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Of Better Angels

The Ice Age

Back at the camp site with rick and the others……

Daryl lay on his side, his eyes opened quickly as there was the sound of footsteps. Her quickly sat up, his crossbow aimed at the visitor. “Whoa, wait it’ me!” Andrea called out holding her hands in front of her. This awoke the whole group. “Andrea!” Lori said in shock. “how’d you get past all those walkers?” Glenn cut in with wide eyes. Andrea shook her head “not alone, I had a bit of help…Theres a safer place up through the woods.” She said pointing. Daryl eyed her Carol locked eyes with Daryl, her heart sinking. What would be the chances of Andrea and Bree surviving the Horde. “Did Bree help you escape? Did you see her?” Carol asked helpfully, Andrea looked at Carol sadly “no, you mean she’s not here with you?” Andrea asked looking Intently at Daryl, whom cast his eyes to the right. “She stayed behind” He said dully. Andrea nodded. “come on, it’s not safe out there…the herd is still moving…follow me” Andrea said walking off into the woods.

::: Back with Bree :::

I gawked at him; He smiled at me his smile growing slowly as he planted little kisses around my face. “St-stop it…please…” I managed to find my voice, but my words surprised me. He pulled away with a wounded expression as I closed my eyes and removed myself from his lap. I rubbed my temples, The image in my head was of Daryl, then to the torn shirt, blood, and riffle that was left behind the day I thought I had lost Russell and then, of our twins. Suddenly a burst of rage surged through my body, if he had not been dead, where had he been all this time? Why had he left me alone in that shed with the twins to find for us alone? My eyes opened and I found myself glaring at him getting to my feet. My surrounding had not occurred to me yet. “You’re not dead?” I barked at this He quickly got to his feet as well “well damn…high honey, I’m so glad you’re ok…I missed you, yeah I know I missed you too….hey can I at least get a I love you?” He sighed, my glare stayed where it was. “I thought you were dead….why’d you leave us in that damn shed if you weren’t!” I barked. Taking a step back from him. I bumped into someone, looking behind me, I saw a woman she was cloaked and hooded. She stood rigidly and her face was hidden. This threw me off, looking around; I saw we were in dimly lit Prison mess hall. I froze “where are we?” I asked “A prison….a high security prison...or at least it used to be” Russell said dryly. “Why?” I asked, the woman circled me, I glared at her, to which she laughed lightly “oh a tough one” She said in amusement. “I’d be careful…she really is” Russell said. I sighed “just what is going on here?” I asked. Russell pushed pasted the woman, and took my hand, “walk with me…I can explain it all” He said.

I followed him as he lead me out onto the front grounds, we winded through the thin halls of thru prison. “Why’d you leave us?” I questioned bitterly He sighed “I knew too much about the Virus…. They wanted you…and if they found the twins” He said darkly. “So there were no walkers left when you put us in that shed?” I asked blood boiling over. “They wanted to draw blood from you… you’re an adult but the twins..” He muttered, I wanted to deck him, square in the face, Was he really so stupid. “Oh so you were trying to save them…” I said in a low hiss, clenching my firsts tightly “was that it…” I muttered. He went to touch my shoulder I recoiled “They died anyway Russ! You weren’t there, I needed the extra pair of eyes, I couldn’t leave them in that shed by themselves while I went into the house and the nearby woods trying to find something to feed them with!” I yelled, not able to look at him. He gasped and stepped back “Bree…I” He started, “Momma, want Papa, Momma hungry, Momma want to go inside!” I yelled tear leaking from my eyes. “Their nightmares…staying up all through the mornings and nights, trying to make sure they were safe and sleeping well.” I said my voice escalating. “Bree…calm down” Russell said looking around as we where now outside. “They cried for you!” I barked pointing at him, rage burring in my eyes. “Your babies cried for you, in the end….When the walker…” I started but stopped as I heard groaning from behind me. Turning around I saw 3 walkers headed out of the forest and tot eh gate surrounding the Prison. I stepped back; Russell grabbed my waist and pulled me to him, for a second my rage melted away. I reached for my riffle only to find it was gone. Russell smirked and aimed over my shoulder with my riffle. This was really his old one. He shot the three walkers in the head, however two more walked out, and then three more. Soon it was four more. “Did the herd find it’s way back here?” I thought out loud. “they’ve been trying to lead them here on purpose for months” Russell spat bitterly. “they?” I asked as Russell shot at the walkers who were coming in threes and fours now.

