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Of Better Angels

Merle, For No Lack of Searching

The next morning While Me and the other women were fawning over Judith, Rick walked in with a solemn face “Daryl” He called Daryl quickly stood up and went over to him, He talked in hushed tones with Rick and Hershel, Glancing back at Me, Michonne and Carol every now and then. I didn’t like it, it made me uneasy. Soon the three of them left the cell block. I waited a moment and followed after them as quite as I could be. I followed them around to a small secluded second of the courtyards, nearer to the prison walls but still just inside of the main gate. I hide behind a stack of old crates and listened “no one else knows” I heard rick mutter, It got silent I yearned to know more it had seemed as though I had already missed much of the conversation. “you gon’ tell ‘em?” Daryl asked his tone was incredulous this made me worry. “not til after” I could hear Rick say but just barely as the hissing growls form the walkers was making it harder to understand what was being said. “we have to do it today and it has to be quiet” Rick instructed, with each word I only became more and more confused, it all sounded like bits and pieces.

It got silent, I could hear feet shuffling around and the gangling of Daryl’s bow the sound it made anytime he gripped the strap or adjusted it into place on his back “you gotta plan? He asked. “Tell her we need to talk…away from the others” Rick said his voice getting even more inaudible. I strained my ears to hear him. Once more all fell still there was a long pause “no” Daryl spoke softly “it just ain’t us man” “No” Hershel spoke loudly I inched closer to the edge of the all to hear better “No it isn’t” He said I could hear him hopping my way I wanted to panic. As he past me he nodded slightly I exhaled in reprieve, he would not give me away. “If we do this, we avoid fighting, no one else dies” I could hear rick say. “K” very faintly I heard Daryl’s voice, he response took a long time as if he had to really think on it, and his tone was almost sorrowful. It struck a fear into me who had they been talking about? “We” Rick started “we need someone else” “I’ll talk to ‘em” Daryl responded “no I’ll do it” rick cut in quickly my ears buzzed taking it all in while weeding out the walker calls. “I’ll go with ya” Daryl offered but rick quickly rejected “no” he paused “just me” he said softer. I looked down at my feet as I heard Rick walking off in the opposite direction. “Merle?” I mouthed what could they possibly be planning were they would need him? Where Rick was specifically ask for him? I heard Daryl re adjust her bow before Turing around he was walking my way. I panicked If I went to leave now He would see me so running was of no use. I stood against the wall hoping as he past he would not notice. My mind must have been slipping….after all this is Daryl we’re talking about.

“How long have you been back there?” He asked dryly “evidently not long enough” I stated looking around “what was that all about?” I asked walking to him “nothin’” He stated continuing to walk “it was something you met in secret” Daryl huffed and refused to look at me “tell me” I wouldn’t give up until I got answers “I can’t” He said fooling around with the strap of his bow. “why not” I asked mustering up as much false hurt as I could He glanced down at me “because” I rolled my eyes “fine” I growled storming off ahead of him “I’ll find out myself” I called back to him. “Wait!” he called out to me jogging to catch up he grabbed both of my arms and pinned me against the wall “I need you to trust me” He said I leered at him and sighed “I do” I sighed looking off. He leaned in and kissed my nose, then my cheek, my lips, he pulled me against him and drew out of the kiss “then trust that it’s a good reason I cannot tell you…now come on, we gotta fortify the perimeter of the Prison. Glen spotted some barbed wire the fell from the gates, and Michonne…” Daryl paused and looked off his bearing changed “Michonne’s cutting down the walkers numbers outside the gate with Pliny” He continued I eyed him suspiciously but nodded “alright” I said taking one of my throwing knives in hand I followed him out.

