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Wolf in My Heart

Starting Somewhere

Eva ran as fast as she could to the large building ahead of her, the sky was heavily clouded it looked like rain was on its way. Yet it was eerily still, not even the gentlest breeze disturbed the air. All there was, was the shade and the walkers. Eva was running low on bullets maybe about 4 if she was lucky. She held her small pink Smith & Wesson 642 in her hands tightly. The large grey CDC building was getting closer and closer towering over her. She ran to the doors of the building and banged on them as hard as she could with both fists and arms. “Hello! Is anyone in there!?” she called out at the top of her voice, drawing more walkers in her direction. “Please I’ve only got a few Bullets left!” she added she paused to look back at the oncoming Walkers. Pressing her back against the door she began to fire at them until the only sound from her gun was empty clicks. “Damn it” she breathed as the walkers closed in on her. Eva bit her lip and closed her eyes sighing heavily “maybe this is no more than what I deserve” She muttered. Her eyes flew open as the door flew open and she fell backwards inside of the CDC. She looked up to see a man quickly close the door.

Eva watched him she felt she should thank him, but the more she thought about it her blood boiled “what the hell was that! It took you long enough, god you’d think people would move faster to help a woman in trouble for Christ’s sake!” Eva barked. The Man looked down at her mildly shocked, he looked very worn and sad. He was clad in Lab clothing dusty blonde hair ad dark eyes. “well” Eva said slowly her words drawn out and very sarcastic she held out her hand “are you going to help me off of the ground, or continue to look at me like I’m crazy” She said, the Man frowned and shook his head a bit before helping Eva to her feet. Eva dusted herself off, purely out of habit as after days of running from walkers and hopping Survival camps and small groups, her cloths were dusty and tattered beyond all measure and dusting herself off was completely invalid. Her eyes scanned the building, it was dark and very quiet. “Are you the only one in this place?” she asked slowly. The man frowned “No there is still Vi” He muttered “Vi?” Eva asked looking around she didn’t see anybody. “You’re nuts” she breathed flipping her hair back “but even still I suppose I should thank you” She added “You don’t have to” The Man said pausing “you can stay here for a while if you’d like” He added a bit uncomfortably and in his eyes there was something hidden something he wasn’t telling. Eva could see it, it had always been one of her best skills ready people. “Alright, that’s really chivalrous of you…uh” she said “Jenner” He said quickly “Dr. Jenner” he added, Eva nodded “I’m Eva Lane” She said with a smirk. Jenner looked down at her as if he wasn’t sure of what to make of this woman as he started to walk down a hall.

They walked a long way in complete silence, it was unnerving as it gave both people a time to reflect on things. Eva’s mind would wander off to one thing and one thing only. “How was Rick?” but she knew it was despicable as the question should have been “How was Shane?” after all He was the one she was with, He was the one she had been dating for 5 years now. He was the one who wasn’t married. Her Head also Buzzed about Carl, in her head she thought of was he safe, was he fed, had he been getting a decent amount of sleep, how he was taking this whole situation with the walkers, if he felt safe. “He’s not your kid” rang in her head. But she couldn’t stop. Ahead of her Jenner’s eyes focused on the walk way ahead of them, aimlessly. He saw his wife, and how he failed her, how he failed everyone, all because of one broken vile. He glanced back at Eva who seemed to be in deep thought to.

Finally the two came to a large room full of computers and what looked a lot like those steal lab tables from High schools. Eva looked around “you live in here?” she asked “No I work in here, the living quarters are just up the stairs” he said dryly. Eva nodded. And sat down at one of the tables. Looking around. “And it’s secure in here?” she asked quickly, Jenner cracked a small smile “it’s perfectly safe here…” he said trailing off “are you hungry?” he asked quickly, Eva looked off to the side, prideful “I’m fine” she said but on the inside her stomach was caving in like a crushed pop bottle. Her stomach then turned on her as it squirmed loudly, “oh isn’t that lovely” she muttered Jenner chuckled a bit and walked off. Eva watched him go and mentally kicked herself. Jenner returned with what looked like powdered eggs and bacon, it was early morning, so it was fitting, but Eva had never been a breakfast person. He slid the plate in front of her. “Thank you” Eva muttered not making much eye contact. Jenner nodded simply. “So…what happened to everyone else?” Eva asked biting a piece of bacon. Jenner sighed “some left to go take care of their families, others just gave up, Opted out” he said “what?” Eva asked confused “Suicide” He added in “oh…” Eva breathed dropping her piece of bacon “I’m sorry” she added, pushing away the plate. “I’m actually not that hungry.” She muttered. “Sorry didn’t mean to make thing uncomfortable for you” He added Eva looked up at him and gave him her world famous half smile “why? I asked Right? Will teach me to mind my own business yeah?” she said amused. Jenner smiled at her. “Um up the stairs…there are showers, you can take a hot bath and have your pick form the rooms up there” He added. Eva looked up the metal stairs and arched an eyebrow “you seriously have hot water?” she asked Jenner nodded “just be careful with how long you stay in there, or it’ll die out for the rest of the day” He added. “Hey I can make it quick” She said getting up and heading for the stairs.

