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Of Better Angels

Not All Good Die Young

That evening I couldn’t find Daryl anywhere, Carol had convienced me to talk to Him a bit about my past. After a while of searching for Daryl and having no luck I ran inside the house and quietly grabbed a plate of what was left for dinner for Randall, it wasn’t quiet as warm as it should be but I was sure he’d like it either way. As I neared the Barn I could hear cries and yelps of pain, making sure I had a good grip on the plate I ran to the barn swinging the door open. Randall was crying out as to my dismay, Daryl was hovering over him, I watched in shock as Daryl’s fist one after another contacted Randall’s face as He was yelling at him to tell him the truth, Shane and Rick were just watching. Setting the plate down I ran, shoving Daryl off of the boy, I got to his level and held Randall like a child “What the hell is going on!” I screamed as Randall Trembled in my arms. I checked his face, and arms, his leg wound was gashed right open. Daryl sunk under my gaze as I looked at him horrified “you did this?” I asked squinting my eyes at him. Daryl looked to the side, my gaze turned to Shane and more so Rick “and you watched!” I barked at Rick, standing up to my feet “you lead this thing I know that much…but I expected more you of you rick…” I muttered glaring at them all “this ain’t none of your-“Shane started, I raised my hand silencing him. My gaze was cold, I could feel the chill myself “I’m making it my business, from here on in” I said, Randall felt for my leg and wrapped his arms around it, Leaning his head against my leg he mumbled thank you over and over again. Daryl stood up and quickly put away his knife. “Get out” I snarled at the three. Shane went to speak against me and took a step forward, I reached in my pocket and tossed a throwing knife past his face, He froze as it lodged in the wall behind him. “I said out” I spoke through clenched teeth and my eyes where low. Shane sneered at me but left the barn slamming the door, Rick followed after him, I watched them intently as they left. My eyes then landed on Daryl. He took a step forward and I stepped back, protectively in front of boy. “You too” I said softly, he took another step forward. “Out!” I yelled clenching my firsts and closing my eyes. When I opened them, It was just me and Randall left in the barn.

I walked over and picked up the plate, taking it back to Randall. I got down on my knees and went to take off his blind fold, I felt uneasy now. I knew Daryl was a bit cold, I didn’t think he could beat up a kid, that thought made me frown, what type of father would be make. Wait, father. I paused in taking Randall’s blindfold off, what would prompt me into wondering about what type of father Daryl would be. I shook my head and snatched Randall’s blindfold off. He face was slightly swollen. “I’m so sorry” I said slowly “it’s not your fault….Believe me, I understand what it’s like to be caught up with Bad guys and be nothing like them…” He said through a slightly busted lip. I frowned “yes, but that don’t make it right…it jus’ makes it worse” I said taking the paper towel off of the plate. Rick had hand cuff on the boys wrists, which had turned raw. Sighing heavily I feed the boy, “thank you” He said somewhat awkwardly when he was done, I just nodded. “the one..the one that beat me, he’s your dude right?” Randall asked. I sighed again “yea in a way, I guess” I muttered I left him my jacket as I got up to leave “ but…I’m beginning to wonder about that” I added before leaving. Daryl was waiting for me at the tent; he was wildling something with his knife. I walked right by him, I gathered he was waiting up for me but I didn’t even want to see his face. He stood up quickly as I walked by. “bree” He called after me, I kept walking, heading for the entrance gate to the farm. The barn..and that boy being in it, injured and bloody reminded me of that awful shed back in Virginia. A vision flashed in my mind, I was huddled up with two curlie haired toddlers, as gun shots rang through the air, scratching noises where herd outside of the shed. I shook my head trying to get the memory to fade.

Leaning against the gate to the farm I gazed up to the sky. Daryl leaned his back against the gate next to me. It was quiet, I guess that was something to be thankful for. “…Shane said that the boy was a threat to the barn and our time here….and the boy even said that the people he was with whre violent…” Daryl said slowly. “doesn’t make it right…Merle was a nigger hater….and you don’t hate me…so that didn’t make you one….so just because the boys company was bad doesn’t make him bad….” I said just as slowly completely undone “ but then again…Merle was a monster…and back there…I wonder” I said looking at him, Daryl glared at me “Merle wasn’t-“ He started but my attention went back to the sky “it was wrong…period” I sighed. “I thought this place was a place of peace…I thought I might be able to start over here….I had hoped…” I said trailing off, “but I’ve come to the conclusion that…there is no such thing as peace…or starting over, we’re here to survive…and with people like you, Rick, and Shane…we’re doomed as humans, we’re better off as walkers, at least they don’t kill each other” I said speaking my thoughts out loud. Daryl just stared at me; I could feel his eyes on me.

He brought me to him swiftly and held me there, I didn’t fight him or move, a gasp escaped my lips as I had sworn I had saw Russell in his place. Pushing him back with wide eyes I backed away. “What’s wrong with you?” He asked with a hurt expression. I shook where I stood for a minute before reality sank back in. I looked at Daryl’s face and closed my eyes tightly “I’m losing it completely…” I thought opening my eyes again. “ I just…I saw..” I stammered my voice trailing away. “You’ve been jumpy ever since we found Sophia was a walker…what happened?” he asked seriously, I looked through him in a daze, I could see their smiles, and I could hear their laughter. Tears fell down my face. “Their names where…Nicolai and Natalia…they were….” I paused my eyes fluttered trying to fight the tears “they were only two years old” I muttered.

