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Wolf in My Heart

What Lies Ahead pt.2

Eva walked between Shane and Rick, Carl ahead of them as they searched the woods. “I’ve been all over this forest, I can’t find her” Eva muttered. “She was leaving these marks on the trees, I followed them for a while, but then they faded and then stopped all together. I tried going a different way but still nothing” Eva sighed, and looked ahead of her watching Carl. “I’m you guys were out here, I couldn’t bring myself to turn and head back for the road, even if I could remember the way” She confessed. Shane rubbed her arm as they walked “it’s alright now” He said “we’ll find Sophia, we’re not giving up” Rick said, Eva nodded, and looked head what she saw took her breath away, the four of them stood around each other.

A large stag stood before them, he lifted his regal head and turned to look at them. His eyes landing on Carl. “Dad look!” Carl whispered excitedly his eyes glowing like stars as he watched the Stag watching him. “He’s looking right at you” Eva gasped quietly Rick gave Carl a nudge “go touch him” He urged, “Do you think I can?” He asked never once taking his eyes off him “yeah bud, go on” Eva said nudging him as well. Carl nodded and slowly but surely walked over.

He was careful not to be loud or move to fast. Closer now, Eva held her breath her hands reached out to either side of her gripping Rick and Shane’s sleeves. A grin stuck on her face “your almost there” she whispered, Carl’s foot stepped on a twig, the soft snap, made him freeze. His eyes were still on the Deer, who other than twitching his ears seemed unaffected by the sound. Carl smiled again and continued, he slowly reached out his hand. Eva’s heart jumped and flipped around in her chest, her lungs begging for air but she just could not breathe. “There you go!” her mind cheered as Carl’s hand was inches away from the Stag.

Eva’s eyes wavered up at an impression behind Carl and the stag. When her eyes focused on the red flannel pattern her eyes widened. “No” she thought.
The deer fell to the ground, and time slowed to a crushing pace as Carl fell back as well, “No!” Eva called Leaping over to him “Carl!” Rick called Eva slid falling to her knees she caught Carl before his body hit the ground. “Carl!” she shrieked holding in tight like an infant in her arms “Carl!” Rick called taking him from her he held him close, blood pooled on the child’s shirt. A round man watched in horror from behind the deer carcass. Eva’s body shook as she saw red, she turned to the man tears falling “You!” she screamed murderously “I-I didn’t see him I swear!” He called “I kill you!” Shane growled running past Eva he shoved his riffle to the man’s head “Please don’t!” He cried in fear. “Shane No!” Eva called halting as Rick cried were tearing at her heart, “Carl!” He cried. Eva sucked in her fear, her anger, her pain, and grabbed the Man by the collar “You!” she yelled at him her eyes boiling with white hot fire behind dammed tears “What’s your name?” she asked “O-Otis” He stammered, Eva flung him back and pointed her Machete at him “Take us to help or you die here!” She growled, Otis nodded vigorously, his double chin slapping against his thick neck. “Of course come on this way I know someone who can help!” he said. Rick scooped Carl into his arms and they ran.

Carl’s arms flailed lifelessly in as he lay in Ricks arms, miles they ran through the woods, until they hit clear acres of yellow grass. Up head was a farm, and a small white house. A woman sat on the porch in a rocking chair, she seemed to watch them for a moment before umping to her feet. Otis lead the three of them up the stair of the house “Otis what have you done?” The woman asked quickly, but he stayed silent leading them into the house. An Elderly man rose from the sofa “what’s going on?” he asked. “This boy needs your help, I-I shot him, I didn’t mean too, Christ I didn’t mean to I didn’t see him!” Otis sobbed, “Help my son, you gotta help my son” Rick yelled half insane, “He’s, He’s” Rick stammered. A few of Eva’s tears slipped down, and Shane had become stone. “Right hurry get him to the back” the elderly man said leading the way.

In the back room sat two young girls, they stood quickly “Maggie, Beth help me lay the boy down!” Hershel ordered, the girls ran to him without a word and did as asked. Rick shook form head to toe as she watched them fuss over Carl, the elderly man seemed skilled and looked like her knew what he was doing as he applied pressure to Carl’s chest. “Get him out of here…he’ll be distracting” Hershel ordered “He ain’t go’n nowhere” Shane spoke hollowly. The old man nodded, “very well, but seeing this won’t help him much either” he said. Eva snaked her arms around Rick, pulling him to her she held him tightly, hiding his face in her neck, as he watched the old man and the girls work on Carl, tears rolling down his face in unrelenting waves as he sobbed. Her heart cracked, and felt as if someone were peeling it with a knife. She whispered things to him resting her head on top of his. She was going to be strong this time for him, and for Carl. Eva looked up at Shane to see he had a blank stare as he watched the old man work. She had to be strong this time for all of them.