Carl and Maggie banged on pots and screamed out for the walkers safely on the other side of the gate, trying to distract them while Glenn and I tried to load the Barbed wire into the back of the silver pickup truck. I glanced over to see Michonne making quick work out of a few straggling walkers with Pliny. Glen and I put another plank of wire into the back of the truck with Daryl’s help before hopping in ourselves. Michonne and Pliny hopped in the passers seat a back cab before Hershel pulled off heading back for the front gate. The sun felt nice, and it felt good to be back to some sort of work. I looked up at Daryl and smiled for a moment completely forgetting the suspicious activity this morning. We got back out of the truck and laid the barbed wire down behind the truck getting back in Hershel pulled off yet again. Rick ran to open the gate for us, we pulled in and speedily unloaded. “If they try to drive up to the gate again and we’ll see if some blown tires will stop them” Glen commented “Good Idea” Rick raised Daryl glanced back at me, I pretended as if I wasn’t listening “It was Michonne’s Idea” he muttered. Michonne walked past me and I followed her “we don’t have to win” she reason “we just have to make getting at us more trouble than it’s worth” she add, I nodded in agreement. “That’s a good point, The Governor strikes me as the type to seek the easiest way to stop things…hence why he’d rather kill s than manage us. But if managing us will take less of his time then that would no doubt be his route.” I chimed. Rick looked between the two of us and nodded. Maggie and Carl coming up behind him. Rick looked back at Daryl who nodded with a faint smile on his face. “Alright lets go” Rick called leading us all away. I’d never been so confused in all my life. But if Daryl smiles it’s got to be a good thing…right?

“Come on” Daryl called leading me to another second of the courtyards, I chuckled to myself since when did we start following each other around like this? Like we were connect at the hips? We restacked the crates to make them possible hiding places or places to take cover if needed, they weren’t much protection but they could by someone time. We could see Glenn in the distance trying to put back up the barred door protecting an entrance to the prison. “Hey!” Daryl called out “You see Merle?” he asked I tried to creep off the other way but got pulled back as Daryl had been holding my head “shit” I thought I just knew talking to Glenn about Merle wasn’t going to go well and I did not want to be here for it. Daryl looked back at me briefly confused, I smiled it off. He rushed to help Glenn with the gates, he took one side and I went to the other side of Glenn. “Did he say he was sorry yet?” Daryl asked as if he just knew everything was cleared up and ok. Glenn glanced at me and I shook my head knowing all too well. Glenn quickly chained up the gates “cause he is” Daryl stated but Glenn walked off. The Air was awkward and I wanted to slink away but I knew his feelings would be hurt so it’s best that I stayed. The situations you put yourself in for love. “He’s gonna make it right” Daryl said as Glen went to get more chains “I’m gon’ make him, there’s gotta be a way” Daryl kept going, he was so determined to have us see what he saw in his brother. While I saw a little of it through Daryl’s eyes…it still wasn’t enough for me to like him. Daryl had to face it, his brother beat Glenn down to nothing…sicked a walker at him. Merle didn’t care about us all he cared about was Daryl. While that wasn’t all bad, he wasn’t a brother of ours and it wasn’t so easy to forgive him.

“There just needs to be a little forgiveness is all” Daryl reasoned at this Glenn had finally had enough “He tied me to a chair, Beat me, sent a walker at me, maybe I could call it even but he took Maggie to a man who terrorized her, Humiliated her.” Glen said pausing “I care more about her than I care about me” He said “You can understand that” He added looked back at me briefly Daryl side glanced. He shifted his weight, defeated as he watched Glenn go back to work. He then walked to the makeshift table Glenn was at and grabbed his bow slinging it onto his back he walked off. I groaned, I was right it didn’t go well “for once life just please prove me wrong” I muttered before going after him “Daryl!” I called but he would not slow down.

