would not look at me. I frowned and reached to touch his face “don’t touch me” He said bluntly I flinched and withdrew my hand. “Daryl?” I asked confused He just leered at me. “I-I….should I just go?” I asked he stayed quiet. He had been hurt, he was gone all day, he almost got seriously shot, and all I wanted to do was hold him, fix him dinner and made sure he had a good night’s rest. Yet he didn’t want me near him. “I don’t know happened out there….” I muttered softly getting up to leave, My feelings where hurt, heavily, He was the only one whom could do that, I knew he knew that, and he was using it well. “but if I did something wrong, I’m sorry” I said even softer before exiting the room, my voice had began to crack with tears, I knew he heard them. I went into the Kitchen, it was dinner time now, Lori, Maggie, Patricia, and Carol had talked me into cooking with them. I got to pick what we were all to have for dinner. They were obviously trying hard to cheer me up. Not many knew…but before I met the group I was almost Clinical…I’d suffered a loss that many people don’t recover from….only Lori & Carol really understood that loss. Then I met the group…and they took the place of one loss, and Daryl…completely whipped out the other. I’m big on being a softy but that doesn’t mean I’m not one. “I can’t go back in there….Carol will you take him his plate please” I asked blankly Carol smiled weakly “sure dear” She said taking the plate I made for Daryl. As she headed to his room I found myself following her, not to follow her, but because my feet wouldn’t lead me in any other direction, I wanted to be near him. I slid down the wall next to his door on the outside.

I got lost in my thoughts, I could hear Carol talking to him, “I’m just an errand boy, Merle was the only one who had my back” He said blankly and rather harshly. I flinched “is that what he thought all this time?” I muttered. “that’s not true…I care” Carol said it got quiet I could hear her walking back to the door “Bree does to…Eventually you’ll see it, you can’t just push her away” She added and walked out. The door, She looked down at me and smiled before leaving down the hall. I sat there on the ground most of the night, leaned against the wall, I watched Hershel go in and bandage him up again, and sighed falling asleep.

The next day, Daryl was well enough and wanted to go back to the tent. I stayed out however and roomed with Carol. That morning I decided to go pick the fields and gather what vegetables I could on my own. It was a beautiful sunny day out, warm, for the season. Birds sang, there was a light breeze, yet everything felt so out of place. The group was on the verge of falling apart, No it wasn’t just me sulking and not putting on my big girl panties. It was just a fact and we all knew it. I saw Daryl saddle up a horse, he looked like he was going to head out again. Carol ran to him and managde to stop him, she said she didn’t want to lose him as well, as he was still hurt. He threw the saddle to the ground, wincing as he did so. I stood up “Stupid B****!” he yelled at her, I followed after him whirling him around I smacked him across the face. “Don’t you dare talk to her like that! She ‘jus tryin’ to take care of you…she loves you! You’re all she’s got aside from me here…What the hell is wrong with you!” I yelled getting in his face, I wasn’t sad anymore I was mad. How dare he? Carol’s done nothing but be kind to him. She just put her daughter to the side so he could heal and he has the never to be mad! He glared at me “and you’re a Stupid B**** too” He said Pushing past me mumbling about N****s and Shrews. I frowned and walked to Carol “It’s ok…forget him” I said hugging her “you where right…what you did…you probably saved him from getting worse…he needs to let those wounds heal” I said. I sat off by a lone tree with my dogs, staring blankly into the tree’s leaves. I closed my eyes and Tears slipped down my face, I felt it. A nagging feeling I had been trying to press and will away, for days now. My eyes opened slightly and more tears fell “you’re not coming back…are you Sophia…What am I going to do…what is Carol going to do….and Carl…” I whispered. At the thought of the world loosing another child, another new hope for the future, my heart broken even more, then their faces flashed into my mind, a quick flash back. To perfect Carmel colored twin toddlers, they were running across a front yard, playing with a slender man with bright blue eyes. More tears fell and I quickly shut my eyes. “I’m so sorry” I thought, but the words I thought came out of another mouth. My eyes shot open and I saw my dogs looking up at Daryl. I whipped my tears away a bit but they wouldn’t stop not with that memory coming back to me. My expression was cold and I hadn’t any emotion to give him. “Um, I told Carol, I was sorry..and I fixed it..well most of it” He said he almost sounded pensive. I stayed quiet and stood up as if I were going to leave “hey wait!” He called frustrated “what?” I asked dully, He walked over to me and brushed my hair back behind my ear, he then placed a single Cherokee rose in my hair tucking the strands in place. “I’m sorry…maybe it was the blood loss but I wasn’t in my right mind…I had hallucinations of Merle…he told me…no one cared for me and….I guess sometimes it feels that way but…You and Carol, I shouldn’t have acted that way to you” He said. I leered at him as he leanded in, he kissed me has gently as he could, and felt the tears that never stopped flowing. He whipped them away “did I?” He asked I shook my head “ No…there for something else” I said, He nodded his serious face quickly turn into a light smirk. “what?” I asked, wasting no time he pulled me to him and got me in a head lock. “hey! What are you doing!” I yelled shocked “that’s for giving up on Sophia…..” He said I looked up at him “really? How childish” I said he smiled down at me, letting me go, he kissed me again, I pulled back but his lips followed into another kiss. “ok” I muttered into his kiss He pulled away. “ok..i forgive you…I understand…you grew up alone…even with Merle…I get it” I said softly I hugged him tightly “I get it…but please, your not alone anymore….and never again” I whispered He wrapped his arms around me, “but even still…..you can’t just be a jerk about your insecurities…if that’s how things were…I’m be pissing everyone off” I said seriously pulling away from him. Daryl nodded at me “yeah I got it” He said laughing a bit.


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