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Wolf in My Heart

To Save a Life

Night rolled around, Eva lay on the bed gazing at the stark white ceiling. It was too good to be true that this place was still standing. Could they actually settle here? Maybe make a few runs outside of the CDC to keep stocked up on food and such. Was it possible? Maybe the generators would hold up just that long, between herself, Glenn, and Dale who knew enough about mechanics just my working on cars. Eva rolled onto her stomach her head resting in her hands, with closed eyes she tried to remember the days before the outbreak. She could hear the purr of the Sherriff’s vehicle, she could smell the fresh dust in the air from the doughnuts in the sandy outskirt. She could taste and stale cold French fries. Chuckling to herself a smirk came to her face ah the good old days of the lazy small town Fridays. She could hear Rick laughing and see his smile. A heavy weight was laid upon her back, Eva opened her eyes and frowned her memories interrupted. “Shane” she sighed “come on tell me what’s got you into a hot mess?” He asked laying across her back. Looking like a human railroad crossing. “No you know what you’ve done, you just don’t know I Know it too” Eva sneered “and get your over grown ass off of me! I can’t breathe” she added. Shane rolled over pulling Eva with him, he laid her on top of him. His arms snaked around her he looked down a bit at her face into her eyes. Eva looked unfazed. “it’d be easier if you’d just tell me, I could fix it sooner and you wouldn’t have to be walking around like a time bomb” He tried to reason with her, however now he refused to make eye contact, something had clicked in his brain, but it couldn’t have been. No Shane knew he was far too safe and so very careful.

“let me go please” Eva sighed “I’m going to see if Jenner will show me another spare room, you can have this one” Eva added wiggling out of Shane’s arms she rolled off of him, got to her feet and briskly walked out of the room. Andrea stepped out of her room with towel in hand “trouble in paradise still?” she asked giving one of her famous duck like unhappy faces looking back to Eva and Shane’s room. “Isn’t there always?” Eva laughed bitterly as she walked with Andrea. “Guys are so thick, I partly glad there are less of them” Andrea noted Eva chuckled and shook her head “well they still have one use” She said with a smirk before the two women walked off their separate ways. Eva knocked on Jenner’s door lightly, she waited a moment not getting a response. Eva knocked again, chipping at a broken nail while she waited. She sighed and looked around, He wasn’t answering. “You lookin’ for Dr.Jenner?” Daryl asked her in a dry tone, while walking down to his own room “Yeah” Eva was going to make Conversations short with Daryl, they had an understanding thus far, she wouldn’t cross him if he didn’t cross her, ironically he saw her as nothing but white trash, while he was well known as the redneck of the group. “What of it?” she asked after sizing him up, he had been looking at her suspiciously “He’s out in the Labs…Morning his dead wife” Daryl said his voice was somewhat biting. Eva narrowed her eyes “You know every time I talk to a guy it’s not for those kinds of reasons, Idiot” Eva barked before storming off towards the labs “thanks for the tip anyway” She grumbled.

Eva walked into the lab to find Jenner watching the display over and over again. She sighed and rubbed her arms it had gotten a bit nippy in the basement of the CDC, the air conditioning had been blowing far too long. “You know that’s not healthy” Eva spoke cautiously as she walked over to him. “It’s all I have left of her” He muttered “You gotta let her go…I mean ha ha yeah Ironic form the likes of me but” Eva paused “if you don’t let her go, and let go of the fact that, ok you made a mistake…slipped up, you will lose your mind down here” Jenner exhaled still watching the display. “let her live in you, not in that screen, If she loved you she wouldn’t want you to remember in in those few moments but rather in fonder memories.” Eva rested a hand on his back “I’m sure she wouldn’t want you driving yourself insane about all of this” Eva add patting his back. Jenner looked down at her “how’d you get so wise?” he asked Eva gave him one of her infamous smirks “it’s not wisdom Jenner, it’s just what I would want for whom ever I end up with, to do the same, I mean no one’s going to live forever, and now no one’s going to live long. You can only live and Die well.” Eva said, Jenner watched her intently “that and people live the longest in our better memories of them” She sighed. Jenner nodded and pushed a button finally turning off the screen, Eva smiled. “You’re right” He said turning back to her “now what is it you came down here for?” He asked, Eva shook her head, he was still as blunt and monotone personalitied as ever. “I can’t stand to even look at Shane let alone be in the same room with him, not while he’s fooling around with Lori, I want him to see as I have that the devils water isn’t all that sweet…and that unlike me he’s not strong enough to swim in it” Eva muttered in a dark tone. “So I was wondering if there was another extra room.” She asked. Jenner nodded “yes across from mine, you are welcome to it” He stated Eva raised an eyebrow “no lecture on being a good girl?” She mocked, Jenner shook his head “No, you’re already a good girl. You’re just a very hurt one.” He said looking down at her. Eva searched his eyes for a moment before turning to leave “good night Jenner” She called.

