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Wolf in My Heart

Overcome with Noise

Eva coughed lightly as her lungs burned filled with smoke and dust. Pain rushed through her body at the impact of hitting the ground as well as the weight of Jenner’s body on top of hers. He covered both their heads with his hands. “Did Jacqui make it out?” Eva muttered her voice horse and low. Jenner shook his head, his breathing was shallow, and he wouldn’t speak. “Jenner?” Eva asked sitting up a bit more, he groaned as she moved, “My” He breathed inhaling a sharp breath “My foot and” He started, Eva could feel more now that shock was wearing off, Red liquid poured down her hair, her face, she could taste it on her lips and now it was getting into her eyes, Burning like lemon juice. Eva screamed at full volume.

Both Rick and Shane concentrated their attention to the Rubble “Eva!” Rick hollered getting to his feet, Shane following after him the two men dashed to the CDC. “Rick!” Lori called “Eva!” Shane shouted this time sprinting past Rick the smoke started to clear and they could see Jenner laying on top of Eva as she quivered trying to wipe the blood off of her face. “Eva!” Shane called dropping before her “I’m here, I’m here, are you hurt?” Shane asked as he brush the hair out of her face and tried to assist her in wiping away the blood. “shhh, I’m here” Shane said diffused, touching her face tenderly, Eva looked up at him with frantic green eyes “Sh-shane?” she asked mystified, that touch, how gentle it was it almost felt like Rick’s. Shane nodded at her, his eyes began to water, He’d never been that frightened, not even when he had though Rick was gone. He was sure she was going to have been blown in half or worse. “Jenner you alright?” Rick managed to ask, Jenner shook his head. “Come on we gotta get them up, his arms in half… we need to get the bleeding to stop, burn the end!” Rick called quickly taking charge. “Rick!” Eva called turning to look up at him. Rick pulled Jenner off her taking care not to injure his arm, he helped him walk over to the RV and the others. “R-Rick” Eva whispered her eyes still dancing Shane in one quick movement swooped Eva in to his arms, crushing her body against his, his arms trembled. He’s almost lost her, all because he didn’t, couldn’t go back to get her. He had been so stricken with Lori, his mind was so twisted between the two girls, but in the end, he would have never forgiven himself if Eva had died, he was always the one to come rushing in to save her in the past. He wanted to strangle himself, but right now there was more important things, Eva was alive and he had to get her somewhere where he could make sure she was not injured and would stay that way.

Eva was a mess her eyes darting around, she couldn’t breathe steadily, you see Eva was not good with blood. “Eva, Eva look at me I need you to breathe with me” Shane said calmly looking Eva in the eyes while he used a damp cloth to clean her face. Jenner cried out loudly from behind Rick, Dale, and T-dog “you’re gonna have to cut his foot off too” T-dog said “don’t look over there look at me!” Shane ordered forcing Eva to look back at him. He leaned in a kissed her, brushing his lips against hers with the softness of butterfly wings. Eva exhaled into the kiss and leaned in a bit more. Shane reached both hands into her hair. Eva shivered, she’s never felt this from Shane, and it snapped her out of her panic. Shane pulled away and wiped the rest of the blood off of her face “thank you” Eva said in a small voice. Shane nodded and kissed her again before standing up. Jenner screamed and Eva could hear the popping of skin and smell the burning flesh. “Jenner!” she called rushing past Shane, Dale held her back as Rick and T-dog burned Jenner’s arm. Eva covered her mouth and shook her head “Jenner?” she asked her eyes wandering down to his legs, his foot was hanging by the ankle. “J-Jenner” Eva said again “come on Eva this way we gotta check you out now” Shane said leading her away “He’ll be fine” Rick assured her, Eva nodded and calmed down instantly, following behind Shane. Shane eyed Rick, he’d never noticed how quickly Eva took him for his word, and how she hesitated a bit with himself.