Eva managed to find the showers, and as she let the warm water cascade over her body, washing away the dirt, filth, and caked blood, she also tried to let it wash away her thoughts. But those were stained in her mind like Cherry juice on a white shirt. Eva ran her hands through her wavy brown hair. “Why is it so hard for you to turn the damn lights out?!” She could hear Shane yell at her “Hell I pay the Bill, Officer…” She heard herself bark back. “God you’re just like a father...” she heard herself again “I am nothing like your father…and you know it!” Eva shook her head and tried to get rid of those thoughts, those were the last normal conversation she had with Shane before the outbreak, and Before Shane had come to her with the news that Rick was in a coma, and before she had seen the very same man return. He mind focused on that day, She wanted to run to him, sprint, fly. But as she went to take a step, Lori and Carl flew past her as she stood still and Rick gathered them into his arms. Her heart broke, and as Shane walked to her side, looking stunned as well all she could do was grab his hand a force a smile onto her face. Not matter how bitter it really was. As Eva closed her eyes she could see quickly clips in her memory of the one night Rick had ever been Unfaithful to Lori, The one night she used the power of her body and Alcohol to steer Rick wrong. But was she sorry for it? No. not in the least. Proud? A little, He proclaimed to be so in love with Lori, and yet if it was so true, a bit of booze shouldn’t have swerved him in the least. Was Eva proud? Eva opened her eyes and smirked remembering the night and that smirk turned into a soft smile as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and a blush crept across her face. Even drunk he was so gentle with her that night and yet so forceful, and he never once cried out “Lori”. Eva smiled wider and turned off the water grabbing the white towel she wrap edit around her toned body and headed down the hall. Was it inappropriate, probably considering, Jenner had probably been the only one in the Lab for such a long time? But it was up to him to Control his own self. Eva went looking through the empty rooms trying to find one that she felt she could take. Some of the belonging of the former residents were still in the rooms.

Finally Eva found a room, it had a few plants in it, a few magazines, however was in here was defiantly fashion forward, and like to be up to date on things. Eva could careless but this room looked like it had the most stuff to keep her busy. She dropped her cloths down on the bed, and walked over to the closet. And rummaged through the clothing. A pair of shorts, and a tank top worked out beautifully. She gathered up her old cloths and headed back out of the room. Down the hall she could spot Jenner. As she walked towards him she noticed her froze and looked her over, she held back an arrogant smirk. “I don’t suppose there’s a Washer and Dryer in this Miracle building huh?” she asked smiling playfully. Jenner was set free of his daze “actually yes” He said gesturing for Eva to follow him. She did so “so what exactly happened here?” she asked as she followed. “We worked on the Virus here…it’s obvious it went wrong, It was originally meant for good. After the outbreak labs across the world worked with one another to try and find a cure some way to stop it. But it was taking far too much time and things just got worse. Many gave up in more ways than one. A few of us stayed.” He said, Eva nodded. “Well you’re still hear right? You must count for something.” She manage to say sensing the fault in his voice. Jenner nodded stiffly.

