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Wolf in My Heart

The June Bride

Eva stormed off to the base of the woods, she picked up a rock and chucked it at a tree with a yell of frustration. “Block head…” she grumbled leering with dark eyes down at the rock where it lay. “Mind telling me what happened?” Rick asked as casually as he could after her outburst, slowly walking closer to her. Eva gasped silently and her eyes darted this way and that, her back was to him. She hadn’t expected Rick to follow her, He rarely got into her and Shane’s business when it came to fights. As he could never pick a side. Eva took a quiet breath and turned around her eyes still looking to the ground. Her face looked much like it had when they were just kids and her feelings had gotten hurt. Eva rubbed her arm giving a troubled sigh “There’s not a whole lot to tell…Shane doesn’t trust me” She said in fake sadness, or what she thought was fake sadness. As the thought bounced around in her head, her anger defused. Did it really bother her if Shane didn’t trust her?

Rick rested a hand on her shoulder “Hey, now stop that.” He said tilting her chin up gently with his fingers, he titled his head and gave her a smile. “Can’t blame him, Shane is just…” Rick looked back to Shane who had his eyes glued on them from afar. “Shanes just nervous. You know? Back in King County he was the only man around that you really seriously tried for. Because he was the only one who was your type” “No not the only one...” Eva thought as Rick spoke, “You know you go for the type that can pull their own wait, tough guys. Daryls one of them” Rick add Eva wanted to turn green in the face “Daryl’s not tough…he’s just loud and antisocial. I bet he has fleas he’s like a stray dog” Eva said causing Rick to chuckle a bit “he is a bit wild” He added. Eva watched Rick’s smile and she couldn’t help but smile herself. She crossed her arms and looked into the woods. “Even so,” she breathed getting Ricks attention, he watched her and saw a sparkle come into her olive eyes. A sort of dreamy twinkle one gets when making a wish upon that rare shooting star. “I like tough, but….just once I’d like to know what gentle feels like. I know I’m not the perfect June bride type. But I’d like that warmth all the same” Eva said softly a bitter smile on her face. “Just because I’m not fragile….doesn’t mean I can’t crack a little” she said even softer. Rick gazed at her and his heart began to skip beats. Eva seemed so small at that moment. “Eva” Rick breathed taking a step closer to her, she looked up at him with hesitation, Rick went to speak and grabbed her hand when, “Dad! Mom wants you!” Carl called in the distance, these words cut like a knife in Eva’s gut, Rick looked back at Carl “On my way” He called. Eva slipped her hand from his and held herself “I-” Rick started He felt as if he had to give an explanation or an apology he couldn’t make out why and he couldn’t figure out why he was acting that way. “Go on to your family I’ll be fine” Eva said with a faint smile Rick nodded before jogging off. Eva watched him go and slid down a tree to the ground resting her back against it she watched the group. She watched Rick and Carl talking around Lori with Carol and Sophia, She watched as Shane went to join them. Eva close her eyes an sighed again, Feeling like she had been pushed out and away from her place, a memory floated in her mind, of Rick, Shane, and herself down a the river bank when they were younger. Her heart skipped a beat. She had almost fallen in, at the time she couldn’t swim every well. Rick pulled her back to him and held her for dear life. She could almost feel how fast his heart had been racing again and how warm his embrace was then. How Shane never noticed that she to clung to him more than out of just fear. Eva lost in her memories did not notice she was drifting to sleep.