“rolls through here, our boys are dead, and our women they're gonna, well they're gonna wish they were” Daryl said turning back to look at me as I walked in, I sat farther away from him Carol looked at me and then to him “what you do?” she asked him, He glanced at me, “we had a little chat” He said dryly “my ass” I muttered, Carol heard me and looked down at her hands. I watched in an almost detached air, as Shane began to rant about how Randall was a threat. Rick then stated the only thing to do was to kill him, I started coughing on air, was this really coming from rick. "You can't just decide on your own to take someone's life," Dale called out, I stood up “rick…he’s just a kid, what’s wrong with you?” I called out rick looked at his feet “monsters…every last one of you” I muttered standing up and leaving the room. I walked laps around the whole farm, on my fourth lap I was out of breath but I kept going round and round, my eyes kept going to the barn, I finally stopped and walked over to it. Randall jumped to his feet as sunlight poured into the barn. I quickly closed the door behind me. “ Who-who is it” He stammered but as he focused he saw it was me and calmed down “what are you doing here?” He asked with a week smile “hopefully saving your ass” I breathed taking a blind fold and tying it around his eyes “sorry…I wish I could say I trust you completely it’s just for safety” I said, he nodded “I’m going to try to get you into my truck and onto the road, I’ll walk back from there…” I said. Picking the lock on the hand cuffs “you can take my truck back to your folk…I doubt you’ll be able to find your way back here” I continued. Taking his hand, I peeked out of the barn, so far I saw no one. “come on” I whisperd, leading him behind me, It was white open space to my trust, I was only prayer I could move fast enough.

My truck was in sight, however I came to a halt, Randall ran into me because it was abrupt. “Before I could react, Shane pistol whipped me across the face, the last thing I heard was Randall yelled and being dragged off before I lost consciousness. I sat up, it must have been quite some time I was laying there, the sun was higher in the sky. No one was out, so I stumbled back to the house. As I did so, I saw Dale rest a hand on Daryl’s Arm “ you were right, the group is broken” Dale sighed, he walked by me shaking his head, I glazed past Daryl to the others, “what? What happen?” I asked they stayed quiet. “it’s been decided, Randall’s gotta die” Shane said, I looked at him in disbelief, was he really going to act like he didn’t assault me? “wha…I wasn’t even here so it wasn’t a fair trial!” I argued, Shane shook his head “it ain’t our fault you were napping” He hissed, I nearly lost it “you pistol whipped me Unconscious!” I yelled, at this Daryl stood up “what?” He asked glaring at Shane. Rick turned to Shane “is this true…did you hit her again?” he asked. Lori stood up and walked over to me, touching my forehead she whipped away a trickle of blood. She looked back at Shane with wide eyes. Daryl took a step forward “I’ll kill you” He muttered darkly, I quickly grabbed his arm “lead by example” I muttered pulling him back. Carol stood up furious “what’d you hit her for! You shouldn’t ever lay a hand on a lady” she called “that there ain’t no lady! She was trying to sneak Randall off without anyone knowin’” Shane shot back, “you were going to kill him, still are, I was saving a Life, which if you hadn’t noticed we’re running low on in the world!” I barked back, Daryl held his arm out keeping me behind him. Shane leered at me “you ain’t loyal to this group, you might as well die with him” He added in. “you crazy bastard, shouldn’t no one here listen to you, you haven’t been right in the head since birth… you can’t talk we all know you killed-“ Daryl started off on a rampage but for Patricia and Maggie’s sake I covered his mouth before he could finish “enough Daryl let’s just go please” I asked tugging on his sleeve.

Daryl left me with Lori and Carol to get my head wrapped up, I muttered to myself about always getting hurt, outside of the window I could faintly see Shane, Rick, and Daryl leading Randall out of the slaughter house into the barn. Looking around I opened the window and hopped out running as fast as I could across the dark terrain. I swung open the darn door Randall was on his knees begging and crying like a young child, “any final words?” Rick asked him raising his gun, Randall continued to plead. Wasting no time I bolted past rick and once again got on the ground and wrapped my arms around the boy. “no!” I said out of breath “oh my god!” Randall called crying harder as he leaned his hand into my shoulder “thank you…” He cried through not and tears. “Move out the way!” Shane called out I sat there like a stone wall, for the first time in a long time, my maternal instincts had kicked into full gear, I glowered at him. Rick looked stumped. My eyes darted up as Carl entered the barn. “do It dad, Do it!” Carl called Rick all but dropped his gun, horrified at the words that left his son’s mouth. “shhh it’s ok” I muttered to Randall whom was still hysterical in my arms. “Daryl get him out…take him back to the slaughter house, now” Rick ordered, Daryl went to grabbed Randall by the arm. He stopped as I slapped his hand away getting the boy to his feet myself I led him out of the barn, Shane brushed past us nearly knocking us over as he stormed away. Daryl followed behind Randall and I as we headed for the Slughter house, all Randal kept repeating was thank you. As we were half way there, Dale’s scream pierced the skies. I froze with Randall and looked back at Daryl “get into the Slaughter house… stay there until I come for you” He ordered running off in the direction of Dales voice and I hurried Randall inside.

After I had made sure Randall was safe I went after Daryl. In the middle of the field Daryl was leaned over Dale, He had a gun raised to his head; a Large gash lay in Dale’s abdomen. My heart sank. “sorry brother….” Daryl said his voice was unemotional like he had dethatched all of his feelings, Dale raised his head to the gun, with the last of his strength, and then Dayrl pulled the trigger. The group just lost its voice of reason “god have mercy on us” Muttered, before heading back to the Slaughter house.


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