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Wolf in My Heart

What Lies Ahead

The others had left, Shane, and Carl stood outside the Church whilst Rick went back in. Shane looked around it had fallen way to silent. “Do you think Eva and Sophia are ok?” Carl asked Shane, Shane hesitated but gave a nod “Sophia’s a smart kid” she said almost mimicking Eva’s words “and Eva’s tough remember she comes back form everything” Shane added, Carl nodded satisfied with the answer, but Shane was not.

Eva pushed through the forest covered in blood, her stomach lurched as she couldn’t get the smell of the rotting man in that tent out of her nose, out of her memory. She stumbled through the trees, exhausted, she hadn’t slept in two days, how could she? She was determined to find Sophia and it wasn’t safe to fall asleep in the woods. “I’ve wandered so far, I hope I can find my way back to the road when the time comes” she thought, back to the road, Ricks bright blue eyes flashed through her mind. Was he worried, was he looking for her? Was he man at her? Or did her care at all? Was he searching for Sophia too?

As these things floated in her head, Eva could see a building through the trees. “She might be there!” she breathed jogging through her knees protests. As she got closer she could hear faint talking. Eva pushed through the trees and stood in the open light of the clearing. Her eyes first landed on the top tower of the church, and slowly trailed down “Eva!” Carl cried in his excitement it was shrill and not very boyish at all. Carl nearly knocked the weaken Eva over as he rushed her hugging her tightly his head hidden in her stomach. “You’re ok” he muffled. Shane found he couldn’t breathe as he watched her stroke Carl’s hair and smiled “aren’t I always” Eva replied. “Rick” Shane called but it wasn’t ever loud as he ran to Eva “Rick!” he called again.

Carl swiftly moved aside as Shane hugged Eva, crushing her body into his he held up above the ground, kissing the top of her head, “ You gotta stop doing this” he said through his kisses. “Sorry, did you find Sophia?” Eva asked as he set her down. Shane rubbed her cheek with his thumb tenderly “no, but we’ve found you that’s enough for now” he said. “What wrong, Shane!” Rick came to a stop mid stride as he got half way to Shane.

“Eva” he breathed in a soft relief filled laugh. Eva smiled at him and nodded, “Eva” he said again walking to her he pulled her into a hug, Eva patted his back as he held her a moment. Rick had almost forgotten that Shane was there, He was just happy to feel her warmth, her breath, her beating heart. She wasn’t dead, he could touch her, and she wasn’t a walker. He just wanted the moment. “It’s ok Rick” she muttered softly even though it pained her, even though she didn’t want him to let her go, she wanted to hold onto this feeling, she could feel his chest heave against her own, his strong solid grip. The way he had curled his body over hers in the embrace. The musty sweat driven sent mingled in with the natural hint of incense that somehow always lingered on him. But there was still a very pressing matter, she pushed Rick away, a pain rushed through his heart, “did you find Sophia?” she asked looking deep into his eyes searching them.

Rick blinked and opened his mouth but no words came out instead he shook his head. Eva sighed and closed her eyes “we were going to look a bit more when you came, we’ll find her for sure with the four of us” Carl said, Eva turned to the boy and smiled “right of course we will”.



Please update soon!! I cant wait to see where this story goes!!! Id love for her to end up with Shane!! Love your writing!!!! :)

I couldn't stop reading once I started. Please update soon

racheljewell racheljewell

thank you will try and update soon

Dixology Dixology

I love this so much!(:

hope_is_real hope_is_real

Thank you very much, I'll try to keep updating in a good amount of time :)
I love Kate too

Dixology Dixology