Eventually I lost track of him, I searched high and low but couldn’t find him. Down a long drab hallway in the safe half of the prison near the outside I heard talking, I took out my throwing knives for protection and slipped off my shoes as to tread quietly. I tiptoed down the hall and stood on the outside of the open door way. “Whatever he says goes” I heard Daryl say, “Do you even possess a set of balls little brother?” Merle spat disbelievingly “are they even attached? And if they are you know they belong to your right?” Merle spat. “You used to call people like that Sheep!” Merle went on. “What happened to you?” He asked. It was dull air for a moment. I would have killed to have been a fly on a wall to see Daryl’s face. I knew he was fuming, but I also knew he was much too strong to let it show and least of all to Merle. “What happened with Glenn…..and Maggie” “I’ve done worse” Merle cut in “you need to grow up things are different now” Merle added there was a long silence “Your people look at me like I’m the Devil” Merle confessed. Listened harder. “ grabbin’ up those love birds like that huh, now ya’ll want to do the same thing I did” Merle added my eyes narrowed sharply “snatch someone up and deliver them to the governor just like me” merle paused “yeah people do what they gotta do or they die” Merle added. Still Daryl had not said a word yet “You can’t do things without people anymore man” Daryl said calmly Merle scoffed “Maybe these people need someone like me around, to do their dirty work” He paused “bad guy” I shook my head that’s not what we needed at all he wasn’t getting what Daryl was trying to do. “Maybe that’s how it is now huh?” He added “I just want my brother back” My heart shattered, in the faintest crack in Daryl’s voice. Merle was here but he wasn’t really here. Daryl wanted his family to be whole and Merle didn’t have the attitude to share, but this man would go to the ends of his wits to see to it that this would be one happy family, that’s all he ever really asked for, and it was the one thing he’d ever ask Merle for. I lowered my eyes, It had to be hard on him if I could help I would, tolerating Merle wasn’t enough, If I wanted to make Daryl happy if I wanted to left his spirits I had to make his brother my brother too. And form here on that’s just what I would do.

Daryl exited the room and his eyes fell on me in an instant I found I had nothing to say he looked like he wanted to yell at me, and then that looked quickly faded. He shook his head and walked off. I sighed and shut my eyes tightly with one deep breath I turned the corner and went into the room. “Merle!” I called out “Jesus fucking Christ!” Merle cursed stepping out from behind a large metal shelf carry with him a bag. “What he send you in next?” He asked “I tol’ you to respect him…you hurt his feelings” I said Merle chuckled “Daryl doesn’t have those kind of feels, neither of us do” He added walking past me “He loves you” I bit back “he wants you to stay…he wants this to work. It’s the only thing he’s ever asked of you. Is it really so much?” Merle stopped walking “Is it really so hard to act normal? Or to at least treat us…you know the rest of his family, like you would him?” I asked. Merle Sighed “Ok so don’t apologize to Glenn and Maggie just make it right! That’s all we’re asking…we want to trust you just give us a reason. We aren’t like Daryl…being his brother isn’t enough for us” I added walking around to his side He looked down at me blankly “You’ve got your brother to protect right?” I said, Merle searched my eyes “well we’ve got 5 brothers and sisters to protect each of us. And just like you wouldn’t trust us with Daryl if you hadn’t known us for who we really are despite all that big talk back there….we won’t trust you without seeing who you really are….and because of how much Daryl loves you” I paused sizing him up “I know the real you isn’t like this…all we’re asking is for a bit of effort…” I said walking past him to leave I stopped for a moment in the door way “Brother” I muttered before strolling out.

Time pasted, I went down to the Tombs to vent, killing as many walkers as I could. I knew I had no business down their alone so I brought Killer with me, she needed a nice walk anyway. I quietly killed stabbing walkers in the head with my throwing knife. I heard voices, It sounded like Michonne, but they weren’t there long there was a thud and all went still. I killed the last Walker before a dragging sound hit my ears, I continued through the tombs to the opening to the outside, I saw Merle and he was carrying someone in his arms, it was a woman. “somethin’ ain’t right” I muttered looking down at Killer “what do you say we go have a look see?” I asked her before trailing after Merle. I followed them all the way into town, the road was eerily clear, A slight fear rose within me, but I had Killer so I figured I could manage. The woman woke up and Merle set her on her feet, I hide behind a car with Killer watching. I gasped when I got a look at the ladies face. “Michonne” I muttered ready to rush them. But I didn’t want to jump to conclusions, I couldn’t wreck any good standing with Merle not without proof that he was up to no good. So I lingered and followed them. They seemed to be talking but I could not hear them for the chatting of the tree leaves. I watched Merle kill off a walker with Michonne’s Katanna as they talked. She didn’t run, she would have made a run for it if she felt she was in danger, this I knew for sure.

