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Wolf in My Heart

Down the Rabbit Hole

Eva opened her eyes, as Shane stopped the car “what’s going on?” she muttered, Shane got out the car quickly, looking over the Scene before him. A long stretched of highway with stopped cars. Eva looked around and whistling she smiled “Jack pot!” she called reaching into the car, she pulled out the crow bar and ran to the nearest car. “Have some respect!” Lori called out to her as she stopped next to a nice sports car. “Oh please these people are either dead, walkers, or abandoned their stuff.” Eva said resting one hand on her hip “besides, we need supplies, fuel, clothing, food, and medical supplies.” Eva leered at Lori “malls in big cities are to dangerous to check out, and there isn’t another town for a while, say hello to what you will learn to be our daily Markets” Eva finished jamming the crowbar into the door. “Rick stop her” Lori urged turning to him.

Rick looked down and rubbed the back of his neck, “she’s right Lor….we need supplies…Jenner needs something to make a foot with and the cars need fuel.” Rick sighed, Lori crossed her arms and shook her head “fine” she gave in. “But I don’t agree with this” she added before going to get Carl. Rick watched Lori go and sighed heavily, his eyes floated up to see Eva, she had dumped out a bag she found in the car and started loading it up Sophia had gotten out of the truck with Carol’s blessing and ran to help Eva. Ricks eyes softened as Eva pulled a slightly dusty white stuffed bunny. She smiled down at Sophia and handed it to her “remember if anything goes wrong, dear Alice follow the white rabbit” Eva said tapping Sophia on the tip of the nose with her finger. Sophia giggled and hugged the bunny closer. “I love it!” she giggled.

Rick smiled, he found he couldn’t help it, Shane stood a few paces behind him, watching. Rick could feel a gaze, he knew who it was, and managed to tear his eyes away from Eva and went to the nearest car. Shane watched Rick walk off and frowned, he turned his eyes towards Eva, it was final, and they had to leave the group. All he needed was to find enough gas and a car more suited for long drives, seeing as the RV wouldn’t be around.

Eva rummaged through another car, she looked through luggage, pulling out a baggy full of jewelry she found a mood ring and smiled. “oh wow” she gasped, what’d you find?” Carol asked Eva held up the mood ring grinning. “Hey did you say we needed water?” Shane called pulling a tarp away from a large truck. It was full of large water jugs. Shane opened one and lifted it above his head and poured it onto himself. Eva laughed at him as Rick walked over, thrilled at the site. Knowing if they would get a good number of those on the RV and in the trunks they would be set for a while. Rick opened one and let the water run into his hands splashing it on his face, before putting his whole head under the running water.

Standing back up Rick was dripping from head to shoulders in water, his sheriff’s uniform drenched to his chest. It clung lightly to his skin. Eva felt her temperature rise and her breath quicken. Water dewed his facial hair with a light shimmer, Oh so temptingly. Eva crushed the ring in her fist to her chest, as if trying to stop her heavily beating heart. Rick’s eyes caught hers and he lowered his eyes, his eyes shadowed over. Eva’s heart stopped, her lips parted. Lori’s eyes narrowed as she went to Rick.

And Eva saw red, as Lori wrapped her arms around Ricks waste and ruffled his slightly damp hair water droplets flinging off the curls. Eva closed her eyes and turned her back to them, Carol had gone over to another car. Eva took a few deep breaths, but all she could see was that dark calling look he had given her. Her eyes wandered up to Shane who was looking under the hood of a car. Eva had to contain herself form sprinting to him. She wrapped her arms around his waist. “Shane” she whispered her voice small. He lifted his head as her hands rubbed under his shirt against his skin, he was still damp with water, her hands warm on his stomach, and he grunted and smirked “already?” He mocked Eva leaned her head on his back and shook her head “No” she said her voice soft. Shane turned around and held her leaning against the car, he kissed her forehead, and his eyes went over to Rick and Lori who were now merely talking. Rick’s eyes caught his as Shane leaned down and Kissed Eva tenderly.

