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Of Better Angels

Watering Scars

My eye fluttered open, and it took them a while to adjust to the light, or what little of it came in. I tried to move but felt a heavy weight surrounding me. At first I panicked squirming and trying to push whatever the foreign mass was off of me, but it wrapped it’s self around my waste and squeezed lightly. “Daryl” I muttered feeling stupid for panicking, had I forgotten in such short time what it felt like to have him sleep beside me? I sighed and looked down at his arms I wanted to get up, but one thing I had not forgot was that it was like pulling teeth trying to get out of his grasp while he was sleeping. The Man would latch on like his life depended on it. I needed to go fix something for everyone to eat on, it was my turn this morning, not to mention I wanted to take watch in the tower. I looked up at Daryl who seemed to be sleeping peacefully, his breathing was soft in movement but loud, not quiet snoring, but he wasn’t complexly silent. I liked the sound, as odd as it might have seemed it was comforting in a way. I found myself just staring at him. He always seemed so tough but like this, like this there wasn’t a tough thing about him, besides just the way he naturally looked 24/7. “Hey…’ey!” I called Daryl opened one eye and looked down at me “what you want?” He said groggily “freedom, release me, I gotta go an’ fix breakfast…and I want to go an’ take watch in the tower” I said, Daryl groaned and released me. I crawled to the bottom of the bed and got out. Standing up I stretched I arms high into the sky, rotating my upper body from side to side, trying to loosen up my body. I rolled my neck around before heading out of the cell.

As I walked into the Common room I went through our ration boxes. A frown came to my face as I notice how low we were actually running. “Hope Rick’s got the sense enough to look for food on this run of his” I thought, finding a can of Powered Milk and Eggs “gross…but it’ll work” I muttered popping both boxes open. “Morning Bree” Carol called strolling in with a smile on her face, behind her trailing silently was Pliny. I arched an Eyebrow, what was he following her around for. “Morning Momma Carol” I said pausing “Pliny” I added uncomfortably. Carol walked over to me and bumped me from the side with her hip and smiled “You two were cute” she said I looked at her confused “who two?” I asked “You and Daryl the other night, dancing up on the upper level” She said “Oh god you all saw that” I said as a smile came to my face too. She nodded “It was good to see you two on good terms again” she added. I shrugged “well, don’t get to happy just yet, I’m still not sure on where we stand all in all” I said “oh don’t be so morbid” Carol teased before walking off. Once breakfast was fix I went around trying to wake the others. Glenn, Hershel, Maggie, and Carl all got up on their own. That just left Beth, Daryl and Merle. I woke Beth up she wasn’t much of a morning person, but she still somehow managed to hold onto her sweetness as she thanked me and headed down to the common room. “Daryl its-” I looked around and the cell was empty. “hm?” I hummed before heading back down the stairs to Merle’s cell. “It’s empty too” I muttered I turned around and walked back into the common room.

“hey Carol you seen the Di-“ my sentence turned into a yelp as a pair of arms grabbed me from behind, I jump barely two feet into the air. Carol and the others burst into laughter. “Daryl!” I yelled trying to calm down as my heart beat raced around and around. “You nearly gave me a heart attack!” I added. He just laughed with the rest of them. “Lord” I breathed shaking him loose of me. “Sorry couldn’t resist it” He said still snickering. “She puffs up like a scared cat too” I heard Merle remark I leered at Daryl as he walked by me to go sit next to his brother “you tol’ him I puff up like an angry cat?” I said with a frown. “hunny everyone knows you do that” Carol laughed. I grumbled before stalking to sit next to Carol. I listened to the various conversations, mostly about the governor what everyone would do to him, or how we should be watchful of him. Eventually I sighed tired of the same merry go round, I pushed myself up from the table and walked over to the riffle hanging on the wall. I slung it over my shoulder “I’m headed up to the tower to take watch for a bit” I called before leaving.