Eva frowned as Shane patched up a few scratches she had. “You’re lucky you don’t need stitches” He muttered. “I’m sorry” He sighed, Eva looked down at him as he rested his hand on her leg kneeling in front of her he fumbled around with the wrappings “I should have went back for you, I should have-“ Eva held up her hand “I told you to go, relax” she sighed, “Maybe I should have let Jenner do what he wanted…he’s not much better off now anyway” She said her voice cracking a bit. “hell it’s better than being dead” Shane said rubbing her leg “you did a good thing, none of us would have done that…maybe to bring back one, but you tried to bring back Andrea and Jacqui too” He said Eva looked down “Jacqui…” she muttered tearing up again “don’t go doin’ that” Shane said standing up “you tried, you can’t help that the timing was wrong, that’s just fate. You’re Alive, Jenner’s alive, Andrea and Dale are Alive” He said grabbing her hands he pulled her to her feet “you did good Eva” He said pulling her into a hug, she cuddled into his chest and took in his warmth, he rocked her as if there were music playing “you came back” He said weakly Eva nodded her head “I’m not going anywhere, I’m too much of a bitch to die” Eva said laughing. Shane pulled back and brushed Eva’s hair out of her face.

“Eva!” Carl called rushing into the RV, instinctually Eva let go of Shane and met Carl’s hug. Carl hid his face in her shoulder “We thought you blew up” he mumbled. “Who me? You Kidding?” She asked pulling away He looked up at her with teary blue eyes “tch, I’m indestructible haven’t you heard?” she asked with a smirk, Carl laughed as she held out her arms as if showing off muscles “see” she said Carl rolled her eyes “yeah right” He said hugging her again tightly. “Aw Kiddo” she sighed ruffling his hair. “You’re not supposed to be in here Carl” Lori called standing in the doorway her arms crossed. Eva let go of Carl and stood up slowly “But I wanted to see for myself if Eva was ok mom!” Carl called “the kid was just a little worried Lori” Shane said in the boy’s defense. “Come on let’s go back to the car” Lori said Eva frowned bitterly “ok, see you later Eva, I’m glad you’re ok” Carl said giving her one last hug before leaving. “Bitch coulda asked me if I was ok…” Eva thought. “That ain’t like her” Shane muttered, Eva had wanted to say a lot of things, but she was every composed she still had a goal at hand. “Hey we all almost got blown up…I can understand her being edgy” Eva said with a tired sigh sitting back down. Rick walked out wiping off his bloody hands on a towel, T-dog following behind him. “Is he going to be ok?” Eva asked standing up “he will be with a little rest, but we need more medical supplies…I don’t know where we are going to get those from…” Rick sighed. “Can I see him?” Eva said going to head towards the back of the RV. Rick stopped her “you need to rest, you coulda been…” Rick voice cracked and faded. Eva’s eyes lowered and a small smile came to her face. “Rick” she spoke his name with a sugary air and it flew through the air as smooth as silk sheets. Rick looked up at her, and T-dog took his leave. “There’s a lot of things coulda been” She said cupping his face “but I’m here” she whispered. “I’ll always be right here” she added even quieter, for his ears alone. Rick nodded. Eva then smirked to cover it, backing away she simpered “you boys worry too much” she giggled. Shane wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, drawing her near. Eva rested against him “It’s my Job to worry.” Shane said, “both of us, we ben around too long not too” Rick said as a twang of some foreign feeling bubbled in his stomach as he watched them. The air around Eva instantly became at rest at just the sound of Rick’s Voice. Shane ran his hand down her arm. “Come on, we’re heading back out, you can ride with me in the truck” Shane said taking Eva’s hand he lead her out of the RV. “But I want to see Jenner first” Eva protested, “He needs rest to, the next stop, you can check on him” Rick promised urging Eva out of the RV following after her and Shane.

