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Of Better Angels

A Chance

It was odd the ride back to the prison, Daryl had his arms wrapped around my waste, we road slowly so that Killer could run alongside us. That’s right I was driving the Bike for once, I wasn’t very skilled at it, this was another reason why we were going slowly. Daryl’s head rested on my back he wouldn’t say anything, every few minutes or so he’d give my waste a light squeeze and nuzzle his head against my back. I sighed, the sun was going down, glancing at my surroundings I noticed we were back in the small housing development, we weren’t far from the road to the prison now. “I’m Sorry” I heard Daryl mutter his voice raw. “Don’t” I sighed again keeping my eyes on the road He nodded and leaned his forehead against my back. “I don’t know what I’m gon’ do now” Daryl said pausing “Merle’s always been here, even if He wasn’t around, I knew he was around somewhere” He added. “You’ll get stronger…that’s what he said.” I said softly Daryl laid his head flat against my back again. “But until then…take whatever time you need, I’ve got you” I added.

It was night fall before we made it back to the prison. Maggie stood in the tower “It’s them!” she called out to Michonne, Pliny, Rick, and Glenn, the four of them rushed the gates and opened them. I rode past as Killer stopped wagging her tail as she jumped around the four happy to see common faces. “What happened?” Rick asked but I kept going. Parking Daryl’s bike I kicked the stand down, once he got off I followed him into the cell block. Taking his hand I lead him through, everyone gave us worried glances. “Momma Carol” I called waving her to follow as I lead Daryl up the stairs and to our cell. “Where’s Merle?” I could hear Beth ask. In our Cell I sat next to Daryl on the Bunk and carol took his other side. I looked at her and she knew, “oh” she breathed wrapping her arms around Daryl she pulled him to her resting a hand on the back of his head she hide his face in her neck. “I’m so sorry” she said He griped her shirt “Daryl” She cooed running his hand through his hair. She held him like she would hold Sophia. “How?” She asked me “The governor” I said looking away “Shot him in the chest…by the time I got there….and I couldn’t bring myself to shoot him once he turned…..it wasn’t my job or my call.” I said voice fading. Carol rocked him back and forth and I stood up “I’m sure the others have got questions” I said. “No I think you need to rest too, you just got back, sit back down” She reasoned grabbing my hand, I pulled away and smiled down at her “No it’s ok, I’ve got this…watch over him for me, make sure he rests…” I said reaching out to brush Daryl’s hair, He looked up at me and nodded a bit. “I’ll be back soon” I sighed taking my leave.

“Michonne already filled us in on what happened for the most part” Rick said as I sat the steel table. “What happened did you catch up with Merle?” Michonne asked, I nodded “I followed him to a bar” I brushed my hair back and rested my head in my hand “he was in the car, had the music blasting to draw the walkers…He lead them to the barn house you met the governor in, as a trap for the governor and his men” I said “He wasn’t fully successful, but his plan did take out a good number of the Governors Militia , but the Governor himself got away...Daryl found Merle as a walker…” I finished hiding my face. I exhaled and removed my hands looking up at Rick. “The Governors pissed…and he means to attack” I warned Rick nodded “I know” He breathed “Tomorrow” I stated Rick gave a stiff nod “I know, and we’ll be ready for him” He added.

Everyone seemed to be asleep, I still sat at the steel table one hand nestled on my stomach, I winced and exhaled, resting my forehead down on my arm that lay on the table. I hadn’t changed and the smell of blood was making my head hurt. “You need to eat” Michonne said stepping into the common room “what’s the use? Michonne…” I paused raising my head “I’m scared….This isn’t normal” I said. Michonne sat next to me and sighed. “I know. I caught this while heading to the prison.” She said unwrapping something from what looked like foil. It smelled burnt and the scent made me want to purge my stomach of everything left within me. “I cooked it as best I could…” She said handing me a rabbit leg, I took it and held it up examining it “I need you to eat it…to test a hunch” she added. I frowned and took a bite out of the Rabbit leg, it wasn’t Daryl’s rabbit that was for sure. But the feeling of my teeth sinking into the meat felt good and despite the burned taste I was quick to swallow it. I could feel it land in my stomach and the pain instantly stopped. I removed my arms from my stomach and looked down at it and then to Michonne. She nodded and shook her head. “That” I paused searching her eyes “that wasn’t a good thing…was it?” I asked she slowly shook her head. “…..What was that hunch of yours?”