When Rick had finished talking with Lori, whom had forgotten why she had wanted him for in the first place, He stood atop the RV with Shane. “You should go talk to her. You were out of line.” Rick advised with a bit of discomfort. But after seeing the way Eva looked, He could not ignore this fight not this time. “You know her, you know I was right to say something” Shane reasoned “Yeah I do know her, and she wouldn’t do that, and you know it, not to you, not now.” Rick replied holding out his hand for Shane’s shotgun “I can take watch, now go down there and handle some business” Rick stated not giving Shane any options. Shane looked to Eva who appeared to be sitting under a tree. He sighed and handed his firearm over to Rick before heading down the ladder. “Shane where are you going?” Lori asked as she sat in front of the fire Carl asleep with his head in her lap. Shane however stayed silent and kept walking. Lori peered around him to see Eva in the distance and frowned a bit. “I don’t think that’s wise” Andrea advised as she blocked Shane’s way. “What the hell do you mean?” He asked, Andrea crossed her arms and stood in a protective stance “You hurt her feelings, she needs time to cool off. Trust me she doesn’t want to talk to you right now. Why don’t you” Andrea paused nodding smugly in Lori direction “head over to your, ugh…side arm?” She said bitterly Shane was taken back for a moment but regain himself “Now you listen here” He growled getting into Andrea’s space. The Blonde glared at him he really didn’t intimidate her much. “Man watch your girl!” Daryl called out Crossbow ready. “Oh god Eva!” Carol called out rising to her feet. Shane looked up and Andrea turned around to see two walkers making their way towards Eva who was still resting under the tree. “Why doesn’t she get up?” Andrea asked watching her surely she saw them. “Because she’s not awake” Shane muttered grabbing his side arm he sprinted towards her “Eva wake up!” he called out loudly. “Hey! Hey! Over here!” T-dog called banging two empty cans together trying to get the two walkers attention but he was too far away for them to take much notice. “There’s more of them” Daryl warned as three more walkers emerged from the woods. “Carl, Carl get up!” Lori urged getting Carl to his feet, “Mom what’s happening?” he asked as Carol ushered Sophia past them and into the truck, “walkers now come on!” Lori ordered now pulling Carl behind her. Carl looked back to see T-dog and Glenn banging things trying to get the walkers attention away from something, looking around more Carl could spot Shane Andrea and Daryl headed for a Figure who lay under a tree, Walkers inching closer to them. Carl then gasped and wrenched his arm out of Lori’s hand. Dashing for them. “Eva!”

Eva stirred in her sleep, her dreams of her past memories where shattered by the explosive crack of a gunshot. Eva jolted awake and looked around. Her breath taken away as a handful of walkers were starting to surround her. Eva reached quickly for the gun Daryl had given her but it fumbled around in her hands as she panicked and fell to the ground. “Shit!” she cursed reaching down to get it, yet as she looked up a walker grabbed her hair. She screamed, “Eva!” Shane called his heart bounding in his chest as he fired his gun again, the bullet went through the back of the walkers head and it fell to the ground. Eva screamed again as decaying brain, and skull fragments flew onto her face, and into her mouth. However she could not worry about that now as the dead walker’s fingers were still locked into her hair, Eva desperately tried to pry its fingers free, and resorted to ripping its fingers off. Once free to pick up her gun she blew a hole into another walkers head. An Arrow whizzed by her face into a walker that was behind her. Shane grabbed Eva’s hand and ran with her behind him. “Come on more are coming out of the woods now!” He called Daryl and Andrea ran alongside them. Eva briefly looked back to see he was right, the gunshots had drawn them out. “Eva” Carl said as he ran to them, with instinct Eva picked the heavy boy up and put him on her back before continuing behind Shane. Everyone went to their respective Vehicles. Eva knelled and let Carl climb off her back in front of the Truck. Lori quickly got him inside and Rick started the truck up. Shane pulled his car around and Eva quickly got in. T-dog and Glenn managed to get their camp packed up and the supplies into the RV. “We’ve gotta get out of here. This place will be swarmed soon” Shane said to Rick the car idling next to his truck. Rick nodded “right” and pulled off leading the convoy away. Eva sat uncomfortably in the car with Shane, gazing out of the window she watched the trees go by. A small smiled tugged at the corners of her mouth as she remembered her dreams. With a sigh she tried to hold onto those times of her youth.