“Eva!” Sophia gasped hopping out of the car that Lori and Carl waited in with her mother, the little girl bolted to Eva, she stopped in front of her and smiled faintly “You come back from anything” she cheered hugging Eva tightly hiding her face in her stomach. Eva laughed and patted her head “Almost looks that way huh?” Eva said with a smirk, Sophia looked at her with large eyes and Eva felt ten feet tall. “Go on ahead and get back into the car with your momma now” she said looking up at carol who sat in the back seat with Carl. Carol nodded at Eva and smiled a bit, a surprised look came to the mother’s face. Eva arched a brow and went to speak, only a laugh as able to escape her mouth as Andrea ambushed her from behind in a large hug. “You’re such an ass!” Andrea cursed “don’t scar me like that” she added letting Eva go, Eva faced Andrea and smiled “you started it by trying to stay in there.” Eva said her smile fading as did Andrea’s. Shane slid his hand across Eva’s back and kissed the top of her head. “Come on, we’re heading off can’t stay here long we’ll attract more walkers” He muttered into her hair before leading Her away to his car.

Eva’s eyes remained glued to the Grimes car, which was behind the RV. Shane sighed and reached for Eva’s hand while keeping control over the steering wheel with the other. He squeezed it, but she never reacted. Eva was confused, Rick had not seemed quite so effected by the fact that she nearly died. Though she had not seen his true reaction. But what she had seen was bothering her. “Maybe I’m fighting a losing battle on both ends” she thought to herself glancing down at Shane’s hand, she have his have a squeeze, all be it delayed. Shane relaxed, of course she was just shaken up she had to be. The ride was silent, Eva didn’t mind, no she was grateful for it. Her mind was in a whirlwind of confusion. She’d never expected Shane to react the way he did, panic maybe but his whole demeanor towards her had changed in a single frightening moment. Shane was fearless, this was the man she knew and the man she grew up with, and even if he was scared he shook it off fast. Eva looked back down at their hands “But he was clearly still shaken, He hadn’t held her hand since high school. Kissing the top of her head, his touch had been so gentle it was almost foreign, it wasn’t the Shane she knew, but all the same it was nice. Nice enough to where if this behavior was going to stay, maybe, just maybe she could stay as well. Eva scoffed inwardly “No, Shane is Shane…nothing will change that” She thought looking up at him he smirked down at her before turning his eyes back to the road, Eva gave a small smile and looked out her window “at least not anymore”.

Night had fallen the group had managed to find a fairly still spot to rest. Not many walkers had been seen around, Daryl was keeping watch around the perimeter, and Shane stoop atop the RV keeping watch from higher ground with T-dog. Carol had managed to fix something of a supper for the Kids and everyone else, lukewarm soup some chilly and whatever else she could find in an easy open can. Eva stepped inside the RV tipping quietly she went to Jenner’s side. Looking him over she grimaced, his arm had been taken nearly at the shoulder, and his foot at the ankle. “Don’t look so hopeless…the foots an easy fix prosthetic wise” He said to her groggily, Eva jumped slightly and turned to look at him “Jenner, sorry I didn’t men to wa-” He shook his hand “It’s ok” He said “in a way, it’s my fault…for trying to find a loop whole in my wife’s final wish for me” He said in his usual monotone. Eva smiled a bit, oddly enough, he wasn’t taking things so hard. “To hold on as long as there was a chance” He muttered looking up at her “As long as there are survivors and one person who knows about this virus, there’s always a chance…I get that now” he muttered. Eva laid a hand on his good shoulder and smiled down at him, her eyes lighting up with joy for him “She’d be happy to know that. She’d be proud.” Eva assured. Jenner’s eyes began to flutter shut and Eva backed away “I’ll leave you to rest” she stated leaving the RV.

Eva sighed in relief outside of the RV. “How’s he doing?” Dale asked Eva smiled “he’s doing” she said, Dale nodded and stopped in front of her “it doesn’t bother you?” he asked in a quiet tone, Eva arched a bow “what are you talking about?” Eva asked matching his tone. “Shane left you back there in the Lab” Eva crossed her arms and glanced to the top of the RV there Shane stood Riffle ready. “I told him to go,” Eva reasoned “No man willingly leaves his significant other behind in such a dangerous position. No man” Dale said visibly upset “yeah well times have changed” Eva spoke pushing past him “There’s more” Dale called after her Eva stopped and turned a bit but still refusing to look at him. “He and-” Eva had enough her blood was boiling at the thought of it, she knew it too but she wasn’t ready to except anything until she had proof. Shane stopped talking to T-dog as he spotted Eva storming off into the nearby woods. He leaned over to look down “He man what’d you say to her?” He demanded Dale looked up at him in distaste “Don’t worry she walked off before I could spill nay of your secrets” Dale huffed storming into the RV. He didn’t care too much for Eva, she cared for her about as much as he cared for Shane, but she was Andrea’s friend, and she could make Andrea smile now even when no one else could. Andrea needed some like that to fill the whole Amy had left.

