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Of Better Angels

Traps and Snares

Night had fallen it was Quiet in the cellblock, Hardly anyone felt like talking. I couldn’t sleep Daryl had long drifted off. I sat in the corner of our cell by the light of a make shift torch gazing aimlessly at the celling. My legs had fallen asleep from sitting Indian style a long time ago. Killer was content by my side as I ran my hand from the top of her head to the middle of her back repeatedly. It was bothering me, I couldn’t I remember what was done to me in Woodbury? I was never the short to be able to block anything out completely, which was both a curse and a gift all its own. So why was it now that my brain had decided it didn’t want to remember? Or had I been Laced something that day. I couldn’t even bring up the smallest clips of memory.

“What are you doing down there?” Daryl asked in a way as if I might had finally lost my mind completely. His voice brought me back into the real world I tore my eyes away from the ceiling to look at him only to find my torch had gone out and the cell was dark. “Oh” I breathed fumbling around to get the torch lit again. I couldn’t find the lighter on the floor, my hand brushed against someone else’s and the lighter flicked on. I jumped a bit caught off guard as I looked up into Daryl’s eyes “when did you?” I asked. “Are you alright?” He asked, I sighed and leaned back against the wall tiling my head back against it. “No I’m shitting bricks” I muttered I turned my head slightly to look at him “we can’t take the Governor Daryl, his numbers, they’re jus’ too many” I confessed, He sighed and leaned back against the all as well. He lit the torch and then took my hand into his. “we’ve come too far to tuck our tails in and run, and that wack job needs to be gone, walkers are a big enough problem without the world knowing he’s out there” Daryl reasoned I shook my head “anyway” Daryl paused for a long time “he’s got your boy right? You wanna get him back. Russell.” Daryl added, I looking down at our hands I could feel him watching me. “I don’t know, I mean yes I don’t want to leave him in hands like the Governors…but, I can’t let go of my past until I let go of him…bringing him back. I’m not ready for that confusion, hell having Merle back is enough. All we need is for you, Merle, Russell, and Glen at each other throats all at the same time” I gave a hollow chuckle at the very thought of it. “Well you know…you choose Russell and I’ll be alright, I won’t like it. But” “but you’d never stay here…and we need you...and I can’t let you go. Not again, nearly drove me mad” I muttered gripping his hand tighter. Daryl slid his other hand onto my face and turned me to him bringing me into a kiss, it sent strange vibrations down my spine, I’d never know he was capable of a kiss so tender, as soft as the wings of a moth and gentle like the feel of cotton. When he pulled away I blinked at him at a loss for what really to say. What was that for? Or was there even a reason? Was it something I said? “I ain’t going nowhere” He sighed leaning back against the wall. I leaned over to rest my head on his shoulder and he brought me to his chest. I could hear his heart beat and was relax by the rhythm of his breathing. My eyes began to flutter and sleep took me.

I awoke with the Dim grey light of the Prison shinning in my eyes, looking around I was still on the floor with a Killer as my pillow now. I got up slowly to my feet. A sharp pain jolted through my stomach it felt as if a Taser had gone off. I grunted and held it using my other arm to hold onto the wall for support. Killer whimpered her eyes fixed on me. Soon the pain was gone “great new things” I thought ruffling my hair I continued to the stairs. Killer zipped by me seeing Carl and Beth talking by the wall. “Morning Bree’ra” Beth called with a wave “hey Bree” called Carl I gave a short wave and strolled past them into the common room. As I neared one of the steel tables Carol turned away from the stove to greet me, but the Pain came back, and this time it was enough to knock me down, I yelped and fell to my knees, griping my stomach this time it felt like fire or acid ripping and burning my insides, or maybe what it feels like to have lions tearing away at you. “Bree!?” Carol cried dropping her metal cooking spoon, she ran to my side. “Are you ok?” I couldn’t answer her it felt like talking would bring my esophagus up through my throat. “Bree!” He called again panicking more and more by the second. I now scream silently. “Oh my god what’s wrong?” I heard Beth as she and Carl ran in. “I don’t know, go find Michonne!” Carol ordered, I briefly saw Beth and Carl run past us and out of the gate. Carol wrapped her arms around me and held me close “I’s going to be okay” she said as soothingly as she could afford. I shut my eyes and hide my face in her shoulder.

“Bree!” Daryl called I could hear his feet hit the pavement as he ran, “Wait! She needs air” Michonne called calmly. Carol looked up at her, her arms still latched around me. Daryl stood pacing back and forth his fist covering his mouth as she watched me. “What happened?” he asked “I don’t know she came in and hit the floor screaming” Carol said. Michonne kneeled before us “What is it?” she asked me I looked up at her I still could not find my voice, I looked down to my stomach and squeezed it. Michonne brushed Carol away from me and made my lay down. She put her ear to my stomach and grimaced. “Your digestive organs are caving in one each other…literally” She said pulling away. “What for?” Daryl asked. “She won’t eat” Carol said hurriedly “told me she can’t eat…said it hurts” Daryl added in. Michonne looked over to the stove. “what’s in the pot?” she asked “ra-ramen” Carol stammered “go get her a bowl, she’s going to eat like it or not temporary pain she can stand, if she doesn’t get something inside of her she’s in trouble” Michonne instructed. Carol hopped to her feet and made me a bowl of Ramen. Rushing back she and Michonne sat me up and force fed me. I at once felt sick and the Taser feeling was coming back but the extreme pain was starting to fade. Michonne stood up “I no longer have any of my medical supplies or lab equipment…so I cannot test her for anything, make sure she takes it easy, and she has to eat something regardless of what minor pain it causes” Michonne ordered before walking off “wait where are you going? We need you here!” Daryl called after her “I Need to find Pliny” was all she said before disappearing.

