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My Immortal


It's a known fact people aren't always who we want them to be, who were thought they were. Some people change and most people don't. In a world where nothing lives long one thing never fades, never dies; The past becomes become immortal when the future is all but lost.

Mare, Merle and Daryl. Close as peas in their pod, yet they hold so many secrets. After years apart secrets bubble up to light and emotions rise and fall like the seasons. Even as the years go by there are some things you can't run from, some things that will never decay, but morph and twist to survive. When the walkers took the world form the living Daryl was sure He'd never see his childhood friend again, but the pain is just too real and he finds he cannot let her go. While Mare determined to find the Dixon brothers has finally given in, telling herself that they're gone. forever bound to the life she left behind years ago, her past leads her into an uncertain future, Beneath the stains of time.


Carol Peletier

Carol Peletier

Portrayed by Melissa McBride; Carol is a broken woman who found herself after the loss of her Daughter, though this could not have been done with Daryl Dixon. She finds that there is nothing they will not do for each other, but there is Nothing Daryl would not give to retrieve a ghost from his past.

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon

Portrayed by Norman Reedus; Daryl is a hot blood man from a broken family. Who is striving to keep his new found family strong, while keeping hope that his only living blood is still out there.

Mare De Luca

Mare De Luca

Portrayed by Kristen Stewart; Mare is a typical 32 year old on the surface, though covered in a outer shell, Mare holds a secret there is nothing she won't do for the Dixons and this vow is written in blood.

Merle Dixon

Merle Dixon

Portrayed by Michael Rooker; Merle had spent his childhood days protecting his little brother from their own father, and when their father was found dead out side of a bar and a long time friend leaves town due to his mistakes, he returns to help make things right.

Milton Mamet

Milton Mamet

Portrayed by Dallas Roberts; Milton is a soft spoken and Timid nerd, very smart but not apocalypses sturdy. He has been traveling with Mare De Luca for a while through the rotted world and is determined to make a place for her and him in Woodbury at any and every cost.

The Walking Dead Cast

The Walking Dead Cast


  1. An Old Familiar Sting

    You call feel your past rising like an oncoming storm. It's always calm at the start.

  2. Nulled

    Milton talks to The Governor and he agrees to help Mare find her friends, However Mare isn't comortable around the Governor. Milton finds a way to bring Mare back into the light. but is this just false hope?

  3. Intercourse

    Miltons and Mare are just now figuring each other out, and Miltons hidden desire is met. However on time as always a Dixon crosses thier path.


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