I stumbled down the hallway into my cell. Carol was still watching over Daryl. She looked up at me and smiled “finally went to sleep” she said I nodded Carol stood up and stood in front of me. “What’s wrong?” she asked “I got some news” I said “good or bad?” she asked I shook my head “No idea yet.” I answered. “Come on I’ll tell you in your cell” I said glancing at Daryl’s sleeping body. “No I wanna hear this” He muttered his voice horse and very groggy as we went to leave, I stopped and looked back at him “I wasn’t sleep, and I ain’t going to” He added sitting up “so what’s up?” He asked, I glanced at Carol “Michonne thinks that, the only thing my body can process food wise is…protein” I spoke slowly “so what you need to eat meat? I can get you that no problem A bird, squirrel or something” Daryl said with a slight yawn, I shook my head “It’s not just that…you see It’s the kind of protein…animals will tie me over but eventually” “you’re bodies becoming cannibalistic” Carol said quickly, I looked down in a bit of shame. “What? Ain’t no way.” Daryl asked sitting up more “is she right? Is that what you were told?” Daryl asked. “Michonne isn’t all the way sure yet, and she can’t really test me with all her lab stuff gone” I muttered. “Are you?” Carol asked after nearly holding her breath “turning into a walker? No” I replied as quickly as I could. Daryl nodded “ok well tomorrow I’ll go out and try to see what I can catch” I gave a tired sigh and shook my head “no, won’t be no time tomorrow, and even if there was” I turned to face him “you need to rest, I need you to rest. If we aren’t in a battle tomorrow….you rest. Period.” I ordered my eyes locked into his Daryl nodded slowly, I knew it had been a while since he had seen that determination in my eyes, because it had been a while since I felt it myself. “I can hunt for myself if need be.” I added. Crossing my arms I looked over to Carol “The Governors going to be pissed as hell after Merle’s stunt. There might be a war tomorrow. Ricks getting every up early.” I rested a hand on her shoulder. “You should get some rest” I added, Carol nodded and hugged me before leaving to her cell. I exhaled and brushed my hair back, growling in a bit of frustration as my fingers got caught in the tangled mess. “I need a decent brush” I thought almost completely forgetting I wasn’t alone in the room.

“You sure you’re ok?” Daryl asked me resting his arms on his knees he sat at the edge of the bunk eying me. I turned around slightly startled and laughed at myself, “I’m losing it” I breathed siting down next to him. I rested my head on his shoulder and he leaned his head onto mine and together we sighed. “Damn this sorrowful life….” I muttered “you think we stand a chance against the Governor?” Daryl asked, with a stiff nod I laced my fingers into his “With any luck, depends how we play our hand” I said Daryl nodded, laying back onto the bunk, Following suite I crawled over him to my side of the bed. As he lay on his back, I rested my head on his chest he snaked his arms under my head and his hands into my hair. Letting his fingers comb away the tangles. I wrapped my arms over his waste to keep close, the sound of his heart beat as like the best lullaby ever written. “We’ll make it better” He said as I yawned, “after we get rid of the governor, we’ll make this life better, we gotta” He said gazing at the top bunk. I cuddled closer to him and closed my eyes. “Go to sleep Daryl, one day at a time…life is always weeks, months, and years away.” I mumbled groggily letting sleep take me, Daryl groaned “yeah maybe your right” He said turning to his side he spooned around me and kissed my forehead I cuddled closer again and smiled a bit “Night” I muttered “night” He said softly stilling playing with my hair.

The next morning a sharp pain woke me up, I gasped for air, it was hard to breath. The sounds woke Daryl, he jolted wake nearly slipping out of the bed. I grabbed my stomach. It felt like fire. “Bree” Daryl breathed clutching my hands in his he stroked my hair with his free hand. “It’s alright breathe, just breathe and it’ll pass” He said calmly, I looked at him and did as I was told “at’uh girl” He said his own breathing calming down, his hand trembled as it held both of mine. He was calm but in his eyes he was scared, he didn’t much more know what was going on than I did.

