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Wolf in My Heart

Pig and Pepper

There was a loud crash as Eva pushed Shane off of her and sent him onto the floor on top of the empty bottle. “Damn it, what was that for!” Shane cursed rolling over with drunken lag. Eva rushed and put back on her cloths, fuming, she stormed out of the room. How dare he? Was all she could think, she glared at the door to the grimes family room as she bolted past it. “Eva, Eva come on, come back!” Shane called leaning out of their room. Rick popped his head out of his room and looked between Shane and Eva who was still flying down the hall. “What happened?” He asked Shane “Man I don’t know, I’m going to bed” Shane grumbled sliding back into the room, Rick sighed and followed suit. Eva walked down the stairs into the lab and sat down at a table. Holding her head in her hands. Suddenly she slammed her fist down onto the table twice out of anger and frustration. Jenner finally cleared his throat from his seat near the computer boards. Eva looked up at him dully “something go wrong?” He asked with a blank expression. Eva glared down at the ground “she’s gotten them both under her pretty little thumbs” she muttered. Jenner nodded “He called out Lori” She said even lower “so he wasn’t a Surgut for Rick himself?” Jenner asked. Eva stayed quiet. “You can’t do something to someone….and be upset when it comes back around to you too” Jenner said calmly “that’s not how things work” He added. Eva sighed. “I don’t give a rat’s rear end, she can’t have them both!” Eva snapped “I was here first and now? Now what, I feel like I….” Eva stopped talking as Rick came down the stairs, she watched him warily “Jenner…can we have a talk?” He asked Eva slowly stood up “You don’t have to leave” Rick assured her, “No Rick…it’s best I just go to bed” Eva muttered before walking off.

Eva stopped at her door to her room, full prepared to having a shouting match with Shane that would kick him back into soberness, and then kick him out of the room. She pushed open the door and crossed her arms. Her eyes went to Shane’s face as he slept on the bed, and her former anger melted away. She frowned at herself, and sighed, she hated how she could never be mad at him for anything. Ever since they were young, he would either talk his way out, butter her up and then it was just that face. Eva sighed and walked over to the bed in defeat. She crawled over him and spooned herself around him from behind. “I hate your face” She muttered softly into his ear. Shane smirked and opened one eye groggily stating “Lie, you love my face…” almost as if he had forgotten why she had left in the first place. Eva sighed and rolled over to her other side and gazed at the wall. So she had lost.

The next morning Eva awoke early Shane had managed to steal all of the covered from her, and was halfway hanging off of the bed “and I thought I was a wild sleeper” Eva muttered ruffling her hair, she crawled over him and grabbed some of the spare female clothing in the room before heading off towards the showers. Looking ahead of her blankly all she could think about was the other night rage slowly building up in her as she thought of how Lori was so two faced. A smirk then came to her lips, this meant part of her hunch that she had, had for weeks now was true. Lori did have a thing for Shane to, which was a step to unfaithfulness. Looking up Eva glared hard at Lori both girls were headed to the showers Eva pointed at her evilly “you little old Bit-“ Eva stopped herself as Rick walked out of the shower stall. “Morning Lori” she called instead with a sweet and yet tired smile. Lori glared at her for being so conniving. Lori opened the shower door “aren’t you gonna say good morning Lor?” Rick asked Lori quietly, “no” Lori said stiffly walking into the shower and closing the door. Eva looked down at the ground as if her feels had been hurt. “I’m sorry Eva…look I’m sure she’s not meaning to be like this…it’s just the stress” Rick said resting his hand on her arm. Eva looked down at is hand and covered it with her own, smiling up at him. She was acting like her wasn’t going crazy on the inside. He was dripping wet, a white towel resting around his hips, hiding his gifts. His beautifully curly hair tossed and soaked, water droplets clinging to his stubble “I know I’ll try to remember that…I understand” Eva replied she tilted her head “I’d be stressed too if you were my husband and I thought I lost you” she said turning to enter the shower Rick blinked and watched her “but Lori’s fortunate, you always come back” she added vanishing into the shower. Rick stood there for a moment before going to back to his room “sure she didn’t come on rick” He thought to himself tightening his towel, flash backs came to him about his one night with her years ago. He took in a deep breath and closed his eyes halting. “No, she’s you best friends girl and your married pull yourself together” Rick thought sighing.

