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My Immortal


“What does the letter say?” Mare washed the soap out of her hair “it’s a hate letter…” she cringed a bit and let the water flow over her body “why what you do? Weren’t you friends?” “I left, that’s what I did” Mare breathed and scrubbed the soap out more “why you wanted to make a life for yourself, rather than be a hick in the mountains…that guys a dick!” Mare opened her eyes “no, I was the one at fault…It was all my fault, always has been.” Mare had washed away all the soap and began to weep under the shower water hiding her face. “Mare?” Milton called from the other side of the bathroom door worry evident. “Mare?” he asked again this time knocking lightly on the door when she did not answer him he looked up at the door and waited resting his hand against it “yes” Mare managed to crack out trying to compose herself. “The Governors going out on a run, he wants us to go with him, we’re going out into the next town…” Milton spoke, Mare turned off the water “It’s a chance to look for your friends” He added. “Martinez and Crews fixed that Truck of yours we can take that” Milton said as Mare walked past him wrapped in an pea green towel, Mare nodded “great get the keys from Crews and Warm her up, I’ll be out soon” Mare spoke in a hollow tone, Milton watched her for a moment and sighed heading out of the bed room. Mare threw on her yellow T-shirt and her fallen apart jeans, her work cloths in this day in age, blood stained for life, torn and patch up. She put her shot gun on her back and latched hand grenades onto her belt, they were old, and she didn’t know much about such weapons but she had hope they were still useful. Before leaving she tucked the letter into her bra.

Mare walked around to the driver’s side of a dusty old 1973 Ford F-250 pickup, Milton hopped out of the seat and walked around to the passenger’s side as Mare got in. “Crews filled up the tank, and check over the alternator one more time he says it’s ok to drive” Milton added. Mare nodded and caressed the leather steering wheel. Milton watched her with a nervousness, He wanted to ask her since the day she made him walk with her all the way back to a gas station miles away from where they had found the abandoned truck on the side of the road. Why the truck meant so much to her. Mare seemed to be in a trace as she reached over and put the truck into drive and following The Governor, Martinez and Shumpert out of the gates of Woodbury.

“Milton tell me you are looking for your friends” The Governor said as he walked alongside an uneasy Mare through a small town. Mare kept herself focused on finding supplies and finding any living. The truth was she hadn’t any hope of finding Merle or Daryl it had simply been too long and the odds were not there at all. “yes, but I’m not to hopeful” Mare replied filling her bag full of clothing items, a few bags of flower, and some lotions she’d found in an abandoned shopping cart in a small market. “Really and why is that?” The Governor asked, Mare looked up at him and shuddering inwardly, that smile. She hated him for it, she hated him for reminding her of herself. “I’m not stupid, the odds of finding someone at all after what almost 2 years now in this world like this…is slim to none, let alone finding them alive” She muttered, the Governor nodded “ I suppose your right, but there’s no harm in trying is there?” he asked offering another smile. Mare leered at him “not physically” she sighed swinging her bag over her shoulder she walked away from him “You shouldn’t go on alone” The Governor called out as his smiled faded away “She’s not alone” Milton spoke walking past him, The Governor chuckled highly amused, knowing Milton wasn’t much protection “might as well be” Martinez laughed as he and the Governor left the market. “Milton you should have stayed with the others” Mare advised as she stuffed baby supplies into the bag. “Are those for Eileen?” Milton asked trying to change the subject Mare looked up at him and Milton sighed “you probably right, but I don’t know what you’ll do when you get alone with yourself…you scare me” Milton confessed Mare smirked and shook her head “Milton I scare myself.” She breathed Milton watched her eyes sparkle and he exhaled. He wanted to tell her how beautiful they were when they did that, and I almost slipped out but instead it was just some sort of sound. “Come on lets gather some more stuff” Mare urged leading him down another Isle.

Milton’s foot got caught on a fallen piece of the ceiling and he tripped “Milton!” Mare called has he fell against the shelf, “shit!” she cursed pulling him to his feet as the shelf toppled over and Isle after Isle of shelves fell over like Dominos. Things crashed, shatter, clanged and banged. “I-I’m sorry!” Milton stammered quickly. Mare gasped and pulled free her shot gun firing as walkers came out from what appeared to be the employee room, and the bathrooms hearing the sound. “Run Milton, come on go!” she called pushing him to run, she ran and fired at the same time having dropped her bag of supplies. Milton stopped and ran back to get it “Milton!” Mare called out stopping she fired at the walkers, he managed to get the bag and ran past her. Mare closed the Markets doors and worked hastily to tie a chain around the handles to keep the walkers inside. Taking a few steps back she observed her work, her eyes darting all over to place, the walkers were trapped. She whirled around and glared at Milton who was panting heavily bent over the bag he had dropped to the ground. “Milton! What was that! The bag could have been left! You know better!” She barked, Milton watched her and let her rage at him. He reached in the bag and drew in a deep breath tiredly standing up straight he held out an object “You would have beat yourself up if you did not get these to Eileen.” He said tossing Mare the bottle of prenatal vitamins. Mare caught them and held them with a shocked face. “You blame yourself for enough things already” Milton added. Mare looked at the bottle closing her eyes she nodded ad went to pick up the bag, she swung it over her shoulder. “So were to next?” she asked him trying to drop the subject, she was never good at saying sorry.