All the While Back at the Prison

Daryl ran around the prison looking for Bree, things had gone wrong and Merle had taken Michonne. Rick had decided to call off the Plan he wasn’t going to hand her over to the Governor. Daryl was grateful to be able to explain now to Bree what was going on “now if I can only find ‘er” He muttered looking around He had wanted to take her with him to go retrieve Merle, She was a half way decent hunter which meant she knew a thing or two about tracking and he was going to need all the help he could get. He passed Carol and Beth “hey you seen Bree around here?” He asked them Beth shook her head and turned to Carol “she said we was headed to the tombs to clear it of stragglers” Carol said Daryl’s heart dropped “the tombs?” he asked Carol nodded Daryl paced and bit and slammed his fist down on the air before running off outside. Rick was waiting by his Bike “Bree’s nowhere around, Carol said she was in the Tombs…If she saw Merle take Michonne” Daryl said looking off to the forest “It’s Bad you’d better go but be careful it ain’t safe out there” Rick warned Daryl nodded and Fired up his Bike.

Daryl road down the street, He knew his bike was kicking up a lot of noise but he did not care, he needed to stop Merle and He needed to Find Bree, I wasn’t safe for either of them to be out. His heart raced and his palms were having a hard time grippign the handle bars of his bike do to the sweat that was pouring from them. It seemed as if his bike would just not go fast enough.

With Bree

I trailed them at a safe unseen distance, hiding behind another car as Merle checked a Minivan the trees had stopped and I could hear what they were saying my heart actually ached for him, Merle. All he wanted was a chance, I had been right, it wasn’t so late to stop him but I still knew nothing about this ‘Plan’ and had to buy my time. I covered Killers muzzle as she growled at the site of a small group of walkers heading down the hill just behind the house and Minivan. Merle and Michonne were on the move yet again, I was careful to avoid the walkers before making chase. They were further out of the woods now, in a part of town on the main road. He led her to what looked like a low income building. I hide across the street in the trees. I watched as He tied Michonne to a post. As she turned to look in my direction I flashed the blade of my throwing knife in a small glimmer of sunlight. She Spotted me and nodded curtly at least she knew now if something was to happen she had help. Merle was obviously hotwiring the car, I knew he was a bit of a crook so I figured he would pull this off flawlessly, I tried to think of a way to keep up with them once they were mobile. My heart dropped and I lost my breath and the car alarm went off. Killer whined at the sound my eyes darted all around me I knew this would draw walkers it was only a matter of time and the truth was I was not so armed for the crowed it would draw.

The walkers came faster than I had thought, all of them headed for the car, for Michonne who was still tethered to the post. “Shit” I cursed taking out all of my knives. I darted across the street letting Killer loose, she ran ahead of me and grabbed a walker by the leg. Michonne called for Merle but with his head inside the screaming car he could not hear her, she kicked down an advancing walker and stomped on his head. I stabbed the walker Killer had while Michonne decapitated another using the wire she was tied too, Merle was still under the steering wheel of the car. Walkers upon Walkers arrived, I fought as many as I could, throwing my knives every way possible Killer would hold down a walker here and there buying me time to get back my knives. I could not reach Michonne as I too was under attack. I spotted and Walker going to Merle he was still unaware “Merle!” I cried out but he did not hear me “Merle!” again with time with Michonne but still no reaction “Get your ass out the car! Brother!” I yelled at the top of my lungs while stabbing a Walker, Merle jolted up and stabbed the walker that was coming after him in the neck and held it away from him and cut off its head with Michonne’s katana. Out of the corner of my eye I can see a walker coming from the door way Near Michonne, she and I both screamed loudly. A gunshot went off and the walker dropped to the ground its head in pieces. Merle shot the remaining near walkers and freed Michonne Opening the passenger’s seat door for her. He looked at me “come on!” he called waving at me, I whistled for Killer and we hopped in the back seat. Merle sped off towards the road.