After Eva finished loading the dryer she walked back down into the Lab, she watched in silence as Jenner watched something that looked like an MRI of someone brain, but it just didn’t look normal, and then something tore through the middle of the brain. Eva jumped bumping her bracelet against the metal railing of the stairs. Jenner turned around and looked up at her “what in the hell was that?” she asked, Jenner looked back at the MRI footage, as Eva walked to his side, gazing at the large screen. “Test Subject 19…” He said glancing down at Eva “what he virus does to a person’s brain…and the effective way to take them down when the infection has taken complete hold” He added. “You killed them? That was a bullet to the brain” Eva muttered Jenner nodded stiffly “who were they? Why would you test on a person?” Eva said critically leering at him. He looked down at her as if somewhat offended “Dr. Candice Jenner” He said darkly. Eva’s heart stopped “you-your wife….you, you tested on your wife” she stammered backing up. “No she tested on herself as a finally attempt to find a cure…” He said slowly walking away, Eva nodded and looked down at the ground, for the first time in a long time she felt like a Bitch and was not proud of it. “Look I’m sorry” She managed. “It’s alright” he said mechanically. Eva shook her head, walking up to him she rested her hand on his shoulder. “at least she left knowing she’d done something for the world all her life…that’s more than I will ever be able to say” Eva said. Jenner turned to face her. “I’m the perfect picture of a home wrecker…only I’m proud of it” she said with an amused smile. “It ain’t right…but it’s who I am, I can’t shoot folks I know who’ve turned…not strong enough, what you did took a lot of courage” She tagged on. Jenner looked down at her. “What’s your story? In a since you know mine, if we’re going to be down here with each other, might as well be friends…and I need you to take a blood test” He said. Eva smiled “damn…I hate needles” she said dryly as she sat down and held out her arm as Jenner went to find a needle.

“So I grew up close to these two families, the Grimes and the Walshes…” Eva sighed as she watched Jenner tap the Needle “all my life and I grew up with their boys, it was just us all through elementary…and then in Middle school…Lori entered the picture.” Eva added somewhat bitterly. “Not a fan of Lori?” Jenner asked sliding the Needle into Eva’s tender skin and into the Vein in her elbow. Eva winced a bit “she’s nice…she made Rick happy” she said dazed out Jenner paused and looked down at her “The Grimes boy” she added in quickly “But still I saw him first…I was there first…if you get me” Eva sighed she leaned her head back as she felt the blood being sucked from the vein. “so I hooked up with Shane…Walsh in high school after Rick and Lori were engaged…at 15…Shane was a run around…a cheater…and so was I…I just wanted Rick to see me, I wanted him to see what he was missing…Lori was beautiful…true but no more better than myself.” Eva scoffed. “Shane and I have been of again on again, But Ricks who I want…I had him once, it was underhanded bit I got him…Lori doesn’t know…and lucky I care too much about Rick and Carl to tell her…” Eva smirked. “At least you accept what you’ve done…it is a bit disturbing I’ll admit” Jenner said. Eva laughed “yeah I bet” She added. Looking up at him with her green eyes. Jenner flinched “You look like…My Candice….” He said absentmindedly pulling the needle out. “I’m sorry” Eva said simply “no I didn’t mean that…I mean It’s nice in a way, It feels like she’s hear” He added, Eva smiled “yeah I get it” she added as she watched him get to work on testing her blood. After the tests came through Jenner seemed to freeze up. “You’re Infected” he said but he wasn’t surprised, Eva panicked “B-but I’ve never been bitten or even scratched!” Eva said rushing to his side looking over the results even though she had no clue what all it said. Jenner turned to her “don’t worry, I am too, we all are…it’s just in everyone’s systems now…you can die naturally and still come back, or you and be bitten and turn right then…it doesn’t matter, although it is a Virus so…it makes sense” Jenner said dryly. Eva looked up at him distraught. “That’s just…not fair” she muttered. “Now I understand why you Wife did what she did…either way her fate was going to be the same…” Eva muttered her voice shaken. “Exactly” Jenner said. Resting a hand on Eva’s shoulder.


Basic introduction, Jenner will actually play a pretty big role in Eva's life He's what Dale was to Andrea in a since for Eva. More of Rick and Shane in person coming in the next chapter. this is really just to get some kind of feel for Eva's Character.


Please update soon!! I cant wait to see where this story goes!!! Id love for her to end up with Shane!! Love your writing!!!! :)

I couldn't stop reading once I started. Please update soon

racheljewell racheljewell

thank you will try and update soon

Dixology Dixology

I love this so much!(:

hope_is_real hope_is_real

Thank you very much, I'll try to keep updating in a good amount of time :)
I love Kate too

Dixology Dixology