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Of Better Angels

Check The Body Before It Gets Cold

I fired shots out of the window as we herded the walkers like sheep, in hopes a good lot of them would follow us. “row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, Aim for the head, of the walking dead, shoot and watch them bleed” I sang dryly firing off another shot, Glenn pulled around in front of me “that song is disturbing” He called out “this whole ordeal is disturbing!” I called back, it worked the walkers had begun to follow us, problem was now we were trapped within out cars until we could pick them off, luckily that didn’t take much time or effort. Looking up I spotted jimmy, he was in Dale’s RV trying to rescue Rick and Carl from the barn, the boy no one hardly talked about or talked to, from Hershel’s clan. There was always a gut feeling he wasn’t going to make it long, as Rick and Carl climbed down onto and then off of the RV blood splattered from the inside onto the windows. “gut feeling confirmed” I muttered in mild shock.

We were able to pilot a good number of the walkers away and kill that small group. Still far too many were left out, of all the ones we had managed to kill the horde still looked the same size, and where now headed for the Main house. We couldn’t corral them, that was now evident, we had to flee, quick fast and in a hurry. T-dog took his truck and went to gather some of the others. With my dogs and ordnance filling up my truck I hadn’t any room for anyone else, however I could buy Glenn and T-dog some time. I pulled the truck to a stop in front of the house; climbing on the small roof of the truck I began picking off walkers as they approached. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Carol had been pinned down by walkers behind a board, I wanted to go and help her, but I was surrounded by Walkers myself on top of my truck, My dogs ripped at the dead flesh of the walkers, they hadn’t caught on that they could actually attack dogs just yet, for that I was grateful. Panicking that the thought that Carol was in danger I was about ready to through myself into the sea of walkers below me and try to make it to her. Andrea jumped out of the passenger’s seat of T-dog’s truck and ran for Carol; she managed to get her away from the Walkers, but was taken to the ground by them shortly after.

The walkers began to scale the truck, a female grabbed my shoe, I slid backwards and landed in the middle of them on my back, scrambling to be feet, I kicked and punched them away from me, taking my riffle I blew away the others. Whistling for my dogs I fled from the truck. Carol had been cornered again by a tree, running to her I quickly swiped her hand almost dragging her behind me as I ran with her firing behind me at the walkers. “Bree!” she gasped happily, I was out of breath as we reached the side roads, walkers were inching their way to us from behind. I stood in front of Carol firing at them while they were still at a distance. I could hear the roar of a motor as Daryl road up beside us. “Hurry get on” He said. Carol quickly got on behind him. I stayed my ground firing at will. “Bree!” Daryl barked impatient with me as the walkers came closer. “Go Daryl get Carol out of here” I ordered. “Are you insane get on” He called back “come on Bree they’re coming” Carol cried reaching for my sleeve. “I said go Daryl, you’re running out of time…a third person will slow the bike down…” I said they didn’t move “Go, damn it!” I yelled kicking the wheel, “keep her safe” I said softly Daryl looked at me blankly before gunning it, Carol’s screams of protest rang out loudly as he did so.

Jessie, Billy, Boss, and Becky snarled at the oncoming walkers, I eyed my goal, my truck in the distance; the walkers had finally come away from it. Firing my riffle one more time before reloading I made a mad dash to the truck, it wasn’t hard to weave around the slow moving walkers. As I made It to my truck I quickly hopped in, Becky, Billy and Boss naturally jumped into the bed of the truck. My heart sank as I could hear the blood curdling yelps from my dog Jessie, whom had been attacked by a walker they had finally figured out they could attack dogs, not wanting the three in the truck bed to face the same fate I quickly pulled off onto the road, my heart beating rapidly the sun was starting to rise and I knew I was far behind the others. Day light came and I had barely reached the spot of the highway where we had left supplies for Sophia. I got out the car and looked around. “Shit” I muttered darkly I didn’t blame them for moving on, It wasn’t safe to stay on the highway in large numbers. A piece of paper flapped in the wind. It was tucked into the windshield wiper of the car; Sophia’s supplies had been sat on. “Andrea/Bree, went east” It read, I looked around. “East it is” I muttered hopping back into my car.