I sat in the back seat my eyes darting between Merle and Michonne. “So is this what you do then take out the trash?” she asked him “what is she talking about what’s going on?” I asked quickly but was ignored “I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about darlin’” Merle said “Rick and the Governor, anyone who needs their piss bucket emptied and you come a runnin’” Michonne stated calmly. “Excuse me, yeah girl in the back, asked ya’ll a question!” I barked “Things are different for your Brother” Michonne added this time I shut up, I wanted to hear where this was going. “Oh yeah? Rick says jump and he wants to know how high” Merle replied I leered at him Michonne shook her head “Rick needs him, He respects him” she said “he didn’t ask him to do this little job now did he?” she added, I sighed “what job!” I was getting frustrated. “Cause he wants it done” Merle shot Michonne chuckled “you keep telling yourself that” I looked between the two of them and then looked at our road. “We’re headed to Woodbury” I muttered “you were taking her to Woodbury!” I yelled Killer barked loudly feeling my own anger. Merle looked back at me briefly “The truth is…this could have been your shot” Michonne spoke smoothly “with your skills…a whole new beginning” Michonne spoke in a kinder tone, I watched her, So she did understand, as a matter of fact she was probably the only one besides Daryl who did, I only was able to see half of the picture. Michonne huffed “but you choose to stay on the outside” she paused and looked him up in down in dry repugnance “no one’s going to Morn you not even Daryl” She added I frowned I would have liked to believe that but the truth was, and she knew it as much as I did, that was a Lie, Daryl would Morn…and in seeing him do so, I would do, not for Merle’s sake but for Daryl’s, and Carol would morn for the both of us, and the others…they would Morn for her. It would be a cycle of pain and Drama and Loss none of us needed. Even one so hated as Merle, it would still be a loss, and we were all tired of losing people.

Michonne turned to look back at me “He’s got a new family” she said softly I looked her I smiled in spite of myself, it was selfish but if she thought this to be true maybe I had a chance, maybe He and I had a real chance. But did I want it at the expense of his Brother? His Blood? “If you keep trying to get under my skin, Ima cut that tongue out” Merle said pointedly. “Your buddies, turned you over because he’s trying to save his own ass, you’re as much on the outside as I am girl” He stated “bastard” I muttered “no, Bree maybe he’s right, but at least when the Governors done with me I won’t have to live with myself” Michonne said looking to Merle Darkly. “Who the hell said I’d let me take you there?” I added in quickly “you’ll shut up or I’ll put you out with those walkers following us!” Merle barked Killer snarled and lunged at him I quickly pulled her back before he could stab her with his blade. I didn’t like it but I sat quietly trying to think of a way to get Michonne and I out. “Hell” Merle said after a moment of Silence “sending you in with her Might get us bonus points after all he is looking for the woman with Immunity” Merle sang my blood ran cold “you wouldn’t” I hissed “oh no?” he asked in amusement “you’re brother loves her, you’d do that to him?” Michonne bit Merle chuckled “he only thinks he does….can’t love a dead woman can he, of course the governor won’t kill you but he won’t know that. He’ll get over it eventually” Merle reasoned with himself “the others would never have you if you did such and thing…and your wrong, Daryl would murder you” Michonne warned. “You need to learn to share” She added.

