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Wolf in My Heart

Broken Thoughts

“It’s called Respaphil” Eva sighed as she steered the car down the isolated road. Daryl gazed out the window with bored eyes as he watched a walker limping it’s way long in the distance. “Respaphil huh?” He muttered. “whats that for?” He asked. “I’ll just say Shane's just about got everything under the sun” Eva spoke in a small voice “He stopped taking it a long time ago, because he felt he didn't need it....and because” Eva trailed off and her eyes clouded over. Feeling the change in the air Daryl looked towards her “Because?” he asked arching a brow. “It” Eva spoke slowly “It would have stopped him, from doing something that needed to be done” Daryl watched her, but Eva wasn't giving up anymore information. “All I can say is that, if we don’t get this for him, things are going to get hairy, far more hairy than what happened to Otis” Eva said snapping out of her haze she glanced at Daryl who nodded “right, then Respaphil it is” He muttered.

Daryl and Eva had spent hours searching through medicine cabinets for Respaphil, but no one had it. “I don’t understand” Eva muttered as she and Daryl exited out of the last house “what?” He asked “Its a generic of a brand name well known medicine, and while yes the Brand name is in the hundreds as far as cost Respaphil is barely over 50 bucks” Eva rubbed her temples as she spoke “so, it should be everywhere” Daryl finished “I mean it’s used for every mental issue under the sun even simple shit like General anxiety and mild depression...everyone in the whole damn world has both of those” Eva growled. “we’ll find it, we still have a few stores to check out” Daryl tried to reassure her, He’d never seen Eva so determined or focused. it was almost out of the character he had perceived for her. “yeah, yeah you’re right” Eva sighed and looked around. It was a quiet day, and the street seemed clear of walkers. She tried to relax. “then lets try the drug store, that's got the best odds now”

Shane walked around the farm, it had been hours now and he was sure Eva had to have been back. Rick had Lori tied up int he room watching over Carl with him. His anger was rising and his confusion growing by the second. It shouldn't bother him, he had Eva, she was sexy, adorable, she knew him, better than he could ever know himself. Eva never stayed mad at him, she trusted him. She wasn't Lori, she would never shun him like Lori. But then why? Why was it all he could think about was still Lori. Looking up Shane spotted Andrea on top of the RV. “Hey you!” Shane called out to her striding over with as much intimidation as he could muster up. Andrea looked down at him as if unimpressed and scowled slightly “I have a name” she said sarcastically “yeah, and I don’t feel like using it right now” Shane said quickly stopping at the base of the RV he looked up at her using his hand to shield his eyes form the sun. “what do you want?” Andrea asked annoyed. “You seen Eva anywhere?” Shane asked. A coy smile found it’s way on Andrea’s face. “she’s still in town” Andrea paused and simpered a bit in her seat she stroked her pistol softly “with Daryl” she added in a slow lingering pause, toying with Shane's insecurity.

Andrea looked down at Shane to see if she had spurred a reaction. It’s not all the way that she hated him, Eva’s was her friend, and he was a fuck up most of the time, but that didn’t give her reason to hate him. No, her problem with Shane had been that she didn’t hate him. From the very moment she’d laid eyes on him, she had been attracted to him, but he was untouchable as the only thing she had close to a friend, loved him.

Shane huffed and looked around “well” he started. “i’m sure she’ll be back soon” he turned around to head back to the house “thanks anyway” He grumbled.

Back in town,

Daryl and Eva ransacked the Drug store. “You go on and head back to the pharmacy I’m gonna gather what I can to take back, check for walkers” Daryl stated opening up a plastic bag that had been laying on the floor. Eva took her pistol into her hands and nodded “alright meet me back there” She said before splitting up. Eva sighed and rested her gun down on the service desk at the “Pick Ups” booth at the Pharmacy. “please be back here” she muttered before carefully hopping over the desk and into the back. Grabbing her gun she made her way to the rows of tossed abandoned medicines in paper pick up bags. “Viseril, Clonapine, Oxys...” Eva’s eyes shifted as she looked around she swiped them all off the rack and stuffed them into her bag “we might actually need these at some point” she muttered.

Row after row, after row, and Eva found no Respaphil. She right only one more row left. “I cannot go back to him empty handed” she thought she could hear faint soft moaning. Slowly she raised her gun and prepared to round the corner, “must be a walker whose gotten stuck or something” she thought, even still something about the sound was different, out of sync “two of them?” she thought, fear was starting to rise what it it were a small group, she couldn’t possibly handle them all in such a small space. With a gulp she pushed back her fear and rounded the corner gun aimed, “AHHHHHHHHH!”