“You should rest, I can pack on my own, if you just tell me what you need” Daryl muttered as he watched me fill a back pack. “I’ve got it, I’m having stomach pains…I’m not cripple, for all we know it could just be severe constipation” my words were short in annoyance. “I thought you went to go help Rick out anyway?” I asked reaching for my throwing knives “I did” He grunted taking the Pack from me. “And Carol?” I asked He nodded and held out his hands, demanding my Knives. I sighed and as I did so another pain came. Groaning I handed him the Knives. “You always wait until it gets bad” He sighed stuffing them in the pack before walking past me. I grumbled to myself as he Packed things away. But even still I couldn’t help but smile as I gazes at his wings.

I looked around the empty cell block, I was going to miss this place, I knew that Rick did not plan on being gone forever just long enough to shake off the governor’s eyes, of course not without leaving him one last gift. Even still it was hard to say goodbye, even if it was more like a “See you later.” Sure it wasn’t the Hilton but, it had become home.

I looked up as Daryl brushed by me and grabbed my arm “come on, everyone’s outside now loading up” He said, with a nodded I whistled and Killer came bounding across the cell block. “Come on girl…we’re going on a short vacation” I said rubbing her head, she smiled at me in that canine laugh, tail wagging as she followed after us.

“The kids fuming” I muttered leaning against the wall sawing a foot off of the third riffle we had found in the Guard locker in the west wing. “No shit, he’ll understand though, there’s just some things that have to be done” Daryl sighed, he stopped fiddling with his arrows and looked up at me, with those sharp blue eyes. I nodded I knew what was on his mind, I knew that lost look, I hated it, I wanted to make it go away but it wasn’t possible. “Yeah He did what he had to do” I whispered looking over to Carol desperately for help, she nodded at me and stood over Daryl. “Merle never did nothing like that in his life” He said “He gave us a Chance” Carol said, at this I shivered “A chance” I thought flash backs of the CDC, Jenner, Rick and Lori, Carl…shot, Hershel and Shane saving him. Meeting Russell again by chance…..finding Merle by chance. Being immune by chance This had become our Slogan all we’ve ever been given is a Chance.

I looked to Carol and she looked at me, the mystified look in my eyes, she sighed and held her hand out to Daryl as he watched her too, I think all three of us felt it, we felt that Chance, and we were not going to let it slip away. Daryl picked up his poncho, arrows and bow slinging them on his shoulder he turned to me as I stood up straight, glancing at his Poncho he hand it out. “It’s cold” He muttered nodding I let him slip it on me, I’ve never worn one before, it was warm, and even better it had his sent. “feels like home” I mused with a tired smile, Daryl return a small closed smile himself and nodded grabbing my hand he lead me behind him as he went to find somewhere else we could be useful.

After helping Rick, Carol, and Glenn pack Daryl stopped in front of the car, holding the passenger side open “what are you really going to ride in the back?” I said with a amused smile. Daryl side glanced at Glenn “Killers gon’ ride in the back” He mumbled “of course you’re bike” I laughed I’d never been so forget full in my life. “I’m not going, just you, Hershel, Carl and Beth” He sighed. Anger rose “wait? What! Nobody told me about this plan!” I yelled stepping out of the car. “Because you’d act an ass! Listen you’re in no shape!” Daryl yelled pointing at me with his hands “look at you!” He said gesturing over my body. “Bit up, Sick, weighing a buck O three!” He ranted “I can help” I growled “No” He said shaking his head, “Yes I can I’m not going anywhere” I said shaking my head “I made a promise and I’ not going” I rambled on. As I tried to walk past Daryl he sighed and grabbed my arms tightly. “What?” But before I could defend myself he shoved my body down and back into the car seat with his body weight. It didn’t take much, as there wasn’t much to have to move “Hey!” I yelled banging on the window as he close the door. “Go!” Daryl yelled to Hershel once Killer was in the back seat. “Go!” He called out shoving the car as Hershel pulled away.