We covered more distance, and I gazed out the window my mind still buzzing, what if I had to kill him in order to save Michonne and Myself? Would Daryl hate or would he understand? Did it even have to come to that? Was there a way I could trick him and trap him? Surely between Michonne and I we could figure out some way. “You said you killed sixteen men since this thing started?” Michonne asked drawing me back into the world and out of my panic. “You ever kill anyone before?” she asked Merle paused “no” Michonne turned to look at him “and how about before Woodbury?” she asked I raised a brow she was up to something but what? “Before you met him?” she added, Merle looked at her but didn’t answer her she scoffed. “So he saved your life, cleaned you up, fed you a line of bullshit” Michonne spat like venom on her lips. “Why would you kill somebody else for him?” she asked, Merle said nothing “you know we can go back” she offered a kinder tone “Ain’t happenin’” he said with a bitter smile “Both of us” Michonne said ignoring him “we can just go back” her tone was that of a mother coaxing her upset child, I understood this now because in a way what were Merle and Daryl but two over grown Kids at heart. “I can’t” Merle stammered “go back, don’t you understand that!” he said in frustration. “I can’t” he said more to himself Michonne glanced back at me as if saying ‘watch this’ “why?” she asked using the same tone. Merle pulled the car to a stop, he turned to Michonne and in one swift movement cut her free from her wire bonds. I gasped a bit that’s not what I had expected, He glanced back at me, Michonne seemed surprised as well. Merle looked at her and then at me “You go back with him” He said turning his eyes to her “and get ready for what’s next” He added. Merle then reached over and opened Michonne’s door “I’ve got something I need to do on my own” He added, Michonne searched his eyes while I watched in amazement. Merle nodded at her. He handed her, her sword as she got out, and turned to look away, Michonne popped open my door and Killer gladly jumped out but I hesitated. “Merle?” I questioned but I didn’t get an answer I slowly got out of the car and stood next to Michonne, we closed the doors and be started to drive away. She and I side glanced at one another. I took one step forward and Michonne grabbed my arm “you’re not armed” she warned “I have my knives” She shook her head “take this” she said holding out her sword I pushed it away “no you need it, I’ll be ok Killer will keep me safe.” She looked a me with stern eyes “I can’t leave him out there, something is clearly wrong and Daryl would never forgive me if I let myself let something happen to him” I added Michonne nodded and stepped back “be safe” She whispered I nodded and took in a sharp breath “you too” I exhaled “come on Killer let’s go!” I called clicking my tongue together running in the direction of the car. I then stopped “if you should run into Daryl” I called back to her “I won’t tell him your out Here” she assured me and nodded and kept going.

On the road hours later with Daryl

Daryl had hidden his bike and was now on foot, he had finally spotted Michonne but two things bothered him, where was his Brother? And were was Bree? “Hey! Hey you!” He called Michonne looked up almost in a perturbed way “where’s my Brother He asked. “did you kill ‘em” he asked quickly Michonne looked at the redneck with dull eyes She shook her head weakly as the wind picked up her dreads “he let me go” she admitted, Daryl nodded and pushed by her “Don’t let anyone come after me” he ordered, Michonne wavered for a second “Somebodies already ahead of you!” she called Daryl stopped and looked back at her “Does she know?” He asked Michonne nodded, “but it isn’t what you think” She called after him as he took off running.

With Bree and Merle

I had finally caught up with him, after a while all I had to do was follow the music, "Fast and Loose" was playing, blasting rather. I found Merle sitting the car in front of the bar, walkers exited heading for the noise, I ran to them. “Killing them quickly a banged on the window of the car. “Merle! Merle you gotta get out of here!” I yelled but he ignored me “what is it you plan on doing” I asked But he just took a long swig from ha bottle of whisky. “Go back to Daryl Girl, you ain’t got no more business with me” He called I banged on the window in anger “I can’t go back to him without you! You simple minded piece of shit!” I yelled, Merle chuckled and shook his head “you’re so much like him…and then so different…better” He muttered my hand slid down the window as I watched him in confusion, A walker snarled and I went to kill it. “Merle come on Please!” I called “you hear that Please? please is that what you want? Huh to see me beg to see one of us beg?” I asked He took another long swig I banged on the window again this time cracking it He laughed “oh ho ho you do have some fire left to you!” He called in amusement “this isn’t funny!” I barked. Another Walker snarled and I noticed more and more of them coming “oh no” I breathed. Merle turned the music up loader, and walkers forgot about me and turn their attention to the car. I watched in horror as they climbed all over the car “Merle!” I called “what are you doing?!” I cried as he rode off slowly stopping and then starting back up and then repeating, He was getting the walkers to follow him. I tailed behind them with killer almost completely unnoticed. “Where is he going?” I muttered.

