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She's Alive



She's been weeping for the past two days. She started weeping after she got here and hasn't stopped much. She goes and hides somewhere and weeps. She doesn't cry, only weep. There's a difference. Why does she hide? Is she scared? I watch as Hershel stands up, with the help of Mom and Beth. I smile as they hand him the crutches we found. A few days ago, Hershel was bite and Dad had to cut his leg off. He's finally woken up and we're trying to help him back on his feet now. "You wanna lay back down?" Beth asks. Hershel shakes his head. "Let's go for a stroll.


Merle's left the prison to find whiskey. He doesn't know when to stop. He's so tough. He doesn't care. He thinks I don't care. I only act that way so I don't get dead. But now that I'm here, with these people, I don't have to act anymore. I can be myself. I'm too vulnerable to kill a person. I've never killed a person in my life. I've killed walkers, but not people. I look over as the prison door opens. Out come Lori, Beth, Carl and the man I've learned to be Hershel. I've been told Hershel is Beth and Maggie's father. Where is he? Is he dead? Is my father dead? I shake my head and look away. Of course he is. He's been dead sense I was born. I look over and out the gate at the trees. They form the woods just outside the prison, full of creatures. Animals and walkers. The woods are- "Walkers!" Carl shouts in panic. I hear gun shots as I stand and run. I run to Lori and Carl, helping them to the door.Maggie and Beth help their father to a cut off section as we get inside. What happened to the others? I don't know.


I run to the courtyard, gun gripped tightly in my hand. "Where is everyone? Where's Lori? Carl? Carol? T? Lexa?" I ask in panic. Maggie looks at me. "Carl, Lori and Lexa ran into the cell block. I didn't see where Carol and T went." She says. Alarms start to sound and I shoot the speakers. I look at the two remaining prisoners. "What is goin' on?" I ask. "It must be the back up generators." Oscar says in a calm voice. "Follow me." I say and we, Glenn, Daryl, the prisoners and I. go inside. I walk into the cell block, seeing few walkers. We shoot them and I look around. "Lori! Carl!"


I'm loving this story!! I enjoyed the line "Can't help fate." "And sperm" BECAUSE ITS SO DING DANG TRUE! XD :D

AnnaDixon AnnaDixon

please update

Blakeray Blakeray

This story is finished but the sequel is coming soon

Shaybot12 Shaybot12

you have to update soon!

WeLoveDaryl WeLoveDaryl
daniilovesyyou daniilovesyyou