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Lost Souls


To our disappointment, the two policemen from earlier weren’t exaggerating. It’s hell inside of Alabama. Not too long ago, Dad and Shane were able to trick the other officers and soldiers by pretending to be a part of their gang of officers which is how we were successful in getting inside.

“It’s getting real dark out here… we’ve gotta find somewhere to stay for the night as soon as possible.” My dad instructed while walking down an abandoned one-way street. We all glanced at the names of the shops we were walking by, determining which one would be the safest.

“There, this one should do it folks.” Shane said while pointing at ‘Loretta’s Thrift Shop’. We opened the door inside and broke up, searching the back of the store, making sure we were alone. Fortunately enough it was deserted. Since it was a tuck shop it was filled with random shit including old, musty blankets and pillows.
Trying to fall asleep was the absolutely toughest thing I ever experienced. Although I couldn’t see any of their features in the pitch darkness, the rest of my crew seemed to be completely passed out as I lay down on my back with my hands around my head, staring into the nothingness. How the fuck could they be sleeping so easily in a time like this? I exhaled sharply and closed my eyes for the millionth time and thought back on my first sexual encounter with Shane.

As I mentioned earlier it was the day of my father’s 40th birthday party. The house and our backyard were packed with family members, friends, co-workers of both my parents, a couple of Carl’s friends and I also invited Ashley and Kim over. Luckily for us, Kim’s brother was 22 and still lived with her and her parents which was convenient because whenever we needed alcohol or smokes he’d always be more than willing to pick it up for us as long as we paid him back of course. So that’s exactly what we did; Ashley and I gave Kim some money at school that Friday afternoon and she came over that night with much more alcohol than we needed; a 40oz of Jack Daniel’s, a 12 pack of Heineken and a 16oz of Bailey’s.

Inside of my room we began playing the drinking game, ‘Never Have I Ever’ which can get you pretty wasted quickly enough if you’ve done a lot of shit in your life and have to drink after someone asks a question.

“Yo Kara, can you go and grab a couple more Cokes or something? We’re almost out of chasers.” Ashley asked while shaking an almost empty 2L Coca-Cola bottle. I nodded and stood up for the first time since we began to drink—instantly feeling my buzz. “Oh and try sneaking some cigarettes from somewhere! I’m sure you can find some with a house full of adults.” She smiled and lay down on the floor, both her and Kim browsing Facebook on their phones.

I quietly opened my bedroom door and peered down the hallway, making sure the coast was clear. Everyone seemed to be outside in our backyard so I was safe. I tiptoed down the hallway toward the kitchen and as I turned the corner I rammed my hip into the corner of the kitchen counter.

“Ouch god dammit!”

“Nice fail, loser.” I shot my head around relieved to see that it was only Shane. I looked him up and down and analysed his outfit; navy blue Abercrombie t-shirt that made his biceps look amazing, khaki shorts and Adidas sandals. I rarely got to see him dressed in civilian clothing for he and my dad basically lived in their police uniforms. So this was quite the treat for my eyes. “You’re wasted aren’t ya?” he said while laughing.

“Pfff drunk? Me? Absolutely not Shane, I’m a classy lady.” I blushed while batting my eyes at him and then winked while turning around and opening the fridge door.

“A lady huh? Then what’s the coke for? Wouldn’t happen to be for chasin’ any hard booze now would it m’lady?” he put a lot of emphasis on ‘m’lady’ and smiled his goddamn sexy smile. He stepped closer to me now standing only two inches apart. I put on an innocent face and replied,

“I’m just thirsty Shane. Don’t you believe that I’m a good girl?” I ran my index finger down his chest and stopped at his belt, lingering my finger there for a moment. The alcohol was definitely giving me an effect of pure confidence. He laughed and stared intently into my eyes.

“Yeah, ‘good girl’ my ass!” he took a moment to continue speaking, a smile planted on his face. “But you know Kara, if you really are just thirsty, I’ve got an offer for ya…” I bit my lip and a smile crept onto my face as the meaning of his words hit me. I was about to answer when I heard my father’s voice coming up the back porch and quickly dropped my hand from Shane.

“I’ve gotta go grab something from outside,” I turned away from him and closed the refrigerator door and began to walk toward the front door. “Maybe you can follow me outside and tell me your offer there.” I said over my shoulder and winking at him. I opened the door and jogged eagerly toward my dad’s cruiser in the driveway, thankful that no one was around to ask questions. To my surprise I found his hidden stash of cigarettes quicker than usual and grabbed three of them, putting the pack back exactly where I’d found it. I stepped back out and closed the door as quietly as I could, turning around to see Shane standing in the doorway of the front entrance looking conflicted.

“Hey you, I didn’t think you’d actually come out.” I said, startling him and walking toward him slowly.

“What can I say… you’ve definitely got me intrigued m’lady.” He winked at me again which drove me insane because of how amazing he’d looked when doing so. “What did you need to come out here for?” he asked with an eyebrow raised and staring up and down my body a couple of times, making it as obvious as possible that he was checking me out. I couldn’t help but grin at the reality of this happening.