Eva giggled to herself in the shower, letting the water glide over her body, she felt so giddy. Looking at her arm where he had touched her and smirked. Turning off the shower she wrapped a towel around her and stepped out. Looking to the side she saw Lori stepping out of her shower as well. They glared at each other, friction filled the air. Eva smirked with malice “Look miss prissy, stay away from my dude, or you’ll have a bigger problem than walkers” She hissed in a playful tone but her eyes were white hot fire. Lori still held her glare “yeah well you tell him that” Lori said simply. Eva growled deep within her throat and raised her hand as if to just smack her. But Eva took deep breaths and calmed herself down. Lower her hand she turned her back to Lori “Bitch” she grumbled before walking off.va danced around happily while helping T-dog make powdered eggs she hummed a little tune. Glenn sat at the table holding his head and groaning “poor guy can’t hold his liquor” Eva sighed as T-dog placed a plate in front of Glenn. “ugh…oh god” Glenn moaned, Eva laughed and shrugged. “How is it you aren’t hung over?” Glenn asked Eva winked at him “practiced Pro at drinking” she said proudly Glenn groaned again. “Morning Lovely!” Eva called as a drunk Andrea strolled in holding her stomach “there isn’t anything Lovely about me, I was up all night barfing” Andrea croaked, Eva shook her head “such light weights” she stated handing Andrea some eggs , Andrea looked down at them and then back up at Eva “you’re kidding right?” she asked “hey! Eggs are what you’re supposed to eat for breakfast” T-dog called defensively “Not.when.hungover” Andrea said with a nauseous burp. By now everyone had piled in. Rick was just getting over his hangover, Lori was fussing over Carl, and Carol was fussing over Sophia. Daryl seemed to be fine as well. Jacqui hadn’t had a drink and neither did Dale. Shane stumbled in and smiled at Eva, she looked at him dully and sat down at the table “there’s eggs if you want some” she said dryly. Shane sighed “alright” he said going to stove to make himself a plate. “What’s going on with you two?” Andrea whispered leaning over to Eva “long ass story” Eva whispered back, Andrea nodded and picked at her eggs.

“Oh here rick, Aspirin, Dr.Jenner gave it to me” Lori said handing Rick a Bottle of Pills. “Oh come on Lori be a real lady message you man’s temples” Eva stated as she had gotten up and walked to stand behind Shane, who looked confused as she rubbed his temples gently with her fingertips. How as his own headache was starting to fade away he did not protest. “Confuses the hell outa me but my girls good” Shane commented looking at Lori with a serious expression. Rick wasn’t about to get his hopes up “nah this is perfectly fine” he said opening the bottle and taking two with a glass of water. Eva draped her arms around Shane’s neck and shoulders leaning on him resting her head on top of his “you two make me sick” Andrea said playfully “I know aren’t they sweet, Sweethearts since high school” Rick commented. “Yeah if off and on again counts” Eva sighed “hey it counts you’re still here right?” Shane asked egotistically and Eva rolled her eyes “keep telling yourself that” she muttered “hey Shane where did you get these?” Eva asked running her hand over some scars he had, she hadn’t noticed them before. “I don’t know musta did it in my sleep” he managed, Eva was quiet as she looked up to Lori gripping at Shane’s shirt her fists shaking with anger, thinking the scars to have been from a different situation then what they really were. “I’ve never known you to do that” rick stated. "Not like me at all," Shane said looking Lori dead on, she lowered her head a bit and Eva wanted to leap across the table. She let go of Shane and went to walk out of the kitchen, she bumped into Jenner she looked up at him as he gave her a calm stare she turned around and walked back in with him. “So what’s going on out there with the walkers, and why are you the only one left what happened here?” Dale asked “yeah I mean we didn’t come her for eggs” Andrea chimed in. “hey cut the guy a break, he let us in, shared his wine, fed us and now he just woke up so he’s probably tired…you’re all to hung over to understand anything anyway” Eva said in Jenner defense. He rested a hand on her shoulder “no there right” he said, “follow me”