I sat in the car pouting, Beth stood watch over me as Carl and Hershel kept look out. “He was just trying to keep you safe Bree’ra” Beth said gently to me I turned my gaze away from her “I know you’re mad cause the two of you are just alike but…really its better like this” Beth coaxed, But I was unmoved, with a sigh she gave up. I didn’t want to hear anything right now. Not a damned word. In my mind all I could see was Merle’s dying eyes. “I made a promise…how in the hell can I keep it like this” I growled deeply. Beth watched me intently “Promise to who?” she asked “Merle” I grumbled through clenched teeth. “It was” I paused turning to look the girl in the eyes “It was his death wish” Beth swallowed down hard and went to open her mouth but as she did someone came running through the bushes.

We both rose to our feet, I lifted my riffle and aimed. “whoa whoa whoa wait!” it was just a boy “I mean no harm!” he said franticly “drop the weapon son” Hershel demanded, both he and Carl had their guns drawn. “Sure, hear” the boy said handing the gun to Carl, he was 15 maybe 16 a little younger than Beth “take it” He said through watery eyes and a frightened smile. “Please take it” He begged, Carl never blinked as he pulled the trigger, and the boy fell to the ground. “The Hell!” I roared leaping past him I knelt at the boy’s side. It was a clean shot to the head. I looked away and closed the dead child’s horrified eyes, and shut his screaming mouth. My fist clenched as I rose to my feet, “you little monster!” I growled storming over Carl his eyes flicked for a bit with fear and then became cold. “He had a gun he was a threat!” he reasoned I stepped closer towering over him, looming. “He was a boy! He was someone’s baby boy!” I growled “You little fucking monster! You little…you little fucking Shane!” I roared “Bree!” Hershel called out my body was trembling and Carl was shrinking back “Bree’ra it’s done now” Beth said her voice pleading while she tugged on my arm trying to bring me back, calm me down. I wrenched away from her and got in the car. Carl watched me as I glared at him with hollow eyes.

I paced like an angry bull outside of the mess hall back at the prison. “Bree dear we did it!” Carol called happily hugging me around my neck “yay” I sang in a dull tune she pulled away from me and looked me over “are you still mad?” She asked, “yes but not at that bastard, it’s that other little mother fucker” I muttered pointing to the entrance to the mess hall at Carl as he walked away from Rick, oh so smugly. “Bree!” Carol gasped, “You never say thing about children” she added “that no kid Momma Carol….not anymore….” I turned to her and growled “He shot a boy just a few years older than him, the kid was running away….it was in cold blood” I said darkly. “I’m not going to keep watching innocent lives get taken, he was somebody’s child!” I roared. Glancing over I saw Rick look up at me.

Hershel turned around as well as I stormed into the Mess hall past them “Bree look he…” Rick tried to talk, explain for Carl but I walked past him, it wasn’t his job, Carl needed to learn right and wrong on his own. “Hey we had them running scared!” Daryl cheered walking in front of me. I looked up at him fire still raging “Great” I barked pushing past him, “you really still have a bug up your ass?” He asked grabbing my arm. “Yes, I do. You’re messing with my promises!” I shot back “to who?” He asked raising his voice “Your brother” I hissed snatching my arm back. I reached into the bag and pulled out a box of Ammo and loaded my riffle up. “What’s that for?” Daryl muttered eying me “Maggie tol’ me you guys are headed for Woodbury” I turned to face him locking my riffle “I’m going” I stated. Daryl sighed and nodded. He didn’t like it, it was in his eyes, but I didn’t care.

Outside, I stood next to Michonne as Daryl road by handing her a bag, She glanced between the two of us, “you can’t stay mad at him…He was right, truth is you shouldn’t even be going now” Michonne said lowly “Yeah well this time it’s not just the Promise I made” I said sending her a glance, she nodded “yeah I get it” She muttered bowing her head before walking to Rick. Daryl eyed me cautiously as I hopped on his bike behind him. I waved by to Carol and Pliny before Daryl gunned through the gates, leading us out.