Eva had not paid attention to where she was going, but the sweet and simple songs of the crickets had defused her anger. She sighed and brushed back her hair, slightly out of breath she had not been aware of how fast she had been walking. “What got your panties in a bunch?” Eva jumped again turning to face Daryl who held out his Crossbow. “Damn where the hell’d you come from” Eva asked mildly annoyed. “You need to pay more attention” He muttered as he kept walking. “I’m sorry I wasn’t expecting a hick to attack” she said in cynicism “that ain’t an answer to my question” Daryl said aiming his Bow after hearing something rustle in the trees. Eva looked in the direction mildly alarmed, “here” Daryl reached into his pocket and pulled out a pistol, “you’ll need this if you’re gon’ be out here” he held the gun out to her. Eva took it and continued to follow him. “I must be desperate to get away if I’m out here with you” Eva mused to herself. Daryl glanced at her and then back to the wood before him. He hated to admit it, but somehow she was growing on him, she reminded him of something but he couldn’t put his finger on it. And in a way they were both black sheep in the group. “You’re man piss you off already” He muttered dryly “your real man” He added with a smug smirk Eva leered at him “We all can see you ain’t as fond of him as….some others” Daryl said making sure to keep her business hidden in case anyone was around to hear. “How considerate of you” Eva murmured. “That a yes” He asked Eva rolled her eyes and stopped walking “why do you even care?” she asked “because I’m out here in the dark and tired of listen to crickets” He glanced at her “so?” he added. “Not Shane…It’s not Shane who’d got my” Eva paused and used quotation fingers “panties in a bunch” she said. Daryl stopped walking and looked at her “Lori?” he added Eva glowered and starting walking again “Always” Eva muttered. Daryl nodded and followed her.

Shane paced back and forth on top of the RV his eyes glued to the forest. He stopped briefly as Rick and Lori exited out of their tent. He watched her every move, and had forgotten Rick was even with her. “You’re not a bad shot how long have you been using that thing?” Eva’s voice rang through Shane’s ears, He quickly turned to see Eva exiting out of the woods with Daryl “a few years now” Daryl replied. Shane leered at them, quickly climbing down from the RV top he stormed over to meet them. “Eva, come here and tell me something!” Shane called Eva looked at him confused. “Shane?” she asked as he circled both her and Daryl “what were you to doing out there?” he asked Eva smirked and shook her head “Oh I cannot believe this” she breathed her eyes wandered to an on looking Lori she held an amused look, Rick was not too far from her talking to Carol and the kids. Eva glared at Shane, “you know what…even if you’re stupid ass, conceded was right in what it thinks was going on” Eva said in a low hiss “You couldn’t be mad even if you wanted to…” she said pushing past him “and to think I thought he changed” Eva muttered to herself. She stormed past Lori, and then Rick, Carol and the Kids. Her brown curls bouncing behind her as her feet hit the ground with great force, her fists clenched. Daryl looked his head and smirked at Shane “way to go Romeo” He muttered walking off. “Hey I’ll be right back” Rick said to Carl as he jogged after the angry woman.



Please update soon!! I cant wait to see where this story goes!!! Id love for her to end up with Shane!! Love your writing!!!! :)

I couldn't stop reading once I started. Please update soon

racheljewell racheljewell

thank you will try and update soon

Dixology Dixology

I love this so much!(:

hope_is_real hope_is_real

Thank you very much, I'll try to keep updating in a good amount of time :)
I love Kate too

Dixology Dixology