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Lost Souls

Traveling to Atlanta

I didn’t quite understand what Shane had told me just a couple of hours ago. How was seeing a dead person come back to life even possible? Sure I’d watched a thousand movies about zombies and huge infection outbreaks, but never had I thought it could ever happen in the real world. I had a million other questions that I needed answered but I was too afraid to break the silence that lingered inside of the police cruiser. We’d been driving for several hours now and I had no idea where we were headed—I don’t even know if anyone else knew where we were going.

We kept entering and exiting towns that I’d never even knew existed and continued to hear more and more sirens wailing from every direction before driving onto the highway. My brother reached out and grabbed my hand for comfort. Normally I’d shake his hand off in disgust, but in this moment I could definitely use the comfort too.

I glanced up at Shane who was completely passed out. His head was leaning back on the car seat and a pool of drool was sitting on his shoulder. I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off of him—he just looked so damn cute. My mind instantly drifted back to the first time the two of us had hooked up inside his car during my dad’s 40th birthday party just a couple of months ago. We had both been drinking that night (my parents obviously had no idea that I was) and I one thing lead to another. I'll get into more detail about that situation later on. Since then we’d hooked up two more times and call/text each other non-stop, both keeping it to ourselves; I never even told my best friends because I knew of the trouble he and I would have both gotten into and I wanted to keep my word to Shane that I wouldn’t tell a soul. We’re also very good at not making anything obvious when we’re around other people so no one would ever suspect a thing.
Moments later, my dad cleared his throat and spoke aloud-- which woke me up from my flashback.

“I’ve gotta stop for some more gas at the next exit.” He spoke quietly and calmly. He nudged Shane’s shoulder with his hand which startled him. “Shane, I’ll need ya to give me a hand by fillin’ those empty gas cans in the trunk all right?” he narrowed his eyes toward Shane who was rubbing the sleep away in his eyes.
“Yeah, yeah. No problem Rick.” Shane answered while yawning.
Two hours later, we were stopped by a road block just outside of Alabama. There were hundreds of people crowding around and trying to get past the huge amount of police officers and men dressed in their army attire (men dressed in military uniforms are so hot) who weren’t allowing the citizens to leave the state. What the hell was happening? We all stared wide-eyed outside of the windshield and stared in awe as we witnessed a few soldiers fire their machine guns at innocent people and took away their lives. I felt extremely nervous and had an awful feeling in my stomach.

“Fuck.” My dad groaned while pulling over the police cruiser and unbuckling his seatbelt. Instantaneously, a couple of officers approached the vehicle, guns at the ready. One was freakishly tall, handsome and muscular while the other looked only half of the big man’s size and nowhere near as attractive. “Stay in the car.” Dad said through his teeth. He then stepped out of the cruiser with his hands in the air. The men eyed my father up and down and read his nametag.

“Officer Grimes, you’re gonna need to turn your vehicle around. There’s not a chance in hell that we’ll let ya’ll pass through here.” He spoke loudly and firmly while glancing into our car and analysing all of us. “It’s way too dangerous.” I waited eagerly for my father’s reaction. Dad lowered his arms and gazed at the man’s nametag as well.

“Officer Gomez, I’m aware of the fact that all of this is… overwhelming, but you must understand that I need to keep my family safe.” Shane opened his door and stepped outside, never taking his eyes off of the other officers. “Before my partner and I left the station, we heard that Texas was a safe place to travel to. Now in order for us to get there, we need to drive through Alabama.” The two officers glanced at each other and chuckled. How the hell is this humorous?

“Oh excuse me officer, didn’t realize ya’ll were the only one who had a family to look after.” The large man replied sarcastically. “Look, I’m doin’ ya’ll a favour by tellin’ ya to get the fuck out of here all right?” he gestured behind himself at the hectic crowd about a hundred feet in front of us. “It ain’t a pretty sight in there let me tell ya.” Carl squeezed my hand as our fear expanded.
“You don’t have the fuckin’ right to tell us what we can or can’t do, Sir. We’ll gather our things from my cruiser, walk across the border around everyone else and find a new vehicle.” Dad answered sternly but keeping calm.

“Guess again.” The tall man quickly lifted his magnum and aimed it in my father’s direction. Before I could process what was happening, the sound of two gunshots being shot burst through my ears. My mother screamed in shock and Carl buried his face in my arm.

“DAD!” I cried with tears already welling in my eyes. I expected the worst once I darted my eyes outside of my window and was appalled to see the two officers lying on the hard ground. My heart was pounding in my chest as I exhaled a sigh of relief. Shane lowered his shotgun and ran his fingers through his hair while staring at my dad, a smile creeping onto his lips.

“I’ve always got your back buddy.” Shane winked.


Disclaimer: I obviously don't own anything but the ideas for this story! Credit to all of the main characters except Kara belong to Robert Kirkman and everyone else involved.

Any comments and or suggestions would be much appreciated! :) Enjoy!


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