Eva stood at Jenner side as he showed the Video of his wife, of her brain activity "Experience, memories. Somewhere in all that organic wiring is you. The thing that makes you unique and human,” Jenner stated as the group watched in amazement watching the lights go off in the Kat scan showing the brain activity. The lights began to dance violently and then one by one slowly at first and the faster, the lights went out. “What just happened?” Carol asked timidly “she died” Jenner said numbly. Eva grabbed his hand and rubbed it gently. He looked down at her with thankful eyes. "The display shows the virus attacking the brain. The brain goes obscure the body dies. Everything you were or ever will be. Gone," he explained, Sophia shuddered a bit and tugged at her mother’s shirt “is that what happened to Jim?” She asked timidly, Carol hesitated for a moment but nodded “yes” she said taking in a breath. Andrea looked down at her feet and Ava sighed heavily giving her an honest look of pity “Andrea lost her sister Amy, to a walker…she turned” Lori stated Jenner nodded and looked to Andrea "I lost somebody, too. I know how devastating it is," Jenner offered. Andrea nodded slightly and sniffed. Jenner cleared his throat and changed the display “the second event is TS-19's resurrection” he said as some lights in the very back of the brain started to turn on. “The, the virus restarts the brain?” Lori asked Jenner shook his head stiffly “only the brain stem” he correct. "The human part ....the you part, that doesn't come back." He warned darkly a bullet flew through TS-19’s head and she finally lay still Eva cringed “you shot her didn’t you?” Andrea asked “I had to, it wasn’t her anymore” he said lowly. “Know what the disease is or how to treat it….nor have I had any contact with anyone else about it…I think the French where the last I’ve talked to…and that was over a month ago” He stated with a heavy sigh. “There's nothing left anywhere. That's what you're really saying, right?" Andrea bit, Jenner kept quiet. “You should all relax while you can, it’s safe here, take advantage of that” He stated before walking off. Eva sighed and leered at Andrea and Dale “you probably offended the man” she barked before walking off after him.

Eva searched down all the halls in search for Jenner, all of the doors to the rooms looked alike. The only ones she had memorized were her own and Ricks. “Jenner!” she called wandering down the hall. A door at the very end swung open. Eva sighed and headed that way. Opening the door a little further she peek her head in. “Hope we didn’t upset you” She said leaning in the doorway. Jenner shook his head and rubbed his eyes tiredly “No, no you didn’t, if fact, you and your group almost make me” He paused Eva tilted her head in confusion “yes?” she asked “make me want to keep trying” He muttered. “a cure you mean?” she asked Jenner nodded. Eva went and sat in a chair that was in his room, for once feeling uncomfortable with sitting on a bed with a man. For some reason she felt the need to show Jenner more respect than that. “Or Maybe it’s not them, Maybe it’s you…you remind me so much of my Candace, you’re not all that younger than we are, but, you look like you could have been our daughter...” He said speaking more freely than Eva had ever really seen me before. “How about we settle for sister? Huh? I can be your self-proclaimed sister in law, what do you say to that?” Eva said with a sympathetic smile. A small Smile came to Jenner’s face as he nodded. Eva slapped her knees and stood up “Great now come on, my first duty as sister in law is to give you a big bear hug!” She said holding out her arms, Jenner looked at her as if she were insane “what? they’re healing And you’ve been underground, for months with no human compassion after watching your wife die, walkerfy and then had to kill the walker in her body” Jenner looked down “You need a hug” Eva reasoned, it had been so long since Jenner had to deal with others, He wasn’t sure if he knew how many more. Standing up stiffly he took a step towards Eva and paused “Come on” Eva urged becoming him to her with her hands, she smiled with sympathy. Jenner stooped in front of her and Eva sighed in defeat. “Alright, I’ll come to you” she said awkwardly maneuvering her arms under his and around his back, turning her head so that it rested between his chest and shoulder. Jenner didn’t return it, the hug was stiff and odd. “See” Eva said feeling very awkward herself Jenner’s arms slower wrapped around her returning the hug, he gave her a squeeze “thank you” He muttered. Eva smiled triumphantly and hugged him tighter “I told you!” she cheered pulling away looking up at him her eyes sparkled Jenner smiled “I told you, you’re not a bad person, just bitter” He said Eva’s smiled faded a bit before she nodded “thank you” she whispered trying her hardest not to cry. Someone else had finally seen her for what she could be, finally.