“I’m not entirely sure that you need to concern yourself with that.” I replied jokingly while taking a couple of more steps toward him and putting my hand on his chest. “Now, what was that offer you were about to propose?” I asked while biting my lip again. We stared into each other’s eyes for moments until he finally spoke.

“Have I ever told you how fuckin’ beautiful you are?” he said huskily. I hadn't expected him to say that, but man was I ever flattered.

“No actually, I can’t saw you ever have,” I slid my hand down his stomach and stopped at the belt buckle for a second time, teasing him majorly. I smiled devilishly while saying, “but feel free to tell me right now.” He chuckled lightly to himself while shaking his head.

“You’re beautiful Kara,” Shane then lifted his right hand to my cheek and lightly brushed a piece of my hair behind my ear and left his hand there. “Absolutely stunning.” He whispered while drawing in closer to my lips. I leaned in closer too but at the last second I pulled away and stared at him.

“Now Shane, you’re not thinking of kissing me, are you?” I bit my lip while smiling.

“Well actually, that’s exactly what I was plannin’ on doin’… unless of course you have any objections? But, if you bite that lip of yours one more time I won’t give a shit whether you’ve got any objections or not.”

“Oh really? Well… I think if you’re gonna kiss me Shane,” I paused while slipping my hand underneath his shirt and tracing his abs. “you’re gonna have to catch me first!” I pulled away and started running off of my property and down the road, toward Shane’s parked red 2013 Lincoln MKZ. I heard him yell that I was in trouble and he was on his way to chase me.

“I’m gettin’ closer sweetheart! Is that the best you can do?! Goddamn you’re a slow runner! I’m catchin’ up to you in no time!” His voice was getting closer and closer and I immediately felt embarrassed by my slow speed. Almost instantaneously he grabbed the back of my shirt, twisted me around and pulled me closely to him. “Gotcha.” He whispered and then finally our lips met and as lame as this sounds, it was absolutely magical. His lips were perfect against mine and his breath tasted of mint.

“You might’ve caught me, but you’re right where I want you.” He glanced around our surroundings as a smirk etched onto his face.

“Oooh, we’re right near my car aren’t we?” I batted my eyes a couple of times and stared at him through my eyelashes; totally making it obvious that I was willing to do whatever the fuck he wanted. “Smart girl you are.” He reached into his pocket and grabbed his keys, unlocking the car doors and walking toward it. “Ladies first,” he winked while opening the door to the backseat.

“Yes officer,” I crouched down into the backseat and turned around to grab him by his belt loops.

“Fuck Kara, you’re so damn sexy.” He began breathing heavily, knowing I was turning him on a great measure. He laid me down on the seat and got on top of me, kissing me passionately and feeling my breasts underneath my tight t-shirt. I was feeling all over his arms and torso, greatly pleased with his broad muscles. Then I aggressively yanked off his shirt and held my arms up for him to easily take my shirt off as well, all the while biting my lip again just to get him even more excited.

“God dammit Kara knock it off with the lip biting!” He said teasingly and took my shirt off, staring directly at my chest, now biting his lip.

“Well now you’re just gonna have to give me something else to do with my mouth aren’t you?”
His mouth dropped open, obviously shocked at my response and lack of shyness.

“Wah, I can’t say I don’t like your boldness honey. You go right ahead and do what you gotta do… Take your time.” We readjusted ourselves in the car so he was lying down and I was on top of him now. I started with kissing him, our tongues tangling together, and making my way down toward his shorts, seeing a finely sized bulge underneath. I began rubbing his bulge making him moan and grow even larger. After pulling off his shorts I whispered,

“So, how long have you,” I paused mid-sentence to kiss the top of his boxers while staring into his eyes. “wanted to fuck me in the backseat of your car for? I’m sure it’s crossed your mind before, hasn’t it?” I still felt totally confident.
Now get this: as cliché as I know this is, right after I had undone his belt and pulled his shorts down (totally impressed with what I found) my fucking cell phone rang. I always thought that was a load of shit when bad timing like that happened in movies but nope, just my goddamn luck. Shane let out a frustrated moan.Squinting at my iPhones screen to read the caller ID I saw that it was Ashley I sighed heavily.

“Guess we’ve lost track of time. I better get back to the girls before they find us out here.” I kissed his neck and whispered, “Sorry about all the excitement when I can’t even finish it off for ya.”

“No kidding. Aw well, last thing we need is someone catchin’ us.” He smiled but I could tell he was totally disappointed, and hell I sure was too. “Hey kiddo, don’t go tellin’ anyone ‘bout this, all right?”

“Pff, who do you think I am, Shane? I’m not an idiot.” I giggled while opening the car door, having just put my top back on and smoothed my hair. I turned back toward him and said, “Oh, and don’t call me kiddo… grandpa.” I smirked and winked while turning back toward the house, feeling absolutely wonderful.


Disclaimer: I obviously don't own anything but the ideas for this story! All of the main characters except Kara belong to Robert Kirkman and everyone else involved.

Any comments or ideas for future chapters would be greatly appreciated! Hope you enjoy :)


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damn just when it got juicy Ashley fucking ruins it, thanks a lot Ashley jeez anyhoo great chapter, can't wait to read more update as soon as u can :)

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