On the road to Woodbury we came to a halt, two of the Governor’s militia vans were abandoned. Daryl looked back at me and I shook my head. Was this a trap? I got off of the bike gun ready and Daryl followed after me. Michonne and Rick hopping out of the truck. A walker gnawed on the arm of a Girl laying on the ground. My stomach rumbled watching him, I looked away. Michonne went to its side blade in hand and Daryl raised his bow, claiming the walker, with one shot it fell dead. Michonne sliced the head off of another to her right before quickly taking out the two remaining walkers out at once, clearing a path for Rick to get to the fifth and final walker near the smaller jeep. He grabbed it from behind and stabbed it through its skull. Daryl walked over to me, wrapping up something in his red bandana he stuffed it in his jacket “What’s that?” I asked, Daryl went to speak with a loud thud behind us made us jump. Daryl covered me as we jumped back. Rick raised his gun. As we all looked up we saw not a walker but a very frightened woman.

Daryl pushed me over ot Michonne and flicked open the door to the large military truck. Rick still aiming at the woman she hopped out with her hands in the air, Daryl glanced in checking for others before slamming the door shut. He sized her up and down with a bit of a scowl on his face. But it was more than clear, this woman was at her wits end, something spooked her. “It’s ok, what happened here?” I said grabbing the woman’s arm her eyes searched mine she nodded briefly and glanced back at Rick and Daryl. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry we-we didn’t know he was” She stammered “Did He do this?” Rick asked pointing to all the dead. The woman nodded “We were done…we didn’t want to fight anymore, but he got mad…he shot them, all of them, I pretended to be dead…” She said her voice cracking. “It’s alright now” Michonne said, She shook her head “No what about the others back in Woodbury, they don’t know” She said franticly “that’s where we’re going, can you get us in?” Rick asked “Help us, it’s the best way to get back at him” I urged. “Right” the woman nodded walking over to the Military Truck she pulled out a gun.

Night had fallen by the time we made it to Woodbury, Daryl and Rick look lead as we zeroed in on the gates, Michonne and I in front of Karen, as we found out her name to be. She wasn’t going to be seen until needed to protect her. We moved fast and quiet, but even still it was only a matter of time before shots were fired at us. Daryl and Rick quickly returned fire, we took cover behind two totaled cars, each one taking their turn at returning fire. “Tyreese it’s me don’t shoot!” Karen called with her hands raised “Get down!” Rick called pulling her back into cover. “Karen!” A man called out, I looked over to the woman and she nodded at me, Pulling away from Rick she popped up again, hands raised “I’m Fine!” she called backing away from him this time.

“Where’s the Governor?!” Tyreese asked Karen flip her hair out of her face “He fired on everyone!” she called swallowing down hard “He killed them all” she added. We glanced at each other nervously but ready to return fire again if needed. There was a silence, did they believe her? “Why are you with them?!” He asked Karen looked at the four of us, “They” she paused turning to look at the wall “They save me!” She called. We watched Rick as he gazed at the ground “We’re coming out!” he called to them tucking away his gun, Daryl shook his head No, but Rick had already stood up hands raised, I put away my Riffle and followed suit “Bree!” Daryl mouthed to me in disapproval before getting up Bow ready. Michonne was unwilling to put down her weapon as well, they took one side and me and Rick took the other.

Daryl glanced at us once more, and finally gave in raising his hands, Michonne huffed and raised hers as well, and both still refused to put down their weapons however. Daryl’s eyes shifted between Rick, Karen, and Me and then to the Gate. The gates opened and Tyreese came out, Daryl and Rick stood in front of the three of us, protectively. “What are you doing here?” Tierce asked eying Karen. “We had come to finish this” Rick paused and sighed “Until we saw what the Governor did” He added. “He, he killed them” Tyreese stammered dryly, “y-yep” Right said looking down, “You don’t sound surprised” I muttered lowering my hands. “Karen told us Andrea hopped the wall going to the Prison” Rick stated, Tyreese looked over us “ She never made it” Michonne cut in leering a bit Rick glanced back at her “Sh-she might be here” Rick said. Tyreese nodded and let us in. “we know where she might be” Rick said looking down the street.