Daryl tied his plastic bag around his wrist and swung his bow off his back running towards the screams “Eva!” he called bounding down the isles. “Eva!” he called again but everything had suddenly fell silent. “Ev-” Daryl came to a halt, nearly out of breath as she watched him while she exited out of the side door to the pick ups. “what was all that screaming for you nearly gave me a heart attack!” Daryl backed. Eva smirked and glanced back at the doors “I’ll tell you in the car.....it was shock, turns out I really should have knocked” Eva said chuckling. Daryl peeked his head around her to the door “whose in there?” he asked “Glen” Eva said in a sing a song voice as she went to walk off “and he ain’t in there with the respaphil so lets go” She called, Daryl took one last look at the door “just tell me was it the blonde daughter or the strawberry daughter?” Daryl called after Eva laughing. Eva stopped next to him in the entry way to the drug store as she door slid closed behind them “Glen likes fruit” Eva snickered. “so where to next?” She asked, Daryl smirked and pointed to a daycare.

It had been hours, Shane paced back and fourth on top of the RV having relieved Andrea as an excuse to get up high so he would see Eva return. Only thing was, it seemed like that wouldn’t be anytime soon. Anger had turned into a nagging worry as it was becoming well past noon. Shane sat down in the lawn chair, and laid his pistol in his lap. with a heavy sigh he ran his hand over his head. “Maybe I should just go in to town” He He muttered, but he felt like his feet were grounded there at the farm. Grounded to Carl, and Lori, Shane knew it wasn’t supposed to be like that, and with Eva not knowing it was enough to drive him crazy. Shane sighed again and tapped his leg up and down, It seemed he was piling up more and more secrets, more and more quilt. He wasn’t like that, he was loyal...Then again maybe that was the very thing causing him so much trouble.

Daryl eyed Eva as she sat in the passengers seat of the car, they were pulling into the farm, not empty handed but even still no Resphapil. Eva chewed on her tongue as she and Daryl got out of the car. Her eyes fell on a triumphant but clearly shaken Glenn. Upon seeing him Daryl and Eva exchanged glances and tried not to snicker. “Hey you’re back!” Glenn called out to them clearing his throat awkwardly as he ran to meet them. “yeah and you look like hell, what happened to you?” Daryl asked slightly teasing him. “ha ha, it’s not that, We just got a big fat walker out of the well, I had to lasso him....although Maggie's mad....” Glenn said quickly turning to Eva “um about back at the drug store” he stammered Eva held her hands in the air and winked at him “Hey I get it you’re secrets safe with us, I know a thing or two about that, Me and Daryl, just two blind mice” Eva said in a airy way, Glen looked over to Daryl who gave a short nod. “thanks” He said with lots of relief and a smile before running off to find Maggie. “I’m gonna take what we found to rick” Daryl stated “here” Eva held out a plastic bag full of medicine, “take these to Jenner please, I think he’ll know what to do with them best, as well as when they should be used” She added, Daryl nodded his eyes quickly glancing up behind her. “incoming” He muttered with dry air before walking off briskly. “incoming” Eva muttered, she sighed and braced herself “Shane?” she turned around with a smile, a held bitter smile expecting him to rage. But something else happened.

“Had me half out of my mind here” He said pulling her into a hug, his huge body curled over and around her own. Eva tensed in shock, really no yelling, do jumping to conclusions. Shane rubbed her back and pressed Eva closer to him. Slowly she hugged him back “I’m sorry” Eva paused and shook her head “we had to look everywhere, we found other things for the group as a whole but, but no respaphil” Eva admitted, Shane sighed heavily and pulled away from her, he touched her shoulder and rubbed it “don’t worry about it I’m fine” he said with a smile, but Eva knew better, and what’s more she knew he knew better too, his eyes told her so. “so uh” Shane hummed “They’re letting us stay here, until Carl heals up, gives us time to look for that girl” Shane said scratching behind his ear, determined to change the subject. Eva beamed “really?” upon seeing her face glow Shane smiled “yeah” he manged touching the side of her face “Great! first thing in the morning, I want to go look for her” Eva said with resolve, Shane frowned for a brief second he didn’t believe Sophia was still out there, he couldn’t believe in it. Nothing had gone right since they started looking for the kid, Carl got shot. Himself, Rick, and Eva nearly killed themselves trying to help Carl, and then there was Otis. He didn’t like it, but that smile on her face. “I've got to go see Carol, and check on Carl and Jenner” Eva gave Shane a tight hug and a quick kiss before darting off. Shane watched her bolt into the Greene house, as she did so out came Lori, leering pointedly at Eva as she raced past her. Shane bit his tongue he could almost see their animosity. Lori looked up at him and held his eyes. Neither aware of Eva who had halted just beyond the door.

She watched them look at each other, her blood a boil, she clenched her fists. Tempted, oh so tempted to rip Lori a new one, her arms shook. As long as Lori had Rick she wasn’t allowed anywhere near Shane, He was hers until the time She could claim he heart that really belonged to her. Eva sucked in her cheeks and her eyes turned cold as she though about it, how stupid Lori had to have been, Who could look at another man if they were at Ricks side. Lori had his child, and his love. “She doesn’t even see how lucky she is the stupid-” Eva’s thoughts where ripped away as a hand laid on her shoulder.

“Eva” Andrea called eyeing Lori as she stepped out off of the porch, headed for Shane. Eva went to speak and Andrea gave her a sympathetic smile. “don’t worry I’ve got you” she whispered leaving Eva’s side she went after Lori. Eva watched confused but took the chance and headed to make all of her stops.