In the tower I focused on the Walkers for a moment gazing at them blankly. “Holy shit” I breathed brushing my hair back it had grown over the years into a large mop, so long the curls were starting to stretch out into looser curls. It had just hit me, the time span since the walkers came to be, how long we had been on the road, how long we had been looking at these things. How long it had been since the start of it all. To damn long, so long we had become numb to it, it became normal. But in truth it shouldn’t feel normal, the fear for the walkers was fading and instead of being fearful of them it was the living we now had to fear. Everything was backwards, topsy turvy, and not in the fun way. I had dazed off looking at the walkers. I leaned back into Daryl as he snuck up behind me and snaked his arms around my shoulders. He kissed down my neck, the warmth of his lips felt good against my skin, I tilted my head allowing him to kiss along the edge of my jaw line. “Play with me” he muttered roguishly I could feel him smirk against my skin. I shook my head “we’re both filthy” I muttered in mild amusement “and? we wouldn’t be nothing but filthy after the act anyway” He breathed in between kisses. I laughed a bit and then turned to face him, I latched my arms around his hips and drew him closer, I tilted my head to the side and gave him a sweet coy smile. He looked at me like he knew he had won, and he had already started undressing me with his eyes, I simpered “go on a run with me” I asked. “We can’t not with Rick, Michonne, and Carl gone, someone needs to stay and make sure everything held down here” he said almost instinctively. “Let Glenn, Pliny, and Hershel do that.” I said biting my lip and trying my damnedest to flash big doe eyes. His eyes lingered on my lips. “What about Merle?” He asked sounding as if he was in a whole different world “they can handle him…I want a bath, one of those houses in town has to still have running water…as a matter of fact, we could use a look out, Bring Merle too” I said simply. “Find me running water” I said with a smirk “and I’ll clean you up” I breathed slinging my riffle over my shoulder before briskly walking away and out of the tower.

I sat with Carol and Maggie talking I nudged them as Daryl finally came back into the prison. “Merle!” He called walking fast “come on we’ve gotta make a run” He said grabbing his crossbow. Carol, Maggie and I laughed silently to ourselves being that I had told them my tactic. I stood up and grabbed my riffle. “So you ready to go?” I asked calmly trying not to snicker.

In town we went form one house to another “I don’t see why you’ve got me out here trying to find your girl a place to wash her pits” Merle complain to Daryl as we strolled down the streets of the small town. We had already checked two houses with little luck on running water. I would stay on 2 seconds at most. However we did find a good deal of useful items, such as first aid gear, blankets, pillows, bedding, unused feminine products, shavers, bottles of soap and shampoo. Even a good number of toilet paper rolls. All currently being dragged in a little red wagon we had found in someone’s yard. “because, she needs it, hell we need it to, you keep look out for us and we’ll keep a look out for you” Daryl tried to reason “I’m a bath person” Merle said, “fine then run a bath instead” Daryl sighed “I mostly need to take a dump anyway” Merle added casually as he picked up a roll of the TP from the wagon. I rolled me eyes “gross” I muttered “No more nasty than what you guys are going to end up doing” Merle hummed.

“That’s the fifth house we’ve checked.” I pouted as we came upon house number six. “Sixths time is the charm” Daryl sighed walking inside with her crossbow aimed in case any surprise visitors were lingering. “I guess” I muttered following after him Merle trailing behind me. Daryl led the way to the bathroom. So far everything was clear, Daryl kicked open the door to the bathroom quickly readying his bow if it should be occupied. “It’s clear” He called swinging his crossbow back onto his back, A grin came to my face as I rushed inside nearly knocking him back as I fumbled desperately at the water handles. They were a bit rusty and did not want to turn “the hell?” I muttered as I could not turn them full Daryl reached past me and turned them effortlessly. I didn’t want to look up at him as I could feel his eyes on me, looking at me suspiciously “are you just that desperate for a bath or is it because you won’t eat” He commented “Can’t eat” I thought to myself “Oh I’m that desperate” I replied covering it up. Daryl smirked “well go on” He urged walking to the bathroom door he closed it telling Merle to keep watch and then that we’d take watch when it was his turn.

I hopped in the shower and sighed in relief, that water felt as cold as the Arctic Circle. But it was clean pure water and it was washing away weeks and weeks of dirt, walker guts, blood, baby spit up and god only knows what else. I flexed my back muscles and rolled my neck around the cold water was soothing as they had been tense for a long time now. I chuckled to myself as I didn’t even remember striping of my cloths. Daryl’s arms snaked around my hips. “When in the hell’d you get these?” he asked trailing his hand down my back over welts that were just starting to heal. “In Woodbury” I said a frown came to my face and my words were slow as I tried to remember just how I got them. But once gain nothing came to mind. “I can’t remember what happened or when” I muttered. Daryl ran his hand across the welts some were turning into scars. He sighed and wrapped his hands around my waist. “We get more in common every day it’d seem” He said with a short chuckle “It’s almost scary” He added. I smiled a bit and then I frowned “wait a minute what are you talking about?” I asked Daryl’s arms fell away from me as he turned around following suite I watched him as she hunched over slightly. “The Tattoo covers them up…but not all the way” He muttered. Confused I scanned his back I didn’t see anything and as I went to voice this my eyes finally caught sight of them. Daryl shivered at the feeling of my fingers tracing over the scars. “My dad was a son of a bitch I can tell you that…Merle went through the same things, he kept me from ‘em for a while…and then he left. But I owe a lot to him.” I stayed silent as he spoke “he’s always been there, to be honest….I’m afraid when he isn’t” Daryl added.