“This is where the Governor had Glenn and Maggie” rick said busting through the warehouse doors, “The Governor held people here?” Tyreese asked as I brushed past him following Daryl as he and Rick played point man. Daryl glanced down at me and ran his hand down my back before grasping his gun tightly “Did more than hold ‘em” He muttered shining a flashlight down the hall. The four of us stood guns drawn at a metal fence door, Michonne drew her sword, and my head began to ache “will you open it?” she asked. “One, two” rick whispered before pushing open the door, Daryl and rick were ready to fire. But other than a dead walker there was nothing in the room. Or so we thought.

Looking down behind the door were a pair of slender motionless feet. They moved and Michonne rushed in “Andrea!” she gasped, I lowered my gun and my jaw dropped we rushed in, Michonne and Rick kneeled by her. “I tried to stop him” She said as Michonne check her forehead “you’re burning” she said, carefully Michonne pulled back Andrea’s shirt, blood and puss stretched like string as Michonne revealed a large bite between Andrea’s neck and shoulders. Rick looked away, I quickly grabbed a knife and cut the palm of my hand, “no” Andrea breathed offering a weak smile “thank you, even…even if it could work…I’m sure it’s too far into my system” She said. “You can at least give it a try” Michonne urged as I walked closer, holding out my bleeding Palm. Andrea shook her head and pushed my hand away “no” she breathed.

“Judith, Carl, the rest of them” Andrea puffed, turning to Rick desperately. As I looked around the room my head ached more, I held it with my good hand. Daryl glanced at me. “Us” rick corrected her “The rest of us” He restated, Andrea smiled. Michonne brushed her hair “Are they alive?” She asked, looking over us all, “yeah their alive” Rick nodded. Andrea gave us each and smile, and looked up at Michonne almost thankfully. “it’s good you found them” she said to Michonne grasping her hand, she looked to Me and Daryl her smile grew “No one can make it alone now” she said, He and I glanced at each other and looked at her, Neither of us liked it much, but we’d never wish for this. Ever. “I never could” Daryl said with a hint of a smile he shook his head and took my hand. Andrea looked to Rick and shook her head “I just didn’t want anyone to die” she took her hand out of Michonne’s “I can do it myself” she stated.

“No” Michonne protested, Andrea nodded resolved as she looked at her “No I have to, while I still can” she exhaled shakily “Please” she paused and smiled at the hesitant Rick “I know how the safety works” she said smiling again. Rick looked up at her with watery eyes and handed her his gun. “I’m not going anywhere” Michonne said through grinding teeth and tears. Seeing her cry was enough to make water well into my own eyes. I grasped Daryl’s hand tighter, and more pain shot into my head. Andrea looked over each of us as if saying goodbye. She sighed more water coming to her eyes “I tried” she said her voice weak to think the woman I had hated so much looked so helpless now. “Yeah” Rick whispered patting her knee “you did” He looked down and rose to his feet “you did” he sighed. “Come on” Daryl muttered tugging me to follow him as he left the room, Rick followed us, closing the door gently behind him and we waited for it.

I looked down at my hands, they were trembling, not form sorrow or shock, but form pain. Daryl took my hand and rubbed it. Looking up and down the hall I saw another door slightly open. I narrowed my eyes. In a bright flash of white a memory seared through my mind….

The Governor was behind mw, in his hands a bull whip. Both my hands were bound and tied to some rope hanging from the ceiling, box in the shape of an X. Someone was in front of me watching but in the white blur I could not really his face. “Is this her?” I heard the Govern ask, the man gave no answer. I screamed out as the whip lashed my back. The man didn’t even flinch. “Is it? Do you know her?” The Governor asked the man nodded stiffly with that I received another lashing, crying out louder “is this her!” The Governor demanded “No” The man spoke in a dry tone as he shook his head. I could only see his bright blue eyes and he looked away from me. “Are you sure?” The governor asked with another lashing, “answer me!” he lashed me again and again, each time I screamed louder. The man shut his eyes “I can’t!” he roared “I can’t even if I were to lie and say this was her, you’d hurt this woman, its bad either way I can’t I won’t!” the Man growled. The governor chuckled “Pity” He paused “at least if this had been her she would have Lived” He said in a smug tone, I could not see his face. But the man before me became stiff. “She was helping the people that attacked us….” The Governor added, as he did so two men cut me free and I fell to the ground trembling. They shoved a pill down my throat, and I dry swallowed unwillingly. All then faded away.