I followed Merle all the way to the Barn house that Rick met the Governor in, I saw him open the car door and roll out of it, he ran to the hay towers, I tracked him by following Killers nose. Even still we lost track of him. I stood out in the open looking around, all I could hear was the music from the car and the snarling walkers. “Were did he go?” I asked Killer as if she could reply. I saw Caesar and his men running around the barn house towards the sound of music, I cursed to myself and quickly went to hide finding a patch of tall grass I dropped to the ground and hide myself, Killer stood over me blending in with the scenery. Caesar and his boys shot at the walkers and then, they too started dropping off like flies, one of his men after another, “Merle” I breathed stretching my neck to get a look but as the bullet flew I quickly ducked back down and covered my head. I peeked one eye open and through the grass I saw him “The Governor” I whispered. Now was my chance if I really wanted to I could take him out with no problem in all the confusion, this could all be over. Or had that ben what Merle was planning? Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Caesar and one of his men run to the Barn house. I got up and stayed low while making my way over. “Let go of him!” I yelled tossing a throwing knife it landed in one of the men’s shoulders he yelped and backed off, but The Governor grabbed Merle and pulled him in the barn house. “I ran to stop him but Caesar held me back “No!” He called “let me go!” I demanded “No! You need to run, run away while you’ve got the chance!” He called “I can’t! I won’t! Not without Merle!” I barked “Are you kidding he’ll kill you now go!” Caesar said pushing me away and pointing his gun at me “please don’t make me do this” he said softly. I spat at him before running off, if I couldn’t go through him I’d find another way.

I was frantic as I searched for a way in, I could hear Merle’s screams he was losing the battle. He let out a blood curdling cry and then it got quiet, my heart felt like it would beat right out of my chest. I found a window I hoisted myself up to take a look, “Merle!” I screamed soundlessly as the Governor fired a gun. I gasped in surprise and lost my grip falling back onto the ground. I yelp at the pain as I landed on something hard. I saw the Governor walk off and get into his SUV. I scrambled to my feet and ran into the barn house. “Merle!” I called dropping to his side. “Hold on, come on let’s get you up..I can take the car and get you back in no time!” I called swinging his arm over my shoulders ignoring the bleeding gunshot wound in his chest He laughed “you’re a hope to die short ain’t cha” he coughed spitting up blood “Don’t do this…you can not do this!” I cried “take care of my brother…or I’ll haunt you” Merle warned “No, no come on..I can’t go back without you” I said my voice failing me “I can’t face him empty handed” I added even softer, It’ll break him” I muttered. “It won’t just kill him….It’ll erase him, please” I said faintly “What doesn’t kill us Dixons only makes us stronger, take care of my brother” He breathed, My eyes darted over hi body as once he exhale he never inhale “Merle” I whispered “Merle!” He didn’t move, I stood up and back away slowly looking down at my clothing I was covered in blood. I covered my mouth with my hands before finding a place to hide as the area was still over run with walkers, and now I had Merle to worry about. But I knew it was not my job to kill him once he rose.

Hours past, and it was now fairly quiet the walkers had died down in numbers and as I peeked out of my hiding place I noticed that that merle was gone. I slowly crept out of my hideaway and wandered my way out of the barn house and into the open grass field. I took the back way as not to be seen by the other walkers, I was buying my time and walked around slowly to the front near the car. I was in a daze thinking, what was I going to say to Daryl? How could I tell him? Even more so how could I tell him that I thought it was up to him to put his walker brother down? I didn’t even want to go back to the prison anymore, I just couldn’t face him. As I rounded one of the hay towers I saw Daryl walking around. I stopped in his front line of sight all though at a distance. I saw him stop in his tracks after shooting down a walker. He looked puzzled and then he looked like he could not believe his eyes. The walker raised his head and I knew who it was. My heart cracked. I stood behind a rusted old car, he couldn’t see me. I Merle rose to his feet at the site of live flesh, my feet wouldn’t move, yet I wanted to run to Daryl as he started to cry. Merle walked closer to him and He backed away. He looked like a helpless child, and Merle was not giving up, Daryl pushed him back weakly. Merle kept his advanced, Daryl pushed him again, and paused before shoving him ever harder. His tears of sorrow were turning into tears of rage. He shoved his Knife into Merles neck and knocked him to the ground stabbing him over and over again in the head mercilessly while tears streamed down his face. My legs found a bit of movement I walked slowly at first, Daryl would not stop jabbing the knife in and out of Merle face. My walk turned into a jog, Daryl Fell back with a whimper onto his back and I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. “Daryl!” I called I stopped just short of Merle. Of course I wanted to scoop him into my arms and hold him there, but as he sat up, the way he looked at me.