: : : Meanwhile with the rest of the group : : :

Daryl sat quietly as they tried to get some rest; night had fallen and after a less than pleasant group meeting everyone was trying to rest up. Everyone had been giving rick the blues, not for killing Shane but for keeping away information that everyone carried the “walker” virus within them, He had shared this with the group in the first meeting, in the second half, it had been agreed that he was to be listened to, trusted, and the he would lead them. The groups goal now was to find a place, they could keep safe long enough to live and thrive. Carol was currently upset with Daryl for many reasons, the foremost reason being that he had left Bree behind, even though she had protested against both of their wishes, he had cost her another daughter. On top of that, he refused to take lead over the group and sided with rick. She watched him from where he stood. He was gazing out upon the road. His eyes were fixed on it. Carol found it harder and harder to be mad at him as she watched him. “He didn’t want to leave her…he just knew her mind was made up…and that she was right…the bike couldn’t carry three” Carol thought with a sigh. After Lori made sure Carl was asleep she came and sat by Carol glancing at her she looked up at Daryl shaking her head slightly “do you think she made it out?” she breathed, Carol’s eyes fluttered as she fought back tears, “ I’m not sure…..but I’ve learned not to hope…” Carol said, Glenn walked up behind the two women “hey is he ok?” Glenn asked “we don’t know” Lori whispered back “He won’t say much…” Carol added.

: : : Back to Bree : : :

Night had fallen, and my truck as slowly running out of gas, I tried to remain calm but it wasn’t working. The road was pitch black, and the woods lining it were haunting. A figure walked into the middle of the road, I was prepaid to run over it. As I went to press down on the gas it put out its arms in a halt signal. I quickly hit the brake, nearly tossing my dogs out the back of the truck. Breathing heavily I watched the shadowed figure as it let down its arm. It was tall, most defiantly a man. My heart race, it wasn’t a walker, but was he a friendly or was his intentions bad. He slowly walked to the truck. Billy and Boss jumped out of the truck snarling at first. Baring their teeth head hung low. Suddenly Billy stopped snarling, he tilted his head and began to whine, slowly his tail wagged. Before I knew it he had bolted for the shadowed man. Then I heard it, a sound I had thought never to hear for my remaining life time. “Billy boy is-is that you?” the man asked, I slowly slid out of my truck, as I did so it stopped running finally out of gas.

Either way this played out it didn’t matter I was stuck here. But I was certain I knew that voice from somewhere. The man managed to get Billy off of him, Boss and Becky tore past me as I walked, leaping onto the man happily. He was so occupied with controlling the gleeful dogs he had forgotten about me. As I got close I stood over him in shock. Watching him play with the dogs and he knelt on the ground. He knew someone was standing before him though “these are my dogs, I don’t know how on earth you managed to find them, nor do I know what strange miracle brought you to me with them….but I thank you” He said looking up at me with a smile. His smile quickly faded, and my light grey eyes latched onto his blue ones. The breath he once had seemed to leave his body and my eyes grew wider. My gaze stayed fixed upon him as he got to his feet. “Bree?” At the sound of his voice I collapsed, fainted is a better word, my world went black.

“Who is she? Where’d she come from?” I heard someone ask slightly perturbed, No answer came “hello?” It asked again rough fully this time, “shh…she’s wakin’ up” another said, My eyes fluttered open blue ones burning a hole through my face with their gaze. Arms where wrapped around my body and I was being held within someone’s arms. Arms that felt both alarmingly foreign and remarkably familiar. “rise’n’ shine Clementine” My holder called. Fear and confusion took over my shock and I began to flail around madly. “ey! Wait, calm down, Bree, Bree! Calm down Bree!” He called fighting to keep me still in his grasp. “Let me go!” I barked pushing against his chest, to my dismay he enveloped his arms around my back pressing me to his chest. Loud thundering thumps came from it, he was breathing hard. I calmed myself I knew that heart beat; I knew this man’s sent the feel of his body heat. It was him, no I hadn’t a clue in the world how, but it was. “Russell….”


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