The Next morning Eva woke up late, she stretched in her bed and smiled to herself “god it’s been so long since I’ve slept like that” she said, getting out of bed she went to the showers. As she walked down the halls she noticed it was extremely quite. “Wow at least I’m not the only one who over slept” she muttered turning on the water. She washed her hair thoroughly figuring that if everyone was sleeping they wouldn’t need hot water for a while. Eva hummed in the shower, “so getting used to this” she sighed and then it went dark. Eva screamed in shock, this scream became louder as the water went cold, Eva tried to turn off the water but being disoriented her fingers would not turn the handle. The water shut off on its own now only coming out in a small trickle. “what’s going on” Eva said grabbing her cloths she struggled to get into her shorts because of her wet body, she put on her shirt while heading down the hallway. “What the hell?!” she asked leaning over the railing of the stairs to see Jenner and her group. Jenner looked calm as ever but the others they looked horrified. “What?” she asked looking over to Jenner, he merely looked at the clock “this place is going to self-destruct” Shane spoke slowly. Eva froze “what why? What happened?” she asked running down the stairs. “It’s just the way Vi’s protocol was set up, when the generators fail, she will clean up…to but it simply” Jenner said to her. “Can’t you stop it?” Eva asked him searching his face, “why are you so calm!” she yelled at him. Jenner’s face never moved but he found he could not look her in her eyes. “It’ll be quick and painless…it’s better this way trust me” He said looking over everyone’s horrified faces. “Go gather your stuff go!” Rick ordered, they scattered to their rooms grabbing their things, Eva however stood in front of Jenner. “why are you doing this?” she asked her eyes watering, if he said there was no way out, he was probably right, after all he lived here and worked here “because I can’t stop it” He sighed closing his eyes, he still couldn’t look at her, it was as if his wife had been tearing into his soul through Eva’s eyes. “But you can try, what happened to if you don’t try you’re dead already” Eva asked. Her eyes were teary and she was scared.

Seeing Jenner would not look at her she walked around to where he was gazing. “You could at least look at me” she hissed becoming angry “why did you save us if you were going to kill us!” she shouted, Shane rushed down the stairs carrying her bag and his. He eyed her “come away from him Eva” Shane called “you would have died out there eventually” Jenner muttered, the siren starting to blare “Eventually can be a long time Jenner. Trust me I know” Eva spoke softly. “Your wife said for you to hold on as long as you could….that’s all we want…” Lori chimed in and for the first time in a long time Eva never took notice of her. Eva cupped Jenner’s face in her hands “Not.Like.This Jenner” she said “this is not what she meant!” Eva said through gritted teeth. Eva heard a loud crash, jumping she looked back at the large metal door, Shane rammed his shoulder against it with all the force he could muster, Daryl had broken free an emergency axe and struck the door with it over and over. “It’s not going to work” Jenner said as he watch them too baffled. “Why don’t you just except it” he muttered. “Because they want to live, hopes not gone.” Eva said turning back to Jenner “please” she said tearing her eyes away from Rick who watch her intently and Carl who hide his face fearfully in Lori’s stomach. “We’re running out of time” she said weakly watching the clock dwindle down in time. “Do it for Candice…what would she do” Eva pleaded. Jenner sighed and touched Eva’s face. Eva blinked away some tears that were forming, Jenner reached back and pressed a button the metal door slid open. “Go, but you will not be able to get out of the upper Level” Jenner warned “Come on let’s go!” Daryl called leading the pack out. “Thank you” Rick said to Jenner, grabbing Lori and Carl he ran. Shane grabbed Eva’s hand “come on we gotta hurry or we’re baked” He said Eva went to follow but reached for Jenner’s hand. He quickly pulled back. Eva stopped “what?” she asked “Eva!” Shane called standing in the door way “Go!” Eva called to him. “Andrea?” Dale asked Andrea slid down the wall with tired eyes “I’m not going. He’s right, what’s the point?” she asked “what? Wait no come on Andrea!” Eva yelled turning to her. “I’m not going either…I’m tired of this” Jacqui sighed with a sorrowful smile.

T-Dog stopped with a pained face “no” He called Jacqui smiled and urged him on. “Jenner come on talk to them!” Eva called Jenner shook his head. “Eva come on!” Shane called holding out his hand “Not without them!” Eva called never asking her eyes off of Jenner. “if you go so will they…you can make a difference now” Eva reasoned “they’ve made up their minds, and so have I” He said before a smile came to his face “I’m glad I met you and your group. I have a small flicker of hope now” He said “then come with us” Eva pleaded. “You can still make a difference…you know about the virus, we can find a place and you and study it again!” Eva reason a smile of hope coming to her face “if anyone could have done something about this, it was Candice” he sighed closing his eyes “me?” He muttered bitterly looking into Eva’s eyes “I’m just Edwin Jenner” Eva shook her head “No, you’re my friend…your my Brother, remember that?” Eva said “you make me think twice about stuff…I need that” she said “you’re running out of time you need to go” Jenner said softly “Shane’s left” he added “fuck him” Eva muttered “You know Eva’s got a point, Andrea Amy would not want this for you” Dale said kneeling in front of her. “Amy’s gone…and you need to leave, you’ve only got four minutes” Andrea muttered. Eva’s heart was racing as she looked over her friends.