After vising Carol, Eva headed to Carol’s room. Walking through the door, she smiled seeing him sleeping peacefully. “hows he doing?” she asked keeping her voice low. Rick turned to look at her, he smiled a bit, he looked tired. “better” he said glancing back at him, “Hershel said we could stay until he heals up” Eva nodded “I heard, Shane told me not to long ago” Eva offered a soft smile as she neared him. “It’s great, it’ll give you time to breath for a while” She added touching his shoulder tenderly. Rick’s eyes stuck to her hand, was it okay to touch it? of course it was she was his best friend, since childhood. why wouldn’t it be?

Rick took her hand in his “no, we gotta find Sophia” He added, he would love to rest, and her soft voice, made him want to sleep right then and there, but he couldn’t there was still so much to do. “Rick” Eva said sternly, Rick cracked a smile again at her tone, he knew that tone, and he was a very mild bit of trouble. “There are over 5 of us, who are in perfectly good shape, who can go out a look for Sophia, it’s not going to put us in a jam in you stay and rest.” She lectured, Rick shook his head and peered up at her. his eyes crinkling with his playful smile and Eva couldn’t take it, thinking about how Lori eyed Shane, she couldn’t understand it. “You’ve been going since waking up from your coma” She said, her voice came out weaker than she had imagined it would. She didn’t like to talk about that, she didn’t like to remember how it felt to hear that he had been shot, or that he wasn’t waking up. She didn’t like remembering the bitter battle she had to take with Lori to even be allowed to see him. seeing him hooked to the machines, color gone form his face, how still he was. She’d rather Lori keep him forever than to ever see him like that again.

Rick watched her as she stayed silent for a while, looking at her hand in his. “Eva?” He questioned slowly, giving her hand a light squeeze. “besides” Eva started slightly dazed “Your son needs you, he seems calmer, when you’re near” She added slowly coming back into the present time. Rick looked over to Carl and smiled “yeah” he said with a bit of pride. Eva smiled as she looked at them. “he’s just like you” she said softly a fond a pure smile coming to her face. Rick looked back to her “actually I think he takes after his god mother quiet a bit too, heals fast” he added. the air became heavy, in Rick mind he could remember Eva in the middle of summer, in sweat pants and turtle necks. he frowned. Eva twitched a bit and adverted her eyes, by instinct her rubbed her arm before looking at him again. “yeah well, I don’t have to heal fast anymore” She whispered, and against her better judgement she leaned forward, and Kissed Rick softly on the cheek. Inwardly giggling at the someone rough feeling of stubble as her chin brushed against his jawline and the tickle of his breath against her cheek.
Ricks heart stopped as he watched her pull back and briskly leave the room as if nothing happened.

Jenner laid down his book when Eva entered the room, she had on that face again. Jenner sighed and went to speak but Eva spoke first sitting on the edge of the bed “I think my plans falling apart” she said “or I am” she glanced at him “everythings all messed up now it’s not within my plan” she muttered. “You couldn’t have thought everything was going to go as plan” Jenner stated, Eva turned to look at him “Lori, Rick, Shane they’re people not puppets” Jenner said. Eva nodded “I know that” she growled clentching the sheets. “but she’s so, so....” Eva shook her head and trailed off “Ungrateful! and spoiled!” she hissed her voiced slightly raised. “I know now, I know now, what she’s done” she added glancing over at Jenner. He flintched a bit, in her eyes were snake fangs, and they dripped with poison, a frightening sort of anger. the Kind of Anger that causes those odd stories on the news. “to Lay with anyone else” Eva rose to her feet and paced, “He went all the way to Atlanta to find her!” she barked as she stopped and pointing at the door. “I hate her Jenner...I hate her for doing that to him, because when he finds out....it won’t even matter, he’s just going to forgive her” she growled clentching her fist “because he loves her” these words came from her mouth with so much bitterness “stupid bitch” Eva mumbled calming down “I’d give my life, for one day with a man who would be there for me, and only me” these words were small, Jenner exhaled at the quick change in her mood, and her green eyes looked so sad. eyes that reminded him of his wife, eyes that should never have to look sad. “you have shane” Jenner reasoned, Eva shook her head “I don’t” her voice was small. “she’s taken him too” Eva mummbled looking very much like a child at that moment, she quickly fled hte room before Jenner could speak again. he sighed and laid down, looking at the ceiling. “maybe I could talk Shane” Jenner thought, turning his head and looked towards the door. “or Lori”....


Sorry been gone for a long long time D: computer totally died but I am back now. and updating. I've got a surprise within the next couple of chapters.


Please update soon!! I cant wait to see where this story goes!!! Id love for her to end up with Shane!! Love your writing!!!! :)

I couldn't stop reading once I started. Please update soon

racheljewell racheljewell

thank you will try and update soon

Dixology Dixology

I love this so much!(:

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Thank you very much, I'll try to keep updating in a good amount of time :)
I love Kate too

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