Carol and Daryl sat me up at the table, carol sat next to me watching Daryl Pace back and forth. “Wonder if this has anything to do with what they did to her back in Woodbury” he ranted, “came back with lashes all across her back! They had her tied up in a sheet!” he barked I shook my head “it’s not anything to do with Woodbury” I said breathlessly “really? How do you know you can’t remember” He added I sighed he had a point but even still this started long before Woodbury. Carol looked between Daryl and I “well…you know…what it sounds like?” Carol said softly Daryl and I turned to look at her “pregnancy going wrong…I mean when was the last time you” “that’s not it” I cut in, Daryl went pale. “I mean you say you can’t eat because it hurts…and you feel sick, sometimes a bad pregnancy can do” I raise my hand cutting her off “I’ve had my monthly curse ok, Flo’s already come to see me this month…that’s not it” I reassured. Daryl however was still pale and his eyes darted between me and Carol. With out a word he walked out of the room. Carol and I watched him before looking at each other “damn it” I muttered “sorry” Carol sighed.

| | |Out in the Courtyards | | |

Rick was talking with Hershel while rocking Baby Judith in his arms, a proud father even with the sorrow it brought along with it. “She’s doing well, she’s a fighter, but given her parents I can’t say I’m surprised” Hershel said. Rick smiled down at Judith and bounced her gently as she gooed . Rick looked up to see Daryl walking towards them, He was pale and looked grave about the face. “Daryl…what’s wrong?” Rick called Daryl stopped between Rick and Hershel his eyes landed on Judith and linger on her for a while. “Bree’s not doing well, something about her stomach…she won’t eat, says she can’t because it hurts.” He muttered Hershel and Rick glanced at one another “well that sounds like” “I know, that’s what Carol said. But Bree’s had her period already.” Daryl muttered cutting Hershel off. Rick cleared this throat slightly uncomfortable “well ugh…you know sometimes, a woman does still bleed, it ain’t normal and shouldn’t be happening but” Daryl looked up at Rick “It does happen” Rick added. Daryl ran his hand through his hair and sighed “then I mean, what do I do? I can’t let her be another Lori” Daryl said “No, no none of us want that” Rick said in a weak voice “sorry” Daryl said realizing what he had said “it’s alright, you’re right” Rick added. “But let’s wait and see did Michonne say anything about it?” He added. Daryl looked up at the woods beyond the prison gates “no she didn’t say much of nothin’” Daryl grumbled “just went off to find Pliny” He added Hershel sighed “well I’m no doctor as you know but would it make you feel better if I took a look at her?” Hershel asked Daryl nodded silently “alright then come on”.

| | | Back in the Prison | | |

I laid down on our bunk as Hershel pressed on my stomach and abdomen trying to feel for a baby, I wanted to just hit him over the head and tell him there wasn’t any babies in there, but the look on Daryl’s face told me he needed to know for sure. “No Bree’s right, she’s not pregnant” Hershel commented standing back up and sat up and looked at them flatly “Daryl nodded and thanked Hershel as she walked out of the cell. “Don’t look at me like that” Daryl said “why in the hell would you think I was carrying?” I asked “Daryl crossed his arms and shrugged “I donno I mean…it ain’t been that long since the time in the shows when we first arrived here” He said I shook my head “and it all went to hell with Lori all I need is for you to have a baby and die” He added refusing to look me in the eye. It wasn’t funny but I couldn’t help but smiled “well it doesn’t matter…after my twins…I don’t even want kids again. Besides it’s not easy for me to have a kid anyway…my insides don’t work to well” I sighed standing up. Daryl eyed me not quiet believing my first statement. “I’m not all the way sure just what happened that made Russell able to get me pregnant so you don’t have to worry” I chuckled remembering how pale Daryl had looked. “What’re you trying to say?” Daryl said defensively I looked back at him baffled “what’d you get all hot and bothered about?” I asked Daryl looked to the side almost sulking “nothing” He muttered. I brushed it off and went to leave the cell “where do you think you’re going?” He asked “outside, to gather scrap metal and then to patrol through the other parts of the Prison and the Tombs so see if I can find any possible weaponry, we don’t know when the Governors going to strike” I said Daryl ran after me “you need to lay back down” he ordered but I kept walking, “damned girl” He muttered grabbing his bow before following me.