Meanwhile upstairs, Glenn, T-dog, Shane, and Daryl struck and fired at the large glass windows on the upper level, desperate and helpless. Jenner was right they would not break but they would not give up. “Where’s Eva?” Rick called looking around “trying to get Jenner and Andrea to come with us, she told me to go ahead, she ain’t stupid she’ll be on her way” Shane called “you left her back there?” Rick asked incredulously Lori looked up at him, Rick looked like he could have strangled Shane. “I gotta go back and get her” Rick muttered turning to head back to the basements Lori grabbed his hand “We need you up here!” she called looking down at Carl. “But mom, I don’t want Eva to die, and Dad always comes back…from everything.” Carl pleaded “if he goes to get her, they’ll both be ok, maybe everyone back their will” Carl added Lori brushed Carl’s hair but said nothing, Unwilling to let go of Rick’s hand. “Right” Rick said to Carl who smiled a bit. “Rick!” Carol called snatching away the small family’s attention. "I think I have something that might help," she added digging furiously through her purse "I don't think a nail file's gonna do it." Shane barked in frustration, Carol rolled her eyes but ignored him “Your first morning at camp, when I washed your uniform? I found this in your pocket." She said pulling out a single hand grenade. Rick’s eyes sparkled as he took it gingerly from her hands, “everybody get back!” Rick ordered as he pulled the pin and tossed the bomb.

Eva jumped as she heard a loud bang "If you're staying, I stay too," Dale said, Eva crossed her arms and glared at Jenner "You don't get to do that. Come into somebody's life, make them care, and then just check out." Dale continued to Andrea, the blonde looked down she found she could not look at him. “You mean Opt out…” Eva muttered her eyes locked onto Jenner. “Please, you need to go…there’s just two minutes left” Jenner said his voice was pleading. “I’m not going…I finally found someone besides Rick who see’s that I’m not the devil with heels on…someone finally treats me like a person! Plus the only other person who’s done that besides you and rick is down here to!” Eva said pointing at Andrea. “Maybe I deserve this…but don’t do it to me” She said a small smile came to her face “I know you won’t let me die…I look too much like her for that” Eva said with a smirk.

The glass exploded with the grenade and they had a way out. Shane ushered everyone through, Rick stopped and the two men looked at each other before glancing back at the hallway “She’ll come man, but you need to go with your wife and son!” Shane ordered, Rick tore his gaze away and went to follow after Lori. Shane took one last look down the hall, his heart racing “she’ll come” he muttered to himself as he went out of the opening. The group ran to the RV, quickly taking cover on the ground. “Hey look!” Carl called pointing, Andrea pushed Dale out of the window, “they made it!” Glenn called “Not all of them” Loti muttered Rick held his breath and Shane got up off the ground. That had been enough he was going to get her, even if he had no time left. However Shane Halted, as Eva and Jenner came from the opening. The CDC set ablaze with a deafening roar. In the bright rush of orange flames and Black smoke Eva and Jenner’s forms were lost. Shane heart stopped “No!” Rick called getting to his feet he scrambled for the CDC. “Rick!” Lori called reaching for him but he was too fast. “No!” Shane called grabbing ricks Sleeve and pulling him to him. “No, no, no Eva!” Rick called fighting against Shane, “Eva!” He called. Carl hide his face in his mom’s neck with a whimper. “shhh” Lori whispered holding him closer. Shane’s eyes danced, he was trying to be strong for Rick, Lori and Carl but at the same time, It was his girl the fire engulfed, Lori wasn’t his, not yet, she’s all he had. Shane’s knee’s started to give way and slowly he and Rick went to the ground. Shane still held on to Rick but it was more for his own sake. The fire was gone but the smoke was still heavy. “The walkers!” T-dog called pointing to the walkers that were heading closer to the group. Andrea lay on the ground with Dale trying to get her up. Tears slid down her face as she reached a hand out to the CDC, she mouthed Eva’s name over and over again. Daryl ran out to Dale and helped him pull Andrea off of the ground and lead them to the RV. “Come on we gotta go!” T-dog called trying to get Shane and Rick to move, but Rick was a weeping mess on the ground Shane’s fists gripping the back of his shirt as rick struck the ground in anger. Shane shook his head as the sound had rushed out of his ears, his world was silent and his eyes were glued to the CDC.


Please update soon!! I cant wait to see where this story goes!!! Id love for her to end up with Shane!! Love your writing!!!! :)

I couldn't stop reading once I started. Please update soon

racheljewell racheljewell

thank you will try and update soon

Dixology Dixology

I love this so much!(:

hope_is_real hope_is_real

Thank you very much, I'll try to keep updating in a good amount of time :)
I love Kate too

Dixology Dixology