The Gun shot fired as I hopped to my feet, eyes glued to the slightly opened door. “There” I thought taking off “Bree!” Daryl called running after me. I flung open the door my eyes scanning the room it was brightly lit, I covered my eyes and adjusted to the light. It looked empty my arms dropped to my side, I was sure, I had a gut feeling, something was waiting for me in this room. “Bree” Daryl called, he grunted from the bright light and found his way to my side. He grasped my hand “come on we gotta get going” he said tugging my hand. I went to follow when a splotch of red caught my eye, in the corner, I ran to it, a white sheet of paper lay in it soaking in the red liquid. It read one word desperately scrawled on the sheet My hands shook “Russell” Daryl read out loud over my shoulder “He has him…or had him” I stammered looking at the large pool of blood I dropped to my knees. Daryl went down with me, holding me, I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t feel anything, but confusion. Did he have him? Or was he dead. But really in the end…did it matter?

Daryl was able to coax me out of the room, He sat me under the care of Karen and Michonne while He, Rick, Tyreese and Sasha rounded up the remaining Woodbury residents into a school bus. All I could see was his face, his eyes, I could hear his voice, and I could remember what he looked like with our kids. My hands gripped at my hair I felt like I was going to lose it. “You said you wanted to let him go” Michonne said I looked up at her blankly. “Russell’s no more good for you, He wasn’t what you thought, never was. You have what you always needed now” she said nodding over to Daryl. “Now’s your Chance to start fresh, let it go” She said watching me I looked at her, I’d never felt as pitiful has I did when I let those words slip out “I can’t” I whimpered “then burry it or it will drive you mad” She warned. “Believe me I know” she added. I watched her “Just burry it” she whispered. I looked over to Daryl and nodded at Michonne. “I can try” I said softly. Tucking the blood soaked piece of paper in my shirt.

I sat behind Daryl on his bike, he was quiet we both were. It was an awkward set of events that had been thrown at us, Merle death and Russell’s possible death…it was strange, like we were being forced to get over the past. I couldn’t help but smile a bit as I squeezed Daryl’s waist, he glanced back at me and I rested my head on his back. Something felt good, something felt great actually. Like a great weight shifted, and as the early morning sun rose into the sky, it felt like a brand new dawn. I couldn’t explain it, and I don’t know why I felt this way. But the air around Daryl changed as if he felt it too.

We pulled into the Prison, Daryl and I were greeted by Carol, Pliny and Beth. “Hey how’d it go?” Carol asked “We lost Andrea” Daryl said Carol covered her mouth and shook her head sadly “But we saved a lot of others…the Governor took out his own people” He added, Pliny nodded, “it’s good that you found them” He said, Daryl nodded and Looked to Me “there’s something else” He said slowly I looked up at him and took his hand in mine “Russell’s gone…dead or not I am not sure…but I remember what happened to me back in Woodbury” I said I gave Daryl a smile and he looked confused. “Russell protected who I was…what I was form the governor…he may have paid a price for it but…I can forgive him now, and try to let him go” I said turning my gaze to Carol who smiled at me happily. “He gave me chance…just Like Merle gave Daryl a chance.” At my words Daryl tightened his grip on my hand and drew me closer to his side. “We’re going to be ok…all of us, we can make it, and we can give these new people the same chances we’ve been given, that way we won’t be wasting ours.” I added a smile came to my face and Beth nodded grinning. “You’re right” Rick said resting a hand on my shoulder, he looked up to the gates of the sniper bridge and sighed as if a weight had been lifted from him that morning as well.

This was our chance, and we lost the better angels among us for it. But we wouldn’t squander it, we would turn this chance into something more, something than just the chance to survive…. But a chance to live.


So yes this is te final chapter nad next is the Sequal which shares the same name as this chapter. We will get into Bree's immunity, and some of the strange side effects form it. you will learn for about Russell's feelings and Daryl and Bree will take to knew levels in their relationships. a few more secrets will be told.

Also changing the Point of view for the sequel....I'm not very good at writing in I's lol just doesn't fit me.


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