I stopped stroking the scars as my nails ran over one roughly “well let’s cover them up forever this time. The both of us” I said softly Daryl turned to face me confused. “What do you mean?” he asked, I pulled him closer crashing his hips against mine, letting my arms snake around to his back I lightly clawed my index finger down his back. “Make new ones….good ones, ones we’ll wan to remember” I spoke low and he got the point, a smirk coming to his face. “Sounds fair enough” He muttered, he leaned in and kissed me, it was shallow at first and then so much deeper, he pulled my hips in ever closer to his. I could feel him stiffen and pulse against the warmth of my inner thigh. He planted his lips down my chin moving along my jaw line, an indulgent moan barely audible came from my lips as he move down my neck to my shoulders. My body shivered feeling the contrast of the cold water and his warm body. He pushed me back against the shower wall and hand on either side of me, I bit my lip held back a scream as he rammed himself within me. He was ravening for this and in this want became rough. I gripped the muscles across his shoulder blades and submerged my head in his neck, leaving forgiving kisses and vengeful nips. He moaned a bit and smiled his hips moving like a baseline of a song, his hand wander away from the wall cupping my breast, his gentle message was a stark different from the furiosity of his thrusts. Now even in the chill of the shower water sweat pour down our bodies. In a Kiss deeper than the depth of the sea Daryl had finally found a place within me that could not stand against him, my knees grew weak and my nails dug into his back I cried out throwing my head back against the wall. A whimper followed Daryl pressed his body even closer holding mine up as my legs were no longer useful. With every reentry my nails slip down a new more inches down his back, ripping up the skin drawing forth scarlet rivers. He groan at the slight pain and bit my neck, I gasped and released my nails from his back.

My hands slid down and fell lip at my sides, I was panting heavily every inch of me shook. Still Daryl kissed my neck he then flexed his back muscles causing more blood to flow out of the small nail with scratches. I looked down at him running my hands through his hair. He gave me a small smile and eyed me up and down, the look in his eyes was maddening, so low, so glassy. Hazed over in a wanting so strong. I pushed him back gently, reaching to my side I fixed the shower head pushing it back. “Against the back of shower” were the only words I could find as I lead Daryl in the opposite direction of the water. Pushing him to the floor carefully He was taking a painfully long time to slide down the wall to the floor of the bath tub. Once he was down, I straddled him, he bit his lip in anticipation I wrapped one hand around his head locking my fingers in his hair, and rested the other on his chest. He helped hold me up by my hips. Using the strength that had re-found itself in my legs I through myself down onto him. He groaned in a whisper of a cry that only got me going more. He was breathing heavily “faster” He managed wrapping one of his hands around my back hiding it under my mass of wet hair. Picking up speed I used my own hands to support me as both of his found their way to my back. His nails were short and very blunt, the pain wasn’t quick as he dug them into my tender and wounded skin. I grinded my teeth together He leaned in and kissed my chest and my collar bone. I could feel him dancing inside of me as he drug his nails a bit further down my back. “Br-Bree” He breathed releasing his teeth form the thick muscle that supported my chest. “I” He started but it was too late He grunted and ripped his nails across the back pulling at the skin “shit!” He cried lifting his abdomen up further inside of me and he could no longer hold himself I could feel our rivers merging and he pulled me down onto him drawing himself in deeper. He cried out again and a whimper came from my mouth.

In an instant we both seemed to collapse, He held me close to him I rested my head on his chest. Daryl began to laugh a bit “poor Merle” he said laughing more, It look me a while and then I understood “heh hey it’s the closest he’s gonna get to getting’ any in a long time” I added in laughing as well Daryl nodded and helped me get up, I turned off the water and grabbed the towel that was hanging “I hope these were clean…” I muttered drying off, in the bathroom mirror I looked at my back, 9 rows going down my back and nine rows going across it. It was like a demented cross. “Damn” I muttered but at least the welts were gone. “I know and those aren’t as early as deep as the ones you gave me” He added. I smirked “come on let’s get dressed we gotta be back by night fall” I said. The two of us quickly got dressed. “About time” Merle said as we exited the bathroom, Merle smirked at Daryl and slapped his back in a somewhat proud fashion before heading into the bathroom to take a shower himself.

Meanwhile we stood watch outside the bathroom door, Daryl kept looking at me with a smirk on his face. “I see you’re not going to let this day go for a long time” I sighed looking at him in a lazy way but even still I couldn’t help but smile. “You neither” He added I looked down the hall and he knew he was right. Our peaceful silence was broken as Merle began to sing in the shower. “What in the world?” I asked Daryl laughed “yeah, he does that” I rolled my eyes “you’re both strange” I paused remember the scars on Daryl’s back “But…I understand now” I added looking back at him with a smile. Daryl nodded almost gratefully.


D: oh good god no >.> writing explicit scenes isn't as easy as I thought it would be >.< so awkward lol but I hope it wasn't to raunchy for you all.


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