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Wolf in My Heart

A Hunch and A Promise

Morning came slowly, Eva’s eyes fluttered open, her body ached, not form the night before but from how she had been laying. She and Shane were tangled up with one another in the back seat of his car. She couldn’t feel her arm which was under his body weight and by the looks of things he was going to have a bad crook in his neck. “Shane” she groaned shaking him trying her best to wake him. Shane merely stirred before wrapping his arms around her tightly, he sighed and went back to sleep, breathing lightly. Eva huffed and laid their minute trying to gather the strength to pry him off. Turning her head, she came nose to nose with him, he looked so sweet when he was asleep, she wish that same face would transfer over when he was awake, that was a face she could truly come to love.

Eva reached out her hand and gently caressed Shane’s cheek, she felt guilty, yes it had sunk in, and the dream came as promised. She couldn’t get the vision on a 14 year old Shane holding that gun in his hand, the red dots on his white shirt.

Eva closed her eyes and opened them again, to see his face, only this time his eyes were open, and burning holes into her own.

“mornin’” he spoke groggily. Eva smiled a bit and caressed his cheek again “morning” she whispered, her eyelashes fluttered as she ran her fingers through his thick curly hair. “you’re cute when you sleep” she muttered smirking, Shane returned her smirk “oh yeah?” he asked situating himself a bit better, Eva nodded and booped the tip of his nose with her finger, “My arm is smashed and I couldn’t even bring myself to get you up because of it” she stated, Shane looked down and tried to lift his body enough for her to remove her hand from under him. As she did so he plopped back down and groaned rubbing his neck “shit” he cursed Eva laughed “maybe this wasn’t the best idea” He said looking around. “Come on, let’s get ourselves untangled and I’ll rub your neck” Eva said.

It took a bit of effort but eventually they maneuvered themselves to that Eva could open the car door and slip out. A pain locked in her leg muscle as she stood up, she flinched at this before she shifted all her weight off of it. “Ah hah!” She gasped “shiiit” she hissed closing her eyes, “what? What is it?” Shane asked quickly as he hoppd out of the Car, his hand resting on his throbbing neck trying to rub the crook out of it. “Charlie horse” Eva muttered, Shane chuckled and picked Eva up into his arms. “We really messed ourselves up” He said as he held her Eva rubbed his neck while he walked, she needed his neck fixed so that he could fix her leg for her. “We ain’t as bright as we thought we were” he added laughing more “who do you mean we” Eva sulked “you and me” Shane stated walking over to the camp, were Carol and Lori had started on fixing something for the kids to eat. “What happened to you two?” Carol asked as Eva rubbed her elbow gently in Shane’s neck. Shane sat down on a log with Eva in his lap he smiled at Carol “took a all night long nap in the back of the car” He said “turns out two grown ass people don’t fit well back there” Eva muttered, being around Lori instantaneously put her in a foul mood, she couldn’t even bring herself to look at her.

“Shane got a crook in his neck, I’m trying to work it out” Eva added, Shane closed his eyes as her hit a sweet spot. Lori leered at Eva as Shane rested his hand on her thigh, “alright where’s the Charlie horse” He asked opening his eyes, “not that high up” she chuckled, Shane moved his hand lower around her shins. “Here?” he asked, Eva stopped messaging his neck and lifted her leg a bit “yes” Shane took her shin in one hand to hold it up and rubbed it with his fist, Eva cried out in pain “ouch! Not that hard” she whined, Shane laughed “sorry didn’t do it on purpose” he chuckled more “I haven’t heard you whine like that since you were 12” he laughed.

Eva leered at him playfully “that’s not nice! It really hurt!” Eva said hitting his arm lightly. Carol smiled “well you two make up nicely after all” She stated albeit more to herself than to them. Lori frowned and stood up “I’m going to go give this to Carl and Sophia” she said in a sharp tone. Eva blinked, she had’t been trying to get under Lori’s skin that time but somehow she had.

A silly, gleeful smile came to her face, at the thought, the effortless reward, even if small. Eva leaned back against Shane as he worked the knots out of her leg. “Does anyone know where we’re headed now?” Shane asked Carol, as Glenn and T-dog walked up “Help yourselves there’s enough” Carol spoke to them before turning to Shane “I don’t know Rick’s been talking to Dale and Jenner all morning” Carol stated. Eva’s heart flipped at his name. “You to look cozy” T-dog teased, Shane looked up at him and smirk “jealous?” Shane asked T-dog chuckled “nah man, that one there’s a handful” He said Eva puffed out her cheeks and pretended to be offended “I am not!” she said crossing her arms she stuck her nose in the air and closed her eyes “I’ll have you know I am completely Impossible” she corrected, Glenn chuckled “yeah that putting it mildly” he muttered while he ate. Shane laughed and set Eva’s leg down “how’s that, is it gone?” he asked Eva nodded and leaned back against him “ran away with its herd over the hills” she replied “eh…what?” Glenn asked confused “Charlie horse” Shane and Eva replied.