Eva closed her eyes tightly and gripped at the sides of Shane’s shirt “he’ll never have my heart” she thought pressing body to his “But he can have my Body” she told herself, Shane pulled away and rubbed Eva’s back. His eyes were gently examining her. Could he do it? Could he talk her into leaving the group? Could he really just leave, and never have another thought about Lori again?
“Would she leave Rick’s side?”
That question loomed in his mind, the very back of his mind. He didn’t want to believe that there was anything more than friendship in her heart for Rick, and he did believe that. But could the same be said for Rick himself?
“Shane?” Eva asked looking at Shane with a slight concern. He smiled at her and touched her cheek, “why don’t you go look in some more cars, while I see if I can get this one running?” he asked. Eva smiled faintly and walked off. “Still acting strange.” She thought picking up the crowbar she had left on the ground. She went to a green minivan and pried the door open “that’s It I need to look for that damn Respaphil” she thought now looking for medical bags and medications.

They had been rummaging for a while and had found quite a bit of useful items, Eva looked up to see Lori and Shane talking, they seemed to be having a serious conversation. Eva glared at Lori from afar her back turned to her. Eva growled inwardly and swung her Crow bar at another car, crashing the window to pieces, everyone looked up at her, but she just glared at the car. “Bitch” Eva muttered, A hand rested on her shoulder “hey you alright?” Daryl asked hesitantly Eva brushed him off “do I look like it?” She rumbled nodding towards Lori and Shane. Daryl looked up as Lori walked away. Daryl shook her head and walked off leaving the steaming woman on her own.

“Hello” Eva said as she reached for a machete that was hidden under the seat of the car, as she pulled it out “Everyone take cover!” Dale called out “Herd!” Daryl added. Eva climbed under the car from where she was she could see Lori and Carol under a car, Sophia under a farther one, she saw Carl looking for a place to hide. He was looking for Rick but was closer to Shane and Shane brought the boy to him. Eva sighed knowing he was safe, and held her breath as the walkers began to flood in. that maddening groaning and moaning, the scrapping of their lazy feet against the ground, made Eva’s pulse rise. She bit her lip watching carefully, her eyes fell on Sophia who held the bunny close to her chest. Her eyes locked with Eva’s. Eva put her finger to her lips and Nodded. Slowly surely the walkers walked on, Eva heard a scream from the RV and her heart dropped, she went to crawl out from under the car but seeing a walkers go by she stayed put.

“Jenner…Andrea” she thought shutting her eyes. Her heart raced. “Please” she whispered her hands balling into fists. It seemed like it took hours but eventually, it seemed as though the walkers were going away. Eva opened her eyes to see a walker kneel and look under Sophia’s car, she screamed and crawled out. Eva gasped, and pulled herself out from under her car after glancing at Lori and Carol, Lori had held Carol in place. “Sophia!” Eva yelled as Sophia torn off into the woods the walkers following her “Run!” Eva yelled her machete in hand she lopped off a walkers head before chasing after Sophia. “Eva!” Shane called exiting his hiding spot, he took out one of the herd. “Eva!” he called but she and the girl had went into the woods.

“Come on! I got them!, Shane! Daryl!” Rick called bolting off the highway and into the woods.

Eva ran with Sophia “wait I can’t!” Sophia called, Eva stopped for a moment and with a quick swing swung Sophia on her back. “Hold on!” She called, running. Sophia held on tightly her eyes shut. “I’ve got you Soph, I’ve got you” Eva puffed out of breath. Sophia opened her eyes and screamed as a Walker popped out in front of them, Eva raised her Machete and lopped off its head causing Sophia to hide her face n Eva’s hair. They continued to run. “Eva!” she could hear Shane call out “Sophia!” Daryl’s voice “Sophia!” called ricks. “Rick!” Eva’s mind screamed her leg got caught in a root and she fell forward, Eva made sure she landed without hurting Sophia, but cried out as a sharp pain went through her leg. “Eva!” Sophia called as walkers were drawn to the sound. “Go Sophia. Go! Ricks out here find Rick! He’ll keep you safe!” Eva called helping Sophia up. “But!” Sophia protested Eva smiled faintly “be brave Alice…follow the white rabbit” She said, Sophia’s eyes welled but she nodded. Holding the bunny close she took off running. Eva looked up to see walkers drawing nearer to her, she managed to stand up.