The Convoy finally stopped again, it was hard not to draw Walkers with the roar of Daryl’s motorcycle but somehow finally they managed to find a safe place to stop. Eva made quick work of getting as far from Shane as she could. Shane watched her walk away from the car and exhaled rubbing the top of his head. Rick was right, Shane had gone overboard now he had to figure out how to make it right. “Jenner’s asking for you” Glenn said exiting the RV, Eva nodded and went to him. Jenner lay in the bed looking slightly worried. “Are you ok? Glenn and Dale told me” Jenner said trying to sit himself up. “Wait” Eva called stopping him she slid her hand behind his back and one under his legs “here” she stated sliding his body up. Jenner smiled “thank you” he said now sitting upright, Eva nodded. “Are you ok?” He asked in s stern tone, Eva nodded It wasn’t the first or the last experience she was going to have with the walkers. “yes I’m fine” She said with a smile “I mean come on, so a handful of walkers attacked…” she gave a coy smile and twitched her body a bit “that’s nothing to getting blown away” she said with a giggle Jenner deflated and some emotion showed up in his eyes, distraught “I’m never going to live that down, not even with an arm missing and a foot gone” he breathed running his one hand through his hair. Eva smiled at him “oh please it’ll be hard to forget for sure, but you’ve been forgiven a long time ago?” Eva winked at him “after all I’m your sister in apocalypse law right?” she turned around and waved heading to leave the RV “what am I for?” she said lightheartedly as she walked out.

Eva held a smile on her face even as she stood in the night looking around at the camp. She knew she’d never be alone even if Lori could somehow manage to turn everyone against her, if that happened she would leave with Jenner, and they would find a new group. “Keep telling yourself that” a voice hissed in the back of her head. Eva’s eyes wandered over to Rick and Lori’s tent, she could see their shadows cuddled under one another, it looked so warm and sweet. The scene turned her stomach and stabbed at her heart. “Yeah I’ll keep telling myself that” Eva muttered closing her eyes her smile faded away. Warm strong arms wrapped around her, and her face was drawn into someone’s body “let me go Shane” Eva muttered dryly, but she didn’t refuse his hug, she didn’t have the will to, not now. “I’m sorry, you scare me, goin’ out into the woods with some guy, you’re good at those quick flings” He stated in what seemed like a guilt filled voice. Shane hugged her tighter, “those were on out ‘Breaks’ remember, you got tired of me first” Eva muttered, in spite of herself she buried her head into him and held on. He was so warm and his arms seemed to Lock Lori out at that moment, as if saying to the whole world ‘keep out’. “I wasn’t tired of you, I just knew I messed up and wanted to give you a chance to get back at me” he confessed, Eva’s eye shot up and she looked up at him, searching his deep dark brown eyes “bull” she breathed Shane smiled down at her. “Please every one night stand you had was bullet to my ego but it wasn’t a bullet to just my ego” Shane’s voice got softer and softer as he spoke. Eva tried to remember he was as good at this as she was, and smoother talker with all the right words, working his eyes like a hypnotist.

Shane’s arms slipped lower so that they loosely rested on her hips, and her hands rested against his chest. “and every tear I’ve ever made you cry left like a god damn waterfall, sounded like one to just rushing over the side of a cliff, crashing into rocks.” Shane went on, “I drank it away until I was buzzed enough to go find someone who would lay with me” Shane glanced off to the side towards Rick and Lori’s tent, Eva hadn’t noticed, or maybe she didn’t want to admit she noticed, because right now she was feeling an awful lot like that June bride even if it was a Lie, even if it was just his smooth talking. She’d make it the truth for tonight. Because when he touched her like this, and spoke in a low husky tone and that deep southern drawl her heart all but stopped, and when she closed her eyes tight and let the denial and the longing set it she could swear he was rick. And the shame never came until the mornings anyway, the guilt never sat in until she would awake from her same dream the same one that visited every night with him. But that was in the morning. Eva glanced over at the Tent to see Rick and Lori’s shadows lie down. “And this is tonight” Eva thought looking up at Shane she touched his face gently, he scooped her into his arms and held her close “Shane” she muttered softly Shane nuzzled his face into her hair “shhh I know” he hummed before carrying her to his car.


Sorry for the wait, that was far to long without an update, internet has been shotty but it's back now.


Please update soon!! I cant wait to see where this story goes!!! Id love for her to end up with Shane!! Love your writing!!!! :)

I couldn't stop reading once I started. Please update soon

racheljewell racheljewell

thank you will try and update soon

Dixology Dixology

I love this so much!(:

hope_is_real hope_is_real

Thank you very much, I'll try to keep updating in a good amount of time :)
I love Kate too

Dixology Dixology