Eva walked down the halls headed for the wreck room, a smile on her face and a new pep in her step. She hummed to herself, she had been humming since making Jenner feel better, she had also washed her and Shane’s cloths. She had offered to wash Ricks but he said Lori would get it, and even that did not dampen her mood. Eva walked into the Wreck room and sat in front of a large book shelf down on the floor. She pulled out a book and began to read. Funny she had never been the short to want a good book before. But she had heard from avid book readers that books took your mind to another world and right now that sounded really good. “Eva!” Sophia called, Eva could hear her bare feet pitter pattering on the floor as she ran and sat before her “hey there” Eva greeted smiling softly, she had always had a soft spot for kids, she had always wanted some of her own. “I was wondering if you’d wanna read to me? Moms washing clothes, and Lori’s cleaning up around the kitchen. Andrea just didn’t want to” Sophia said with puppy like eyes, Eva caved and set down her own book reaching into the shelves she pulled out Alice in wonderland. “How about this one” she asked Sophia smiled and nodded. Eva cracked open the book “Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do” Eva started when Carl walked in “can I listen to?” he asked “Sure come on!” Sophia cheered shooting over to make room. Eva giggled and ruffled their hair momentarily setting down the book. Half way through the first chapter Eva felt a presence she could feel miles away. Looking up she saw Rick leaning in the door way “Hey there care to listen?” she asked Rick laughed and walked in shoving his hands into his pockets “well I probably shouldn’t be but.” He said sitting behind the kids “I could use a good story” He added “hey Carl, Sophia” He said with a grin, Carl chuckled “aren’t you too old for this?” he asked his father Eva smiled and looked up at rick “well?” she asked Rick laughed a bit and sighed “your never too old for a good story” He said Eva’s eyes lingered on him, Rick returned her gaze and slowly his smile faded a bit, his stare was intense. Eva cleared her throat “I almost forgot where we left off” Eva said “After a while, finding that nothing more happened, she decided on going into the garden at once; but, alas for poor Alice! when she got to the door, she found she had forgotten the little golden key” Eva started reading again a smile on her face.

Story time was over and Eva walked into the lab, she kept passing a Clock, it’s time was down to less than 24 hours. It was bothering her but she tried to ignore it. If it was something important she figured Jenner would tell her. “Eva!” Carol called coming down the stairs. Eva almost cringed wondering what she could have done to offend her. Carol was always picking at her about something she’d done or the way she acted. “Yes” Eva muttered never turning around. “Sophia said you read to her today” Carol said walking closer “Yeah…I did she asked me to” Eva said quickly “thank you, All she’s talking about is what happened with Alice” Carol laughed. Eva turned around slowly “she wants to finish the book tomorrow” She added Eva nodded “ok” she managed Carol feeling out of place nodded and headed back up the stairs. “Why are you in here?” Shane asked Eva looked up at him from her seat she glared at him “alright I don’t understand so explain to me somethin’” Shane said sitting down across from her. “You shove me out of bed, bite my head off, then rub my temples, then storm away and then wash my cloths” Shane looked at her awaiting some explanation. “Mood swings? It’s my time of the month” Eva said dryly “It ain’t neither you got at least 4 or 5 more days” Shane said pointing at her. Eva was somewhat surprised “you track that?” She said trying to change the subject “Of course I- no don’t change the subject” Shane said lowly, Eva leered at him again “don’t look at me like that if you aren’t going to tell me what it’s for” He warned Eva opened her mouth but nothing came out. “Curious isn’t it?” She asked thinking about Alice in Wonderland. She got up from her seat and went to walk away, her eyes went to the clock one more time “Very Curious indeed” she muttered before disappearing up the stairs.


Please update soon!! I cant wait to see where this story goes!!! Id love for her to end up with Shane!! Love your writing!!!! :)

I couldn't stop reading once I started. Please update soon

racheljewell racheljewell

thank you will try and update soon

Dixology Dixology

I love this so much!(:

hope_is_real hope_is_real

Thank you very much, I'll try to keep updating in a good amount of time :)
I love Kate too

Dixology Dixology