Down in the Tombs an arrow whizzed by my head and knocked a walker to the ground. “This is stupid you should be resting” Daryl griped I rolled my eyes and continued to shine the flash light down the hall holding a firm grip on Killers chain. Daryl too shinned his flash light checking behind us every now and then. My eyes scanned the floor for anything useful to us so far nothing, but we were in a wing of the tombs that had been traveled thousands of times by Glen, Carl, Michonne, and now Pliny. “We should take the west wing” I voiced turning to look back at Daryl who sighed “alright fine but if we don’t find nothin’ there we go back to the cell block” Daryl instructed “fair enough” I sang heading down the hall. When we reached the corridor to the west wing of the Tombs a horrifying foul smell nearly blew me back, I took a few steps against Daryl “ugh it reeks” I said in a quiet voice “no wonder no one wanted to clear out this wing” Daryl muttered whipping his nose a bit as if it’d get rid of the smell. I hid my face in his chest and took in a deep breath hoping to draw some clean air He chuckled at my actions “come one I don’t wanna be down here long” He said urging me to continue through the doorway.

Down the west wing we had already killed numerous walkers “they just keep coming” I breathed pulling a pipe out of one’s mouth. “Must be another opening somewhere down here to the outside” Daryl said pointing the Flash light down the hall “that was the last one down the hall, let’s check this cell I’ll cover you” He said pausing for a while as he saw just how dark and dank the cells really looked. “Keep sharp” He warned “like a machete” I muttered with smug smile, Daryl smirked as well. I shinned my light in the cell, it was clear, I commenced to search the cell carefully “oh come on these prisoners had to be hiding something some kind of weapon somewhere!” I thought reaching far under the bunk I pulled away a lose piece of metal something clanked and fell to the ground. I groped under the bed in hopes of finding it. I finger wrapped around something tin and cold, as I pulled it out I flashed my light on it. “A shank” I muttered standing up I walked back out to Daryl “it’s not much” I said holding it out for him to see “but It’s something” He added, Nodding down the hall “come on, I shinned my light and I think I saw a Guard Closet up ahead. I doubt it’ll be easy to open but it’s worth a shot”.

This time I held the Flashlight and kept watch as Daryl tried to kick down the door to the guards’ closet. It was already loose on the hinges due to rust from walker blood which nearly covered the whole wall. All the noise he was making was drawing a crowed of walkers “Daryl!” I called unable to stab them all Daryl expertly swung down his bow form his shoulder and fired killing the left over walkers in no time. I went to retrieve the Arrows while he continued at the door. “Alright I think I almost got it” He called He took a few steps away from the door before ramming his shoulder and side into it knocking it down. “Shit” he muttered rubbing his shoulder “come help me with this” He called I ran to grab the other side of the metallic door. “This things heavy!” groaned “no shit” He said rubbing his shoulder one more time before we tried to lift it. “You should have Hershel check that” I advised Daryl nodded and we struggled to set the door to the side. Daryl shinned the light in the closet and grinned ear to ear “jackpot” he said almost in relief. I looked around to make sure no more walkers were coming before popping my head inside. My jaw nearly dropped it was enough to bring tears to my eyes. “Artillery” I gasped “flash bombs, smoke bombs, Tasers, bats, swat shields, helmets….confiscated knives” Daryl said looking over everything. “Hey give me that bag” He called to me holding out his hand, I gave him the bag and shuffled out of the closet just in time to dot a walker between the eyes “how did I miss him?” I thought looking back down the halls hearing more moaning and groaning. “Da….Daryl” I said lowly taking a step back “what give me a few minutes I’ve almost got it all” he called I pulled out a throwing knife and tossed it, with a splat and a stomach turning Squirt it ripped through a walkers eye killing it. “Daryl!” I screamed this time. Daryl rushed out bag and bow in hand. “What is it” He asked butt lost his breath as he followed my gaze and the horrible sounds. He instinctively lifted his bow and began to fire at the flock of walkers pushing their way to us. “That’s our route back to the others” I breathed taking another step back. Killer barked and snarled profusely pulling at her chain wanting to attack but they would surely devour her.

“Here take these, it’ll make a lot of noise but if we want to get through we don’t have much of a choice” Daryl spoke fast, digging through the bag he pulled out guns and ammo, we loaded up and started to fire. “Come on shoot and run!” Daryl ordered I followed behind him as we started to clear the way. “Do you think the others will hear us?” I called out to him “way in the hell down here?” Daryl asked me as if it was the stupidest question he had ever heard. We’d made it out of the west Wing but the Tombs were flooded with Walkers, My body began to weaken slowly and I was quickly out of breath. “hold on we don’t have too much father to go” Daryl called reloading while I shot an oncoming Walker “I’m almost out” I called “in the third pocket of the bag” Daryl said taking aim I dug through the page pulled out a pack and reloaded. Sighing heavily I began to fire as well. I heard a snarl behind me, turning around I saw another on slot of walkers coming from behind us “More!” I cried standing back to back with Daryl as we were being encircled. Daryl got quite and I got worried we kept firing but it seemed useless as they kept coming. I felt like it was getting harder to breathe my eyes darted across the numerous dead mutilated faces all I could hear was their gruesome calls some of them reaching for us with demented grubby fingers. My own heartbeat rushed into my ears. What had I lead us into?


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