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It's the End of the World, Didn't You Get the Memo?


Doctor Katherine McKinney was never one for superstitions, and never was her brother Malachy, but they never knew that their uncle was preparing for the end, keeping a bunker of survival gear beneath the house. It mattered for a number of months after the outbreak, when the bunker was compromised and their uncle's death, Katherine had to go on a search to find her brother's unit in Fort Benning.

It's day 297, two months after Malachy and Katherine lost their group to walkers, they are settled in a church two miles from where Rick's group are travelling, only for Carl Grimes to stumble into the woods and be crowded with walkers, forcing the McKinney siblings to take action and then disappearing without a thought.

Rick and Daryl take action to find them, wanting to express their thanks, and question if they could work together to find a new haven.


Katherine-March McKinney

Katherine-March McKinney

Doctor Katherine-March McKinney is the younger sister of Malachy McKinney and the love interest of Daryl Dixon.

Malachy McKinney

Malachy McKinney

Sargent Malachy McKinney is the older brother of Katherine-March McKinney and is a potential love interest of Carol Peletier.



Previously a dog owned by a man in a cabin in the woods and found by Katherine three days after his owner killed himself. Soda is a more than loyal friend to Katherine, trusting her quickly and follows all of her commands


  1. Hey There Sheriff, What’s It Like In A World Overrun With Zombies?

  2. Nothing Like Singing Irish Drinking Songs With Scotch Stolen From A Rogue Priest

  3. Sorry, Havens Aren’t Allowed To Be Safe Passed Two Months

  4. Don’t Cry Over A Redneck Who Doesn’t How To Handle His People Skills

  5. On And Off Silent Treatment? Now I’m Suspicious

  6. Singing Songs In A Gentlemen’s Club Is How You Spend Seventeen Years Old

  7. I Know I Can’t Have Children But That Doesn’t Mean You Have To Offer Yours

  8. An Angel Of Death, I'm Pretty Sure Rick Is One Of Those

  9. I'm Pretty Sure All Of Us Have Murdered Someone At One Point

  10. It Was Either A Pissed Off Malachy Or A Not Very Happy Carl To Stop Us First

  11. Careful, If You Started Caring For Other People You Might Pull A Muscle

  12. If You're Going To Die, Don't Scream, It's Not A Noble Death

  13. Daryl Dixon, A Better Mother Than Lori Ever Was In Three Seconds

  14. ​​ Everybody Ships An Irishwoman And A Southern Redneck

  15. Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner, Especially Not Merle Dixon

  16. The Body Has A Funny Way Of Betraying Itself

  17. May You Be In Heaven A Full Half Hour Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead

  18. Don’t Expect Someone To Be Jumping With Joy To Be Getting Out Alive

  19. You Take My Brother, My Hair And My Pride, You Aren’t Taking My Car As Well

  20. Don’t Worry, We’ll Be Seeing You Later Anyway

  21. When You Get Shot, You Need To Make Sacrifices, It’s The McKinney Way

  22. Dukes Of Hazard Remake, Well, Should I Say One Duke

  23. Never Question A Woman’s Intentions, Even If You’re A Woman Yourself

  24. Being Stitched Up Twice Within An Hour Isn’t A Lot Of Fun Without Anything To Numb The Skin With

  25. A Bottle Of Whiskey And A Packet Of Twinkies, That’s The Road To Recovery

  26. Talking To Dogs Is Better Than Speaking To Hallucinations

  27. Not All Rednecks Are Dumbasses, Irishfolk Are Too

  28. Almost A Year Without Sexual Contact Is Going To Lead To Fireworks

  29. There Are Times When You Have To Control The Urge To Kill Someone

  30. You Need To Control Yourself Around A Man Who Is More Badass Than The Leader Is

  31. There Is A Special Place In Hell For What They Did To Us

  32. You Know When The End Is Nigh When You Start Bargaining People’s Lives

  33. We Are About To Become Even, We Will Both Feel The Same Way

  34. I Got 99 Problems But The Governor Ain’t One

  35. Team Prison Vs Team Woodbury And All The Walkers In Between

  36. We’re What They Call The Zombie Killing Saints


Hi everyone! My account was deactivated so I have opened a new account on Mibba and will be posting the remastered version very soon! I have had a very tough year so I hope you guys understand that I've been too busy to write etc But my new years resolution is start again so I hope you guys will like it! The link is here: http://www.mibba.com/Stories/Read/614421/Its-the-End-of-the-World-Didnt-You-Get-the-Memo/

dragoncake dragoncake


There were a lot of different responses when it was first posted about having the main characters that were Irish. Some people can't take new ideas! :)

I'm only on chapter 4 but this is excellent! I'm from Kentucky in the foothills of Appalachian mountains. I love that you have Irish main characters! But ill let you know what I think as soon as I'm done reading all of it. I'm a huge fan of Daryl Dixon and the walking dead series. 10/10 from me :)

hoanie hoanie

If people are going to complain about that, then why are they reading the story? (I never get stuff like that, you're not forced to read it or anything). Anyways I love your character(s) and it's nice to read about people who aren't American, especially the 'how they got to America' bit cause its nearly always different.
I'm English too but I don't attempt to write to the American time zones, gives them something to wake up to I suppose! Thanks for agreeing to take a read :)


I know, it's just a lot of people have been complaining about how she's not like the other characters in people's stories. I make my characters realistic to a T, and a lot of people don't approve that Katherine can't get pregnant, isn't American, isn't all puppy dog in love with Daryl, etc. I wanted her as different as I could possibly make her and some people love it more than hate it so I'm cool with that :) I'm glad you are enjoying the story, I do try and update within the times of American readers as well considering I'm in England aha. That's what I used to do, I would sit up until 4 in the morning (when I knew it was American time) and watch the episode to get to writing it. I'd love to read what you've written, I'll get right on it :D