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Lost Souls


I hardly slept at all last night and here I am now trying to force myself out of bed after clicking the snooze button several times on my alarm clock. I was so drained out last night that I hadn't even changed into a pair of pyjamas to sleep in. As I sat up in bed, my head began throbbing and I winced in pain. Great, a hangover on a Monday morning. I finally built up enough strength to stand up and walk over to my mirror. I actually jumped at my reflection that stared back at me: I had huge bags under my eyes, my black mascara had been smudged and had run down my cheeks from the amount of tears that I had shed. Hopefully a nice warm shower would help clean me up and make my body and mind regenerate properly. I slowly climbed out of my dress and made my way to the shower.

Still feeling extremely lazy after my shower, I tied my hair up into a bun and hadn't put much effort into my outfit. I threw on a red Hollister sweater and my favourite pair of dark jeans from American Eagle. After stalling in my bedroom for a couple of more minutes, I finally built up the courage to walk into the kitchen where I'd have to face my mother again. My dad had already left for work and Carl had already gotten on his school bus to his elementary school. As I picked up my book bag, I reached into my clutch from the previous night and sighed loudly after realizing that my parents must have taken away my car keys—which meant I had to take the god-awful school bus to school. Greaaat.

I opened the door and started walking down the hallway toward the kitchen to pack a lunch for the day. Surprisingly enough, my mom wasn't around—which probably meant she was still sleeping. If I could get ready quickly enough, maybe I wouldn't have to deal with having an awkward conversation with her, or I could avoid another pointless lecture. Apparently my streak of bad luck still hadn't come to an end because right then I heard her footsteps coming down the hallway.

"Good morning Kara." My mother said sternly while walking into the kitchen and pulling out a strawberry yogurt from the fridge. I cleared my throat before responding.

"Morning." I said quietly as I reached into one of the drawers and pulled out some peanut butter and sliced bread to make a sandwich. Once finishing, I grabbed a juice box and a couple of snacks from the pantry. I shoved it all into my school bag and put on my black pair of Toms.

"I'll see ya after school." I said to my mom while opening the front door.

"Have fun on the bus!" my mom shouted sarcastically. I rolled my eyes and proceeded with walking to the end of the driveway and waited for my bus to show up.

The bus is awful; it's full of annoying kids screaming at each other, laughing loudly with one another and it always has a weird stench. I was thankful when we finally arrived at the school and eagerly jumped out of my seat and walked into the school and straight to my locker. Ashley and Kim had been waiting at my locker for me, holding the bag I had brought to Ashley's with all of my make-up the night before.

"Thank you." I said while grabbing the bag out of Ashley's hand.

"Sooo… are you gonna fill us in or what? Were your parents pissed off at you?" I proceeded with putting my bags into my locker before turning around to answer Kim's question.

"They took away my cell phone, iPod, laptop, and my car keys. So yes, they're definitely pissed off." I said while rolling my eyes.

"Ouch… that really sucks. Why'd you call your dad anyways? How come you didn't come home with us like you were supposed to?" Ashley asked while raising an eyebrow.

"Well, Kim and I had started looking around for you once you disappeared, and then some older man came and started hitting on me. When I rejected him, he flipped out and basically dragged me out the back door. When I finally got away I ran up the alley that was pitch black and ended up on Pitt Street." I paused to take a sip out of a water bottle. "Now here's the weird part. After calling my dad to come and get me, I heard a man, who I presume was the man from the bar, scream his fucking lungs out. A couple minutes later an old freaky man came from the alley I had just come from. His face was all droopy, his teeth were blackened, and his eyes were just pure white. I have no clue where he came from, or what he did to the guy who dragged me outside. Maybe he was just trying to save me? I have no idea…but I didn't bother to find out. I started running down the street and then my dad came a couple of minutes later…thankfully." I sighed while glancing at my friends' confused expressions.

"Wow…that's some freaky shit." Ashley replied, still with a raised eyebrow in confusion.

"No kidding. We're glad you're okay though." Kim said. "Anyway, I better get my books for Biology. She said while walking away and waving goodbye.

"Yeah, I better get going too. I'll see ya after class Kara!" Ashley said while chasing after Kim to walk to their lockers together. I bent down to pick up my Ancient History books and began walking to my classroom. I yawned while sitting down in a desk in the back of the classroom and put my head down on my desk—preparing to take a nap throughout the whole 70 minutes of class. Strangely enough, there seemed to be a lot of students missing today.

After actually taking a short nap, class came to an end and I leisurely walked back to my locker. For some strange reason my dad was standing right in front of it with a look of concern planted on his face, wearing his entire police uniform.

"Dad? What're you doing here?" I asked quizzically while standing in front of him.

"Hurry and get your stuff. We're leaving." He replied quietly while motioning me to move quickly.

"Wait, why? What's wrong?" I asked while I did as he instructed and put my books away in my locker and grabbed my bags.

"Just do it now Kara." My dad said through his teeth. I closed my locker and followed my dad through the hallways and out of the front door of the school. I saw the police cruiser in the parking lot instantly and noticed that my mom, Carl, and my dad's best friend/sheriff partner, Shane Walsh, were all piled inside the vehicle.

"RICK! LET'S GO!" Shane shouted while sticking his head out of the passenger seat window.

"We're gonna be leaving for quite a while Kara. Your mom packed you a small bag with a couple of pieces of clothing, a brush, and some other random toiletries and stuff. Put your bags in the trunk and get into the backseat beside Carl." My dad instructed as we hurriedly walked side-by-side toward his car.

"Dad, tell me what's going on." I said patiently while throwing my stuff inside of the already full trunk. He ignored me and rushed it to the driver's seat. He turned it on and started driving as soon I sat down in my seat.

"Hey Kara. How've you been?" Shane asked casually while turning his neck around to face me.

"I've been fine. Now can someone please tell me what's happening?" I asked once again as a number of ambulances rushed past us on the road.

"Lori, you're sure you packed everything that's important in the trunk? If you forgot something we've got a little time to stop back at the house one more time." My dad asked my mom, completely ignoring me. He was obviously still pissed off at me from the night before.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure I—" My mom began to reply but I was growing extremely impatient, so I interrupted her.

"SOME ONE TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!" I screamed while staring at my dad, waiting for him to look back at me through the rear-view mirror. There was a moment of silence before Shane finally started answering my question.

"Kara…" he paused while trying to figure out what he was about to say. He turned his body around and stared directly into my eyes. "Your father and I saw some pretty fucked up things happen this morning. We don't have a clue as to how it happened but…we witnessed the dead come back to life."

What. The. Fuck.


Disclaimer: I obviously don't own anything but the ideas for this story! Credit to all of the main characters except Kara belong to Robert Kirkman and everyone else involved.

Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated! :)


Please update soon it is such a good story so far

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please update this story!!! love it!!!!

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damn just when it got juicy Ashley fucking ruins it, thanks a lot Ashley jeez anyhoo great chapter, can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)

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