Russell went to open his mouth with a familiar sound pierced through my ears. The sound of an arrow whizzing through the air “It can’t be” I breathed running to the gate. Out of the woods emerged Rick and the others. Daryl leading the front and rick the rear. Lori, Beth, Carl and Carol where in the middle while the men, Maggie and Andrea smashed and shot their way through. Taking four of my throwing knives out of my jean pockets I jumped the gate, landing with a thud I tossed the four knives, landing them into four different walker’s heads. Daryl looked up as a knife landed in the center of the walker’s in front of him, skull. His eyes brightened as he looked up at me. I smirked “oh really you thought I was that easy to get rid of?” I asked, raising his cross bow he fired killing a Walker that had hobbled its way to me. “Bree!” Carol called breaking away from the group as she ran for me, Daryl made sure her way was clear. She flung her arms around my neck. “Yeah momma I know” I said quickly pushing her behind me. I heard the gate rattle and shake, then a thud. Russell walked to my side and began picking off walkers with his riffle left and right. He walked in front of me and Carol “come one hurry! Over the fence” He called out to the others. Rick looked hesitant but quickly enlisted T-dog into helping him left the women over the fence first. While Daryl, Glenn, and Hershel picked off walkers, with Russell. Soon that same woman came running almost gliding over the gate she cut through the walkers with her kitannas like butter. Russell stood his ground as well. I took the chance to help Carol over the gate. “Come on!” I called holding out my hand to Daryl “they’ve got this come on!” I called again seeing him he was tentative. He looked back at Russell quickly before taking my hand, He grabbed my waste gently and tossed me over the gate, He quickly followed after me. His arm latched around my waste tightly “Daryl” I said softly brushing a hand through his hair. “Next time…just get on the damn bike” He said leaning in and kissing my forehead. I almost completely forgot about Russell “you better go real in your girl” The woman said smoothly, Russell looked back at me, his eyes flashed as he quickly hopped the fence. He snatched my arm pulling me away from Daryl “Hey what the hell are you doing?” Daryl called out angrily. Russell turned around to glare at Daryl but his baby face, failed him “Takin’ my Faince to safety” He growled Daryl looked taken back, but his face grew cold “Russell?” He said somewhat bitterly. The two locked eyes. “Come on we can’t waste any time we’re only egging the walkers on” The woman said waling ahead of the group. Carol ran to catch up with me nudging my side she smiled “he’s cute” She mouthed nodding towards Russell. I smiled but frowned a bit looking at a fuming Daryl. “…talk about a rock and a hard place” I muttered, turning to look at Daryl one last time, He caught my eyes, and my heart broke in half, the first full emotion I had seen in his eyes since I’ve meet him, but why did it have to be pain.

Inside the Prison the woman, Michonne said to keep our group away from theirs for a while to let us regroup. Daryl hovered over me, standing close behind me as he leered at Russell, Russell looked down at Carol and Smiled, “you gon’ introduce me to moms?” He asked flashing a charming smile, Daryl rolled his eyes. “oh yeah…Russ this is…Momma Carol…” I said taking Carol’s hand and leading her in front of me. “Glad to meet you Carol” He said Carol smiled “likewise, I’ve heard a lot about you” She said with a warm smile. Russell eyed Daryl “is that so” He said slowly “Bree’ra….who’s your friend” He said portentously, I looked back at Daryl worriedly his was sending daggers. “eh…this is Daryl…Daryl Dixon” I said awkwardly Daryl glowered “Nice to meet you..eh…Russ?” Daryl said holding out his hand, I looked at Daryl amazed, I had expected much worse, than a ridged handshake. Russell looked down at Daryl’s hand coldly before shaking it “ Daryl huh, Thanks for protecting my Bree…” He said with a devious smile, Daryl flinched “yeah whatever..” Daryl muttered, readjusting his crossbow over his shoulder. I bit my lip, this was a curved ball, I was glad to see Russell…and of course I loved him. Yet I gave Daryl much more of myself. “I’ll leave you to your man” Daryl said brushing past me swiftly. I froze glancing at Carol before running after Daryl.