“Hey Mare?” Milton called as he and Mare picked produce from someone’s garden, there wasn’t much left and a good lot of it had been pecked at by birds and munched at by worms. “What?” she asked ripping an onion from the ground? “That truck.” He started Mare raised her hand “Milton” she said sternly going to rip out another Onion “please don’t” she spoke softly, Milton fell silent at the brokenness in her voice and nodded. “I’m sorry, I won’t bring it up again” he said quickly, rushing off Mare sighed and looked up “Milton hold on!” she called but he was already gone “I’m sorry” Mare sighed brushing her hair’s back, gazing at the ground she punched the ground with such force that she left a small dent in the soil. She finished picking produce and got up with her bag walking in the direction Milton left in. Milton carried with him a small box he had started to fill with possible supplies and things for his recent experiments the Governor had started him on. Milton gazed at some clean sheets of paper and pens and other office gear. He sighed and shut his eyes, he knew it was best not to ask Mare things, he had learned by now that almost everything she does, she does because or for those Brothers from her past. He brushed back his hair and fixed his glasses, He’d not felt as close to anyone before, or maybe it was just a woman had finally taken the time to really talk and spend time with him, or more so that she wanted to daily. More and more however Milton found he could understand how Mare felt about her friends, as he would be the same way with her now. “Milton” The Governor called “where’s Mare, it’s time to go, we’ve been here long enough” The Governor said, Milton jumped from this thoughts “I think she’s back at the blue house on the corner” Milton said quickly The Governor nodded and went to find her. A soft metal sound came from beneath Milton’s feet as he took a step to go after him. Pausing Milton looked down small silver dog tags shimmered in the sunlight, He stooped down and gathered the tags and broken chain in his hands, they were slightly bent up and the ID number was faded along with the first name, but one thing stood out clearly on the second tag the most clear wording was “Dixon”. Milton tucked it away in his pocket and pick up his box of supplies before running after the Governor to find Mare. She needed this, he knew this had to mean something, and maybe if he was lucky it would bring her a bit of hope.

Mare packed the bags and boxes of supplies into the bed of her truck, looking up from her work her eyes met up with the Governors “Any lucky finding your friend?” He asked with an eerily motionless face. Mare blinked a few times and tried to contain herself “you know the answer to that…was that a trick question….Governor?” She replied icily turning to get into her truck, Milton put his box into the truck bed and went to get into the passenger’s seat. He contemplated giving her the Tags right there, but fear rose in him that she would take of looking for the Dixon right there as well. It was getting late and the sun was setting it would not be wise for her to be riding around late. “Find anything Useful?” Mare asked him. “Just typical things” Milton replied side glancing at her nervously. Mare breathed out of her nose in what was a sort of huff as she put the vehicle into drive following the Governor’s lead.

Hershel hobbled over to Daryl, Maggie, and Glenn as they sat at the small metal tables in the common room near D block. They had manage to find a deck of cards on their last run for baby formula and were playing spades. “Ricks still not himself, I don’t know what to do. I would let him be but…this group needs a leader” Hershel sighed sitting down as if to join them. Daryl dealt him a hand “He jus’ needs a bit of time, that’s all” Daryl muttered glancing up at Hershel with a nod “He’ll come around” He added. Hershel sighed and looked over his Hand “I hope you’re right, for our sakes” Hershel paused Shorting out his hand “and the babies” He sighed. “What a bad hand.” Glen mumbled Maggie shorted her cards around and sighed “the whole worlds a bad hand…work with it” she said offering him a bit of a smile. “ I know this chick once would always say, you can play the hand you’re delt, but you’d better learn how to count cards or keep a spare Joker up your sleeve” Daryl said a small smile came to his face as he could hear her voice in his head “and that just what we’re all gonna have to do” He added.

Mare and Milton had finished unloading the truck, and went to head on back to Milton’s house, “I’ve got to go do my research now…but I thought you might want these” He said halting her, Mare looked into Milton’s eyes with confusion as he made her hold out her hand. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the beaten tags, placing them gently in her palm. Mare slowly looked over the tags “what are-” and then she saw it, and her breath left out of her body, she couldn’t breathe. Mare looked up at Milton and tears began the well into her eyes, rivers dancing behind dark lashes under the setting sun. Milton was dismayed, he had not wanted to see her cry “I’m sorry I thought I-” Milton felt the wind knocked out of him as Mare embraced him tightly “Milton you’re amazing” she choked, pulling away Mare gazed at the Tags a wide smile on her face as a few tears fell. “There Merles old Military tags” she said breathless “He never cared much for them after being discharged…they must have fallen out of his pocket or something…” she said her voice fading “he’s out there Milton…” Mare said clutching the tags in her palm tightly “and he’s somewhere close” she looked up at him, “I’ll do whatever I can to help” Milton said, Mare hesitated but leaned forward and kissed Milton’s forehead. He closed his eyes and his heart raced “You’re something else Mamet…thank you” she spoke in a light tone, He’d never seen her look so small. Mare smiled at him, it had seemed as though a heavy weight had been lifted from her, as if she had changed instantly somehow. Milton’s heart fluttered and a smile tug at the corner of his mouth as she turned and went to his house.


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