The elderly man, who had introduced himself as Hershel Greene, had managed to get Carl stable for the time being. Eva breathed a bit easier now, she hovered over Carl and stroked his hair while Shane was out talking to Rick trying to bring him back from the void he was quickly slipping into. “I’m so sorry” Eva muttered, a tear slipped form her eye and land on Carl’s cheek. “We told you to go out and touch that deer…we shouldn’t have “ she sniffled wiping her face “of course someone would be hunting a deer…its survival of the fittest now, deer don’t just run around free, not anymore” She whispered, “ god forbid we have one happy moment” she muttered with a bitter smile. “ You are your fathers son, you’ll pull through” she whispered kissing Carl’s for head “you’ll pull through.” Eva looked up as Hershel entered the room. “Are you the boy’s mother?” he asked, Eva glanced down at Carl with a soft gaze, and wiped her tears once more “No, but close…I’m…I’m his God mother” Eva said, of course she wasn’t not officially Lori would never have it even though Rick begged her to appoint Eva as such. “Is he going to be ok?” She asked, Hershel nodded a bit “for now I got one fragment out and stabilized the bleeding, but I’m going to need medical supplies if I am going to save the boy” Hershel stated, Rick and Shane had been lingering in the doorway. “Maggie’s gone to g o get Lori and bring her here” Rick spoke hollowly. Eva stood up “maybe I should go with her” she said, Rick shook her head “Please stay” he said pausing “…I need you to stay” his voice was low and weak and Eva found she was rooted to the spot as she nodded.

“The bleeding has only stopped because of the cream I put on it, however” Rick looked up at Hershel’s words “that was the last of the cream I had, Carl’s going to die if I cannot stop the bleeding” Eva’s heart stopped “I need medical supplies.” He stated again. Eva’s hands trembled at her sides, and Rick was barely there. Shane looked at them, and then to Carl, tears spilled out of Eva’s unwilling eyes, and Shane’s heart shattered, “fine I’ll go, I’ll go and find some” Rick stated “No” Shane called out “no, Carl needs you here, you can’t go off this time, your boy needs you” Shane said, as much as it pained him. Rick looked up at Shane blinking away what was left of his tears. “You need to be here for Carl, He needs you” Shane said poking Rick’s chest. “I’ll go” he said, looking up he looked to Hershel “is there anywhere around here I can get what you need?” he asked, Blood started to seep through the sheets around Carl’s chest, Eva gasped and balled the sheets up pressing them to carl’s chest stopping the blood flow. “There’s a FEMA base in town, it’s been overrun but they would have what I need.” Hershel stated walking over to Eva he relieved her of the job.

Eva looked up at Shane “Overrun?” she asked standing up she walked to his side “then I’ll go too, there’s no way you can take that alone” she said, Shane’s gazed at her with a soft seriousness resting his hand on her arm. “No, Like I said Rick needs to be here for Carl” he paused, hating the words that were coming from his mouth “and you need to be here for Rick…otherwise he’s gon’ lose it” Shane said. Eva shook her head “you can’t go alone Shane you don’t even know where this place it!” she barked. “He won’t be alone, I’ll go, it’s the least I can do, I have to make this right” Otis said entering the room. “See I’m not alone, I’ll be back quick, and we’ll run in an’ run out” Shane said with a voice full of determination and self-assurance.

Fear rose in Eva’s chest as she watched Shane get ready to leave, she followed him around not because she wanted o but because she couldn’t bring herself not to. “Hey it’s going to be ok, Carl’s going to be fine” He said, Eva shook her head “yes I know that, that not it” Eva said, her eyes burning with the salt of her tears “But are you going to be fine?” she asked. He pissed her off, He wasn’t Rick, he got under her skin, he was vain, but one thing remained. He was her friend, He was her best friend, and somewhere in her twisted plans to get to Rick, he had left a mark, a deep impression on her heart. Shane turned around and smiled drawing her close he rested his head on top of hers. “I’m going to be fine, it’ll be a quick in and out thing, when have I ever let you down?” Shane asked, Eva opened her mouth to answer and he held her tighter “when it really mattered” he added. Eva fell silent, “never” she managed. Shane pulled her away and brought his lips to hers. Leaning into her deeply, he parted her lips with his tongue, strengthening his kiss, He wanted her to believe all the reasons he had to come back, yet he wanted to leave her with one last kiss to remember him by if his own words should fail him.

Shane drew back as Otis called for him “you ready?” he asked, Shane nodded, turning to Eva he gazed into her eyes once more and gave her hand a squeeze. As he went to turn away Eva grabbed his arm pulling him back to her. She stood on the tips of her toes and crashed her lip to his, flowing over him like a wave, She was going to give him a reason to return. Her kiss was hard as she gripped the front of his shirt pulling him deeper into it, she withdrew panting as she looked up at him. Shane gazed at her and Nodded, “I’ve got a promise I need to hold, you ain’t got nothing to worry about” He assured brushing her hair back. With that he turned and followed Otis to his truck.


I have no clue why all of it didn't make it through the first time guys. sorry about that.


Please update soon!! I cant wait to see where this story goes!!! Id love for her to end up with Shane!! Love your writing!!!! :)

I couldn't stop reading once I started. Please update soon

racheljewell racheljewell

thank you will try and update soon

Dixology Dixology

I love this so much!(:

hope_is_real hope_is_real

Thank you very much, I'll try to keep updating in a good amount of time :)
I love Kate too

Dixology Dixology