“ Daryl, wait!” I called out, grasping his hand, he pulled it away from me sharply “what the hell do you expect me to do….fiancé?...who’s your friend?” He asked pointedly “I can’t help that he’s alive…and I can’t help my confusion…” I said softly “I don’t really know why I’m upset anyway…it’s not like we were ever really anything” He shot; I deflated “really?” I breathed. He stood with his back to me. “….but, at camp back in Atlanta….and at the Lab the center of disease control….” I whispered. He turned a bit. Images flooded into my mind of the unexpected kiss at the camp. Daryl and I had been at each other’s throats 24/7 when we first met, It had all started over his brother Merle. Merle had always hated me, and I him. Daryl was just being loyal to his brother. However when Daryl had lost Merle. It was obvious he was at a complete loss. I had tried being nicer to him. I knew I was breaking through his walls. But one day, he crossed the line….It came into my mind like it was yesterday…

: Flash Back :

The walkers had just attacked us in the night; we lost many within our group. Including the young Amy. Carol and Lori had patched up and splinted by broken finger, and cut side. I had obtained these wounds because of Daryl. He tackled me to the ground as a walker launched itself at me, He saved me, but is arrow stabbed my side, and he landed so that out body weight crushed my finger. I hadn’t thanked him. That same night we had gotten into another agreement, when I was trying to be kind enough to invite him to talk with me and a group of survivors, as he was sitting on his own. I was still bitter. I was joking around with Lori about how Daryl broke my finger, He over heard and took it personally I guess “ Ungrateful Nigger….” He muttered walking by” I jumped to my feet and stormed after him. Wirlling him around by the arm “what the hell it was just a joke! Damn I know your bro is gon an’ all but pull up your big boy drawls and lighten up!” I yelled He leered at me “Lighten up! We lost what 5 people, your ass would have been one of them if I haddn’t had save you, Don’t know why I did cause we’d all be better off with you gone, danger prone you attract trouble like honey does bees!” He shot back. “Oh really? All this time I’ve been trying to cheer your but hurt ass up! So tell me why’d mister hard ass save lil’ ol’ tarbaby huh?” I called “what is mister confederate? Tounge tided now? No wise ass remake!” I called after him as he went to walk away, He turned sharply and grabbed my wrist pulling my to him, she pressed his lips against mine forcefully “just shut the fuck up” he muttered softly before doing so. I froze, he pulled me closer to him. My face grew hot as his arms wrapped around me. I could feel the others looking. As he pulled away he glared at me “answer enough for you!” he barked before storming off. I stood there trying to catch my breath before quickly darting off in the opposite direction…..

: End Flash Back :

My eyes fluttered “that ment nothing?” I asked He stood still”….and the Night at the Center of Disease control….I gave myself to you. I don’t just do that….not since…the twins…” I muttered softly, he looked back at me flinching but he recovered quickly. “I never said I was with you…hell your better bodied than than Andrea or Carol, and there isn’t a lot of other wemon to choose from if you haven’t noticed…. You take what you can get” he said bitterly yet slowly as if he new he had made a mistake. “I…you…you were just?” I stammered baffled. “think about it….have I said I love you” He said sharply. I froze.. Not I wasn’t sentamenal, hadden’t been since the loss of my children, and what I thought was the loss of Russell. But at that moment, I wanted to cry, however If that’s how it really was. I forced Daryl to turn around, he leered darkly into my eyes, but as he saw the acid like tears forming in my eyes he drew back, not fast enough as a balled up my fist and connected it with his side jaw, it only turned his head, much like a slap would. “You filthy bastard…your worthless! I suppose Merle will be proud…maybe your pa to!” I yelled drawing the attention of the others. “You’re no better than Shane was…hope to die generic male… another person whom doesn’t deserve to have survived the outbreak…so many good people died yet another worthless life slipped through…your selfish…..I knew it, I knew it from day one, I was better off just hating you! “ I yelled. Leaning up into his face “you ol’d immature, crook, make your brother proud, maybe we’ll chain you up to die to, and more the better, maybe I can watch the walkers tear you apart, and then as you rise to your feet…if you still have any as one of them, I’ll dismember you peace by peace before smashing your head in….and see if any tear comes from me….” I barked. His eyes where wide by now, and tear slipped down my face, Russell came up behind me. “…I…had…” I said my voice trailing off. Russell wrapped his arms around my waste, glaring at Daryl. I threw Russell’s arms off “I don’t need either of you…or anyone” I said quickly storming off. Carol ran after me but I shook her off to. I didn’t want to be near anyone, no one, my pride was wounded, that I could trust anyone whom would hurt me, no not that, it was the sheer humiliation. I was done with people, the world was bad before, and now the hearts of men had waxed cold, and if that’s how the world was going to be, I would go cold to. Carol whipped around and glared at Daryl, whom stood there looking much like a wounded dog.


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