Her knee cap cracked and she almost collapsed, getting a stable stance she swung at a walker with the machete and its head rolled onto the ground, its mouth was still moving, but its body fell dead. “Eva!” Rick’s voice called she could see him leading Shane and Daryl through the woods “Sophia’s ahead somewhere! Go!” she called to him, Rick nodded and bolted past her. An arrow zipped through the air and landed in a walker’s skull, Shane brought a knife down into another’s. “Are you ok?” Shane asked once the walkers were eliminated Eva nodded but then her leg gave way and she yelped “that’s not ok” Daryl muttered, Shane picked Eva up in his arms, “I’ve got to take you back to the road” Shane said “No!” Eva yelled “I want to find Sophia, I need to make sure she’s ok” Eva said she looked down at her knee and then to Daryl “can you pop it back redneck?” she asked. Daryl nodded and swung his Crossbow onto his back before walking over to her. “bite down on somethin’ or you’ll draw more walkers” Daryl warned, Eva took a deep breath, and as Daryl set her knee back in place, Shane plated his lips to hers, holding her tighter as she screamed into the kiss, tears slipped down her face. And Shane winced as she bit his lip out of the pain. She could feel the coppery droplets of Shanes blood on her tongue.

Eva pulled away and wiped Shanes lip gently with her finger “I-“ he hushed her “come on lets go find Sophia” Daryl said leading the way as Shane put Eva down.

“Rick!” Eva called as she spotted him, he was out of breath “I lead the walkers away from Sophia, come on I’ll take you to where I told her to hide!” He called, and they were off. Rick led them to the river but there was no Sophia. “Where is she?!” Eva asked looking around everywhere as she splashed into the shallow water. “I told her to stay right here” Rick said looking around “a Spooked girl isn’t going to remember orders” Shane grunted “well she can’t be far” Daryl stated looking around. “Right we have to keep looking, Sophia’s a smart girl, spooked or not she won’t stray too far if told to stay somewhere” Eva said trying to calm herself down.

The four of them looked for hours, it had already been past noon and now the sun was getting lower and lower in the sky. Eva closed her eyes to prevent herself from crying at the tough of Sophia wandering around. “Sophia!” she called for the hundredth time. Eva dropped her arms to her sides “why doesn’t she hear us, she should hear us” She muttered, Rick rested a hand on her shoulder “we’re going to find her” He stated, Daryl looked up through the trees “the suns going down” Daryl muttered. Eva’s tears spilled “we should head back, we need flashlights now. We get some useful supplies and then we come back” Rick said. Eva shook her head “no I want to stay and look” she protested “You’re Knees weak Eva…you need to go back, and wrap that first, Ricks right” Shane said sternly. Eva sighed and closed her eyes more tears fell. “Eva” Rick said softly, brushing her hair back “we’ll find her, you said so yourself Sophia’s a smart kid, come on” He said leading the way back to the Highway. Eva’s heart ached, she could see Carol’s face now, and Carls, she didn’t want to face them. She couldn’t bare to face them.



Please update soon!! I cant wait to see where this story goes!!! Id love for her to end up with Shane!! Love your writing!!!! :)

I couldn't stop reading once I started. Please update soon

racheljewell racheljewell

thank you will try and update soon

Dixology Dixology

I love this so much!(:

hope_is_real hope_is_real

Thank you very much, I'll try to keep updating in a good amount of time :)
I love Kate too

Dixology Dixology