That cold glare “where the fuck were you!” he growled I froze “I tried. I did I followed him he-“ “Lair!” He called getting to his feet pointing his knife at me. “I swear! Daryl Look at me!” I yelled holding out my arms, showing him my blood covered body, but still he glared at me “He took Michonne….attacked you’re Boy and your Girl you treat them like your damned kids! You had all reason to just stand and watch, hell or do it yourself!” He barked I trembled “You know me better than that and you know it!” I yelled “I did no such thing, I wanted to help! I sat with him until his last breath begging Daryl!” I called He raised his Crossbow to me heart and my world stopped, my arms dropped to my sides “How can I trust you” he said “Daryl your just hurt, alone and afraid put it down” I muttered with hallow eyes He cried and never set it down. “You want this?” I asked Holding out my arms to either side of me as wide as they would go “it’s right here Daryl, you want to take it go!” I barked “I knew this shit would happen!” He stepped back at my rising voice “I knew you’d think this…I get go of all the pride I had for you! I was ready to die for him to save you!” I shouted “You want my Heart on stick for this! You wanna be mad at me for this! It’s not my fault he’s gone again!” I was roaring and Daryl was shrinking back “He opted the fuck out! But He wanted you to go on, He asked me to take care of you, so if this is what you want go!” I took a deep breath “Or just let me hold you, Let me fill his shoes, or at least let me try” my voice lowered. Daryl dropped his bow and stood hunched over sobbing, his knees gave way and I ran to catch him. I folded my arms over him and pressed him to my body. He gripped my shirt almost ripping it apart.

The weight of his body took me to my knees, I held him like wounded animal in my arms, even my legs were wrapped around in as I sat Indian style with him sitting in my lap his legs dangling over mine. We sat there, every now and then Killer would take down a walker all on her own and end it. It kept her busy, she would ten return and Whimper at Daryl’s side. “I can’t fix this” I thought looking over to Merles body. I rested my head on top of Daryl’s he hide his face in my neck his sobs had turned to silent weeping yet he held me tighter by the second I felt like he was crushing my ribs and I could barely breath. It seemed like forever, I went into my own world actually I had shut my whole brain down. Opening my eyes I noticed Daryl was now silent, it was well past no one, the sun was starting to set. “Daryl…Daryl” I said shaking him gently back into reality. “You gotta say goodbye…we gotta go back, nights falling” I cooed stroking his hair, He looked up at me, his blues seemed lifeless. “I need you to come through this, you gotta let him go” I whispered. Daryl looked at Merle’s body and untangled himself from me. Getting to his feet he whipped his nose and eyes. “Bye Brother” He muttered I stood behind him timid in reaching for his arm. I rubbed it he looked back at me and nodded “I’m gon’ be ok” He said I nodded to and tried to smile but it didn’t last long “I know, I’m gonna make sure of that” I said looking down at Merle “I promised” I added. Taking his hand in mine I lead him away. He took one last glance at his brother before following me. Whistling for Killer we were on our way. “We’ll take the car to your bike…how far is it anyway?” I asked him “A couple of miles” He said dryly I nodded “ok”


Description comes from AFI's song "Narrative Of Soul Against Soul" it fits Merle and Daryl so perfectly and the tugg'O'war Bree and Merle had over Daryl.

I have seen the self image they've forced you to reduce to shattered glass,
with the only remaining value lying in its jagged edges.
But the few who warrant waking for await their recognition.
No fear of death but with fear of life, your weakness kills everyone.
So live. Angels for everyone. For no lack of searching I can't seem to find one.
Angels in everyone. What of all their promises? Can't seem to find much more than lies.
Angels in anyone. A permanent solution to a temporary problem.
Before I'd lay me down to rest, I'd throw away everything to live.


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