“yeah you two have definitely made up” Rick said striding up to the group, he had a troubled look on his face, it didn’t take long for a anxiousness to bubble in the pit of Eva’s stomach. “You two are doing that double answer thing” He finished sitting down next to Shane, Eva went blank, as she watched Rick. She suddenly felt less comfortable in Shane’s arms, somehow Shane’s body felt like it had gone cold. Rick smiled at her “I told you last night didn’t I” he said his eyes glassed over for a split second as he glanced at Shane. “What was that?” Eva said picking up on the slight change. Rick rested a hand on Eva’s leg, it felt as if his palm had set her skin on fire. Shane’s eyes darted to Rick’s hand, and his expression became Stoney. “You two are just a bunch of Hotheads, it’s like a Tornado touching down on a flooded river when you two bicker” he added with a laugh quickly removing his hand from Eva’s leg, thigh to be exact, in a nonchalant way. Shane managed a smile, once Rick removed his hand and Held Eva tighter. “Yeah, we’ll wreck things to bits” Shane mused. Eva’s eyes searched Ricks face. Her mind screaming “What was that!” but she couldn’t ask that, and soon reclaimed her disposition.

Glenn and T-dog glanced at each other, they hadn’t missed that either. Daryl strolled up with his Crossbow so his trademark went, hung on his back. He grabbed a bowl and filled it with the mush of oatmeal Carol had made with Lori. He nodded to Shane, and Shane nodded back stiffly. “I guess they came to some kind of understanding” Eva thought Standing up Eva stretched and sighed “I’m going to check on Jenner” she said walking off briskly. Both Rick and Shane watched her go.

“I should be happy, but that really isn’t like Rick at all” She thought opening the RV door. Andrea was at the Table fumbling with her father’s gun trying to put it back together. “Morning Blondie” Eva called, Andrea looked up slightly startled having been lost in her frustration with the gun. “Oh morning, Eva” Andrea sighed with a smile. Eva walked to her side and looked over Andrea’s not so handy work. “Need some help?” she asked “ No I’ve just about got it” Andrea said Cheerfully but it seemed fake, Eva stopped herself from frowning, she shrugged and walked back to see Jenner.

He was sitting up fully with his legs dangling over the bedside. “Good Morning Eva Lane” He said with a smile. Eva jumped back with wide eyes “Who are you and what have you done with Jenner!” She called laughing, Jenner nodded his head “yes, yes, laugh all you want” he smiled softly “I had a talk with Rick” He paused for a moment “He told me it’s been a while since you had a male figure in your family” He said “and that you need a good one around, so I figure the least I can do to hold My promise to my wife, and thank you” Eva opened her mouth to protest “Is to stop Sulking and get to work, I can still research this Virus on the move” he said Eva closed her mouth and Nodded “well either way It’s a nice change” she replied. “we’re going to start looking for some crutches for you until we can find something you can build a prosthetic with” she added in. “we’re out in farmlands now, but there’s a small town up ahead” she went on crossing her arms she looked out the window to were Rick was taking a rare moment to play with Carl. She smiled at the scene “there they’ve got to have a small hospital or urgent care…a drug store. Something” added, Jenner sighed and shook his head “you are hopeless” he muttered watching her watch Rick.

“Yeah” Eva sigh like a song “I am but I’m gaining ground” she said with a smirk. Jenner’s eyes narrowed a bit and then widened “what happened?” he asked there was a hint in his voice, like a girl wanting gossip. “I have no clue myself” Eva said glancing back at him. “Are you hungry? I can go get you something to eat” she asked, Jenner shook his head “no, I barely got down that Oatmeal mush Lori brought, not that I am ungrateful” Jenner said tiredly. Eva chuckled “she really should let carol handle the cooking” she mused “Oh I know!” Andrea’s voice called, at this both Eva and Jenner laughed “sorry! Wasn’t eavesdropping but I totally heard that!” She called peeking her head around the small corner.

After talking with Andrea and Jenner it was already time to head back out on the road. Eva sat in the car next to Shane as he drove. She watched the scenery go by with a bit of peace. It almost felt like all of this was normal, just a bunch of friends going on a camping trip. Eva’s eyes landed on a walker hobbling along an open field it would stop look around and then go on walking. That’s right, this wasn’t normal, it was survival, and the world had still gone to shit. Eva groaned and looked up at Shane “I’m tired of seeing those things they’re like ants in the summer time there is always one somewhere!” she huffed in frustration, Shane narrowed his eyes at the truck ahead of him, he had apparently been in deep thought, He glanced down at Eva and managed to smile “I know, we’ll find a place, trust me I’ll a place for you were they won’t be around, and if we can’t find one I’ll make one” he said her tone was distant and determined. Eva watched him as he turned his eyes back to the road “can you promise me that?” she asked, holding out her Pinky as she had with him all throughout her childhood. Shane glanced down at her again a smile tugged at his lips as he held out his pinky grasping hers, he turned his eyes back to the road “it’s a Promise” he said, Eva smiled that’s one thing about Shane that would never change, His Promises, we golden. She knew she had something to look onward to.

Shane never took his eyes off of Rick’s truck, he lowered his head a bit as Eva lowered her hand and his and held it. He kept flashing to when Rick laid his hand on Eva’s leg, the Look in his eyes when he told Shane to apologize, how close they had looked from afar before Eva had been attacked. Shane bit his tongue, “you’re reading too much into things” He told himself in his head, but his grip on the steering wheel tightened. “He ain’t like me” He thought before Glancing over at Eva who was looking out the window with a smile “and she ain’t Lori” he thought in both comfort and a bit of bitterness. Shane knew this conflict he had going on between his heart and his head, was going to be a problem.



Please update soon!! I cant wait to see where this story goes!!! Id love for her to end up with Shane!! Love your writing!!!! :)

I couldn't stop reading once I started. Please update soon

racheljewell racheljewell

thank you will try and update soon

Dixology Dixology

I love this so much!(:

hope_is_real hope_is_real

Thank you very much, I'll try to keep updating in a good amount of time :)
I love Kate too

Dixology Dixology